Who needs Yakult?

Just a wee one to say that I’ve updated the blogroll today. It’s one of those things to do on a boring Saturday, isn’t it? I always do it on a Saturday. The already disgusting length of the blogroll has increased further, fully justifying my decision to take it off the front page and ghettoise […]

Brief note about RSS icons

Hmm, well I’ve come up with a way to display RSS feeds in the header section (to the right of where it says ‘Blog’ at the top there) easily. By linking to feed/. What I want to do is have the RSS feed for whatever page you’re on appear (rather than just the RSS feed […]

A tip for MVC

I went into an MVC for the first time in months today. It used to be the only decent shop in Kirkcaldy. Now it’s been replaced by HMV — a slight improvement. Today I went into the Perth store, and it really is a depressing scene. There is a clearance sale on, and everything is […]