Letting my Lib Dem membership lapse

A couple of weeks ago I allowed my membership of the Liberal Democrats to lapse. It is not that I have ripped up my membership card in disgust. Quite the opposite — I have found surprisingly little to be upset with the coalition government about.

Nonetheless, I think governments are for opposing, not supporting. So I don’t think it is appropriate to continue being a member. I see little point.

Besides, I find it quite difficult to get very wound up about politics these days. I maintain a vague interest if I happen to hear something on the news, but I can no longer call myself an active follower of politics.

No doubt this is a disappointment to those people that started reading this blog for the politics articles. I no longer consider this to be a political blog and am currently in the process of working out what I should do with it in the future.

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  1. Fair enough, on both counts. TBH, I expect to be doing more ‘opposition’ this Parliament from within the party that I ever did before, only now there’s a chance that it’ll succeed, which is nice.

    But I definitely get why some are drifting away, especially seeing as you’ve got the new(ish) job and similar to concentrate on and build up, two of my many membership lapses took place after I started a new job.

    As for “not being a political blog”? You’re too young. Everything‘s political.

    I’ve always enjoyed your general geekery posts, especially on web technology (would never have tried Twitter if you hadn’t obsessed over it, for example), but ultimately write what you like.