Early on during this morning’s Japanese Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso overtook Felipe Massa. Massa didn’t make it difficult for Alonso — not that you would expect him to.

Scuderia Ferrari immediately tweeted on their official Twitter account:

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Just for fun, I cheekily replied:

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They responded!

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I have to admit to doing a little victory dance in my chair at having riled Ferrari enough to provoke them to reply.

I wasn’t being terribly serious with my tweet. It’s not especially that I thought Massa let Alonso through, or even that doing so would be wrong. Nor was my tweet about team orders. It was more about how Alonso can assert his authority at Ferrari.

But it’s interesting that Ferrari are touchy about the suggestion.

All good banter though.

Beneath the jump, an image of the tweet for posterity.

Be serious and look the race....


  1. David

    I retweeted this from F1 Fanatic

    Amusing that @InsideFerrari feel the need to denounce @vee8’s suggestion that Massa was told to let Alonso pass. #F1

    Then Ferrari tweeted me saying

    @davedpg Amusing? we’ve just clarified the situation….

  2. Haha! I didn’t see that! Thanks for that David.

  3. They also had a tit-for-tat with someone who retweeted a comment I made:



    Who knows, maybe Alonso did pass Massa fair and square. But Massa made no attempt to defend his position.

    I’m not taking it at face value and Ferrari’s defensive attitude doesn’t make me any more likely to.

  4. Ah, I see someone else has just posted that!

  5. Thanks for the comments Keith. Sorry the first one got trapped in the moderation queue because of the links. :-)

  6. David

    All good fun!

  7. jackdstephen


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