Halp! I’m squashed between Brian Taylor and Calum Cashley!

Sorry, this is all navel-gazing stuff. But since I mentioned it already, I should probably point out that the results are up.

If this happened on the train I would probably be complaining quite vociferously. As it is, I lie between the Brian Taylor and Calum Cashley in Iain Dale’s top 40 Scottish political blogs, as voted for by readers.

More to the point, this list is definitive proof that this blog is the second best non-aligned non-MSM Scottish political blog (behind Ideas of Civilisation). I always knew it. (Any way to make the result sound more impressive, huh?)

Overall this blog is 16th, which is a dramatic fall of fourteen places from my previous position in this list. Still, I got off lightly. The person who was number 1 in that previous poll is nowhere to be seen in the top 40 now. Just goes to show what a fickle world this popularity malarkey can be.

I’m actually quite pleased for this blog to be up there still in 16th place given the increasingly sporadic nature of my blogging. I certainly can’t complain about the blogs above mine in the list, nor a few below mine. So thanks if you voted!

Another point to note is that Scottish Roundup is number 31 (in the week that it celebrates its 100th roundup too). Not bad for a blog that has next to no original content. Scottish Roundup is run by me, but it is a thoroughly collaborative effort with many people chipping in. So if you have contributed to Scottish Roundup before, give yourself a pat on the back.


  1. Ho, ho, ho, one can’t but help seeing the inbound linkys in WordPress’ dashboard 😉

    Okay, I’ll be a little more precise – I don’t do the introspection thing because of it. The reason I don’t get involved (don’t vote and don’t display the outcomes) is that they are merely popularity contests. There are no objective criteria used to differentiate between the good, the bad and the indifferent. Most of my blog reading sources don’t feature, yet are thoughtful, well written blogs. That is what I look for; good use of language, well constructed arguments and a thoughtful – hopefully thought provoking – discussion.

    I might be more inclined to be involved if objective criteria were involved. After all, look at the “top two” British blogs. ’nuff said?

  2. Fair enough. You know, my approach is much the same. But I decided to use the poll as a good opportunity to write about my 10 favourite political blogs (as many other people at least in the Scottish political blogosphere did), so I thought it was only right that I acknowledged the overall result and thanked those who voted for me.