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Permanent Commentator This is a post about DVD commentaries. I don’t know if this is firmly in the “obvious” category. I think three or four years ago, these commentaries were universally derided. Yet you rarely see any DVDs released without one, and I have seen people spitting tacks (of the cyber variety, on the internet) when a DVD was released without a commentary.

I got a couple of DVDs recently, series 2 of Look Around You and The Mighty Boosh. I noticed that the two Mighty Boosh discs had different certificates. Then I saw this message on both DVDs in tiny writing on the back of the packaging:

Certificate 15 (Overall category raised to 15 due to additional material being classified at a higher certificate than the main feature — 12)

It occured to me that it is some poor bloke’s job to sit there in some BBFC office and listen carefully to the commentary in case somebody utters the word “fuck”.

Whenever I listen to these commentaries, the first quarter of the commentary everybody is really rusty, and apologising because the commentary is rubbish. They clearly don’t want to be there. Sometimes they get into the swing of things, but before long they start to get really bored. And then the whole commentary can begin to be about how bored they all are. Or they’ll start making up songs to pass the time. Or telling really crap jokes.

Peter Serafinowicz yawns at one point in the Look Around You 2 commentary and says, “I’m sorry. I’m not tired, I’m just bored.” That was pretty much the highlight of the entire commentary.

Commentaries are universally dire. So why the hell to I always listen to these commentaries? I don’t know. If you’re lucky, you will find out some interesting information, but at the expense of the loss of three hours of your life. I think instead of giving these commentaries age certificates, the BBFC should have a traffic light system indicating how interesting the commentary is. They’ll all be black, indicating “coma inducing”.

I tried to bugger off yesterday, but you won’t leave me alone. For I’ve been tagged!

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they are any good, but they must be songs you are really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they are listening to.

Okay then.

  • Diplo — Into the Sun — I got this album at Christmas, and this track, along with another one called ‘Sarah’, hit me immediately as one of the best things I had ever heard, which doesn’t happen often these days
  • Jackson and His Computer Band (feat. Mike Ladd) — TV Dogs (Cathodica’s Letter) — from one of my very favourite albums of last year; I still listen to it several times a week. Cool, groovy, dense, and chopped up a la Prefuse 73
  • Hot Chip — Beach Party — I saw their new one on E4 Music today and really wanted to hear this stylish song again
  • Gelg — some of the music used on ‘Look Around You’ is really cool. The Boards of Canada influence comes across really strongly
  • Why? — Act Five — don’t really know why I like this one so much
  • The Fiery Furnaces — Seven Silver Curses — I greatly admire this band. I think they are the closest comparison to Radiohead you can come up with, in the sense that they could easily have been safe indie darlings for their whole career. But they refused to, instead alienating the pants-wetting guitar-shaggers and going all electric, eclectic and generally weird
  • The New Pornographers — These are the Fables — and to round it off, some pants-wetting guitar music

Who do I tag? Whoever wants it.

The Look Around You series 2 DVD is coming out on 16th January. Excellent! The cover can be seen here.