February 2010

The watering down of Formula 1

This week Ferrari caused a ripple when it published a provocative article on its blog, The Horse Whisperer. The final paragraph is worth quoting in full, not only because it makes an interesting point, but because it elegantly quotes Adam Smith. (Motorsport, economics and my home town of Kirkcaldy all in one little paragraph!) This […]

How to make Gordon Brown look good: try to make him look bad

I have a horrible feeling inside me that Labour will win the coming general election. The fear has lingered in the back of my head for a while now. Even when Labour were at their lowest, perhaps 18 months ago or thereabouts, the Conservatives’ poll lead was not a great deal to write home about. […]

Apologies for the work going on on this blog

Hi everyone. I hope to be updating more regularly soon, but as part of the process of reaching that stage, I am currently importing many of the old articles I wrote for my other blog, vee8. Apologies if there are any problems for the time being as a result.

Scotblogs Awards – Top 100 Scottish blogs revealed

I never got a chance to say so here, but many readers will know that for the past couple of weeks I have been, bit by bit, revealing the winners of the first ever Scotblogs Awards. Today it is time to reveal the top 100 blogs. I have decided to post the top 100 here […]

2010 Formula 1 predictions

This article marks the return of Formula 1 to this website, as I have decided to (partially) close down vee8. For those of you who would rather not read the F1-related articles, you may like to subscribe to the F1-free RSS feed. To break this process in gently, I have decided to make the first […]