How to survive a ‘moment’

Here is an incredible video of three times British Rally Champion Mark Higgins losing control of his car at 150mph with a journalist on board at the Isle of Man TT (via dank_ross).

Higgins describes it as “the biggest moment of my life”. But the journalist looks nonchalant! It is an incredible save.

It reminded me of another incident that was similar, but with very different consequences. In 2003 the then Jaguar F1 driver Antônio Pizzonia took a journalist round Albert Park in a Jaguar road car. The problem was that he appeared to forget that he was driving a road car, and allegedly used the F1 braking point — with disastrous consequences.

This time the journalist seemed to have his wits about him more than Pizzonia did. Thank goodness they both escaped unscathed from that one.

Pizzonia wasn’t a Jaguar F1 driver for long…


  1. I may expand on this in a separate post and I might need more time to reflect on it. But my feeling is that Button moved across on Hamilton possibly knowing he was there. Hamilton got great drive out of the chicane and I’m not sure where else he could have gone. So on balance I’d lay the blame at Button’s feed, but there is debate as to whether or not he saw Hamilton in his mirrors.

  2. Interesting, and quite balanced, specially as some of your previous comments about Hamilton have been less than favourable. Most comment I have heard on yesterday’s events so far seem to be edging towards criticising Hamilton, but I would hesitate to offer any comment myself. It is certainly an ego-driven sport so all drivers are no doubt affected, specially with the big money at stake. I’ll certainly look forward to reading any further comments you may have after reflection.