Things are a bit flaky here

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I have been mad busy.

To compound matters, when I had a spare bit of time I decided to upgrade to WordPress 3.0. This broke comments on the blog. (My fault I guess — I have been meaning to update the code for comments for at least a year, but never got round to doing it.)

So for the time being I have put up a quick fix so that comments just about work. It just doesn’t work quite as nicely as I’d like.

On the plus side, this is forcing me to have a look at recoding / redesigning the blog, which I have been thinking of doing for a while now. I have a bit of extra spare time next week, so I may get it done then.

In the meantime, please excuse the slight flakiness. I will try to continue posting so keep your eyes peeled.

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