Has the BBC failed digital radio?

The news that the BBC is considering reversing its decision to close down the Asian Network marks the corporation’s second major U-turn on a digital radio service closure. The first was the more high-profile threat to close 6 Music. The dithering indecisiveness is enough. But what really annoys me about these decisions is the underlying […]

Cricket and broadcasting

Not another post about Sky (I really can’t be bothered, although it will be a shame for cricket to be away from terrestrial television), but it’s about the BBC’s regional / national / whatever news policy. I’ve spotted two posts on this today. The comments at Freedom and Whisky are filled with people wanting a […]

The anti-Scottish SNP

Not only anti-English, but anti-Scottish aswell. Christine Grahame, a South of Scotland MSP, submitted a motion entitled “It’s Simply Not Cricket” which “lamented the overwhelming UK-wide coverage of a sport which is only of marginal interest in Scotland”. Petty, untrue nonsense. Who did she think she would impress by doing this? No doubt the sort […]

Two runs, eh?

I am a casual (almost horizontal, actually) cricket viewer. I watched the wickets tumble yesterday afternoon, but unfortunately I was in bed and missed what sounds like a stunning climax this morning. Apparently it’s the second-closest Test match victory evar. My brother assures me that it was awesome.