Adam and Joe: the best programme on radio?

I’ve had a busy week. I’ve not blogged here for a week so I’ll ease into this. No heavy politics stuff. Here goes. Do you listen to the Adam and Joe radio show on BBC 6 Music? If not, you should.

Why? Well, this programme has single-handedly made me do two things I would probably never otherwise do. For one, it has got me listening to 6 Music. But perhaps more significantly, it has made me wake up early on Saturdays. And Saturday morning radio is normally a complete entertainment void and intellectual desert, so it was such a relief to discover that Adam and Joe had got a radio gig at that time around a year ago.

It has always confused me why this pair of funny chaps aren’t just all over the place. About a decade ago they had a late night Channel 4 programme with all kinds of japes and tomfoolery like Quizzlestick and miscellaneous spoofs involving Star Wars figurines.

After that, not much of note happened on the Adam and Joe front for ages. But last year they broke into the Big British Castle and managed to get a radio show. And it’s hilarious! Here’s a clip from the radio show introducing the world to juvenilia superhero ‘STEPHEN!’

The programme is perfect for the Saturday morning vibe. It is a pleasing mix of easy chit-chat, silly voices, amusing observations on pop culture and juvenile toilet humour (all plus points for me). And because the pair have known each other since school, the chemistry is awesome.

If you’re not awake on time on Saturday morning (and I am usually not), the podcast is a great way to catch all the laughs. Over the past year, it has become my favourite podcast. Only yesterday I was on the train laughing like a drain, only to discover when I recovered that the ticket inspector was waiting for me.

The highlight of the show is Song Wars, where Adam and Joe both enter songs on a particular topic for the listeners to vote on. It’s quite incredible, because normally the comedy song genre has a bad whiff around it and is to be avoided. But Adam and Joe avoid all the pitfalls to regularly produce amusing songs that are often silly* and witty in equal measure. Read below the fold so that I can pester you to listen to some of them.

Note that in most instances these videos were made by fans, but the music is all Adam and Joe.

Here are their proposed theme tunes to the James Bond ‘Quantum of Solace’ film.

Here is Joe Cornish’s song of “family friendly erotica”.

Here is Adam Buxton performing ‘Middle Class Festival Song’ at a middle class festival.

A few months ago they had a ‘Video Wars’ competition, where listeners could create videos to some classic Song Wars songs. This hilarious pastiche of Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’ video should have won, but didn’t.

And talking of Radiohead, here are Adam Buxton and pop video / film director Garth Jennings (standing in for Joe) with their remixes of ‘Reckoner’.

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  1. I do listen to Adam & Joe and I also cannot believe they are not all over the place. They are actually funny, unlike a lot of stuff on channel 4 at the moment.