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The Scotsman reveals that it was even worse for the SNP than we thought!

THE LIB DEMS WON. What was a “safe” Labour seat has been turned into a three-way marginal. How did that happen? Gordon Brown’s meddling perhaps. That’ll teach him to stand in Rosyth talking about job security. I hope Labour take this as the big “fuck you” that it clearly is. And this is also a clear message that no amount of rummaging in people’s private lives puts voters off. So let’s hope Murdoch takes the hint as well.

Update: Arthur’s Seat interestingly thinks that Cameron’s fakey-cakey liberal-lite pronouncements have made it more likely for people to vote Lib Dem rather than the Conservatives. Jamie K reckons the voters were all smelly Labour types though… (Here’s a clue: they were actually Lib Dem voters.)

This week’s Economist has an article about the Dunfermline and West Fife by-election (requires subscription unfortunately). The article focuses on Gordon Brown’s frequent interventions which are pissing Jack McConnell right off. Honestly, I don’t know which I’d prefer to see lose that one. Such a tough decision.

Anyway, The Economist calls Gordon Brown “the “King of Fife“, as is known locally…” I have never ever heard this. In fact, it turns out that the only mention that Google can come up with is from a week-old article in The Scotsman — hardly local, or known.

Last week Gordon Brown was on Reporting Scotland, standing in Rosyth talking about how he had brought job stability.

Straight thinking from Nick Assinder. I don’t think he gets it. Surely this just proves the point that the term “a straight choice” isn’t a reference to anybody’s sexual preferences?