Are newspapers ready to charge for online content?

Rupert Murdoch’s decision to experiment with charging for content has ruffled a few feathers. Fair play to Murdoch for being brave enough to put his head above the parapet. If anyone can take the risk, it’s Murdoch — and the rest of the media will have him to thank if the gamble pays off and […]

I won’t lose sleep over Google and adverts

Some bloggers are in a flap at the moment because Google has seemingly manually downgraded the PageRank of some websites. The reason appears to be that the websites in question sell paid links. Some of the websites in question are pretty big. Washington Post, Engadget, Weblog Tools Collection, Joystiq, Problogger. This blog also sells text […]

Google ads

Hmm, looks like Google have started using those annoying all-singing–all-dancing image ads. It looks crap; quite offputting. Is anybody else offended by them? I’ll keep them there unless people really object to them, but I never keep up with how much money I’ve earned by having Google ads there because it’s not an awful lot […]