Some digital radio observations

This is just a quick thought on digital radio, following my post about the BBC’s commitment to DAB. I was browsing the Absolute Radio website earlier today, and noticed just how much they push DAB. On the Listen live page, it actually highlights DAB as the most prominent option. You can see how important digital […]

Has the BBC failed digital radio?

The news that the BBC is considering reversing its decision to close down the Asian Network marks the corporation’s second major U-turn on a digital radio service closure. The first was the more high-profile threat to close 6 Music. The dithering indecisiveness is enough. But what really annoys me about these decisions is the underlying […]

Patrick Hannan — A Useful Fiction

Have you noticed that there is a lot of introspection about devolution just now? I suppose it underlines the fact that devolution is a process rather than a settlement that everyone is still looking at how to tweak it. Maybe it is just the newness of it. The Scottish Parliament is very young as these […]

Hang on, didn’t Jamie Stone have a point?

“Xenophobic” is certainly the wrong word. Xenophobia is the hatred of foreigners, and I am certain that SNP members as a whole do not hate all foreigners. A more accurate word might be, well, nationalist. Hardly a slur, to some. But as I said a couple of weeks ago, I do find slightly distasteful an […]

Cricket and broadcasting

Not another post about Sky (I really can’t be bothered, although it will be a shame for cricket to be away from terrestrial television), but it’s about the BBC’s regional / national / whatever news policy. I’ve spotted two posts on this today. The comments at Freedom and Whisky are filled with people wanting a […]

The anti-Scottish SNP

Not only anti-English, but anti-Scottish aswell. Christine Grahame, a South of Scotland MSP, submitted a motion entitled “It’s Simply Not Cricket” which “lamented the overwhelming UK-wide coverage of a sport which is only of marginal interest in Scotland”. Petty, untrue nonsense. Who did she think she would impress by doing this? No doubt the sort […]

Two runs, eh?

I am a casual (almost horizontal, actually) cricket viewer. I watched the wickets tumble yesterday afternoon, but unfortunately I was in bed and missed what sounds like a stunning climax this morning. Apparently it’s the second-closest Test match victory evar. My brother assures me that it was awesome.