December 2007

Electoral reform: a different answer

A few weeks ago I attended a talk by Eric Maskin, who this year was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for having laid the foundations of mechanism design theory. Eric Maskin seems to be quite an interesting person. He lives in a house that was once occupied by Albert Einstein. I imagine that […]

Tommy Sheridan arrested (again)

Oh dear. What astonished me when Tommy Sheridan was awarded damages in last year’s trial was the fact that a real-life Chewbacca defence was employed. It was his hairy body wot won it! Did Chewbacca like Scrabble and sunbeds as well?

F1 season review: podcasts

In case you were wondering, I have decided against writing a review of F1’s ‘bigwigs’ — for the sake of my health. I just wrote a big rant about Max Mosley the other day anyway. My next post was going to look at F1 websites. But this week Ollie White wrote a post about podcasts, […]

Max Mosley gets his pound of flesh

The “confession” by McLaren yesterday looks rather damning on the face of it. But it is well known that to stop getting punished you have to confess, even if you didn’t do it. When you read between the lines, McLaren have actually confessed to very little. In terms of “copied” Ferrari information, the smoking gun […]

The new

Am I the only one who thinks the new design of (currently in beta) is absolutely dire? It’s all the more upsetting because in my view it was just about the only newspaper website out there that wasn’t in dire need of a redesign. Compare the new design to the current one. The current […]

A hair mishap

I can’t stand barbers, so I normally cut my own hair. Usually I think I do a pretty good job, but I did a bit of a howler on Sunday. I put the wrong attachment on the clipper. It was late at night; I did it really absent-mindedly because it’s usually such a routine. Of […]

End of a GNERa

On Saturday evening the last GNER train departed from London Kings Cross on its journey to Newcastle. They had to give up the East Coast franchise after their parent company ran out of cash to pay the government. Reading about the company’s history on Wikipedia, I find it difficult to believe that it had only […]

F1 season review: broadcasts

Today’s post in my series reviewing the 2007 Formula 1 season was going to be about F1’s bigwigs — Max Mosley and the FIA, Bernie Ecclestone and FOM. However, events in this area are continuing and show no sign of stopping yet, so I’ll leave it for later. Instead, I’ll move on to what I […]