Avatars are back!

I am way more excited about this than I ought to be. Avatars are back on this blog! Check any post where comments have been posted to see what they look like.

I can’t really remember why I originally removed them. Probably because the Gravatar servers were too slow / permanently down. Since Automattic acquired Gravatar though, there is a renewed confidence in the system that lets you use the same avatar across multiple websites. So I am giving it a bash again.

If you haven’t got a Gravatar? You automatically have an identicon! This is a lovely randomly-generated geometric pattern that is unique to your email address. Cool or what?! I’ve been meaning to implement this on my blog for so long — since February in fact — but I didn’t have the time before. I decided to stay up a late this evening to work on the blog a bit, and this is the result.

If you don’t like your identicon, I guess you could always sign up to Gravatar. 🙂


  1. Awesome news and thanks for the heads up!

    We used to use gravatars on HellYeahBitch.com as well but dumped them for the same reasons: They killed the page load times!!!! I might just have to bring them back now though…they just make the comments sections of blogs look so much better.