I know summer is meant to be all about birds twittering, lots of sun and long days. But let’s face it: it’s actually about wasps, sunburn, and the sun rising before you even get to sleep.

This ranter is sounding off about Aberdonians complaining about the heat. Now there is lots that you can slag off Aberdonians about — their driving for a start! But I must sympathise in this instance. I cannot stand hot weather. There is nothing worse. And to top it all off we’ve had thunder and everything a couple of times, so you can throw heavy rain into the mix as well. Extremely hot, cloudy, raining like a drunkard on a tree — it’s bad, bad, bad.

You might say, “ah, but winter is very cold!” But the thing about that is that at least you can wrap up warm. Putting on four layers of clothes doesn’t require much effort but it can keep you comfortable all day. But if it is boiling hot then you are properly snookered. If you strip right off people will be all offended by your flesh, and you’ll still be too hot!

Summer. I’d rather gnaw off my nose.


  1. My sentiments entirely – but say this sort of thing in front of real humans and they look at you as though you’re some kind of crazy man. A crazy man!

  2. I love summer. I live for it. Each year I am usually disappointed that we barely get a few days of decent warm weather before it rains, yet again. And during that brief few days of glorious warmth the British moan about it. No wonder I’m off to warmer climes at the earliest opportunity. Thirty degrees is just getting comfortable for me.

    Winter, I detest winter and its dark dreary days an icy, bitter cold. Wrapping up is not a solution, I am still cold. This dreadful little island of ours has far too much winter and nowhere near enough summer. Thank goodness for the Gulf Stream, else it would be far worse.

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  4. I rely on the summer for my employment. A benefit of doing the job I’m doing is that I spend a lot of time in the office in the summer, and can take time off in the winter to travel and enjoy things.

    I, also, hate the summer, and am seriously considering moving further north to get away from the heat.

  5. I hear Iceland is nice. :D

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  8. josh

    lol u think summers are hot in britain u should come here to perth here in summer it has already gotten up to 40 degrees and its only the beginning of summer

  9. rickie

    I totally agree! Summer is horrible and its made worse by the morons who want to force their barbecues and other wretched outdoor activities onto us. Then there’s kids running about until late because of the light nights. I hate everything about summer. Roll on winter!

  10. susan

    I agree about the hot weather. I have said all those things a million times. You can always get more clothes and be warm in the winter but you can never take off enough to be cool enough in this heat. I cracked up when I seen a place on line where people complain about the yuckie heat. I feel slimy and sticky even right after a shower. The only way to relaxe is to have ac….My hair looks like crap always and my make up too….Too bad I’m not 110lb and look perfect..Then I could go all natural and look great even in the sweltering heat..There….I feel better!! LOL!!

  11. Me

    I sooooo hate summer. I can’t wait for it be over. I hate the hot weather, I hate hate hate bugs!!! They scare me so much. I can’t stand the humidity, or the women who have no humility and walk around pretty much naked. Fall is my favorite season followed very closely by Winter. I am thinking of moving to the North Pole.

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  13. Rspak

    I’ve always hated summer. Every year I dread it and look forward to winter. People who worship the sun are aphrodisiac-addicted morons. All you can do in the heat is suffer though, so what’s the use of it?

  14. I love spring,but summer would be ok too… if it wouldn’t too hot this year…

  15. Jason

    I despise & curse summer & the hot weather! I dread the time when summer is looming, I live in South Australia & the summer here goes for months and is hot & dry, which is revolting.
    I get so cross when people go on how good it is-what a deluded world there in!! The hot weather is good for nothing, you get sweaty, sunburnt, skin cancer, it makes me tired & irratable, your garden dies, the flies and bugs are revolting I get covered in bites, the car constantly over heats, pets and animals suffer. It just totally sux!
    We have high water ristrictions in place & are in the worst drought in over 100 years yet these morons still worship this vile heat so they can lay on stupid beaches and burn them selves to a crisp and are a walkin billboard for skin cancer. I refer to these bizarre folk as Lizard People as only a cold blooded creature could enjoy this torturous condition!
    And it angers me that inspite of all the climate changes and global warming people are building houses & buildings out of glass and with no verandahs eves or trees- outragous!
    I love Winter i love rugging up in layers of clothing and open fires to curl up to and be cosy & warm. You cant cool down in the heat.
    Also i cant stand seein girls in hot weather wearin basicly nothin its grose! Id rather see a woman in a nice comfy big wooly coat any day its definately more appealing save the under wear for behind closed doors! not in a shopping mall! The White Witch of Nania had the right idea FOREVER WINTER!!!!!!!!!


    Hell yeah, summer sucks. My feet become unbearaby hot, a sickening feeling when your trying to sleep. My poor overclocked computer overheats and crashes ALOT, whereas in winter, it would run forever without any probs. How are we supposed to cool down in the heat?!

  17. Marna

    I DEPLORE SUMMER it gets hot here in south australia the hotest state in the hotest counrty in the world its going too be 42 degrees centergrate for NYE… and people go to the beach all day and wonder when these freaks turn 30 they look 99 and spend a fortune on botox and face and skin creams…SA loves the sun and if you mention you hate it they want too kill you by saying ..Its not hot its cool day????????? and its 40 degrees what the??? not many people in SA like the cold as someone said before lizards describes them perfectly..They look like scary lizard people…Im born on a heat wave but my blood is dutch..i wish i was in Holland or even Iceland LOVELY COLD SNOW FILLED DAY!!! and warm up too a hot companion!!!!! and some brenivin or jeniver…. SUMMER YUCK THE HEAT MAKES ME PHYSICALLY SICK UUURGH!!!!!

  18. Marna

    i like too add not only is annoying its over rated australia is obsessed with beach culture and we have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world…before they use to have adds detering people from sun tanning in the sun…but now its total opposite they show skimperly clad girls and guyz looking all happy and colourful…trueth is that sun here in oz is heaps intense than 10-20years ago and it literally burns in seconds..its terrible!!!! and not only i live in the driest state in the dreiest counrty in the world…..its bad and we have drought thats been going since mid 90s and is still going!!!! how can you love this weather that not only destroys life and desruction of the land and lively hoods,,,SORRY SUMMER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  19. I love summer. I don’t know why somone could hate it.

  20. Jason

    As I said in my previous comments summer sux big time!!! Ive been so sick because of it with all the vile dust & heat my head has been aching for months & my sinuses are really bad!! Im over it so Im moving to Tasmania this year!! I long to see snow again.. Summer is still going here and has been since last September, it will go to the end of April…Im so sick of these vile beach crettans everywhere & vulgar girls in ultra skin tight mini shorts, see through boob tubes, orange spray painted skin & long skanky white hair, giving everyone evils & whinging thay its cold when the weather goes below 30 degrees….Then they put on several big jumpers & thick woolen scarves & ugg boots but still have the mini shorts!!!! Summer is revolting its been hell I have been hibernating in a dark house with all the curtains drawn and blinds pulled down…I hate AC its bad for the enviroment & for people as well….so I just have fans…I just love all the scars i have all over me from all the mozzie & bug bites too, & the lovely flies!! For the sake of the planet I beseech of people to stop worshipping the vile heat & stop wishing for it not to rain…Theres more to life than the stupid beach & the narcisstic arrogance of showing of your bodies & stupid outdoor entertainment bar b ques etc….Winter is just pure MAGICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Vicky

    Jason, I am willing to embark on an exchange programme with you. Just send me the plane fare to wherever you are and I will gladly swap the blustery, demoralising Scottish winter for this ‘summer’ of which you speak.

  22. Marna

    Um David you obviously dont live South Australia and if you do…wat tha?????

    Im working as a grape picker and its so hot and dusty its stuffs my asthma and its aweful and annoying it costs me money this evil heat…we are having weeks of 36 degrees with no rest bite some one who says that is nice must be a MINDA!!!!!!..

    Me and a feind have had enough of this evil hot weather and are going too move too Tasmania the bottom off Australia wher its cool and green and you get snow YEAY!!!
    That lovely lady from Scottland who wants too come here too SA..I’m sorry you would when you come off the plane.. the heat is totally different too Europe and USA…
    We have a large whole in the Ozone layer here and the sun does burn in second being in it even if you have sun screen cream!!! its not only the heat its the sensation of your skin burning and its aweful and they had in the local paper people staying out in it for long extended periods of times and getting second degree burns from the sun some needing skin grafts!!!……. Im sorry summer is bad especially in Australia and those pschos who say they love it must be nuts from heat exhaustion…..
    Heat exhaustion is a danger here and you can die from it!!!
    At least in an Ozi Winter you can snuggle up too your companion and drin and eat harty foods and lets say sex is better in winter mm!!!!! Australia needs too break this 13yr drought its in its sad…poor animals and wild life!!!

  23. sharon (shaza)

    eewwll That freak mana is a fool i love summer,its not hot i love 49 degree heat and i like too spend the whole day at the beach eewl….my favourite pass time is sun baking and going too the solarium and bleaching my hair white eewwl……me and tha girls go around in our hot pants and pink bras…i hate it when its cold eewl like when its under 40 degrees…these people who dont like the heat i have one word “just put up with it” its so cold i need too wear 6 jumpers and my bubbleskin pants like eewl its grose eewl……i love tha beach its a great place too pick up guys and take them home too my flat ewllll……winter sucks and that eewll snow eewwllll is grose and sickening..role on summer!!!!!oh me and the girls get cheap paint and spray our selves orange eewwlll!!!!!!!

  24. Me

    Just the thought of Summer depresses me. I hate it. I hate the bugs, I hate not being able to sleep because of too much daylight and too much humidity, I hate all the naked people running around acting like idiots. I too am seriously considering moving somewhere were summer doesn’t exist, or at least is mild.

  25. Jason

    Here in lovely South Australia, Australia its 36 degrees today & a horrid heatwave has set in its getting up to 39+ everyday this week through without relief in sight……..
    Im in my shut up house again the dust in the air is disgusting, Ive gotten so sick from it I feel like im gonna die, my sinuses have gone crazy, headaches etc….I cant talk about it to anyone here or they get so aggressive & wana kill you!! If you dont like the heat here they tell you to put up with ut and treat you like a freak…I cant wait to move so I can live again….I wish there was somrwhere summer was non existant.
    Im so sick of all these clowns around here basically naked, & this stupid daylight saving makes the heat longer, just so the heat lovers can go to the stupid beach…..

  26. MARNA

    Im in S.Australia and we have had the longest heat wave in 75 yrs and the thing is its AUTUMN (FALL)…and its going too be in the high 30’s , low 40’s for weeks too come!!!!

    This weather has cost me my job
    this summer like conditions have cost my health
    This weather is un-natural , its caused by a double hot cells thats stopping any lows at all…..

    Autumn is supposed too be cool, leaves turning reds and orange …well they are turning colors ..theyre going brown and black…
    All our animals are suffering and even they butterflies are falling from the sky dead!!!!!
    Sorry summer is disgusting …..its so hot i can’t breathe and am getting multiple asthma attacks…and theres no relief in sight…
    you just cant escape the aweful heat it goes right thru you till you pass out from heat exhaustion…which i got doing grape picking here HELP!!!!!!!

  27. Kim

    I am not looking forward to this years summer at all!! I don’t know why people do look forward to it! The heat is annoying because you can feel faint from heat exhaustion, your clothes stick to your body and you sweat and it’s hard to try and cool yourself down with a fan or whatever. There’s too much bright light in your eyes in the morning and when you walk around outside and then there’s the insects everywhere and I always get bitten every summer! I must be allergic to insect bites or something because the bites get huuge, purple, really itchy and painful!! Girls who like summer just because they can go sunbathe and get a tan are silly! They could get skin cancer or sunburnt and anyways you can get a tan anytime of the year if you wanted from a self tanner without causing yourself any harm or premature ageing. I much prefer autumn and winter to summer even if the weather can get very cold because you can easily wrap up and be warmer in winter and it’s a more pleasant cosy time of year. Damn the summer.

  28. I totally agree. The bugs, the bees, they follow you around, in your ears. It’s hot every_freaking_day, and you wake up to light beaming in your eyes. And like you said, in the winter you can bundle up or bundle down to stay comfortable, but in the summer you’re forced to only bundle down… and most of the time you can’t even do that. I absolutely HATE the summertime. It’s the worst, worst, worst part of the year for eternity. It makes me want to move to Antarctica where it’s cold… at least for now.

    And just the feeling of winter… so beautiful, so majestic. And Christmas… everyone’s favorite time of the year <3.

  29. I live in UK and we’ve just got the first day of actual sun. It’s only about 17C but I feel sick already for I know this is the start of something dreadful. Summer sukks big time. I love you winter. As soon as I get enough moolah together, I’m emigrating to scandanavia. My full respect goes out to you guys in Oz man, I would not be able to cope with those torturous temps. What this world needs is another bleedin ice age, or preferably something a little less drastic. Anyways, point is…. SUMMER F****N SUKKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. MARNA

    i really agree with ya rubben…my God its still sunny and warm in this dry old hole i like to call disgusting hell but its other name is South Australia….um Xmas here is heat flies and other hot weather freaks with tradgic hats and winter foods in high summer crazy…….We really need that ice age it would be fun!!!
    watching those lizards shivering and saying its cold YEAH!!!!!
    Me and my freind are going too get out of South Oz and go the coldest place in Australia TASMANIA…its southern hemesphere version of Iceland…I LOVE IT!!!! we should start up a chant SNOW WE WANT SNOW…SUMMER GO GO GO!!!!!! i am sorry for all my fellow SAustralians who in some weirdness think winter is NOW…its autumn and it didnt go orange and red it went DEAD!!!
    And now they call it winter???? go figure its winter suposely and the temps are mid too high 20’s and sun sun sun….yike!!!!!!
    If usa has too drop a bomb can it on SAustralia…its being renamed HELL!!! S>O>S ….B B W ( bring back winter)

  31. Jason

    Its great to see that there are actually other people out there that also hate hot weather. After years of being made feel like a freak because I dont like the heat it is comforting!! I am moving to the coldest place in Australia, Tasmania, where I recently visited & found some fellow cold weather lovers!!
    I just will never understand why & how could you possibly enjoy hot weather?? Its painful, uncomfortable & just unbearable, theres nothing good about it…..I have come to the conclusion hot weather lovers are nuts!!!!!

  32. Debra

    I live in Southern California (reluctantly) and I hate Summer. I get sick of the “perfect weather” mentality around here, the women in over-priced sausage casings with straps worn over muffin-top waists from their tight shorts and their danged high-heeled thong sandals, and the endless rows of fake blonde moms giving me and my kids odd looks for coating our pale skins in spray-on sunscreen when we want to visit the park while they bounce around blissfully thinking you only need sunscreen if you don’t tan. My daughter has been teased for having freckles. I put that on their stupidity too. And we don’t get real Winter. We get a couple of cold days (in which you can’t keep warm in half the homes around here because who needs decent heaters when the weather is sunny and “perfect”?) with hot days creeping in at random intervals year round, with the weather in yesterday’s Spring heat wave, for example, topping out at about 35 degrees celsius, and that’s only because it cooled down from the day before. I do like the rain around here, but then, it only rains in Winter. I like rain anyway but you’d think the pitiful sprinkles they get here were really ice storms from the way the drivers react. I suppose they have reason to hate rain since any real storms tend to wash the homes that do have heaters into the ocean. I guess even more than I hate Summer, I hate Southern Californians.

  33. Jason

    Well said Debra, I too have pale skin & I burn like mad in the stupid sun, which I cant escape here…When its hot I cant wear long sleeve clothes because I get so hot & almost die… so I have to wear skanky summer clothes & sunscreen, which doesnt always work, so I get burnt heaps…These summer loving freaks here dont care about getting burnt anyway, they always have peeling skin, & think its funny, well no its not…Skin Cancer!! The mentallity here towards cool & cold weather is just depressing & very annoying…the moment I say I like the cold they take a step back, like im contagious!! It is set into their minds since childhood that the cold is evil & wrong, & you must like the heat & ‘put up with it!’ But im sorry that doesnt meld to me!! Cold, Snow Fog, Rain, Hail & all the aspects of cold weather are a true wonder of nature…I love it!! Maybe like me you will have to move to a cold climate, I cant wait to move , its not long to go now!!

  34. Greg

    OMG i am so glad i came upon this site. It is so good to see people who hate summer just as much as i do. I live in NYC and summers here are the worst. Today i got into the mid 80’s to near 90 but if you add the loads and loads of tourists, the heat from the subways, the smog from all the cars and the very faint seabrezze you get here, NYC fells like a oven. I am dreading the fact that in July it will get into the mid 90’s here and it will be humid. Everyone here loves this weather. Even the fucking news channels encourage everyone to go out naked and burn themselves to a crisp. Only four more months till fall. I hope i can make it.

  35. Jason

    Greg, your lucky you actually have Fall to look forward to man!! Here in South Australia you dont have seasons, just Summer all the time, like desert weather….You would get a nice winter though? The weather here has taken its toll on my health so im moving to a cold climate (Tasmania) next month I cant wait!! Ill see snow again too!! I hope you can stay cool!!

  36. Nancy Duggan

    I hate the stinking summer, too. Here in the northeast U.S. it goes on for 5 or 6 months. Kill me.

  37. Quoc

    I hate summer. I love winter way better. PPL always complain about me using the AC cuz they feel cold. WTF put on a sweater and I only really need it to be nice and cool for sleeping. At night it’s not hard to put on that winter blanket. When ppl say “oh save the planet turn off/down the AC” All I have to say to that is “oh save the planet turn off/down that HEATER” I barely need the heat on but ppl are like “OMG it’s so cold, let’s set the heat to 24C” I can’t stand those ppl.

  38. Brenda Bolton

    This is Great!!! Finding that other people HATE Summer too!
    I live in San Francisco Bay Area and the Hot days are increasing in number. Use to be able to take the occasionally drive in your car to cool off but now gas is $4.50 a gallon and trying to drive less anyway for the enviornment. Work with farm animals and others and watching them suffer from the heat and Bugs is horrible. No real relief. But at least I do not live in Australia! I feel sincere empathy for those that do. Waiting for November!!!
    Stay Cool

  39. Rob

    I live in Canada, land of the ice and snow. You would think I would be happy to see the summer weather return. The truth is I can’t wait for October and the return of some nice weather.

  40. eydie sanders

    i live in missouri in the US. it is hot, humid and miserable here in the summer. i hate summer so much. i take prozac, which makes you more heat sensitive. going outside makes it hard to breathe. i hate being sticky and sweaty. it’s impossible to stay neat and clean. my make up runs, i hate the outdoors, i could go on and on whining. winter is so beautiful, especially when it snows. i love dark days when that damned sun keeps to itself. it appeals to the drama queen in me. i love the clothes, i love christmas, everything except driving on the ice. winter, beautiful winter, hurry!

  41. phillip Ingham

    Right on guys I hate the summer so much.I’m from Bermuda and I’m sick of heat rashes on my back,bugs in my apartment,feeling sick and tired all the time cause of the heat…getting more angry everyday cause of the humidity. Please October get this shit weather out the way….roll on winter when I can cuddle up and watch my old tv shows from the 70s without stinking underpants,sweaty t-shirts having to drink 350 million gallons of fucking water a day!

  42. John

    I totally agree about winter- you have control.. you can wrap up. Summer you have to put up with the temperature. Hayfever, the weatherman telling you how great sun is, the hot office, people talking about trivial things such as their sun tan…. Bring on Winter- I love it.

  43. Linda

    Wow! Other folks who hate summer as much as I do!! This is great!! WHile where I am is no comparison to Australia, Brooklyn, NY can get quite hot and miserable in summer due to all the people, cars and biting bugs (mosquitoes) along with the heavy air on those really hot days. I’ve already had skin cancer on my nose and near my lip, so the beach is not a place I go in summer to cool off. I am virtually a recluse in summer avoiding bad air, heat and bugs. I douse myself with OFF repellent when I venture outside. I am a writer and love to read so spend my time indoors catching up on those activiites. Give me a winter day any time, when you can open the door and feel refreshed rather than hit in the face by a gush of hot stale air. Most people I know enjoy summer, don’t mind or worry about bites or skin cancer. Give me a cup of hot tea with a cozy blanket as it gently snows outside any time!!! I actually prefer the beach in winter!! Fully clothed, of course. :)

  44. I’m with ya,can’t stand heat and humidity. Counting the days until autumn.

  45. Andrea

    The only place where summer type weather is acceptable or tolerable are vacation places like the Caribbean, South Pacific Islands or the Mediterranean
    In these places lazy day day activities and water sports are the norm. If you are not cruising on your yacht in one of these places, but working, living and commuting in a city such as Brooklyn, NY, you are up the creek and summer is a living hell! Brooklyn, NY was named “the most paved over city in the U.S.” Yuk! This place is so over crowded and the unregulated construcion which leaves no green space is disgusting. Nobody is planting any trees when they build these awful new houses. I feel as if I ama pizza in a brick oven. This place is so overwhelmingly horrible that I am becoming claustrophobic. Summer intensifies all of the horrors of living here. There are idiots here that complain when it rains. I pray for rain everyday to freshen the air in this stinking place. The summer here is hell on earth and talk about humidity. The NYC subway system stinks more in the summer and the commute to Manhattan is hellish. Manhattan is a horror in and I can never understand why there are tourists here ever, let alone in the summer months.
    Anyone that says that they love the summer deserves to be exiled to Death Valley or some other desert for eternity. I hate summer. I detest summer. I loathe summer. I am planning to relocate to the Pacific Northwest and I cannot wait!

  46. Skate_

    I hate summer, i live in qatar, im a filipino, i hate summer beacause if i skate after 6 minutes my head aches and its toooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!111

  47. Byron

    I hate summer. I hate it so much I decided to get on line to see if any one else does too. It’s a releif to see that I’m not alone.
    I live in southern California and I dread the approach of June and July. It gets humid and stinky and noisy. The people begin to drive much more aggressively for some stupid reason and they crank up their car stereos real loud. What is it with the heat of summer and noise? Everyone goes to the beach to stink it up with their lotions and perfumes. The air gets so bad by August that I get headaches weekly, I get tired and don’t begin to feel normal until the sun goes down. The winters go by so fast and the summers seem to never end. It sucks!
    I’m probably going to move back to Wash. state someday. The thing that I don’t get is that everyone around here seems to just love the weather. Bad air, half naked drunk idiots, loud speeding cars, humid nights, Yuck! Other than that I’m a pretty positive person….

  48. John

    Posting from Michigan – I absolutely HATE summer as well. It is totally overrated, and seems mostly pushed by past generations of people that felt inferior if they didn’t fry themselves to a crisp in the sun. While I do think that many do truly like it, I also think that huge sums of people like it just because of friends/family/television/radio telling them how great it is – monkey see, monkey do.

    The oven-like heat, the bugs, the gross sweating, the nausea-inducing/skin-cancer causing intense sun….f*ck that. Give me Fall, early or late Winter, or Spring, as they are all far more preferable to Summer.

  49. Hooper

    Well, I haven’t a clue what a sunburn feels like. However, I hate summer just the same. Give me a harsh winter that kills off all of the malaria carrying nasties any day of the year. Think about the horrible monstrous fauna which inhabit areas with a summer-like climate year long; snakes, scorpions, parasites of every stripe, alligators, africanized honey bees (read: killer bees) etc. The list is virtually endless. And there there is the oppressive combination of heat and humidity. It sucks the life right out of me.

    I live in Michigan, so the temperature will take a welcome nose dive in a couple of weeks. Still, I live in dread of the 3 months of hell next year from June through August. As god is my witness, I will emigrate to Montréal, where winter is 9 months long and summer is a myth akin to Sasquatch honest politicians.

  50. marna

    Hi guys I wrote before on how me and my friend lived in hell(adelaide, south australia), Well we did it we escaped the treturious skanky lizards and psychotic heat lovers for a betere life in Tasmania Australia……….We just laugh when we see the weather report in Hell its starting already to become summer there he he hee! and where we are its nice and warm and frezing nights…….I left Hell and nevere returning!!! yeay I just love WINTER its great and for the first time we live in a capital city that has snow on its mountains all the time….went there the other day playing in that fresh cold sweet snow…..The best thing that the Gods ever made…beats the bugs stiffling putrid stenching foul aniliating sufficating heat any day…I wont miss Hell and hope never too return again only when a relative has died(probably from the HEAT)…….ROLL ON WINTER!!!!!
    You can breathe when its cold, no pollen,no skanky lizardsgirls with spray on orange tan and platinium white straighten hair with there underwear out in public and there complaining attitude when you say “your cute”…Don’t tell me about the beach…In HELL its a cure all for every known mans diseases eg.cancer,rabies bite,tetanis etc….We WINTER-LOVERS SHOULD STICK TOGETHER AND BANISH SUMMER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  51. Pat In Seattle

    “nice weather” ,”lovely weather”, “beautiful weather”. if i see or hear hot sunny weather referred to any more by these, i will probably remove my eyes and ears ha.

    i am SO tired of it. I HATE SUMMER. with a passion. it’s too hot, the sun hurts on your skin and it drains you. how is this “lovely”? and the constant, it’s “nice nice nice nice nice nice”. And we are all supposed to feel the same way or you’re some kind of outcast. had enough of it!

    that’s why i moved to Seattle here. amazingly enough people now whine all fall and winter long about the “gloomy”, “horrible days”. UGG!!! I can’t stand listening to them while i feel so good when it is cool.

    what don’t they understand about heat stroke? skin cancer? aging? it’s almost like a religious cult following…when the sun is out, its SO GEORGOUS and when it’s overcast or raining…IT’S SO DREADFUL. what is wrong with them?

    And then what’s worse is that if the morning happens to be…cool…the drivers on the bus turn up the heat! to accomdate the sun and summer freaks. it’s awful

    sorry for my rant but i was glad to see a forum like this after we have had a hot septemeber here in seattle, and the masses crowing about how “lovely” it is.

  52. Jason

    Im so glad to see Im not the only person on earth that hates summer!! as I said in my previous posts here I Deplore hot weather…I am moving way up to the mountains here in 2 weeks..It snows there & is in a forest like setting, so is very shadey!! I still dread the coming months with that dreadful summer approaching, I am in Tasmania, Australia.. I escaped the mainland of Australia 3 months ago…& am loving it here!!
    the crazed summer freaks are starting to rant about their precious summer hot weather coming, but its not as bad as the mainland. The beach culture here is minimal, and it doesnt get as hot. I hate the filthy beaches with crazies baking them selves to a crisp with all the stinking lotions & oils, perfumes etc!!
    I hate being sweaty its filthy & un-hygenic….Give me WINTER any time!! I cant stand how the radio stations keep promoting summer, it really grates me, so I turn it off..all the media portray summer as some sort of drug that we all need and want, PROMOTE WINTER I SAY!! FOREVER WINTER!!! SUMMER BE GONE!!!!!!!

  53. marna

    IF ANYONE SAYS THEY LOVE THE SUMMER…………..3 lovely words=
    1 are you nutz!!!!
    2do you like the thret of cancer eating your nose off!!!!!!
    3im sorry orange is a fruit not your skin color!!!!!

    if by now they get the forked tounges out…………


  54. Natalie

    I searched for “I’m so sick of boiling to death” etc. because I’m SICK OF IT!!!! I live in So. California where we rarely get any real cool weather. I get so thrilled and excited when “fall” arrives only to have to suffer with another 2 months AT LEAST of high 80s and 90s day after day after day after day after day.

    Summer now lasts beginning in April – May to around the end of December, and then of course all those other months are sprinkled with a week here and there of boiling hot. Why can’t we have one straight week of being cold? Or a month I would be so thrilled I would think I was in a good dream instead of living in a nightmare. The weather was great here 25 years ago, now it’s ruined forever.

    I can’t sleep in the heat and even with the a/c on I frequently wake up and just scream I am so hot. I feel exactly the same way as the majority of posters here, I listen to the weather and they say, it’s going to be a gorgeous gorgeous day, high 80s to 90s inland (where I live) and it pisses me off no end, why is that gorgeous, it’s really suffocating hell.

    I want to cool off to the core of my body, when is that going to happen? It’s mid-November (almost winter in the US) and it’s too hot to go out and walk. I like to walk and hike and not swelter to death….thanks everyone for agreeing with me, I’m so angry all the time because of the heat. No wonder hell is hot and not cold!!!!!!

  55. marna


  56. jason

    I say lets outlaw the vile summer & arrest all its lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Megan

    I hate the summer so much!! I’m so glad there are ore people like me who hate the summer Thank you so much!! Sanity!! The winter is finishing and i’m dreading it so much!! I hate being warm all the time i hate feeling like you don’t know if it’s day or night because it’s always sunny and light!! I hate how long the summer is and how short the winter is in my opinion anyway!! I HATE THE SUMMER!!

  58. Jason

    Here in Australia record breaking heatwaves in the high 40dg temps have been going on for weeks night & day….Luckily I live in Tasmania now which is escapes the mainlands hot weather revolment! The people their are dropping dead like flies from the heat, the morgues are full & its to hot for funerals! There has been multiple bushfires, & constant blackouts for days on end from all the airconditioners in use! Air conditioners are blowing up causing houses to burn down! YET still all the precious sun lovers are still ranting how lovely the heat is!!! They make me sick! What will it take to stop this stupid love for theses vile conditions!!! It sickens me how some people are so arrogant in theses matters! And if they love the heat so much why do they need a cold airconditioner! Its just mad in this country! All Summer obsessed!!

  59. marna

    Oh yeah its lovely in the land of hell, apparently in hell(otherwise known as South Australia) the wild animals are falling out of the trees dead and others are coming to peoples homes to find shade and water and food, birds are falling from the sky..and when i was there at the begining of the year in adelaide the birds looked terrible and skiny and not much feathers and in one spot there wasnt any flying around and they lookd terrible!!!!
    we have had the worst bushfires ever in Victoria and australias history!
    whole towns wiped off the face of the earth!!
    so my plee is why would anyone think that Summer is Good?????

    I like to blaime the Coca -a – Cola company for staging Summer properganda in maikng Summer Cool(cool???????) no hot and blistering and killer!!!! more like it!!! and also
    Hollywood and California for its properganda of saying Summer culture is okay and should be seen as a fact of life!!!
    skimpy Paris Hiltons try hards!!!!
    boney flat chested orange skinned jaundice looking corpses in underwear usaully a bright fluorecent pink yellow or green!
    straightened white hair and im sorry they start young here about 7 years old in cheap slut hooker wear!!!!

    Summer should be distroyed by NASA and people who say Summer is cool should be put in jail for maddness and potential arsonests and sorry psychos of stupidity!

    Ban Summer!
    summer lovers should be a minority not majority!!
    down with summer!
    keep cool guys!

  60. Sam

    Man, its spring already the Beginning of something Extremely Horrible.

    I Hate the Sun I have migraine, and i Get most migraine atacks in the Summer.

    I’m always Sick during the summer Clogged nose n everything.

    In the Winter I’m Always Healthy And more Active.

    I always and i mean ALLLLWAAAYYSS Wear a black/brownish beanie its like a part of my body I even wore it to paris where it was 37 Degrees, and people keep annoying me when they ask me if i’m not hot wearing it.

    I Love wearing hoodies and i usually wear a black or red one, the summer forces me to change my Wardrobe and if there’s something i hate more then the Summer, its my Gf dragging me out to Go Shopping.

  61. Al

    Have always hated summer. Posers with music on in cars, smell of armpits in the dairy aisle, sausage thighs on display…. list is endless. Role on hoodies, uggs, winter sunsets, halloween, bonfire night…………………………..

  62. marna

    I totally agree with the comment sausage thighs, we have them here in australia and we call them fattie lard arses or our favourite mushroom arse!!
    why do scary people wear clothes too small for there figure??
    like in winter it doesnt matter because everyone looks hot in winter clothes!! with you guuys yeah hoddies are essential!!
    I cant stand Summer its the pits its going into my favourite season here autumn (fall) which leads to winter YAY!!!!!!!
    the skanks are still ion there summer outfits complianing how cold it is!!!!
    why dont they wear something warmer??? hey stupid i guess!!!
    sorry for you guys up in the north summer is comming your way!!
    Keep Cool!!! i be thinking about you all up there!!!


  63. Trish

    Oh thank God! now I don’t have to feel like a freak because i hate summer with a passion(googled ‘i hate summer’ just to see if anyone could possibly feel the same) when all around me people can’t stop talking about how ‘nice out’ it is, and t.v reporters are practically orgasming because it’s going to be almost 90 from tomorrow on. Pure hell= NYC summer. Already dreading riding the subways, the half naked skanks, streets flooded by open fire hydrants and screeching brats, and the hoodlums hanging out all night on the block. Fall can’t get here fast enough.

  64. Natalie

    I had to check up on all my summer hating friends. I have a new 10,000 BTU A/C sitting downstairs and waiting to be installed in my bedroom where I will proceed to increase my carbon footprint and keep the chill factor as low as possible while saving my sanity and sleeping soundly.

    I have to say we had nearly 2 months of cool weather with only a couple of heat waves here and there and I was over the moon but good things never last do they? (last week was ridiculous and people should be jailed or institutionalized for saying it’s gorgeous when it’s so boiling that your brains are on fire)

    I think it’s rather obsessive how often I check the weather forecast on CNN just so I can see if I need to brace myself for a hellish onslaught. Well summer is going to be here any second but only 7 more months to go!

    I love winter clothes too, skin is not attractive to view on 99.9% of people.

  65. christine

    Googled “I hate summer” because it’s supposed to be 90 (32) all this week, and I wanted to see if I was the only person in the world who wished summer never came. Clearly, I’m not! ^_^
    It’s never really cold here in Florida (god I hate this state) but the summers are awful! It’s hot, it’s humid, there are more bugs than should be allowed to congregate in any one place at a time, the sun is glaringly bright all the damn time, and there are more and more idiots wearing not nearly enough clothes. I’m super pale and get heat stroke very easily, so hanging out at the beach/pool isn’t an option for me, either. >_<
    I want to move back to Vancouver! Even when it was hot, there was always a breeze off the bay. (The boys were cuter, too ^_~)

  66. marna

    oh you guys say that 90F is hot you would love South Australia its HELL on earth and gets hotter than Africa!!! it gets up to 49C or in 120F and one year it got to 50C (122F)…yes i agree its annoying seeing skanks in hardily any clothes showing off their fat orange bodies!! me and my friend call them jaundice victums or Omas(dutch for grandmother)…they still are dressing in skank clothes where i live in Tasmania(off the Australian coast)
    it is weird that any SUN they see they have to dress like freaks!!
    its going into winter soon here and i cant wait….
    Hell was so bad this year animals were falling from the trees and going to peopls garages for food and water!!

    Why do these people think SUMMER is so Great?????
    I have come to the conclussion that these people are repitilians or suffer a major brain disfunction!!!!
    i think the only thing that works in their brain its the thermostate and its stuffed!!
    I cant believe it??? yes its very very weird!!!
    i envy you guys in USA at least the sun disappears in winter…here it just goes abit away from us!!
    we need to start a convention on WE HATE SUMMER!!!
    and boycote Summer wear!!!
    Down with skimpy slut wear!!!
    Down with heat!!!
    Down with bugs and mozies!!!
    Down with the beach!!!

    Bring back the cool cool days of winter where you can cuddle and have a vodka near a log fire!!!!
    Take care guys!!!

  67. The sun lovers and heat nazis have become like thugs.

    Try telling them you like cooler weather and they look at you like you have leprosy. and then torture you constantly with their mindless drivelling about how GLORIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS blah blah blah. then even worse they WHINE when it’s cozy and overcast out. horrible people

    I’m getting so tired of them i want to put plugs in my ears. they obsess so much over the weather, it’s embarassing. then the media starts gloating over this season as well.

    i LOVE the cool/cold weather and barely tolerate the summer season.

  68. I really enjoyed reading this thread; sometimes it feels like I am the only human who doesn’t like hot weather.

    I despise the summer: combine the oppressively stuffy nights with unbearably hot days, and an intolerable social obsession with barbecues, sunbathing and ‘sitting out’, and you are guaranteed a miserable time.

    I have to get up at 6:00am every day to take the dog for a walk; blazing sun and screaming kids must be avoided at all costs!

  69. “sometimes it feels like I am the only human who doesn’t like hot weather”

    adam you’re certainly not the only one. I think we summer haters often don’t stand up for ourselves when we should. I have had enough. I’m tired of hearing “are you enjoying the weather, the sunshine” every 5 minutes. i liked when you said the intolerable social obsession – that’s what it is, really. it’s akin to some weird religious chant. If you dare not fall in step with them, they call you “nuts” and “wierd”

    well i say let’s fast forward ahead 20 years and see who is “weird”. i have steadfastly stayed out of the sun most of my life. I just turned 41 and yet people say i look at least 10 years younger. If people want leperous looking age spots, wrinkles and gross sores, that’s fine. If they want to make a skin surgeon right years from now, OK. I opt out of this madness.

  70. Katja from Edinburgh

    What an abolsute relief to fin this website! (it was a complete whim- and out of sheer frustration to google ‘I hate summer’)I could not believe there were so many other fellow Summer Sufferers!) I moved out of London 5 years ago because the summer heat was so bad- travelling by tube, working in a (glass!) building without air-con, (sorry to all Australians and Africans..- I’m sure this seems minimal in comparison to what you have.. to put up with!) I thought i was going mad. I’m now living in Edinburgh where it’s thankfully been much better- although- lo and behold we’re now having a heatwave up here too! :-( And the nutters are out. Frying themselves .And yes, I fully agree that there is really nothing more irritating than everyone going on..and on…and ON (on TV, radio and in person) about the ‘lovely weather’ plenty of sunshine’ with their smug faces- it’s almost a ghastly competition to see how hot it can get; they positively gloat… What I ask you is fun about everyone being sweaty all the time, swollen feet cut by sandals, no energy, screaming irritable children everywhere, hot muggy nights, trudging pavements and jostling people dripping in body oil and exposing parts which we just don’t want to see… I’m sorry but I just don’t do skimpy clothes. Plus everything starts to smell..decompose…UGH.. so unhygienic…and up here it just stays light…forever!How true the comment above about being able to put layers ON but there being a limit on taking them off. WHY do people actually like feeling HOT? It makes me feel sick and stifled; are we cold-blooded creatures…? Sorry but I don’t actually need to raise my temperature any higher thank you very much…
    I take a cool minty bath very night- and I’m proud to do so!
    Roll on autumn and winter and crisp cool days, fresh winds, chilly evenings and a glass of red wine. Rant over. Thanks for reading. Empathies and sympathies to all fellow Summer Haters …..everywhere.

  71. i wrote this today as a fellow cool-weatherer was bitching about the “sun worshippers”. it’s harsh but she said it’s right on. hope you enjoy it!

    Sun worshippers also known as Satan’s Spawns of Hell, Bullshitus Maximus and the Pestilence.


    1. People who move from some sunshined blasted place and expect their sterile sandal world of everyday sunshine to follow them elsewhere. They deride, insult and pester anyone who doesn’t fall gushing down at the sight of the sun or sit in abject fury at the drop of rain. Overcast weather to these people is the Ultimate Evil to them
    2. Burned lizard like cretins, soon destined for a skin surgeon’s knife. Despite repeated warnings about the dangers of the sun, they somehow decide they know better and find every chance to catch every single drop of UV radiation possible. Oh and lest i forget, everyone who doesn’t participate in their orgy of UV is “pale” and “unhealthy”
    3. Parasitic monsters who will show you every kind of scrunchy face, look of bewilderment or disdain if you mention the BLASPHEMY of “i like cool weather”. they then proceed to attempt an interrogation of how it is that you DARE to enjoy rain, overcast, snow, fall or winter over their GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, “NICE”, “SUN SOAKED” pillars of paradise.

  72. marna

    Patt Carr and others it seems we have the same story all over the world….so too those summer lovers!! no one else thinks like you mmmmm lets look where we have…me and my friend from australia….people from britan and scottland…..americans..canadians…mmm some more everywhere!!!!!!!!

    its winter here and the Summer bitches still are holding onto their scarey summer wear!! mumbles(skin tight trackies) thongs or jiffies and a summer skimpy top with a cardigan and all hunched over shivering and complaining how cold it is!!!
    I saw one girl down here in the summer uniform the skimpy top and hot pants and jiffies and wet and she didnt look warm at all…….
    Like you said Pat Carr and Katje…they are eville!!
    Oh yes they are lizards alright..me and my friend have a joke of getting a whole pile of them and teleport them to the top of the mountain here whilst its snowing and freeze them bitches !!!
    that would be fun!!

    Its lovely down here in tasmania(bottom of australia(island)),
    thick fog, snow in a couple of days, rain and mist..
    how cant you love this…i love this heaps better than 50C heat and blairing sun anyday!!

    Like I said Cold weather= Cuddles and cuddling up to a hot friend, log fires, a vodka or wine, lying on a fur near the fire and seeing the snow fall and know how much fun you can have!!
    walks in the mist and fog..its fab!!

    Summer you can= burnt skin, melanomas,swetty fat people,
    sicknesses, heat stroke,degenerates smiling with toxic smiles of glee over how cold it is!!(45+C….anything under 32C is cold down here),no birds,no animals due to dieing from the heat, no water, blackouts,slob fest,unhygenic freaks…wiping there swetty bodies on food!!,smell of tanning fliuds and oils,BEACH!!,
    sharks,jellyfish,swet ridden towles either lying on them or using them as dresses, and much more!!!

    I know what I want!!! thinking about you guys up there!!
    just think you dont have to live in the australian desert or south australia the Hell of the South!!! a handy pentagram or cross will keep those evil bitches away or a picture of snow!!!!

    Good Luck my fellow Winterbabes!!! NASA should find away of getting rid of summer hey??

  73. marna

    PS= Im 41 too and people say I look 29 yrs old and they never guess my age..i have been in the sun before( i work as a gardener) but hey i try to keep out of that sun!! and wash my face with water…these lizards look like 82yr old wrinkle qweens!! and theyre in there teens or 20s!!

    They look jealous at me and dont believe that keeping out of the sun helps there skin!!

    they are so sad……here they are obsessed with tan i break that down T.A.N =Terrable Awefulness Nutz (TAN)!!!

    while you just be happy with a natural colour not Orange!!
    Orange is a fruit not a skin colour!!
    the only person who is orange is a jaundice victum!!

    We will look young till our old days!!
    NO BOTOX….someone told me i needed that and i laughed at them it was a lizard that said that too me and she was 18yrs old and she looked 32yrs old with BOTOX…

    Patt we can luagh at them ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  74. I despise that hot, humid weather. I am from Canada and have lived in Arkansas for 23 years now. I feel as though I am going to loose my mind if I have spend another summer from hell here. The humidity is so high, I stay soaked all summer. I have to run from the air conditioned house to my air conditioned car. It SUX!!!!!
    It’s beautiful and lush here but we have some much rain and high temps and humidity. I feel like I”m the only person around here that feels like this. I am so glad know that there are others like me out there.

  75. Natalie

    Well I’ve really shocked so many people by telling them I hate summer, I think some of them sort of think about it for a while and then think, hmmm she may be right.

    A friend of mine went to Hawaii and she came back telling me I need to go, I said, “I’d rather not, I’m not a fan of hot weather.” AND I wouldn’t vacation anywhere where I felt I was being tortured. Yes Hawaii is beautiful, I spent one day in Honolulu when I was 17, that’s enough for my lifetime. A vacation to me is something you should ENJOY not suffer through. How boring to sit on the beach and do nothing. Give me Yosemite and a hike with a sprinkle of snow any day for fun and relaxation!

  76. Jason

    I will only visit countries that are cold temps for holidays.
    I cant stand all the holiday promotion of horrid beaches, & tropical resorts…not for me they can have their UV addiction!

    Its winter here in Tasmania & is beautiful, lots of rain, snow, mist, foggy days is stunning & pleasent to be in!
    I love grey cloudy skies. love wearing my hoodies beanies, I do not ever wear summer clothes! they are horrid!
    Since I have expessed my feelings to my family on how I feel about summer & hot weather they are really narky at me & think Im a freak!
    Its pathetic so I hate the hot weather big deal, they are the fools for liking vile torturous heat!

    I am really annoyed how all the stupid ads on tv are going on about ‘The winter blues’ & associating sickness & colds/flu with winter promoting cough medicines etc!
    I only ever get a cold in warm weather and in winter these stupid people here getting around in summer clothes and thongs so they will get a cold then cough on you in the shops!
    so then you get a bit of a coughy thing!

    Bacteria breeds in hot weather & most flu’s colds etc come from hot countries!!

    I love the cold and always will! I may cop alot of slack from the UV addicted lot but tough!!!

    Its great to see so many posts on here from like minded people!!!!

  77. i agree jason. winter, cold and rain get a bad rap. whether in ads, or movies, it’s always shown as “gloomy”, or “dark”. it’s a brainwashing thing and also basically just to sell products. i mean if you don’t have “glorious” sunshine all the time how can you sell those wretched flipflops, buckets of sunscreen and all the other garbage people put on themselves during hell-summer.

    i love the rain and the cold and i defend them viciously and without fear.

    i’m tired of the legions of “T.A.N =Terrable Awefulness Nutz (TAN)!!!” as Marna calls them. Great posts MArna, thanks for the posts referring back to mine. I’m very sure at 41 that you look a lot younger than the lizard people and will continue to do so

    i watched today as a bunch of kids were AFRAID to go out in the light rain at the transit center. i was ashamed for them. what have hteir parents been teaching them? that rain is poison? what complete imbeciles. they have been taught that sun always is happiness and if you’re “pale” you’re somehow unhealthy. i want to scream up at the sky at this frakking lunacy.

    I swear the sun thing is a cult and an addiction. people are addicted to the UV. The worst thing is the abuse heaped on us cool weather lovers. i say DO NOT put up with it, STAND UP for yourself against them. whether family, friends or whatever. they need to respect us and our preferences. I have torn into people who called me “nuts” and they regretted their statements. These folks have become bullies. we have to hear from them when it’s sunny and then when it’s cool, they bitch to our face.

  78. marna

    Hear Hear!!!!!
    me and my friend are so sick of these sicko sunlovers that we are nearly at the point of thinking of imergrating to UK or Scottland to get away from these Aussie Sun gits!!
    its Winter Solstice hear and its was mostly sunny! and on the radio they were going how cold it is!!! which is really strange because the radio station is in the tropics not tasmania!!

    Yes i look very young for my age and always people have trouble realising my age and get it wrong all the time they say Im 28yrs old !!!! thats keeping out of the sun and looking after yourself!! I dont need tan to look good. I naturally tan abit in Summer because of some spanish blood in me long way down the track!!

    Im a poor dutch aussie stuck in an uncultured sun obssessed land…its Sad always complianing how freezing it is…BOO Hoo!!
    do anyone know how easy it is too imergrate to UK????? if your an aussie citzern??
    Me and freind feel like foriegners in our own land!!!
    That SA was so obsessed with summer it was sick they have a tanning salon called megasun and its a solar city!!! AAAHH!!!
    one day Im going back to the North and maybe end up in Iceland that doesnt rant about Sun all the time!!
    Well done Pat!!!

  79. pat carr

    Hi Marna, i totally feel for ya. Congrats on standing up for yourself and not baking your lovely skin to a crisp. when you are older, then everyone will see how smart you were, not to follow the herd.

    they really are sicko sunlovers. spending even 10 minutes out in the sun, it’s not “beautiful or warm”, well it’s just plain stinking hot. One good thing to show folks is try feeling the dashboard in the sun. It’s not “warm”, it’s broiling hot. this is what’s happening to skin if it’s in that sun. all the ads on tv show the sun, everything sells “summer” and “sun”. i’m amazed at the utter stupidity of it, being that hot, sweaty and burned aren’t even close to being comfortable. I truly believe we’ve been overtaken by some kind of corporate sun product selling mentality.

    YEah and even here if it cools off after a hot day, people are “cold”. yet worse….is some of the buses actually turn on the FRAKKING HEAT. HEAT! you can get to feel that noone will respect your choice of body temperature

    and people’s attitidude to rain, i think now that kids have been taught that rain is pure poison falling from the skies. I’m ashamed to watch people here in seattle running like sissies under even a light downpour. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?

    Tanning salons, i call them Temples of Idiocy. It just gives these UV addiction imbeciles another place to hurt the largest organ on their bodies.

    i’m so sick of hearing about the weather every time there’s sun or no sun. I want to glue headphones permanently in my ears!

    Marna, ever thought of migrating to Seattle? you’d love it here. sorry it is the States, but the place is so gorgeous and the cool weather is like 8 months a year.

    ha or maybe we should all migrate to iceland and be done with it, like your idea.

  80. Alexandra Henriques

    ugh, just thinking of summer makes me nauseous and feverish.
    The horrible slimy people drenched in sweaty gaseous fumes with distorted smiles, the bloodsucking insects devilishly preparing for another attack just for sport, the slightly and not so slightly obese folks and their fulminating armpits waiting menacingly for any chance to knock you dead from the ephemeral smells. The obnoxious , revolting gangster wannabes cranking up their stereos. Yes, I too HATE summer.

  81. pat carr

    ha Alexandra i hear ya. Summer is smelly, sweaty and itchy.

    Add to your list people wearing the hideous beast known as flip flops, some with dirty feet that should never seen the light of day. Slap Slap Slap all you hear on the street.

    The buses are bastions of stuffiness, often the windows are all closed and i sit there in a stupor waiting for the ride to be over. Yet worse if it rains, the HEAT comes on again.

    Summer is a cult and the Sun is a drug i think. I’ve heard people say they wish the sun shined every day. i asked them do you like PLANTS? WATER? or would you prefer a drought and everything dry and brown. Sillly kids, they can’t have it both ways.

    Speaking of rain: Well i defend rain wherever it is put down

    example facebook:

    ” Tammy Boyle Palmer What the heck is with all this rain, Yawn….
    about an hour ago · Comment · LikeUnlike

    Patrick Carr
    Patrick Carr at 8:37am June 23
    Please send it this way. We haven’t had enough here. Things turning brown – blech. Rain is cooooool!”

  82. Andie

    I agree. I hate the summer.I know i dont have a lot to complain about, i only live in england but i hate it.What about summer is “beautiful” or “glorious”?. Summer is just unbearable heat,annoying people who think your crazy if you hate it. I love it when its rainy,cloudy and cold and dark, so i MUST be depressed. I miss winter…

  83. pat carr

    well andie, if you don’t like summer then you still can complain about it. that is your right to do so, whether you live in a milder summer or not.

    that’s the problem is that people think you’re “crazy” and often voice this. Now i’ve taken to telling them they are crazy for liking the heat and the skincancer and burning.

    I don’t take the sun nazi’s bullshit anymore. if they like it fine, but they have to respect that we don’t. I don’t mind that some people like the heat, but when they start telling me i am bizarre i just have to put my foot down and down HARD. i believe all our grievances on this forum is because the ‘Zards (short for lizards) have become so obessive and bullying about their weather preference. They also torment us by talking about it all the time. And then when the weather finally turns cool, they then whine all season about it.

    I might be overdramatic but it’s a kind of tyranny really! IT’S HORRIBLE.

  84. marna

    Oh yes pat and alex…..1) alex live in australia its such a sunlovers paradise all the time…..its winter here and we have had 9 days of sun URGK!!!! and today a lady said what a misserable weather (it was raining today) i said I know the sun hey!!! i got evils!!!
    2) pat a new place should open called Fashion house of freaks!!
    they already buy clothes from there…its 80s inspired bogan clothing made fashionable by gay 80s obssessed freaks!!
    Granny wear is very popular here and young lizrds are dressing in old women clothes eg. jiffies (those slippers you wear for calistenics and tai chi!!) old cardigans, mumbels(tights) and they like to have orange skin and have purr white hair even grey!!!!!!

    Please explain why a girl would want to look like an 90 yr old women?????

    I think the heat has finally cooked there peanut brain!!!
    they are the lost link!!

    I love the Temple of Idiocy it has many recruits!!!
    Oh the men if I can call them that look like a emo try hard homey dunces!! with their thongs(flip flops) and i dont want to be rude but children are getting dumber and dumber..
    They look like retards from a freak show at the circus!
    me and my freind are considering going to the UK too live to get away from this psycho land of Dinosauric Nausiating Analrepentingdisreptiles!!! ( DNA )!!!!!
    Australians would have to be the most uncultured,retarded,sun loving nation!! if you dont speak english and your from europe your germans!!! andspeak germany!!!! italians are wogs!!!
    chinese are chings and our PM speaks chinese!!!
    Im a dutch boy born here and OMG they are so brain deprived!!
    Hey its the smallest continent ,Driest,and Hottest place in the world!!! It makes up for Sunshine!!! it gets up to 60 degrees in the outback!!

  85. pat carr

    here’s a great article i found about sun addicts. Marna, you’ll especially love it. I believe this has happened to many people here. it’s one thing to like sunshine and another when people cry over 1 day of rain. it’s something i thought of weeks ago when i pondered people’s reaction to sun vs rain. it’s another reason i think that we cool weather lovers take such scorn – we’re making fun of their drug.

    Sun addicts need AA-type program
    By Amy Lawson
    October 2, 2005
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    ADDICTION to ultraviolet light could be the reason many people continue to sunbake despite the dangers, and obsessive tanners may need psychological support, some skin cancer experts believe.

    A US study in the Archives of Dermatology journal has found that tanning is an addictive behaviour and that young women are the most likely to succumb to the dangers. The findings come as Cancer Council Australia prepares to launch a campaign today warning of the dangers of solariums.

    People who experience the compulsion to sunbake, referred to as “tanorexia”, display addictive tendencies similar to alcoholics or compulsive gamblers, the study found. Support groups similar to Alcoholics Anonymous have been suggested to help fight the problem.

    The US study, which surveyed 145 beach goers at Galveston Island in Texas, found more than half could be categorised as having a “tanning disorder”.

    But the study’s author, dermatologist Richard Wagner, warned that the result could not be applied to the wider population because it was conducted at the beach. “If you walked into a bar you’d probably find more alcoholics,” he said.

    Tony White, a senior lecturer in the Department of Dermatology at Sydney University, agreed that obsessive tanners could be addicted to the look and feeling they get from the sun and solariums.

    “This study has articulated what we always half suspected — that some people feel tanning plays such an important part in their life that they would rather die than abandon it,” he said.

    “I’ve seen patients who have had melanomas cut out but still can’t quit. Everyone has a handful of patients who are flying right in the face of everything they know they should do. They’re out of control, and they’re not just being naughty, they’ve got a problem and they need professional help.”

    Dr White said the study’s findings would make him more inclined to recommend his patients seek professional help if they continued to sunbake.

    “It’s more than just a nuisance, it’s a psychological problem,” he said. “It’s like smoking and eating and safe sex — sometimes people have one thing in their head, but their behaviour is in another direction entirely.”

    Dr White said in his experience it was mainly young women who put themselves as risk.

    Craig Sinclair, chairman of the Cancer Council Australia’s national skin cancer committee, said there was a misconception that solariums were safer than tanning in sunlight, but in fact they posed significant dangers to a person’s health.

    “Solariums can emit rays five times the strength of the midday summer sun, which is an extraordinary amount of UV radiation,” he said. “The concern is that young people or people who have a skin type that doesn’t tan are being allowed access to solariums. The industry isn’t informing customers of the risks.”

  86. Pat Carr

    sorry to hear that Marna, what freaks it sounds like. And they’d call you “nuts” i bet. They’re heat and sun addicts and like addicts they don’t care if they destroy themselves. thus the weird clothes, attitude and demeanor

    I get on facebook every time i hear one of these addicts whining about “miserable” like you said. IT’s way beyond liking the sun, they are obsessed with it. I bet they’d want it to shine at night if they could.

    ha and here in the states we think that australia is so cool and the people are “normal”. sorry to hear of so many nuts!

  87. marna

    Hey Patrick its called Down Under…i think they need put down!!
    Addicts yes they are..saw one today in its summer clothes in the rain and shivering!!! THEY ARE DRUGGIES!!!!
    Need that FIX…he he heee ha ha!!
    i have heard one when i lived in S.Australia say it should be sunny at night(TRUE)..its a sad sad people!!!

    The whole population of Australia is getting stupider!!
    China could easily invaid Australia!!
    in the guise of BBQ sellers!!!
    Yes, Australians are obsessed with BBQs and they do it all year around but more in Summer…you have to have a patio with a gigantic BBQ!!
    they cant do it good..lets say the shrimp(prawn) would be the size of a stringbean and so burnt that it looks like a archiologist find!! and you need to DNA it to find out what it is!!
    worse the snag(sausage=which is 90% lard fat & 2%meat&8%flour) is also cooked and burnt out of recognition and they cover it in so called tomato sauce(reconstiuted tomatoes with salt and sugar base)and you have to say what a great BBQ..OH yes the beer which is warm and flat…..MMMMMMM Yummy!!
    if your on a health kick you have sushi!!
    Im lucky where I live in Tasmania that the food is edible!!
    Pat remember the drives when you were a kid in Summer holidays driving thru the country in a hot car with no drink !!!

  88. pat carr

    it’s cooled down here a bit and is slightly overcast. so what do people talk about? they “hope the sun comes out again”.

    it’s incredible how obsessed people are with the weather. is there
    NOTHING else ever to talk about? it seems worse than it was a few years ago or perhaps i am just more sensitive to it. it’s sick and stupid

  89. Mariyam

    Hello all you beautiful, sun-hating people!!
    I found this page while I was looking to see if there are other like-minded folks out there who, like me, cannot tolerate the heat. And you’ve got to know how happy I am that you all exist!

    Ok, so I live in the UK, and we don’t get the type of temperatures you poor souls living in places like Australia get, but I am in London which is among the warmer places in Britain.

    It’s been pretty hot here for the last few weeks. Not at all pleasant to me, yet, everyone else glides around out there as though they are in paradise. Aargh!!

    The real horror is yet to come. A heatwave is predicted to arrive this week. I just want to hide in a cave somewhere!

    My mother lives right beside a park, and any time there’s a glimpse of sunshine, the place is packed out with all the sheeple, lying, on the grass, roasting like potatoes in the evil heat. We always joke that “the lobsters are out today” as most of them turn a horrid shade of red! Seriously, they don’t even care that their skins will become crisp and leathery. And they think that we’re crazy?!

    A few weeks ago, while I was mooching uncomfortably through the streets of East London, I passed a gaggle of daft bints, all wearing bikinis…In a London street… Far from any beach…What-the-flip?!!

    I’m the kind of girl who loves to cover my figure with a nice coat or jacket. I despise walking around with a summer-friendly top. I just feel too exposed!

    Why is it that sun-worshippers find overcast weather miserable? I mean when it is neither hot, nor cold, nor raining. Just cloudy. They’re like: “Oh, I hate Britain. It’s always raining, and grey.” If they need the heat to feel remotely happy, I suggest they seek professional help!

    Me, I die a death if I see an empty blue sky. I love rolling clouds, passionate thunderstorms, lovely snow. I feel like I’m in the closet with my preferences though! But not this year. This year I am coming out! Out, and proud of preferring coolness over the hot crap!

    Anyway, I’m going to try and barricade myself indoors this week thanks to the *shudder* heatwave.

    At least at home I can keep away from all the grinning halfwits outside!!

  90. Jaywinter

    I love winter because of millions of reasons but mainly Christmas, I hate summer because of the heat, Hay Fever the smell of B.O and sun tan lotion because of Sweaty burnt people everywhere, food poisoning from some idiot at a BBQ who cant cook but thinks he/she can just 1 time of the year (raw Burgers Anyone?)! and hot young girls in bikinis and thongs with there boy friends (pointless looking at Girls in summer because your only get abuse from the Drunk Jealous mug of a boyfriend), Smelly Steaming hot Dog mess in every park you try to take your kids to enjoy! I dont get summer I wish it would just F*@k off as quickly as it came!

    ok Summer Rant over lol..

  91. pat carr

    Mariyam, welcome to the Big Rant!

    to anwer your question:

    “Why is it that sun-worshippers find overcast weather miserable? I mean when it is neither hot, nor cold, nor raining. Just cloudy. They’re like: “Oh, I hate Britain. It’s always raining, and grey.” If they need the heat to feel remotely happy, I suggest they seek professional help!”

    i realized why a bit ago….

    they are sun and UV addicts that’s why. It’s one of the reasons we get the “you’re nuts” from these Lizard Assholes. The grey deprives them of their “fix”. That’s why they don’t care about their skin, cancer, or aging. it is the only thing that seems to make sense.

    Problem is there are many of these addicted ‘zards and they make life hell for us that actually CARE about our skin.

    They will put you down and belittle you if you’re “pale” which is your actual skin color. Marna and i are both 41 yet look at least 10 years younger. They will be be the idiots in a few years and considered “nuts”. I have taken to attacking their hate against the rain whenever i can, because i am sick of their “sun only” addiction and attitude.

  92. Mariyam

    Hi Pat!
    I think you’re probably right about all the lizard people being addicted to the UV rays. And they do need help. For their own sakes!

    It’s great that You and Marna look years younger than you are. I’m 32, and people often think I’m a teenager! Sometimes I get asked why I’m not in school! I always try to keep out of the sun. Even if I am out, I tend to walk in the shadier parts of the street.

    I’m Asian, so I have no need to tan. It’s a bit funny actually, because when I was a kid, I used to get horrible comments from some of the older white girls, who asked me if I was brown because I don’t wash! There was a lot of racism around then. And now, these self-same types either slap on fake tan products or roast in the heat to try to get brown! The irony!!

    Why do they hate their usual pale skin colour? There is beauty in whichever colour we are.

    Also, this heatwave is really setting in now. I am officially in hell! Today, I felt like the sweat was pumping out of me. Don’t you just hate when your scalp is sweaty, and your hair just feels damp and horrible?! Then it becomes difficult to put your head on your pillow. Aaargh!!

    And the bugs. Oh my gosh, they’re everywhere!

    One other thing that annoys me, is when people say that the hot weather improves their mood. And they make out that everyone is more cheerful and friendly when the sun is shining. Are they heck! I notice a lot of frayed tempers out there, and the increase in road rage, frazzled youngsters, etc. I have also been feeling much angrier today. Over silly things.

    People seem to be brainwashed about hot weather. There are a million negative things about the summer, and yet they still praise it. I could write a very long list on all the bad things associated with this season. Not that any of the deluded would have the sense to agree with me!

    Ah well. I’m happy to be in the company of you fine, wise people! I hope I don’t sound too grumpy. I’m much happier in the cooler months!

  93. marna

    Hi guys …hi pt and miriyam loved your comments!
    hey pat !! they think i am actually 15yrs younger
    i had some one say im 25 one day a few years ago i was 18yrs old and a funn y story when i was 21 i was at a gym doing aquarobics with my mother and this lady asked me how old i was and i saids “21yrs old” this lady said “no your 13yrs old!”
    i said no im 21. she would not believe me and the i said ask my mum.in which she did and my mum said yeah hes 21 and she still didnt believe it!

    I used to work in the sun but hey i havent really sunbaked only when i was like 13yrs oldand then i stopped as i found it annoying and ihave always looked after myself..i dont smoke!!

    Hey have you noticed sunlovers not only addicted to UV rays…………..They usually smoke and have other addictions like drugs and alcohol!
    the smoking thing is a result of smelling there flesh burning when they out in the sun and when they smoke it is like a comfort blanket to them as it has the same smell………………
    The smell of over 1,000 chemicals coming off there orange skin!
    and that is why they are ugly wrinkled old crones at the lovely age of 15!!!!!!
    remember the joke 1596………15 at the back 96 in the front!!
    Its also a hard fact that the sun makes you shrink…that is why they are always humped over and there sking looks like an old bean bag thats been lefted out in the sun for 7 years hey????

    I think its in the jeans(genes)??????? they are so tight that they walk bow legged and in true summer wear the underwear is very popular to wear here out in public for wome a bra with pink indies(hot pants or even bathers) for men its a singlet with boardies or just boardies(this is a long short you wear when you go for a swim)…
    and we are the nutters?????
    i would wish that any of you guys dont consider australia as a destination for a holiday especially in summer as it will shock you!
    especially the aussie slang!!
    i dont want to be rude but it sounds like drunken crows having a verbal slurred language of people who cant talk!!!!!
    for example=Stewth mate owzit gowinghavya barbee taday,itz abit ruvfth gotta skraype sum ofthitmayte!!!!
    which traslated says= wow friend how are you going, are you having a barbaque today, you seem to have burnt it, i may have to scrape some of the burnt offering.friend!!
    we have to put up with this annoying tounge once and a while!
    its aweful! im from dutch background and they used to pay me out!!!!
    the winter here has been dismal sunny dry days and some days no cloud it has been 16-18C for 2 weeks now and its really annoying!! they summer mutts have being praying for the wintwr to go im going to do a spell tomorrow to rid these pestulance!
    yes Pat im telling people what i feel straight up!!!
    Bring back Winter

  94. Mariyam

    Hi again all. Special shout out to Marna!! The Aussie stuff made me laugh! Drunken Crows!! Hehe!

    The mini heatwave here in parts of the UK is still very much on. Boo!

    I know I had resolved not to venture outside this week because of the extra heat, but I did need to go somewhere today.

    Anyway, walking in the streets as if trudging through the Sahara desert, I was ambling along as best I could, (occasionally murmering: “water. water…” in a weak voice!). I usually zip quickly down the road, as I’m small, it’s necessary to walk twice as fast as the taller people!

    As some of you may relate to the feeling in hot weather of the energy being sapped out of you so you become a limp, jellyfish-like creature, I could barely make 5 steps a minute! All my mojo was spirited away.

    Then I saw them. The people I will refer to now as THE SOLAR-POWERED BEINGS!!

    They were full of beans, bouncing down the road with vim and vigour, as if the extreme heat was their source of fuel! I’m telling you, they are freaks of nature!

    I was struggling, sloth-like, and these folks were zipping around like Olympic athletes!

    I don’t know, maybe it’s me? Have I got a vital cog missing in my system? Maybe I’m the freak? Or then again, not. After all, even animals have the sense to wallow in mud, or sit in the shade when it becomes too hot.

    The phrase: “Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun” springs to mind!

    Anyway, I hope any of you who are experiencing summer in your countries can find ways to cope better than I have!

    Ta ta!

  95. marna

    Oh Miriyam!! yes i agree when its hot i feel like my body is baked and all the energy is gone!

    We have now alot of termes for Summer lovers=
    *Solar powered beings
    *Boil ‘n Burn Victums
    *Jaundice Victums
    *Orange people
    *Sun Bums
    *SAS(south australian Sickness)
    *Satralia(queen of summer)
    *UV addicts
    *Crocodile Skin
    *BikinniBald Babes of the forked tounge
    *BeachBoneyBags(3B) oops shouldnt be(3D)
    *3Ds(Dumb Dark Disgusting)
    *Diff Bints
    *DNA(dinosauric naustating analrepentingdisreptiles)
    *Mushrooms(refering to fat people in hot pants)
    Sexy Summer Seductive Slags Specializing in Serpentatiousness!

    I need your hepl guys to send us here some help to banish the sun!!! Winters being stolen from us!!!
    I have done a spell to bainsh the Sun and give us back Winter!!
    Winter come back!!!! so mote it be!!!
    keep cool my dear friends up there!!

  96. Jbob

    I agree with you 100% Mariyam.

    I’m also from the UK and am really finding this bl**dy heatwave difficult going. The humidity is so oppressive.
    The way the media cover this is so annoying and seems to make a bad situation even more unbearable. Could one of these idiots please tell me what i’m meant to find so exciting and pleasurable about: sweating profusely (i am fit and not overweight), not being able to sleep at night, the plagues of flies, awful ‘chavs’ sharing their bodies with the world, being very short tempered with ones loved ones through lack of sleep, flying ants, being uncomfortable 24hrs a day, nausea, headaches ….. i could go on.
    If i read one more article in the press stating that i should be having the time of my life i won’t be responsible for my actions!!
    Here’s hoping for the rest of the summer to be 15C with a cool breeze, not too much sun and plenty of rain. I can’t be doing with 30C+ and high humidity.

    It’s been nice reading the views of my fellow heat and humidity haters.


  97. pat carr

    jbob it seems like these people belong almost to some kind of cult.

    they feed off each other, and i mean echo almost identical responses – like robots “are you enjoying the sunshine”, “it’s gorgeous”, “it’s perfect”, blah blah blah. If their skin was on fire they’d be saying the same thing. Once they cook themselves enough, they get addicted to the UV and the heat i think, with blood so thin, i’m surprised it just doesn’t seep through the skin

    the final stage of this madness for them is to put the rest of us down who don’t fall down to the Altar of Summer. “you’re nuts”, “you’re crazy”, etc, is the chant of these horrible addicted ‘Zards. Oh and then we are treated to the torment of whining during the cool months from these addicts. I am SO sick of it

  98. Mariyam

    Me again!
    Hello Jbob. Good to hear from a fellow Brit.
    I understand everything that you have mentioned. I hate when the tabloid newspapers go nuts about the heatwaves and put the temperatures on the front pages, with stupid headlines that make this weather sound like amazing fun.

    Oh, and amen to your wish for a 15c summer and lots of rain! We can only dream!

    As annoying as it is when strangers love the hot weather, I’m always perturbed when a friend or relative says something stupid regarding the subject, as they are people you like, but an idiot comment makes you want to throttle them!!

    An example: last summer, I was moving home, and I had a very short space of time to get everything done. There was so much lifting and carrying of boxes and other items to be done, so I got stuck in to save time.

    Later that day, I texted a friend, telling her about the tiring day I had, and maybe looking for a bit of sympathy! She responded by writing: “Oh, what a lovely hot day to do the removals”. I just could not be bothered to reply back by telling her how wrong she was. What I needed to make the day more easeful would have been a nice cloudy day, with a moderate breeze. How, in the name of God, was a very hot day a good thing for doing back-breaking, strenuous work?!?!

    Do any of you have anyone close to you who worships the sun? I’m lucky that all of my immediate family have always hated it when it gets too hot. Don’t know how I’d cope if I was married to “one of them”! I’d probably murder them before the summer was out!!

    This heat is making me psychotic!

  99. pat carr

    “Do any of you have anyone close to you who worships the sun? I’m lucky that all of my immediate family have always hated it when it gets too hot. Don’t know how I’d cope if I was married to “one of them”! I’d probably murder them before the summer was out!!

    This heat is making me psychotic!”

    my mother and father in law ADORE the sun, as well as do my sister-in-law. They finally respect that i don’t. I can’t understand these sun worshippers, i mean the sun just plain hurts on the skin. AS for as psychotic, me too. And i drain very quickly of energy. I don’t have a clue how hot can be considered so “wonderful”, it’s beyond me really.

    check out this idiotic article


    rain is again called “gloom”. what f** losers.

  100. marna{}*snow king!

    have you ever wondered why Tanorexias addiction comes from??
    Have you ever wondered why Sunlovers are so agressive??????
    have you ever wondered why Orange is the in colour?????????

    Well I have come to conclusion that one day a jaundice 80s crazy
    looked in the mirror and her hair was white she saw an old 80s fashion magazine from 1982 and realized “”” Im going to make this fashionable again!!!! in her addicted obession she designed some cheap slut wear and called it Summer wear!!! and made its price at a cheap price so young people can be infuenced!!!
    She staggered to the opening of her show in milan and she walked down the isle and people were so shocked It Became fashion! cries of wow who would have thought this look!!
    she of course made millions and now ……………..

    We have to suffer from the crazy orange people reign!!!

    But hey Our day will come and we will abduct versagce and change fashion for our likes again!!!

    Bring back the 90s!!!!!
    eewwwwwlllnot 1590s !!!

    he he he he haaaaaaaa!!!!
    we have better skin!
    we have better respect for people!!!!
    WE have the love of WINTER!!!

    degreed from the snow KING!!!!!!

  101. pat carr

    LOL, Snow King i love ya. Your posts really pick me up when it’s hot out and the ‘Zard asses have been aggravating all day with SO GORGEOUS WEATHER robot parrot voices, it was like 88 degrees today and i have to lsitening to how “wonderful” this horrible crap ass weather is. I’d make one kidney into a sandwich for a flake of snow or a drop of rain.!

    ha! i think your theory of where the sun addiction that has overtaken our world came from isn’t far fromt he truth. from what i understnad here is some movie actor came back from europe or something with a tan and started a craze. how rediculous eh

    oh hey as for your

    “We have now alot of termes for Summer lovers=
    *Solar powered beings

    i love it, we should vote on which one is the best. I love dark dumb disgusting as #1

    May Cold Weather come and freeze the DDD’s mouth shut for at least 6 months!

  102. pat carr

    “we have better respect for people!!!!”

    that’s really true. The Hotzis (heat nazis) and Sullies (Sun Bullies) are very disrespectful if you dare not love the sun and hate the rain and make you feel stupid or like a freak. i’m so tired of hearing their horrible drivel. i dont mind if people like the warm weathe but the omnes that dont let you like cool weather without insults are total Zardholes!

  103. Jason

    I havnt put on a post for a while, great to see so many other like minded cold weather folk here!
    Im still in Tasmania and its finally been over cast with rain fog & some snow!!!! After a few weeks of horrid sunny weather!

    All the Ladies Of The Lizard (LOTLS!) are cringing in absolute horror as their precious sun is hidden!
    They are still in summer gear all cross armed and stooped over some clenching onto their poor boyfriend like a cat on heat- Pathetic! I feel sorry for the poor boyfriend of these vile Lotls!
    The tanning salons are constantly pushing the spray on tan which apparantly has no orange undertone..pppffftt they wanna look orange as! All the lizards are soggy and wet in their summer gear its pathetic! They want to get a cold so they can sook on how bad winter is!

    I was really annoyed when I looked at the weather online earlier when it said that Sunny Days are on the Horizon…blah blah!

    Alot of middle age biddies in shops like to go on in an aggressive tone like ‘ Im so sick of this vile weather, I want the sun’ in which i always get them now & tell them I hate sunny weather & heat!!

    I like to come up with names for various Ladies Of The Lizard like-

    Liz Aard
    Anna Conda
    Ski Ink
    Tara Daktyl
    Anna Go Anna
    Carma Elyion
    Dina Sore

    Just a few I can think of!
    Theses Lizards are so hideous they also like to wear skin tight jeans with long boots above the knee they look like they are off to a hunt club to ride a horse (or something) the boots have really high spiked heels on them and they have trouble walking and look like a dinosaur walking stiltedly! Or some are really flat and they scuff along like old grannies! Oh they also like to tuck the jeans under the heal of their foot and wear little slippers like a ballet kind of shoe! I saw a pair in an opp shop the other day and put my hand in it it was so hard and flat and thin, I dont know how they walk in those things!
    Their feet must look like a freakshow!
    All these heat lovers are constanly praying for the sun & heat, they need to be counterreacted! So I wish for the cold!!!!!

    We need ‘Lizardaside’ in a spray can, to repell them!

    Stay cool I hope to get snow here tonight!!!

  104. Snow King The Marna The Cool!!!!

    Hey guys new term!!!!!!!
    Skank chickens!!!
    have you notice these angry people of the Sun
    eat alot of take aways!!
    KFC(Krazy Fatlizard Chicks)
    Mc donalds
    Hungery Jacks(burger king)

    Anything that is smoked and burnt is favourable food of the Zards!!!!
    they walk like an old chook!!!
    they have scaely boney legs! and arms!!!
    they walk around like they are searching for wheat!!!!
    and when its SUNNY they bathe like a chook having a dust bath!!

    OMG theres a conspiracy NASA is making the sun bigger!!
    im just joking!!!
    Its time we winter lovers do a joint spell to rid the summer heat forever!

    i got a stupid Zard tudae..have you notice they love to put the heaters on in the shops and todae i got one i did a flauless english accent and said its awefully hot here and the Zard said its freezing outside and i said its bloody hot there too!!
    and she said a famous word from her forked tounge….
    EEEEWWWWLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! theres no Sun!!!!

    OH Pat you have inspired me to get back to my dutch roots and say it how it is! i dont care i just let them have it its so impowering!!!!!!!
    I just want to see a cloudy sky and have some intelligent peole tell me how lovely cold weather is!!
    Oh its winter and we have the flies back EEEEEWWWWLLL!!!!!
    OMG whats going on???
    the world is fucked !!!!
    and we have to put up with these drones!!

  105. […] with the summer climate. Three years ago I wrote a short and simple article entitled “I hate summer“. It got a bit of reaction at first. Later on it sporadically attracted further comments. […]

  106. marna the snow kings ruling!!!

    I FORGOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont know if you guyz get weird comercials advertising strange clothing for the Summerlovers to survive Winter!!!!!

    Here where i live theres a comercial selling a couch wear..
    its a duvae plush heated body suit that you climb into and sit on the couch..another one is called a couch suit!! it plugs into the power point and heats up the UV addicts!
    There is also for the shiverboohoo clubbers! a electric pillow that you wrap yourself in and heated pillow cases you can buy from $2 cheap shops!

    I got an addict today its only 4C its got down to 2C and i was in a supermarket and the guy at the counter said oh its freezing outside and i said its not cold and he shuddered and said i dont like the cold , Im from the mainland!! i said really where darwin(which is in the tropics..you guyz would love that place the beach has crocodilles,portuguese man of war, box jellyfish,sharks and other killing eating beastes)..he said no queensland and then melbourne(queensland is a hot old dump….melbourne is more nicer its on the bottom of Oz)…i said i was from holland and said you would love europen cold is much colder than here!!!! He shuddered again! i then said i love summer and the heat its better!! i said you have tanorexia..
    he asked me whats that and i said its a person afflicted with a terrible illness in loving the heat and UV addiction!!!

    He sighed and went bye!!
    I walked off happy i got another tanorexia victum!!
    I got evilles!

    Another thing is when its winter they always say how dark and gloomy and terrible and yucky the weather is?????????

    Freeze my nuts is another one!!
    and my favourite= VaVavavavavavavavaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvaavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvaaavavvavavavavavavavavavavvavavavavavvavaavavavvvvavavavavaavavavavavvvvvvv!!!
    with an icey look on there face!!
    thats zards for ya!

  107. Pat Carr

    even more names for the ‘Zards!

    heat whores
    sun sluts
    UV Junkies
    Dried Out Dunces
    winter wusses
    Sun Worshiping Lunatics
    Sweat Sods
    Skin Cancer UV Dorks (SCUDs)
    SkinoSOREus Rex
    Much Older Looking Drolls (MOLD)

  108. marna the snow king!! ps=Zards beware!!! the sun blew up!!!

    Pat you have done it again!!!!
    you made a grown man cry!!!!!

    they would have to be the best descriptions of those tanocidal maniacs that i have ever seen @!@

    I just love getting those kooks!!!
    i got a hard core christian today and it made my day…..
    itsbad the suns gone she said!!!!
    i went stop being silly its not cold!! go to europe!!
    Pat………you ……..have …made …….me…….into
    a……naughty man!!!!!

  109. Pat Carr

    Hi Snow King/aka naughty man ha ha.. Glad to have you speaking your mind to the crocohumans and telling them off! Actually you inspired ME to become more vocal against these creeps with your fantastic posts and great humor here. There are so many good posts on here

    “the suns gone”….LOL! the addicts are going into their withdrawal. yesterday’s seattle times said the sun lovers would groan for a few days. let them “groan” i said. we have to put up with their HORRIBLE SHIT for the entire year, so what if these Heat-mo Sapiens “groan”?

    “Another thing is when its winter they always say how dark and gloomy and terrible and yucky the weather is?????????”

    yeah i hate that. anuthing but sun is “yucky” or “miserable”…what has happened to the human race that they echo each other like robots and care so much about the frakking weather?

    Oh i remembered. here’s another good one ilove. during Wretched Summer, so many people are out in their Shower Shoes aka “flip flops”. those nasty slapping thin pieces of plastic attached to a dirty bare foot. If you ask them why they love wearing those so much, they say “my feet need to ‘breathe”…so they are SO concerned about their ugly feet needing to breathe, meanwhile the rest of their bare skin is mottled with sun burns, age spots and probably pre cancers yuckies. what total DorkSacks!

    PS i have another good term for them: Cancer Dancers

  110. Pat Carr

    did everyone become summer lovers or worse die off in the heat here? hope not!! no new posts!!

  111. pat carr

    more lunacy from the sun idiots…”gorgeous” LOL. i really wish i could understand how hot burning sun on your skin is so “gorgeous” these people really are insane

    Metro Atlanta, GA
    July 22, 2009 at 4:29 PM
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    I’m happy for you people in Seattle. You need good weather sometime. The sunshine provides a good source of vitamin D. Enjoy all of it well you can. I wish the summer was like it is this year, when I lived there.

    J to the Izzo
    Seattle, WA
    July 22, 2009 at 3:55 PM
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    I love this weather! I am originally from Maine and it is usually very hot in the summer there, but recently it was been very crappy weather there. I am so bummed because I am flying back next week and it is supposed to be gorgeous here and horrible weather there. )-:”

  112. Marna the snow boyz bestest!

    OMG PAT!!! i missed you man you are the funniest man i know!
    OMG its been sunny here for 2 monthes and occassional rain and had snow last night!
    and i was told by someone we all complain how cold it is!!
    my favourite thing to do is go=
    or have you lived in europe! then tell me how cold it is!

    Its so pathetik these tanosapien looders!
    and when its sunny and its 10 C they complian how freezing it is and the summer should return!
    o m g!!!!
    I want a real winter!!
    love ya man ya really F*** cool!

  113. Mariyam

    “did everyone become summer lovers or worse die off in the heat here? hope not!! no new posts!!”

    Hi Pat!

    Don’t worry, there’s no fear of me loving the heat!

    I have just been thankful that here in London, there have been quite a few cooler days, and even some lovely rain! I suppose it’s been a typical British summer – it really riles the sun-worshippers when they can’t baste their bodies in the sun!

    I’ve even seen some people wearing relatively thick jackets, even though it’s over 20 degrees C! Surely that’s abnormal?!

    I definitely would have died this summer if every single day was like the heatwave a few weeks ago!!

    I still cannot wait for the Autumnal months to arrive. Snuggling up indoors, watching a nice film, drinking a cup of hot chocolate – aah bliss!

    Anyway, I hope the rest of the summer here will pass by without too much misery.

    Hope everyone else is keeping cool!

  114. marnahelfvus Snow brides coming for her king he he! Bliss ards!!

    OMG we got a show from USA, its called true beauty!
    Guys if you really wanr to see scarey, fashionable and smooth!
    Oh I forgot they are so orange they have got a new color named after them………Tanarange! its oranger than a real orange and so disgusting i screamed in fear!
    One was a fashion designer(the girl next door type) if thats true i would move to a gheto!to get away from the free fall freak club!
    I feel sorry for Pat hes in America where the tanologs came from..eg> Paris Hilton the worse import USA has ever exported to the world, that would have to be the boneist, skelolizard
    i have ever seen and UK has Amy Whinehouse aaaaaHHH
    Australia has Kylie minogue and El Mc Pherson and Home and away and Nieghbours!
    OMG people what is going on with our countries??
    we export freaks!!!!
    Down here there are so many paris Hilton rejects!
    Have you heard about the magickal melon that makes you look 20 yrs younger! Claudia Shiffer uses it!
    and the magick carpet down here that shines heat for those tanosauric dejects!
    Can we guys send these Lunalizardic lepars to the moon or even better Mars or Venus then they would get there heat and sun and shrivle and get their UV addiction fix always!
    Bring back snow saw some today at the middle of my lovely state tasmania in Oz!
    Save us from these Aussie crow speakers! Yar Mayte! Struewf!
    Mi name is steven irwin aah aye sting rays got mi babee!
    PS= Steve Irwin is a freak, he grew up in inner suberbs of melbourne not the outback! and bindie is an imp! he didnt know what the outback was till paul hogan made it fashionable!
    hes a crocpdille dundee reject!!
    i will tell you the story of my sister inlaw one day!

  115. pat carr

    hey! i made a “cloud worshippers” group on facebook. had to do it to promote our “gorgeous weather”


    love ya back! will respond to your posts, but i wanted to get that up here.

  116. marna its not fair! why do we winter lovers have to hear..its a lovel day routene

    Pat this is a story of a dutch tanosidal maniac!!!
    my brother married this women from holland and he bought her out to australias hottest part the outback and left her to defend her self..she hated it and thought aboriginals were terrible!

    they eneded up divorcing awhile later!
    she returned to holland and in a dutch newspaper we saw her..
    as a aboriginal elder and queen of the outback!
    this was the picture! imagin an old looking transexual with caked on orange foundation with smoky eyes with bright red liopstick wearing karki shorts and vest with a shark tooth necklace …holding an bomerang and a stick and knealing on a kangaroo furr with aboriginal artwork and cheap ozi souvernir items like stuffed koalas and a fake spear and the rooms painted a tan ocre orange colour!
    this poor thing made bindi and steve irwin look lame!

    the sad thing is that they thought she was a celeb!

    whos says that cheap props and orange skin gets you no where!
    that is why USA has a big hold on the movies with all those tanosauric loomer maids skimpy sag tits!

    pat they scare me so much !!!! can we protect each other from these lunatanic!!!SSSSSSS!!!!

  117. pat carr

    this is exactly how our heat loving lunatic media spins the heat and puts down winter

    “”Hot days are here for a short window. Get out and enjoy the summer heat before the dreary winter returns. Turn on a sprinkler and cool off, hit the pool, enjoy a Popsicle … or try beating the heat with an activity that’s a little more out of the box. Here are some fun ways you and your family can beat the heat. Plus, tips on avoiding heat exhaustion and heat stroke.””

    fuqqq them and their “dreary” all the time. this heat is dreary. we’re
    having a severe heat wave here and it sucks butt!

    thanks for your story about “dutch tanosidal maniac!!!” LOL. Marna you’re much funnier and wittier than me. I enjoy your posts immenslely and how you stand up for all of us cool weather lovers ha ha against the tanosauruses. thanks for your story on your sister in law about about steve irwin and the orange people menace hee hee.

  118. pat carr

    hi Mariyam, great to hear from you. sorry to hear the sun worshippers have also infested over there! i’m not surpised to hear about them wearing jackets same here. it gets to 70 i see them wearing a coat and SANDALS. how retarded. do you have a lot of sun worshippers there?

  119. pat carr

    “Can we guys send these Lunalizardic lepars to the moon or even better Mars or Venus then they would get there heat and sun and shrivle and get their UV addiction fix always!”

    i’m working on it believe me! these are the tormentors of the earth. some of them are problably saying here today what a glorious day even though my genitals melted an hour ago LOL. and how “horrible” winter is. Please Winter God come and rescue us from the Tanolizard Orange Menace ha ha. now see what a nut i’ve become

  120. Jason

    Hi everyone, I just saw this stupid post on weatherzone demonising rain –
    Wet July for the Apple Isle
    Max Gonzalez, Tuesday July 28, 2009 – 18:41 EST
    While most of the country basks in the sun due to a high pressure belt ridging in from the west, gloomy wet weather has predominated over Tasmania with some heavy falls over the west. Up to 9 am this morning, Mount Read had picked up 34 mm of rain, 21 mm at Roseberry and 18 mm at Waratah.

    Over the last few weeks, a series of high pressure systems sweeping across Australia from west to east have ensured a nearly constant westerly airflow over TAS bringing widespread rain and showers.

    With 473 mm of rain this month, Mount Read is having the wettest July since 2005. Strahan managed to pick 289 mm of rain so far this month, the wettest July since 2002. 92 mm for Launceston, their wettest since 2003 and 42 mm for Hobart, the wettest July since 2000.

    Over the next two weeks, High pressure systems will continue to sweep across the country, maintaining a nearly permanent westerly flow over Tassie, bringing showers and rain well into the 10 days in August.

    – Weatherzone

    © Weatherzone 2009

    Given that mainland Australia & some parts of Tasmania are drough stricken I would have thought an approriate headline like
    ‘Welcomed Rain for Drought Striken Regions’
    Oh no the ‘Sun Baskers’ had to make it all ‘Gloomy’
    Seriously those old saddle bags have had their brains fried by over UV exposure!!!!!

  121. Jason

    Im glad I live in Tasmania now its far more bearable than the mainland. I had to go back to South Australia last weekend for my mums birthday and OMG it was so much hotter there then in Tasmania! Yet all the lizards were constantly complaining how ‘freezing’ it was!!
    It was like about 29dg when i left there and suuny as, the airport was like a terrarium! All the shops hotels etc had really hot heating on constintly & roaring fires….They are such losers over there!!
    I got off the plane in Tasmania & it was raining with nice clouds & overcast!!! and under 10dg!!! Was so good to be home…..

    But there is still too many lizards in Tasmania with there hot weatherv fetish, I think I have found a place to live that is the coldest place in Tasmanian Highlands (Liawenee)so Im sure they wont dare step foot there!!!
    Ive visited there a few times and have been greeted by lovely snow which is a rarity in this country to have on your doorstep!!

    I currently live in Fern Tree which was suposed to snow here so I was told but has proven to be all lies. So I have been doing extensive research on where to live that snows & winter truly exists!!!!

    Stay cool everyone!!

  122. marnaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! its winter its so cold ,um freezinn.oops a dream!

    OMG Pat i know another scarey thing worse than lizards……
    Its……….singing………..lizards…and…girly types……….on TV!!!!
    Its Australian Idol!!!!!!
    where tanorexies and try to sing some song they have being practicing in a dark kareoke bar! and another lizard says how it sounds like the original singer of the song and they shudz be un Idol!
    or if even worse Big Brother or any reality show putting every species of tanoz and making them do silly tests like sumo dancing etc!
    theres a show here called home and away and the towns called summer bay! they have summer all year round and they are so orange and accident prone that would have to be the most unluckiest place in the world…its had every known world disaster and someone is always pregnent by a surfer who has a dark secret! and the police women are dykes who have a fancy for the local doctor (shes the pregnent one) and they have emo fetishes and worship the sun! even when theres a storm its bright and sunny!
    Oh Pat save me from this!!! yeah jasons right what he writes its nuts….
    why is winter so given the bad wrap?????
    i think the Ice queen needs to banish the Satralia summer queen and freeze her nuts!
    ha ha ha
    keep cool man! and women of the winter clan!

  123. Jason

    I just found this most ridiculous weather report for South Australia where I previously existed! Before reading it take into cosideration that South Australia is the driest state in the driest continent in the world! and they are 15 years into the worst ever drought ever! –

    Adelaide to end wettest month in 4 years with showers
    Brett Dutschke, Tuesday July 28, 2009 – 20:45 EST
    Adelaide will end its wettest month in four years with a few more showery days, but thankfully for some, showers will only be light and brief.

    The city has had more than 95mm this month so far, making it the wettest month since June 2005, when 142mm was recorded. This is also the wettest July in 13 years for the South Australian capital.

    Many would be excused for thinking this has been an extraordinary wet month. While the number of rain days has been close to normal, 16 so far, the number of days where more than 10mm has fallen is unusually high. There have been six such days this month, the first time this has happened in almost eight years. The last time there were more than six days in a month with 10mm or more rainfall was 17 years ago, back in September 1992.

    The next few days will not be as wet as some this month, with only about five millimetres likely. There should be enough dry spells in between the showers to get a few things done outside.

    – Weatherzone

    © Weatherzone 2009

    >>>> It ceases to amaze me how absolutley stupid these summer loving idiots are! In SA they hate rain and cringe should a drop fall from the sky! and many young children have never even seen rain in thier life!

    Its time for a full circle in this stupid anti rain/cold weather thinking to evolve!

    Just months ago over 200 people perished in the Victorian bushfires! Yet still Summer is worshipped! Its Sick!
    and a coulple years ago in South Australia Kangaroo Island was completley burned by bushfires in the vile summer, & many people & animals perished….but still summer is still seen to be sooooo bloody great!
    Its utter bollicks!!!!!

  124. Jason

    Oh I like the bit about “enough dry spells in between the showers to get a few things done outside.”

    I pictured a scraggley old lizard running around its back yard chasing the rays of sun as they appeared through the clouds to get its UV fix!! VOMIT!

  125. pat carr

    “‘Welcomed Rain for Drought Striken Regions’
    Oh no the ‘Sun Baskers’ had to make it all ‘Gloomy’
    Seriously those old saddle bags have had their brains fried by over UV exposure!!!!!”

    i hear ya Jason. These people are insane, really. Perhaps when they finally run out of water and crawl outside to their beloved sun to finally bake to death in it, sense will prevail? ha probably not. We’re having people here in seattle admonish us that we “need to like” this horrible hot weather. the same kind that will WHINE AND MOAN about how “horrible” cool weather is. They’re nuts nuts nuts!

    “While most of the country basks in the sun due to a high pressure belt ”

    basks….LMAO. “bakes” is more like it. what has happened to the human race, we’ve gone back 3,000 years ago to sun worship? are these folks bowing down to the great UV chariot in the sky? it’s sheer lunacy

  126. pat carr

    “Its……….singing………..lizards…and…girly types……….on TV!!!!
    Its Australian Idol!!!!!!
    where tanorexies and try to sing some song they have being practicing in a dark kareoke bar! and another lizard says how it sounds like the original singer of the song and they shudz be un Idol!
    or if even worse Big Brother or any reality show putting every species of tanoz and making them do silly tests like sumo dancing etc!
    theres a show here called home and away and the towns called summer bay! they have summer all year round and they are so orange and accident prone that would have to be the most unluckiest place in the world…its had every known world disaster and someone is always pregnent by a surfer who has a dark secret! and the police women are dykes who have a fancy for the local doctor (shes the pregnent one) and they have emo fetishes and worship the sun! even when theres a storm its bright and sunny!
    Oh Pat save me from this!!! yeah jasons right what he writes its nuts….
    why is winter so given the bad wrap?????”

    LOL! well said SNow King. To me it seems that summer and heat have become some kind of cult. I remember an article that said “can you still be patriotic and hate summer?” What has happened is the heat nuts, the sun addicts have become bullies and everyone has to be quiet when they say it’s so nice. or they will call you nuts. Well i throw it back right in their frakking face. i won’t put up with it.

    even the national weather service says STAY OUT OF THE SUN. BE CAREFUL, it is DANGEROUS. and yet these fools persist to tell us how we NEED TO LIKE THIS SHITTY ASS SHIT! i’m so tired from sleeping half nights, my eyeballs are hanging out of my head ha ha.

    Snow king i will send you ice cold wishes, it’s the best i can do to rescue from the army of sun lunatics.

    in closing i will make some new funny terms

    Burn Skin Bullies

  127. pat carr

    “Its time for a full circle in this stupid anti rain/cold weather thinking to evolve! Just months ago over 200 people perished in the Victorian bushfires! Yet still Summer is worshipped! Its Sick!”…”Oh I like the bit about “enough dry spells in between the showers to get a few things done outside.””

    it definitely is a worship, a cult. I’ve heard people out here say they can’t do anything outside in “overcast”. how the frakk can you not do anything outside? for christ’s sake, the sun has to be beaming on you 24/7 to go outside. Sick, stupid, and insane. most of this world runs outside and DANCES in the rain when the drought is over. I remember seeing an indian movie where they did.

    NOOOO, here people run inside under cover as if acid was melting their very bodies. It’s hard not to have the utmost utter contempt for such insatiable heat loving lunatics. Maybe they would be happier stapled to a set of Solar Panels in the arizona desert.

    then they have to make our lives such misery by mentioning every time a drop of rain falls from the sky. So let them stay inside those miserable bastards! thanks Jason for these weather postings

  128. Mariyam

    Hi again!

    It’s still fairly cool here in the UK at the moment. People are complaining that it’s not much of a summer. I say Hurrah for that! I’m counting down the days until it will get more comfortable.

    This country is mostly overcast or rainy throughout most of the year, so you can imagine the joy of the sunworshippers when they get a bit of sun! We get mostly cold weather because of our geographical location on the globe. Would you expect snow in the tropics?!?!

    Because hot weather is here for a short time, many Brits don’t care to look after themselves in the hot sun. So many end up burnt to a crisp! I cannot believe how reckless they are.

    Do people in other countries have as much of a deathwish as they do in Britain?!

  129. pat carr

    “Do people in other countries have as much of a deathwish as they do in Britain?!”

    yes they do here as well!

    people laying out in the extreme heat, running or other foolishness.

    much of it is fed by the media which gloats about the heat and acts as if overcast weather is the beginning of Armegeddon.

    I’m so farking sick of it! I remember seeing one article about “sun-starved”, well i forget what country it was in europe but they referred to it as “sun-starved”. It sounds great that it’s rainy or overcast there much of the year, sounds like heaven.

    that’s why this forum is so important and speaking out about it. so that people can understand how many like the cool weather and will not be intimidated by the hot weather bullies. They’d have us all roast to a crisp, age years ahead of time, get skin cancer and expect us to be “grateful” about it LOL!

  130. MMMMMMM Winter blues???? MMMMMMMM Snow cave fur outings!!

    OMG Pat,
    the marna terrifying monsters!!!
    well yes its a time of joy and praise as we get together for out lovely xmas sale!

    Woops! different site!
    Can someone explain why the majority of tanosaurs are christian and if not the christians are lizolords!
    both always say the following things!=
    “what a glorious day the Lord hath bring!”
    “oh no its 3 o ‘clock have to shut the shop! the suns going down!”
    ” this cold weather makes the baby Jesus cry!”
    “The suns gone its freeeezzzziinnnnnggg!!!!!!!!”
    “This is ungodly weather(anything thats dark or rainy or even cold)”
    “Suns rays make angels delight!”
    ps= have your notice all Xian pictures have a sunny day with smiley faces, Sunrays coming thru a cloud! etc!!

    Lizlords have there own religion called !!!!!! du du duh duh da dar=
    Dinodiarama Sect!
    some folow the ways of the Satralia(qween of Summer) and others follow the ultimate sect=
    Parisohiltonian Institute of Summer events & UV temptationists!
    The God is that Sun!
    The church is =The local beach,tanning salon or beautian salon or a dome where the sunsrays acumilate!
    The dresscode is the hot pants,flip flops(thongs) and a bra tube!
    The bible is the book called a = Womens weekly, Cleo,or Vanity!
    There charity is paris hiltons shrine in LA!! or a used celebs little dog retirement bin!or toilet!
    thanks guys! praise the winter God..

  131. pat carr

    “Can someone explain why the majority of tanosaurs are christian and if not the christians are lizolords!”

    actually M, much of christian symbology comes from the sun. That’s a very long story ha. that may explain much of their weird sayings. did you actually hear them say “” this cold weather makes the baby Jesus cry!””…LOL???

  132. M !

    Yes i did!!!!!!
    Another thing I want to know……Why is jesus the sun of god???

    I have come to the conclusion it doesnt matter what part of the world i live in its never going to be rid of the tanolordic lunatical sunpsychologically demeaned crocodamdinosauric febels!

    I know one day the ice age will return and we’ll be rid of those generics!
    I wasn going to employ some muslism terro to fly a space ship into the sun with sintax on the wings???? that might help us???
    OOPS that might start world war 4 hey the 3rd one was over the closure of Le Tan and the Venus Biecsh(beach) in lizard!

    also have notice that every sentence of a lizard ends in EEEWWL or the end of the word is raised like this=EG.
    I haVe tOO gOE Too thE sssssaLON foR A respRAY! EEEWWWLLLL!

    We have had winter stolen from us!!!!
    stupid sun annoyoing us!!!
    some old bag said it was a freezin winter this year and its been warm!!
    last years winter was colder! and where i am at the moment they say its freezing in fern tree and its all a lie!!!


  133. pat carr


    “But to the people who braved Seattle’s hottest day in history to catch the ballgame or shop for fresh flowers, the rest of us looked like weather wimps. There’s no place at a Mariners game for pasty Seattleites who can’t handle a little heat, said the fans who sat through triple-digit temperatures Wednesday.”

    so i commented on this foolishness “woopeedoo!” what do i care what a bunch of weirdo sweaty sunburned drunken baseball nuts care. it’s REALLY intelligent and brave to sit out in the open sun on the hottest day ever recorded in seattle, and then let’s make fun of the rest of the people who don’t share in this madness

    save us from this insanity!

  134. Mariyam

    Hehe! The sudden “cool” and rainy summer we’re currently having in the UK has really stopped the lizards in their tracks! On the TV, and in the papers, they are broadcasting how upset they are that they can’t get on with all their icky little hot weather activities!

    Take a look at this extract from one of the papers:

    “Put your beach towels away – the predicted ‘barbecue summer’ is to be a washout, after the Met Office conceded it got it wrong. For the rest of the season, ‘rainfall is likely to be near or above average’, it admitted.

    The news dampened the hopes of millions of sun-seekers who were told in April that the country was ‘odds-on for a barbecue summer’ by the Met Office.”

    I remember back in the spring, when they were predicting a summer of heatwaves, scorching temperatures, etc. You can imagine how miserable I felt at the prospect of having to endure that!! All the other mob were wetting themselves with glee at the thought of roasting themselves alive.

    Look who got the last laugh!

    I’m sure there are some hot days still to come over August, but I’m glad of the relief these lower temeratures have brought me.

    Here’s to you all!

    Keep the comments flowing! It’s good to know I’m not unusual in my distaste of extreme heat.

  135. Marna! OMG tanohello!

    Get the cardigans on, the slippers and light the fire as as i was told today its Freeezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I asked a lizard why they wear jiffies(old women shoes that looke like ballet shoes)
    i asked are they comfortabl;e and she said theY mOLd To Ya fEET,
    jusT haVE to lOOK Out fOR sharp OBJects!????????????

    help me im loosing it! its so boring the sun all day every day!
    its supposed to be winter??????

    its not cows causing global warming by their farts…

    its tanolordian feltchinskinkolizolarianian toadfaced skanks in parishiltons new summer bather rang of burping crocodarwindo
    beachloving skanks!
    Scientists have proven that breathe from a lizard can bring the overall temperature of the world 7 degrees and the simerpathic magick of loving the sun?????? is doing its eville effect!!!!

    lets face it these tanofreakellunotical practolizards are a big eville wyshe fairy spell going wrong..they are like the tooth fairy and santa claus mixed up in an eville plot to turn the earth into permant hell!!!! they are the demons!!!!!

    Ice qween save us!!!!!

  136. mee wan win ta la!

    A new Stud done at Shangai University have found that the life expectancy of a winter lover is far more exceeding of one that loves summer,
    Liz Aard has contested the claims that sundancers are a primal cross breed and that there is global warming …she Liz Aard has said world temperatures have dropped emensely over the last 2,00oyrs! and people saying there is global warming are fed by hollywood movie scripts and that loving cold miserable and rain (acid) is un healthy and could be dangerous!
    Liz Aard has also said that the Sun is the best source of vitamin D and that melanomas are the bodies storagehouses of Vitamin D, and that a good tan is healthy and fashionable and that is all that counts!
    As Liz Aard was looking at a mirror!
    Paris Hilton is a great role model for women and men as she has great idaes on how one should look lik…she was a model hey! and actoress and a tune!!!
    Her amazing tips on surviving the winter blues by going to a tanning salon and to go to a nightclub and if the dog dies in your bag throw into the toilet and flush it away!! EEEWWWLLL!!
    Her up and coming follower is Nikki Webster with her cult song deviloious!
    Sunlovers have alot to offer the world and i would say that they should…………..

    Follow the lemmins way and jump off into a volcano!!!
    take care pat and miryaum

  137. Emile

    Wow, I am so glad I found my brothers in pain! Summer pisses me off, ooh let’s go outside, ooh let’s go to the beach. NO! In summer I long for wind and snow to give me an excuse to stay inside and do the things I love in stead of things that bore me. Lying on the beach like some old bag, deep frying your skin in the sun, pooey! Makes me feel disguisted with myself. When I get sweaty all over, I feel dizzy and heavy because of the heath. It’s just downright unpleasant. Gimme some rain. I don’t even drink hot drinks, everything has to be cold, showers, tapwater everything. The only exception I make is for dinner meals.

  138. Ryan

    I also detest Summer with a passion. After reading through some of the comments I see most have summed up exactly how I feel about this infernal season. I brought it up in my class how I hate these months and love winter and I think every pair of eyes (teacher included) looked at me like I was a weirdo. Who can really enjoy sweating, being bitten by bugs, getting burned, feeling thirsty all the time…I could go on about the many faults of Summer but most have been mentioned. Living in Edinburgh, Scotland I realise I don’t have it nearly as bad as most but we have the occasional heatwaves too.

    I find myself craving Winter every day now. In Winter I enjoy waking up early every Sunday and going jogging while having the luxury of the cold, cleaner Winter air to keep me from getting too hot, if I did this in Summer I would most likely keel over.
    Couple more months and the weather will take a favourable dip in temperature, though I’m sure most of the population would disagree with me, roll on Winter!

  139. Mariyam

    Welcome Emile and Ryan!

    I was glad when I found this little nook of understanding aswell!

    I couldn’t agree more about the unpleasantness of heat, and getting sweaty!

    Ryan, I know exactly the kind of looks you get from people when you slate their beloved summer season! Stick to your guns! I reckon they’re just brainwashed into believing that boiling to death is a delightful way to pass the time!!

    Anyway, not long now until we get our way again!

    Keep cool folks!

  140. Marna I love Winter!!!!! :-)

    Goods to see others like us hating summer!!!
    I saw something funny today i was in city(hobart(the sun dome)) and i saw this summer tano in hooker outfit and it started to rain and she was running and flapping her hands and arms around as she was getting dampen by the rain as if it was acid!!!!! it was the most funniest thing i have seen in ages!!
    seriously do these people really think the rain is going to melt their tan and skin????????
    As for you guys Summer is getting closer for us here and Winter has been terrible and sunny and dry!!!
    everyone down here is going its been the wettest and coldest winter ever since the dawn of time??????
    i moved here last year and it was a real winter last year!
    Im sorry these sunloving goons are deroletic dislexic demons of dreamworld dreryness disgusting me with their lunacsy!!
    im hoping i will get my dream house soon where winter does happen and snow greets the door!!
    wish us luck!!!!!!!

  141. Shaz and Liz Aard and Alley Gaetorr!!

    Hi eewwwlll I saw this site and thought WHA?????
    why dont you people like sun its great!! i love goin to tha beitch eewwllllllll!!! i take my little dog in my saddlebag and i go for a swim in the sea!!! and kiss boys and dodge the seringes and nappies and dog poops!!!!
    I just love feeling hot and swety i thinks its hot and sexy
    me and my friend Liz love our tans we’are so orange and i think not orange enougheeeewwwwww!!!!!
    I love driving my covertible(hot pink) with the shade down listening to Paris Hiltons greatest ever love balads and Lady ga ga ga ga!!!! OMG im a poker face
    men just find me so hot and because i have a tan i can get any job and get into any club!! EEEEwwwwwLLLLLLL!!!!!!!
    I have an IQ of 0000000.5328 and my cold torleance level is none excistant!
    Seriously how can you like that white stuff that falls from the sky and that horrible wet stuff EEEWWWLL its acid it wrecks my make up !!!!
    Alley is a top model for a sun tanning bed company called Sizzelbed Co.!
    and Liz is a reptile handeler and me Shaz im a checkout chick for a BBQ store!!!
    Role on Summer!! down a hill!!!!
    My favourite shows are Summer Bay Home and away, Desperate House wives, Miami Vice reruns! and the bestest show ever 91210 and OC!!!!! my favourite food is BBQs Sushi and other outside resteraunts where bugs are prevelent…doesnt matter if you eat a bug its nutritious! and is non fattening!
    i weight 5 stone and my favourite color is pink!
    Tan is such a good sign of health, dont know what you mean eewwwlll!!!!! like they say tan is in and white is out!
    he he hee heee heee haaaahaaaaahhahaaahahahaaa its me marna im paying out the summer lovers!

  142. Jason

    Was a nice overcast rainy day here today!! Yet all the horrid heat lovers where complaining like ‘wheres the sun’ ‘I am sick of rain’….blah blah…..
    You cant say how its a beautiful rainy overcast day without hearing their pathetic rants! It really grates me sooooo much!
    I got some groceries at the supermarket today & I was talking to the checkout girl serving me who seemed pleasent until I mentioned that I loved the rain today & I had been for a drive and it was beautiful….Then OMG her attitude chasnged to sheer fright that I had mentioned the R word (Rain & like) in the same sentence! She then went on to say how much she hates cold weather rain etc, and that I was the first person she had met today to speak such slanderous words against hot weather!
    Then my opinion quickly changed of her from her being a friendly nice person to a heat loving looney!!!
    This is a common trend here for them to do this and its really disheatening especially when you have recently moved to a new state & try to make friends that are like minded. I could never be friends with a lizard!
    I hate it how they really billy me about it its just plain rude! They are so bloody annoying!

    Summer has been made to be a trend and fashionable over the past few years and its getting worse! Everything revloves around it!
    I dont even listen to the radio anymore sick of them complaining how cold it is all the time! And believe me it aint cold! They are like immature little fools which I cannot tolerate! I wish I could meet people like you guys here, but its comforting to know that we can chat in here on such a ‘taboo’ subject!!!!
    I used to work in aged care nursing and all the oldies do is winge about the cold & the food, Lizards are just the same & dress like old grannies!! Very Sad!!
    Ohh I saw one today she was skinny like a twig with skin tight jeans, slippers bra top with a huge blanket wrapped around her, she was walking down the main street and it was raining…what a loser! all bent over and arms folded! She was about 20 but dressed and acting like a demented 90yo woman! I just love the slippers they wear like ballet shoes that my gran wears as she has swallon feet and osteo in her bach. Well I guess lizards must raid their grandmums wardrobe for their clothes & shoes!

    Stay cool peoples!!!

  143. nunu

    Thank god there are normal people out there like myslef….summer soo is disgusting and totallyyyyy overrated. it should die and always be fall

  144. Mariyam

    Howdy everyone!

    I don’t know why I sound so cheerful, it’s got a bit hot again here in London, ruining the good work of the rain the other week.

    I can’t sleep very well in this darned heat. It’s so uncomfortable, and I have one of those apartments which are very warm in the summer, and very cold in the winter! At least I can get nice and comfy in the winter, but there isn’t much to help cool you down in the summer.

    I don’t even put the heating on when it’s cold – ever! Even when it snowed earlier this year, I relied on warm clothes and a blanket. Putting the radiators on gives me a seriously bad headache. See, I really do dislike heat!

    Jason, I feel your pain! Why do some of these people act like they’re in the depths of the North Pole, when it’s only a little overcast?!?!

    And I loved your comment:
    “I wish I could meet people like you guys here, but its comforting to know that we can chat in here on such a ‘taboo’ subject!!!!”

    It’s like we have our own little support network here! I can’t believe we have to be in the closet, so to speak, just because we prefer cooler weather! We’re discriminated against, I tell you!

    Anyway, that’s my rant for today!

    Take care, all of you in the Cool Gang!!!

  145. pat carr

    “odds-on for a barbecue summer”……”Look who got the last laugh! ”

    LOL, Mariyam! I can imagine they were just crying out there.

    Why can’t BBQ’s be done when it’s also cool out? people here live for their stupid “Barbeques”, what makes me laugh the hardest? most of them should be exercising and not stuffing more fattening BBQ food down their gullets.

  146. pat carr

    “It’s like we have our own little support network here! I can’t believe we have to be in the closet, so to speak, just because we prefer cooler weather! We’re discriminated against, I tell you!”

    Rant on. we ARE discriminated against.

    As Jason described with the checkout girl and the girl with the blanket on, the heat lovers are getting more pushy, more arrogant and well more insane!

    The media eggs this on with their hatred of any non-sun weather and their obnoxious worship of sunny days. The commercials are filled with barefoot women dancing over “sun” products (garbage to “roll back sun damage, which should have never occured in the first place, and SPF 900). The papers gloat at the advent of summer and lament the “miserable weather”.

    If that’s not enough, we have to hear “enjoy the sunshine”, “the nice weather is here” which usually is said when the sun is hot enough to turn your gonads into melted butter. Mention to folks you don’t enjoy this and you’re “a wimp”. The same folks who will tell you this act like the worst sissies ever with even a drop of rain out. or worse yet they say they “can’t do anything when it’s grey out”.

    Per this comment.
    “I hate it how they really billy me about it its just plain rude! They are so bloody annoying! Summer has been made to be a trend and fashionable over the past few years and its getting worse! Everything revloves around it!”

    it IS RUDE. and it’s very disrepectful to us. what is wrong with liking cool weather? or not feeling good when it’s hot.

    Summer has become more than a trend, the word that comes to my mind is CULT. It’s a cult filled with addicts that desire to overpower you with their fake cheerful talk, they are actually very angry people, often with low self esteem.

    I don’t care if people like warm weather, several of my friends prefer it. however they are not assholes about it, unlike the Lizards and BaconBrains that Marna speaks of. The “i have to have sun everyday and be in it or i am so depressed i want to die….and you better like the sun too or i think you’re insane and i will insult you”, those are the ones whose voices seem to have gotten louder.

    Well i am sick of it, damned f** sick of it. I want to enjoy the cool weather without hearing the whining and watching people run for cover as if bullets were raining down. I want to avoid the heat without being berated on how i should get out it in to get my “vitamin D” fix, a wretched TAN (skin damage that makes you old) and how UTTERLY GLORIOUS it is.

    Phuck them!! This is a subject very sore to me. Their complaining is really depressing and it makes life harder while having to put up with their constant insults and rude behavior.

    Like warm weather? Fine. Everyone should have their preferences. Don’t like it? No problem either but you better have enough frakking respect not to push it on me…OR I WILL START PUSHING BACK!!!!

    Sorry that was my rant. but like the rest of you i am very sick of it!

    Anyway Welcome Emile and Ryan to the best group on earth!

  147. shaz,liz aard and alley gaetorr

    Whats your problem i love orange skin and baking myself like a roast pat! eewwwllllll!!!!
    i just love the sun its never hot enough eewwwlllll!!!
    put up with it eewwlllllllll its freezing today its 39C!!!!
    EEEEEWWWWLLLL i have a shrine to Paris hilton and Millie ray cyrus!!!!!
    I like the Sun temple in LA and in San fransicos tano dome eewwwwwllll and the millenium dome in london eewwllllll and ayers rock in australia !!!!
    I love swet it makes my burnt scales brighter ewwlll!!!!!
    Summerrrr is for whimps!!!!!!

  148. Ryan

    Whew, I just came back from shopping for school stuff. The sun made occasional painful appearances but even behind cloud cover the humidity is almost as bad. Annnnd now my head aches and I feel disgusting. Just need to hold out for a couple more months now!
    Thanks for the welcomes too!

  149. Pat Carr

    “Whats your problem i love orange skin and baking myself like a roast pat! eewwwllllll!!!!”

    ha true, well 39C isn’t hot enough. i’m actually tired of the clouds and even the sun isn’t hot enough at 300C. i am moving to the surface of the sun where i can get a real orange people tan and so i don’t look so pale. LA isn’t hot enough, AZ isn’t hot enough even.

    Ryan, i hear ya. A small walk in the bright sun, i’m done for hours. i can’t understand how people can say “i can’t do anything when it’s grey”. i cant do anything when it’s broling. it’s not even healthy. It’s pure brainwashing to think it’s so great and that rain is so evil.

    when i go out in the cool i can go everywhere. i get headaches like you and the worst fatigue ever

  150. pat carr

    “I don’t know why I sound so cheerful, it’s got a bit hot again here in London, ruining the good work of the rain the other week.”

    probably because you’re made of sterner stuff than all the sun whimps who whine in the rain, at least you can be cheerful during your non-preferred weather whereby they are wussy during rain

  151. Mariyam

    Aww! Thanks Pat!

    I think you’re right, at least some of us can just soldier through the heat, whearas the sun-worshippers flail like drowning rats whenever there are even a few measly sprinkles of rain!

    I understand all the headache business aswell. During summer, it’s like my head is in a permanent fog of heavyness.
    My eyes itch terribly, I have to change my clothes a dozen times a day, from getting soaked in sweat….actually, that’s another thing. Why is it fine to get covered in sweat in the heat, but rain water is so disagreeable?!?! Just invest in an umbrella people, for the love of God!

    Which leads me to this point. I would love to carry an umbrella to keep me in the shade during a hot day, but I know I’d look a bit strange. I wish that someone would start a craze to do this, so I wouldn’t feel so self-conscious. I don’t think I’d want to draw that much attention to myself! In days gone by, before tanned skin was all the rage, ladies used to carry pretty brollies to keep the sun off them. We need that tradition back I reckon!

    Maybe, one day, our people will rise again, and smite this cult of mindless glorification of the sun!!!

  152. Jason

    Oh the headaches are revolting. I have sensative sinuses which are easily set of by hot/warm weather causing me a horrid migraine! The changes here from cool too warm set it off alot. And if you have to go to a shop, business, doctor, on transport etc they always have the heating on soooo hot its like a sauna! Like I was in a printers shop recently and its really small he had the heater on full power! & it wasnt even cold!
    I hate heating especially in cars and transport makes me so tired & headachey! Its still nice and foggy & raining alot here so is very lovely. I love walking in the fog, and seeing all the amazing clouds that hang really low & thouch the trees & the ground.
    I cant understand how you could not like this…it beats stupid groundhog days of sun, sun, sun, blue skies….geographically boring!

    Mariyam I aggree with you about carrying an umbrella in the sun this needs to be encouraged more. People used to do this before all this summer rubbish was around & they knew how to dress & look very classy while protectecting themselves from the sun…The skanky lizards would have been arrested & laughed at for indecant exposure, but hey I guess in their business it pays to advertise!!! ha ha !

    Ms Paris Hilton & Posh Beckham a great ispirational role for young girls! Celebratity lizards like them have alot to anwer for!

  153. Marna ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,******,,,,,,,,,

    Hi guys!! welcome the new ones to our clan of wintre!
    Im with you all about this how heat effects us dramatically because of the heat,,,,eg . the pollen gets worse, dust storms, unrelenting hot summer days!
    and those sickos that are skimpy clad with big druggie smiles on their burnt faces!!!
    With me i can handle alittle abit of heat to 23C but when it gets to like 30s-40s and higher i feel like i go in emo mode and want to imertate a lemming!
    Heat makes my asthma get worse so i cant breathe, and my body gets so weak and fatigued that i feel like the living dead..and i try to wear clothes that will make me comfortable in such yukkiness that i end up wearing a t shirt and short …and lets face it guys …it doesnt help…your still hot but exposed to the golden ball in the sky!!!
    more like the death star from star wars…
    Why???? does the stupis sun get higher in summer and lowwer in wintre!!!!
    the other thing i want to say i hate USA for inventing daylightsavings!!!! sorry benjemin franklin was a lizard!
    now every land accross the world has it!
    why would you want more sun..like the stupid sun is longer out in summer why make it longer by haveing the daylight extended??????Please explain??
    they should have daylight savings in wintre!!!!!
    That swet is grossss! i hate it i swet like a texan pig in sum uer? i just love cold weather i can do anything and it makes me stronger and i think it makes our hormones more cheerfuller!!!
    Give me a cold day anyday! i did some of my garden work in the mist and it was so nice!!
    You cant pel off your skin when the death star is out!!
    Well that is what it is a death star= it kills animals ,plants,dries up rivers and water, makes you burnt and mamed, its a terror i just dont like!!
    maybe im a vampire who might explode if i get that wretched sun on me!!!!
    well guys keep cool….me and jason are sad as our wintre is waning away and the Sum eurgh is coming to bore us!!!
    Bring back the 1800s-1900s! they dressed sexy and showed off the physices beautifully and had brollies to shade them from the Dstar!

  154. Marna

    Hi Guys!! Well Miryiam and Pat and all of you I proved your theory of Acid and Bullets(rain),
    I went into an OP Shop in a nearby town and they were going its good the rain is going!!
    and i said what rain?? They said its being terrible!
    My husband cant work in it!!!!!
    I worked in the rain that day and it was lovely!
    I started to say its wintre andthe spring flowers are out??? and
    Its Wintre!!! Im sorry its only been a few days rain!!!
    The whole shope agasped and shook in fear,,
    that me and my friend love the cold! they all scurried around the shop!
    and this old lady full on screamed!
    I said Im sorry you australians are whimps!
    and my friend used go to europe line!!

    The shop owner said we australians love our Sun and summer!
    My friend said do you have asthma or sinus problems??
    Do you know were in a drought!! and Do you like bushfires!
    they were terrified that a wintre lovers were in there midst!
    Your theory has been proven 2 wintre lovers and 12 summer lovers!
    2 in 12 people are winter lovers
    12 in 2 people think the rain is an evill force sent from hell to poison and mame and burn your skin!!!

    Yesterday i asked a summer geit!! do you like rain
    the response was hell no!!!
    when i asked the same beast do you like swet””yes””
    its better than rain!!””””
    Help Our Wintre Souls….Freaks Anorexic Unpale Lizards Tanocidical Spazzizes!

    OMG pat and miriyam and all we need govermnental assistance as we look like a majority!!
    Lets change this!!! Clan of Wintre Iceberg Snowdownia

  155. marna help its rain aaaahhh

    OMG its RAIN!!!!!!! aaaahhh its bullets coming from the sky aaaaahhhhh!!!!
    oh my god its burning my skin aaahhhhhh!!!!
    my tan aahhhhhh!!! Oh No its white stuff…whats this??
    oh no the sky is falling down aaaaahhhhh!
    whats this wet stuff its not salty!!! aaarrghhhhhh!!!
    OMG help me this acid is terrible!!!!!!
    the sky throwing bullets!!! AAARRGGHHHH!!!!!AAAAHH! EEEEKK EEKKK AARGH URGH AAAAAHHH!!

    I cant go to the beitch!!!!! hate tihs miserable sad weather!!! where is the sun!!!!! AAAAHHH!!!!!!

    A day in a life of an australian experiencing a hour rain storm!

    OH yes guys another thing i have realized is that lizards only like salt water=
    =Sea Water, Beitchs etc!
    =Swimming Pools(indoor or outdoor)

    and any fresh water like+
    =Rain! Snow,Ice etc
    =Lakes,Rivers,Streams etc!
    =Bottled Water, Spring water etc!
    is all scarey and its the end of the world!!!
    they rather be salty and stink of old body odour..
    that is why they love Impulse and cheap perfumes to hide their stench! notice that thses summer lovers smell reall aromatik!

  156. pat carr

    “I cant go to the beitch!!!!! hate tihs miserable sad weather!!! where is the sun!!!!! AAAAHHH!!!!!!

    A day in a life of an australian experiencing a hour rain storm!”


    wow andi thought it was bad here in seattle, are the sun lizards there that wussy, Marna? perhaps next you’ll see human sacrifice to the sun again soon. what i find here weird is the almost panic in the rain. is there hope for the human race?

  157. pat carr


    re: Heating. i know what you mean. when it gets about 60 here in the summer, buses start turning on the heat. some stores too. I remember last year going to an apartment complex office to check on their rates, and the temp inside must have been 85F. I couldn’t believe anyone can work with temperatures like that.

    All the whining that goes on about global warming yet the lizards are causing much of it. They have to keep superheated all the time, everywhere they go. They act as if any cool air will cause a major flu. Can you imagine the cost and the consequences of using so much heating?

    And as we all have mentioned the media is fueling this insanity. Shows like burn notice and others which show living in hot places as exciting, glamorous and sexy aren’t helping. watch how many shows push hot climate. WTF is so great about living in a place where it’s scorching all the time?

    Re: Unbrellas. I see asians using them a lot. they are smart. like mentioned they used to be used all the time, before the Zardian mentality took hold. Now if you’re “pale” you’re made fun of. sO lizards, are you going to be around years from now when people are suffering from skin cancer, aging and other problems? Or just shake your dumb heads and go “we didn’t know”….Shame on these vile people for telling and influencing their peers to go out and hurt perfectly healthy skin. SHAME SHAME ALL OVER THEM. It’s like getting someone addicted to drugs.

    Marna, i feel for you i have asthma too. The summer is a real bummer. It’s been overcast the last few days and i ascended into heaven ha ha. I keep hearing that “we’ll have SUNBREAKS” throughout, woo hoo. Well they can take their sun breaks and put it in the Break between their asscheeks.

    When the sun came out, i thought oh well i will see what is so farking great about it. After 2 minutes later, when my skin’s ambient temp went up about 20 degrees i said phuck it. Even animals with light fur or skin have the sense to seek shelter. They are smarter than us.

  158. pat carr

    “Aww! Thanks Pat!

    I think you’re right, at least some of us can just soldier through the heat, whearas the sun-worshippers flail like drowning rats whenever there are even a few measly sprinkles of rain!”

    ha mariyam meant it! they ACCUSE us of being wimpy if we seek shelter from the sun which doctors and meteorologists acknowledge is HARMFUL if out in too long. Yet rain is a ghastly poison from the sky. What lunacy. What idiocy. These arrogant phucks then proceed to insult us. Let’s see who’s laughing as we age.

    Ever heard of Rain Cancer? No? Well it doesn’t exist. OR worse yet how about “you’ll catch your DEATH outside”. Well i go outside in the rain and i haven’t been able to catch death yet have you?

    HA! i remembered this. How about SAD aka “SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER”.

    i call it Sun Addicts Disease. And they need a “lightbox’ to shine light gimme a break! How about we make a DARKBOX for the summer and sell it?

    oh yeah you gotta see this


    Hey, everybody, look at me, I’m a tiny little baby who lets winter cold and an hour or two of extra darkness keep me from functioning. Boo-hoo, I’ve got seasonal affective disorder. All I feel like doing is sitting in my apartment, eating, and going beddy-bye because my hypothalamus can’t cope with the decreased amount of daylight.

    Boo-hoo, I have fewer melanopsin proteins than regular people.

    Poor me, every morning I have trouble getting out of bed because it’s still dark outside when I leave for work. The gray clouds and the icy slush and the brutal cold and ever-present darkness remind me of my impending doom. They magnify all my latent fears and feelings of hopelessness. Whine!

    I never feel this way when Mr. Sun is shining with all his might. I wish I could slumber all winter like a bear and not even be aware of the gloomy old winter outside and wake up in April when the grass is growing and the trees are budding and the flowers are blooming. Or better yet, I wish I could live in a magical place where it’s sunny and warm all year round. Then I could be happy and have fun. But, wah, I can’t afford to move, so I’m forced to live in dumb old Des Moines, where the sun dies at 4:49 p.m.

    Blubber-blub-blub, I’ve lost my social and intellectual coping mechanisms necessary to maintain my mental well-being, all because of a neurological condition over which I have no control and was afflicted with by a cruel random accident of biology. Pity poor little me! Every day between January and March is a living nightmare because I’m more psychologically vulnerable to the seasonal tilting of the planetary axis than most people—wah, wah, wah!

    Well, at least I have my $300 dawn simulator. As mean Old Man Dark approaches, I stare at it for 30 whole minutes and hope that its bright artificial light will cheer me up. But boo-hoo-hoo, my serotonin levels still aren’t increasing. Besides, a dawn simulator is no substitute for wonderful, glorious Mr. Sun.

    Where are you, Mr. Sun? I thought you were my friend!

    Boo-hoo, I’m just a self-pitying little baby with a clinically diagnosed disorder who just wants to cry all the time or stare into space. My family doesn’t understand me. They don’t know why I just can’t pull myself together. They think I’m crazy when they catch me gazing numbly at the kitchen wall. Sob! I am unable to pick up my 3-year-old and hug her or feel any motherly joy because I lack the sufficient amount of rods and cones in my retinas.

    Wahhh! Will Mr. Sun ever come out again? What if he never does? Oh, no! See, because I have seasonal affective disorder, I think about stuff like this all the time. That, and suicide!

    Just because it was cloudy outside yesterday, I had a big old panic attack and had to go to the hospital. My husband had to pick me up from the emergency room, and boy was he mad. I think everybody hates me! I feel totally worthless, and that makes my seasonal affective disorder worse! Bawl!

    Well, March 21 can’t come fast enough. That’s the first day of spring! On that day, my energy levels will magically increase because Mr. Sun is positioned above the equator. Soon the days will be longer and the sunlight shinier, and I can finally raise the shades in my bedroom and have friends again and sing and dance and play. I have the date circled on my calendar with a big smiley face saying, “Rise and shine, Sharon! It’s spring! Mr. Sun is going to hug you today. You’re allowed to laugh for the first time in three whole months!” It’ll be the bestest day ever.

    But it’s still over a month away! And I can’t do anything about it but curl up under the covers praying for relief to a cruel God who probably doesn’t even exist. Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Poor, poor me!

  159. marna

    OMG what a freak!!! i know thw hyperthalus does dictate your want for light thats fact but…
    What a sooky la la! if this giet wants somewhere where it hot and sunny all the time tell her move too Sun capital (south australia) she will burn like a crisp there!
    shes a freak i feel for her baby a borne winter lover!!

    Pat yeah asthma is fun in hot weather hey! i also get it when it up and down eg. hot cold hot cold!

    OH my GOD!!! there should be a show on Solizards
    strange wears!!! such as=
    =the sun bed
    =this heat blanket body suit…its like a sleeping bag that has sleaves and heat you up and has a mote control..god help us!!!!!!
    =heated dunnar body socks!!
    =Zentai( a japanese body wear made from lycra and i think a lizard would wear about 20 of them and still complian!!
    =electric car seat warmers????????
    = Minx faue blankets with nasty pictures of dolphins and palm trees on it!!!!
    =Apparently woolen carpets are a favourable heating devise of lizards!
    =All Heaters,2way airconditioners,and anything that will give off heat even a wall that has the sun on it!!!
    =raincoats arent for rain they are worn to make heat!

    OMG seriously to your answer of your question Pat
    these people are a subrace that evolved from a brainwashing program in the !940s,50s,60s,70s and eightys by Coke a Cola and things like the beach boys and Gidget…im sorry Pat USA is the pusher of Summer and Australia loves it Sun!!!!
    I think we need to invest in Iceland and get them to make the famous isabommer(ice bomber) and blow up california he he he!
    its a private joke me and jason have..
    Isabommer is those planes that leave the tail of smoke high in the sky!
    Save Our Gia…Pray For the Icelandic Domination of the world!!! The Ice Queen rules and Satralia will fall!
    Down with the sun.down with the sun!
    Wintre do ya thing and freeze the Solizards!

  160. Jason

    I just came across this horrid weather report from mainland Australia on weatherzone that I thought I would share……

    Winter warmth for Sydney
    Alex Krisman, Sunday August 16, 2009 – 16:31 EST
    Sydney has been graced with yet another warmer than average winter’s day, with the promise of more to come.

    Today’s weather is the result of hot and dry desert air that has been building up over the nation’s interior during the week. This hot air was then drawn across the southeast of the country in advance of a trough and cold front, and finally heating Sydney today.

    The city recorded a maximum of 25.7 degrees, 8 degrees above average and the warmest day since April.

    This has consolidated an already warm and dry Sydney winter. For August so far, maximum temperatures have been 1.6 degrees above average; with July 2.0 and June 1.0 above their respective averages.

    Furthermore, rainfall this month has been a paltry 4.2 millimetres, well below the 82 millimetre average, compounding the shortfall in July’s rainfall. None-the-less, most Sydney-siders will be reveling in the glorious Sunday weather.

    Looking into next week, the mercury will dip back to the low 20’s before climbing late week to renewed warmth.

    OMG Its revolting to read such rubbish & promotion of ‘hot desert air’ & the ‘Glorious Sunday weather….& ‘Graceful’ weather!!!!!!!!!

    Its meant to be bloody winter here but all they want is sun , sun, sun!!!!!!! Gimmee a phukken break already!

    Im so glad I moved toTasmania away from the mainland where the weather is alot more normal! (In most parts anyway)
    The people in the rural areas are more normal with their views on weather unlike the crazies in and around the major city (Hobart) where summer and hot weather is worshipped by the freaks!
    Unfortunatley where Im staying atm is not far away from them only a matter of time to I move to a beautiful winter wonderland in the Central Highlands of Tasmania!!!! Where lizards would fear to tread! As it snows alot and is colder!

  161. Jason

    What annoys me too with these heat lovers that all they want to do is have a ‘Glorious’ hot sunny day so they can get out there hidious summer skank clothes & have there stupid bar-b-ques & outside Tamboulahs!

    They couldnt care less about the enviroment, global warming, etc its all about showing them selves off to be ‘seen’ like Pat pointed out they constantly have to have heaters, fires, heat pumps, gas burners etc to be warmed from the so called cold!
    I hate heaters they are stuffy and give me a headache, & they are not needed as most of the time its not even cold & just wear another jumper or blanket on the bed!

    They want to wear those horrid skanky micro-mini shorts & bras, then complain how cold it is and they need the heating on full!…FREAKS!

    Oh well they will be sorry because its a known fact that if your body is exposed to cold air due to lack of protection that your body produces more fat!
    So they will be overweight, covered in melanomas, wrinkled, & saggy!!!! in a few years! While us guys will retain our looks, & health!

    Oh lizards eat really unhealthy fatty foods on those old bar-b-q’s! and all that Maccas!
    So to all the heat lovers I say The Jokes On You!!!

  162. marna

    Hi Guys!!! I got a hard core Soldroid yesterday.
    it was a thrumpy lizardotanuntic wearing really short shorts exposing its pale tan thrumpy thunder thighs and a slip and it had this look like a blow up doll !!!

    I yelled out and called it a whoe and hooker..people looked at her….
    when i was nearer i got out of my car and said wher have you lost your morals girl…you look disgusting!!
    she ran into a car in fear!!
    then a few minutes went past!!!!
    and britney spears appeared as the drug fucked look!

    Oh i just love these Sundorks!!!

    I have come to the conclusion after monthes of studying these Soldasickos and Tantrisexual beings of the dam death star……..
    They are all addicts,….they display all the signs of an addict!!!
    1) They need their fix….The Sun and UV!!!
    2) They act irractic if they dont get their fix!!!
    3) They become violent and abusive if there fix or drug
    is in fear of being threatened or taken away!
    4)They hunger for more of their drug and fix eg. Sun beds ,heaters etc,next will be UV patches and injections of UV sirum!
    5) They dont like having their drug or fix hidden from
    public..eg.their dress code and the way they act in public! back in Victorian times they would be arrested!
    6) They express the tell tale signs of withdrawl symptoms, the shakes,angry,irratic feelings and words,and many undieng tales of self abuse and abusing others!
    7) The true sun lover even has to go on holidays to get its fix! Tropical beaches ,africa etc australia!
    8)if they have too much of there fix or drug they wander around the streets showing of their burn offerings and bodies to inocent bystanders!

    So guys dont worry these addicts need rehab!!!!
    if Amy Whinehouse can do it why not them equally ugly!!! and some of them can sing!??????

    As a famous bather designer said ” Use suntan cream and you can squeeze into anything!!!”

    What about the three legged elephant???

  163. marna

    this what i given to me as a feng shui, this really made me sick!!! here it is!!!!
    We’re currently traveling in the astrological sign of Leo, a sign that is ruled by the sun. Known as Sol to the Romans, the sun also rules activities related to creativity and constancy. In ancient times the sun was worshipped as a god and was considered the giver of all life. The Egyptians called the sun Ra, or Sun God, while the Persians called it Mithras. Greek mythology refers to Helios (no not the guy who danced with the stars and wins all those car races), but a deity who came from the heavens providing light for the day who disappeared into the sea at night. The sun is said to be able to bring leadership and dignity, pride, ambition, confidence, enjoyment, constant energy and, as mentioned, a heightened state of creativity. And we now know that the vitamin D our bodies absorb from just twenty minutes in the sun can stave off several different deadly cancers. There’s an ancient cure that uses honey and the light of the noonday sun to bring health, happiness and prosperity and it goes like this: Take a tablespoon of honey and hold it up to the sun as if making an offering for at least one minute any day at noon. Then, while thanking the sun for all its life affirming energies, drink down the sun drenched honey while visualizing it filling your body, mind and spirit with a renewed sense of harmony and balance. No screening here, my friends, just pure simple sun. It does a body good.
    Warm Regards,
    Ellen Whitehurst

    OMG do they really think putting honey on your hand and wiping it in full sun would be a good idea????
    um if you did that here in australia you would be eaten alive by horseflies! and european wasps!

    OH the deluded world of a lizard!!!

  164. Mariyam

    Marna, the sun worshippers are always spouting their propaganda, and fail to recognise any other views. Yes, I know that the earth needs the sun for life to exist on earth, but who made up the rule that you have to roast yourself in the sun’s rays, and get all crispy?! And enjoy feeling so hot?!

    Funny how we don’t hear them say that the rain is life-giving too. It replenishes the earth, sustains plants and animals, and makes life on this planet a lot more bearable. These idiots would rather it didn’t rain at all. Ever. Do they want to live in some horrible drought-ridden nightmare?!?!

    If they had their way, everything would perish. Plants would wither and die, animals would drop dead all over the place, and humanity would be wiped out, probably in a terrible world war, where different factions are trying to control what little supplies of water we had left. Water would be such a precious commodity that people would finally appreciate the occasional rainfall.

    Next time it rains, and the lizards are complaining about it in their over-the-top way, ask them if they would like it if it never rained again. If they say they’d love that, feed them the apocalyptic scenario I mentioned above!

    They will most likely roll their eyes, as if we’re affronting them with daring to mention rain in a positive way, but hey, we can try!!

  165. Jason

    Hi Everyone!
    I found another lovely weather artical about creating more seasons in Auatralia so the lizards will feel all warm & fuzzy! I found it laughable!……

    Sprummertime, and the living is easy?
    News Online’s Sarah Collerton, Thursday August 20, 2009 – 06:05 EST

    Perfect: But a leading scientist says we may need at least five seasons to reflect Australia’s climate – ABC
    A leading scientist says Australia desperately needs more seasons, as we are dangerously out-of-touch with our climate.

    Dr Tim Entwisle, executive director of the Botanic Gardens Trust in Sydney, says there should be at least five seasons rather than four.

    He says Australia has just slapped the European season system onto its climate, but it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

    “We should really rearrange our seasons because the system we have at the moment is one we’ve inherited from Europe and it doesn’t make any sense in Australia,” he told ABC News Online.

    “Having four three-month seasons was not designed to fit around the Australian climate. It’s a bit of tradition, but it doesn’t make any sense in the place we live.

    “Something with more seasons would work better and something that unhooks us from these arbitrary European seasons.

    “What we haven’t done is look around us: What actually happens is we think of spring, and we imagine warm weather and flowering, but in August you get this big flush of flowering.”

    Dr Entwisle believes our spring should be in August and September for only two months, then we should have a pre-summer in October and November, followed by a “real” summer from December to March – “We need a big, long summer” – and then a short autumn in April and May followed by a short winter in June and July.

    He says this plan would not only better suit our climate, it would also help us better understand the effects of climate change.

    “We’re living through an era of accelerating climate change and so we need to be more attuned to the world around us and how it is changing,” he said.

    “If every year we think, for example, that spring comes early because it’s in August that the flowers come out, then how are really going to detect any changes if we haven’t even got our seasons understood?

    “It’s about understanding the place we live in and then looking at how that place is changing over time.”

    And even though Dr Entwisle believes five seasons would fit best, he says it is something that is open for debate.

    “There’s a lot of ideas out there, certainly Indigenous communities around Sydney have six seasons,” he said

    “There is a groundswell of people unhappy with the seasons we have.”

    He says the five-season plan would work up and down most of the east coast of the country, but it could be altered depending on where you live.

    “Up in Darwin and in the north, you have either two seasons and Aboriginal people up there have six,” he said.

    “So clearly it’s different for different places in Australia, but the four-season system doesn’t work at all.

    “I’d be encouraging different areas to have local regional seasons, to spend some time working that out and to use them to reflect what’s going on around us.”

    And with no official season board or committee, it may be up to Aussies to name these potential seasons.

    “There’s a horrible name that’s been suggested for the season between summer and spring, which would be sprummer,” Dr Entwisle said.

    “And then early spring could be sprinter. But I’d love to use a botantical name – a season called wattle would work for me.

    “Who knows, maybe we could have a competition for season names?”

    – ABC

    © ABC 2009

    I could think of some names for their ‘pre summer’!

    Dont you love how they want winter to be as short as possible likes its a filthy terd in need off passing!

    Gees these freaky summer gits are so annoying!
    I get sooo bloody over it every where I am I see and hear them ranting on about the stupid hot weather! Then I get home and its all on tv & radio & all over the weather reports online like that one!
    I wont watch the weather on the tv anymore as Im so over the summer promotion & negativity towards cold/cool conditions & rain!

    I declare war on the lizards!!!!!

  166. marna

    Hi Miriyam, that aclopolyptic senario is happening its=
    South Australia, as i said in other posts there this year the summer was so hot that possums that live in trees were falling out of the trees dead,
    all the birds are dieing and the other animals were going to peoples houses looking for food!
    Australia has been in drought since 2000 maybe longer!

    and they still complain about the rain!

    I have come to the conclusion all these lizards are drug addicts! UV addicts!

    i read that post that jason showed me and im just flabbergassted??? 5 seasons????
    wattle why would some call a season wattle??
    a wattle is an Australian Acacia Tree that lives for 14yrs and has crappy wood and they are a sub species of the pea family” Mimosacaeae”..

    basing a season on a short term tree is weird its like calling a season Butterfly or sky!
    God help us from these weirdo lunatical freakoid lizards!!!!

    why dont they have pre winter and Ice frost????

    Miriyam why were we born into this creapy scaley world!!
    we are heaps more enviromentally awhere and like you said dress for the conditions!
    and as you said yes we need the sun for growing things etc..
    like our old friends said” All in moderation!!!”
    Winters our friend!!

  167. marna!

    OMG Guys are you okay havent heard from you!
    o my god these summer geeks are really weird!
    have you heard about the lizard in the suitcase??

  168. Mariyam

    Hi Marna!

    Don’t panic! We’re ok! Well I am anyway! Although the heat is taking its toll on me a bit. It’s not even that hot by most people’s standards, but anything over 18 or 19 degrees is uncomfortable to me!

    We had a couple of days of a mini heatwave last week, in some parts of the UK, and the weather people on TV were like: “It’s going to be a lovely scorching day, but unfortunately not everyone in the country is going to be able to get these temperatures”. I think you all know by now what type of reaction something like that gets from me!

    Anyway, the light of the day is slowly getting shorter, which means that Autumn is closing in – yay!

    I’m looking forward to the cooler temperatures, and being able to wear jackets and coats again.

    I’m sorry for all of you based in the southern hemisphere, as I know it will be coming up to summer for you guys soon. It makes me a little more grateful to be living in rainy old England!

    What’s this about the lizard in the suitcase?!

  169. Mariyam

    Hi Marna!

    Don’t panic! We’re ok. I am anyway. Except that the heat is taking its toll on me a bit. It’s in the mid twenties, which I know is small fry to people in the warmer countries, but I get uncomfortable when the temperature goes over 18 or 19 degrees!

    We had a mini heatwave for a couple of days last week, and the TV weather people were like: “It’s going to be a lovely scorching hot day, unfortunately, not everyone in the UK will experience this weather”. I think you all know by now what kind of response this type of thing gets from me!!

    Anyway, the light of the day is getting shorter, which means Autumn is closing in – yay!

    I feel sorry for all of you who live in the southern hemisphere, as I know you will be getting your summer in a few months. It makes me feel grateful to live in rainy old England!

    What’s this about the lizard in the suitcase?!

  170. Mariyam

    Oops! I thought my first message didn’t get on, so I tried rewriting it, and then I find them both published!

    Sorry about that!

  171. marna

    Hi Miriyam, there was a model in USA that was cut up and they knew who it was by the serial number on the silcon tits,and she was so orange that it made sunkist and fanta look pale and she literally look like a lizards it was frightening!

    i had fun day today i went into my favourite scare the op shop ladies place and it was raining and they were complianing how cold it was and this liz said to me i love the heat enjoy the sun and i said i love the cold!
    and it jumped in fear..and the old crones lizards were so transfixed on the heat that one said i lived in a cemetary in which i said i love mosulieums they are a home form home!
    i said they have to lighten up and laugh more !!!

    Help us Miriyam its getting closer to summer and its scaring us both me and jason!
    im off to hell next week to see my demonic family to get my money!
    remember hell is adelaide the capital city os South australia ..its the hotest place in the hotest state in the hotest country in the world!
    my poor wintre bones are going to go eeeeekkk!
    keep cool!

  172. Ronnie Mabou

    lol, everytime someone asks this question, the pro-summer brigade invades, launching an assault because they can’t imagine a season where they can’t get out and flex their muscles, shoot off their big mouths, do extreme things. They can’t fathom why you’d ever want time to relax, read books, watch films, make love with beautiful women (they call it banging chicks, you see). My thinking is most of these people can’t read and hate being alone with themselves, because there’s nothing to think about. Kind of dead in the head.

    Hey sun-people, here’s a tip for winter: turn up your oven to the maximum setting and open the oven door. Take your shirt off and start banging your head against some solid wood, like a table or a big door. Hey it’s summer and you’re extreme!!!

  173. marna

    OH Ronnie!!! well put…that would solve so many of our problems too i think!!
    my other solution is to teleport these sunbeastees to a remote frozen island…..Oops Iceland!!!! or a frozen mountain covered in snow so there orange tanned skiny boney bodies freeze and the become polar bear popsickles!!
    my favourite thing i say to people what misserable weather its aweful..(its sunny!!) and they go i know its been aweful this rainy weather and i go no the sun is too bright and burns me urghhh! and they get so taken by it that they cant give a responsive answer! try it!
    i love to wear sun glasses in supermarkets and op shops…watch the reactionits amuzing!
    as you can gather im a naughty man and im sorry some sun can be okay but mostly none is best!
    as the australian anthem goes!!
    “I love a sunburnt country. a land of trolls and lizards!
    of sunburnt beaches and land!…um as you gather SUN features alot in it and its fowl!!!
    i really think they should adopt waltzing matilda it seems much nicer or even something by kile minoguge like do the locomotion or better the devil!!
    heheeee! well keep kool guys and gals of the wintre clan!

  174. Mariyam

    Hi everyone!

    As I’m writing this, the sunny weather today has been overtaken by clouds and a bit of rain! So refreshing! Of course, it’s spoiled all the lizard’s fun, so that’s a bonus!

    We in the UK are heading into one of our Bank holiday weekends, when everyone gets the Monday off work, so people traditionally head off on mini breaks on Friday evenings or Saturday. It is also typical for these holidays to have wet weather, ruining everyone’s plans. Almost as if it happens on purpose! I think the next few days are forecast as warm, but it is a rare Bank holiday which doesn’t have rain in it somewhere!

    Marna, I’ll mark Adelaide down on my list of places not to visit! Is it really hellishly hot there?! How do the people who live there cope? Oh, silly me, it’s probably populated by lizard people!

    Lol Ronnie, you’re so right! Why does every summer person have to do outdoors stuff? There are plenty of ways to have fun indoors! Never mind putting their ovens on full blast, why don’t they just turn their homes into giant saunas? Then they can bask in their own sweaty, stinky, slimeyness, 24/7! That’s what they enjoy, don’t they?!

    You know what else is weird? People want hot weather, but the moment the temperature goes up, they put on the fans, or air conditioning, eat icecream, swim in their pools, etc. They do all they can to stay cool. Huh?! Why don’t they just want level temperatures in the first place then? Yet, when it is comfortable, they complain! You can’t win with the lizards!

  175. marna

    Hey Miriyam…. Come to sunny adelaide where the average temperature is above 30C, and its sunny for a glorious 344 days a year! and summer goes for 9 monthes..its paradise and great lizard haven where if you dont get enough sun you can go to at least 200 sun beds around town!! and the lizards speak a crude form of english call Sous Estralieyn or i like to refer them as crow eaters a term for these weirdos!!

    me and jason were in a video store tody and the outside temp was a lovely 9C and in side the shop it was 2 heaters blaring a lovel cool 42C it was disgusting i felt like i was going to faint! and they admitted it was hot! and some weirdo lizard said it isnt that bad!…..
    why do these lizards are so obsessed by heat????
    im off to hell(adelaide ) tomorow for 4 days so i will let you know how bad it is when i talk again!
    Help me!!!!!!!!!!! im going to lizard land! and they have so many trolls there they have more than lord of the rings!

  176. pat carr

    “you know what else is weird? People want hot weather, but the moment the temperature goes up, they put on the fans, or air conditioning, eat icecream, swim in their pools, etc. They do all they can to stay cool. Huh?! Why don’t they just want level temperatures in the first place then? Yet, when it is comfortable, they complain! You can’t win with the lizards!”

    LOL! i’ve made that point exactly. these folks rattle on about the “beautiful”, “nice”, “perfect” weather yet have to indulge in activities that cool themselves down. why? because it’s not really “perfect” weather, it’s oppressive and uncomfortable actually. You can’t work in it, you can’t concentrate, it’s only good for laying around and trying to stay cool.

    sorry i was away, in the midst of moving in the summer – ug and was sick for a few days.

  177. pat carr

    “I get sooo bloody over it every where I am I see and hear them ranting on about the stupid hot weather! Then I get home and its all on tv & radio & all over the weather reports online like that one!
    I wont watch the weather on the tv anymore as Im so over the summer promotion & negativity towards cold/cool conditions & rain!

    I declare war on the lizards!!!!!”

    count me in on the conflict!

    pre-summer and summer should be called GarbageClimate, because that’s what it is. open your car door, a blast wave of heat hits you. walk outside in the sun for 5 minutes, get drained of life. like you said watch incessant worship of stupid fracking hot weather and tons of TV shows based in miami and other hot hell holes. Be tortured with months of “beautiful” weather comments. try to hold your sanity and make it through the season.

    3 weeks ago, we returned a movie to a guy who help runs an activist movie evening every friday. the hot sun was out and i swear he went on and on about it. “are you enjoying the sunshine oh i wish i could be out in it”. on and on and on. i wanted to say fuck the sunshine.

    that’s one that always irritates me “are you enjoying the sunshine”. what a stupid thing to say. one can enjoy a blowjob, pizza, a good movie, a romantic evening, but what is there to enjoy about some hot light on the ground?

    if i could i’d turn the damned thing off at will just to watch the ‘Zards foam in agony for all their tormenting of us! even animals have to sense to stay hidden or find shelter when it’s hot.

  178. Jason

    Welcome back Pat & Mariyam. I was afraid you guys had evaporated in the vile heat up North!
    Oh Welcome Ronnie, what part of the world are you in man?

    Its been really nice here latley foggy, misty, raining & Snow yaaayyy!!!!
    We are getting a late extended winter here in Tasmania & Im loving it! After weeks of ‘gorious sunshine’ ppfft!
    So Im wishing for a mild summer (fingers crossed) and eyes & toes aswell lol!

    As you could imagine the lizards have been going nuts with the dark skies (UV withdrawls!!) and they are all in the rain running for dear life in soggy summer slippers & clothes!!! Its a right sorry sight!!
    Ronnie I got a major laugh ( & visual) with your oven theory…..

    The blasted heating in shops is hell where I do my food shopping is sooooo hot! Like a sauna. Great contribution for global warming. My theory is lizards want the earth to heat up ASAP so it will be really hotter! So they are enviromentally distructive!

    Oh I was in the chemist the other day where there was a display on vitamin D deficiancy with a skeleton sketch leaning on a counter (resembled Paris Hilton he he)
    anyway the woman at the counter was ranting how sunscreen is being used & premoted far to much as ‘We need the sun on our skin’ she claimed when i told her Im a cold weather person she became very irate…..

    I just get so sick of being bullied by the heat lovingt band wagon, sometimes I get them with a good comeback, but sometimes i just cant be bothered & I ignore there rants. But sometimes I wanna slap them!
    Its very depessing….

    Some people I met that like the heat dont bully me and thats more polite and i wont care as much. Its the non stop rant that grates me the most…..

    My highlight today was rubbing some fresh snow on my face and head was so refreshing!!!!

    Keep Cool Peoples!!!!

  179. Sammie

    It’s raging summer hot wave here in So. CA with raging wildfires up in LA to top it off. I have barely left my house for 2 months because I work at home and there’s no point in going outside except to rush from one air conditioned location (like car) to another. In fact I don’t find any point in summer at all. I can’t do anything I love doing outside. I love fashion and there is none in the summer, oh yeah I forgot the strappy sandal, but how are you supposed to enjoy that when your feet are swollen and sliding all over with sweat?

    I cannot wait for fall at the end of the year. Then I can start DREADING spring which only signals that summer is coming and living stops for months. UGH!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Mariyam

    Oh dear, Sammie, I’ve seen footage of the wildfires on the news. It looks awful.

    This is why I cannot stand people acting as though the summer is a wonderful, happy, harmless time, when everyone is safe from the elements.

    And it’s true that you can’t really wear the clothes you want. You’re forced to wear skimpy bits of material to keep as cool as you can. I can’t wait until the colder weather aswell, and being able to dress more dignified!

    Oh, thanks Jason! Don’t worry, we haven’t quite melted here in the UK. It’s been mercifully cooler recently, and we’re heading into Autumnal bliss!

    Pat – isn’t the summer the very worst time to move?! I had to do that last year, in the boiling heat! It’s not pleasant at all. Hope you feel better now.

    I couldn’t believe my cousin told me today that she’s already stuck the heating on! She does live furthur north than me, but it can only be a couple of degrees cooler up there, and it is still warm enough that you can live without switching on heaters! I’m mooching around the flat in a vest top, for pete’s sake, and some people are probably donning their chunky sweaters!

    Anyway, hope everyone else is ok. You’re all part of my little oasis of sanity!

    Keep safe and well!

  181. marna

    WELCOME THE NEW GUYS!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my god..i had to go to hell and it was green but the sun was so bright and the poor lizards were complaining how freezing it was it was WOW!!! 19C the sun is so bright there its yuck i couldnt breathe the whole time i was there!!!
    Im soory but it was hell and i have to go back there again! yike!!!!
    We here in Tasmania were we live we have had 6 days of snow! i was so happy to come back to my home!

    Wintre Clan!!! its time to stand up and have our rights heard…we want these airconditioned ferals euthanased! so we can bring back wintre!
    Hail the Mighty Ice Queen!!!
    Snow ,Ice & Blizards,
    Our friends and foe shall see the great!
    Icey haven of delight and snowflake heaven!
    Bless our days with cold air and rain!!
    Hail thw Wintre!!!
    Wintre wonderland!
    ps= if you think i cant spell winter its the new way to spell it..wintre it looks cool and french!

  182. pat carr

    welcome new folks to the coolest place on the web!!

    let me get some comments in here!!

    “Pat – isn’t the summer the very worst time to move?! I had to do that last year, in the boiling heat! It’s not pleasant at all. Hope you feel better now.”

    yes Mariyam, it sucks dead skunk balls. I get drained so fast of energy and it was just hard to get going.

    “live without switching on heaters!”….ha i hate heaters too, they also make my sinuses act up and be stuffy. They’re already turning them on here.

    “I was afraid you guys had evaporated in the vile heat up North!”

    nope still around and the move is starting to wind down!!!

    “lol, everytime someone asks this question, the pro-summer brigade invades, launching an assault because they can’t imagine a season where they can’t get out and flex their muscles, shoot off their big mouths, do extreme things.”

    yes it’s so important to “go outside” and they act like that’s the only time they can. And for

    “This is why I cannot stand people acting as though the summer is a wonderful, happy, harmless time, when everyone is safe from the elements.”

    i agree! and it seems only the asians are smart enough to have UMBRELLAS to protect them. they don’t care what anyone else thinks about it at all. They are much smarter than us. The afternoon sun here cooks you to a crisp and i run for shelter. they’ll run like they are being shot at for a few drops of rain yet will stand and bake outside in the sun. just stupid.

  183. pat carr

    this sissy again. of course i had to reply to him. i’m sick of these pansy ass sun lovers


    war villasencio
    kent, WA
    September 6, 2009 at 8:10 PM
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    I am not quite ready to give up the sunshine.

    I am optimistic that the sun will rise tomorrow.

    How sure am I? As sure as mother is a woman.

    Though the weather, according to the weather forecasters, appears to be look so gloomy in the next three days, but I am cheefully inspired by the fact that behind that dismal gray clouds, my beloved sun is warmingly shines behind it.

    As Victor Hugo once said, “Winter is on my mind, but spring is on my heart.”

  184. pat carr

    “Wintre wonderland!”

    love it! marna you always cheer me up when the ‘Zard Sun Army is out trying to push it’s sun religion LOL.

    i have a new phrase, polar…not solar!

  185. pat carr

    here’s another piece of stupid hypocrisy that was in the times recently:

    “look at this foolishness in the Times: “Hot days are here for a short window. Get out and enjoy the summer heat before the dreary winter returns. Turn on a sprinkler and cool off, hit the pool, enjoy a Popsicle … or try beating the heat with an activity that’s a little more out of the box. Here are some fun ways you and your family can beat the heat. Plus, tips on avoiding heat exhaustion and heat stroke.”

    get out and enjoy the summer heat before the “dreary” winter comes back but at the same time avoid the immense problems of the heat. isn’t that how heat lovers think? the onyl thing dreary in winter are these pussies.

  186. Jason

    Great comments Pat! Gave me a laugh!! I checked out that news link was good too see you’re gettin the Zards on there!

    Another Summer/sun thing Im noticing lately is when I have been looking for a house to buy so many ads all rant on about ‘sunfilled rooms’, sunliit breakfeast areas, house facing the warm northern sun, blah blah…..This instantly puts me off the property and I don’t even finish reading it!
    Very few homes are photographed with snow on them. Its always sunny sunny sunny!
    I have been lucky enough to have spotted some saying ‘Winter Wonerland’ which is really appealing! But they are very scarce whichis so sad as it looks beautiful seeing the house pics with snow on & around them!
    No places ever make reference to rain either just ‘Warm’ ‘sunny’……how absolutley revolting!

  187. marna!

    OMG Pat you done it again!
    Polar not solar!!

    well here we are getting closer to sum urghr! and its really annoying just come back from hell and OMG the sun is heaps bright there!!!

    Its time of great Sun God too show his poofy grin!

  188. pat carr

    hi guys! glad you liked that polar not solar punchline. I am always thinking of stuff like that

    per “No places ever make reference to rain either just ‘Warm’ ’sunny’……how absolutley revolting!”

    the only references to rain ever are negative “saving for a rainy day”. or how about that wretched song “please don’t

    stake my sunshine away”.

    “You Are My Sunshine My only sunshine. You make me happy When skies are grey. You’ll never know, dear, How much I love you.”

    why are grey skies so horrible? Rain is an essential part of the ecosystem without it everything turns brown and dies. It’s just plain retarded. I don’t hold out much hope for the human race per global warming

    about the househunting Jason i know what you mean. I see that all the time in general in commercials here. everything has sun in it.

    Actually i call it BFASS – Bare feet and sun syndrome in advertising. HAlf the ads on here have barefoot idiots dancing around in the sun for various products like cereal, skin care, yogurt, erection pills etc. PArt or a lot of the sun worship is being fed by the media. I’ve paid a lot more attention lately to it and it’s interesting what you find out.

    That’s why global warming will continue – people are being brainwashed to believe that warm is healthy nad living and cool, cold, rain or snow is poison. Just wait till more droughts hit. It makes me sick. The disgusting addiction towards everthing sun related will kill the planet and it’s people, and when it gets hotter the sun will be our worst enemy!

    Sorry to hear Bummer is approaching Marna. THat’s what my dad called it. he hated summer with a passion as do i. I realize it will be the 3rd circle of hell there for you. I will send icy thoughts ha ha

    I tried i really did to go out in the sun and see what was so great about it. It damned near burned the arm i had exposed in a few minutes. It’s not warm it’s hot. Why anyone would like persistant heat i’ll never know. PErhaps tonight i will go and stick my head in the oven for a while or put my hands on the burner to feel the “glorious” temperature LOL

  189. pat carr

    oh yeah PS

    whenever anyone says how great summer is tell them


  190. marna!

    H guys yes Pat i totally agree with this ferasol or my new word freaumer (its feral its summer!) Oh my god i have been on a role telling these sumnosickofents that they are ugly and 2 bit hookers and sluts to their ugly orangic faces!
    Miriyam me and my friend are starting the umbrella in the sun thi9ng i got one today at an op shop and its grey and im going to put icelandic phrase on it saying winters great summer sucks! its wintres rule!

    its sad but we have a cat that is a lizard!!!
    its white and when the suns out and it inside it starts bleating and screaming to be let out in the sun!!
    in summer it gets burnt and its like our cat has been possesed by nikki webster or even worse paris hilton!

    Why do these sickosummerferals need this death star so bad they are full on addicts and they run out side inot the sun too get their fix!!
    its a sad thing hey pat that the lizards are turning the world into a tawarium(those glass boxes you grow ferns in or even worse those cages that hermit crabs live in ) and we all know they have crabs! he he heee!

    Its become fact that reptiles have a paracidic symbiotic relationship with the sun and any heat source and that results have shown if you put a lizard in an cold enviroment they are grumpy, offensive and give of this foul odour!!! oops thats them always!

    And this bare feet thing o my god they do it here too! its disgusting and they go into shopping centres like that! or with their slippers on!
    Sun only brings one thing and its called Bogan super feral freaks!!
    Rage on wintre!!

  191. marna

    Hey guys bogan is an australian word for trailer trash or slapper! and the word i was trying to say is feraumer.
    OH yeah hear on TV they are starting there reign of quote= Its getting warmer so lets eat hot food and have a BBQ and have an outdoor party!!!!!

    help us!!
    i used my umbrella today for the first time and people looked at me strange i dont care im going to start a trend!!

    OH yeah fat people that spray tan…help!!! they look like beached whales that have roted abit!!!

    Pat pack you suit case and come down to tasmania, we me and jason think your heaps funny!!!

    One other thing have you noticed that sunlovers have no sense of humour!!!

  192. Mariyam

    Hey guys!

    Haven’t written in a bit.

    First off, Marna! I’m delighted to read that you’re using an umbrella to shield you from the evil rays! I can just imagine the faces of all the lizards! Hehe! They must think that you’re crazy!

    Keep holding that brolly up defiantly!
    I bet it is a real relief under the shade.

    Well, we in the UK are feeling the heat of the summer, wind down a bit now. Soon it will be cool and comfy! I just worry for all you southern hemisphere folk. I’ll feel a little guilty when it’s nice and cold here, while you poor things have to deal with the scorching sun.

    The thing that will be bad though, is shops and other public buildings will have their heaters on at full blast. So, in a way, I will still have to suffer the damn boiling temperatures! We can’t win, can we?!

    Pat, loving the Polar, not Solar catchphrase!

    Anyway, until next time,

    Three cheers for the Wintre Wonderland!!!

  193. marna

    AAAhhh yes Miriyam the lizards really looked at me odd.i got strange looks somecouldnt work out why i had an umbrella up in sunny weather!!
    its cool its grey coloured and i wrote icelandic phrases on it such as …anti sun sheild..bring on wintre etc!
    and it has little snowflakes on it!!

    i got stared at by a fat child so i told it havent you seen a man before!
    it felt not too bad having the umbrella up!
    i wish they could make sunglasses darker!!
    apparently my friend in hell has vitamin D deficency hell gets alot of sun!! really weird..can someone explain that people get vitD deficincy in the most sunniest place in the world it get 344days a year sunshine???????????
    well guys keep cool wherever you are..we are still getting some rain! they keep saying snow but hey i believe it when i see it!

    Wintre wonderland clan your the best!!!
    blizards and snow and rain and cold….
    it makes us women and men bold…
    not sold to the sun and tan
    that is our ban!!!
    Oh icey peeks and windswept lands…
    this is what we demand!!!!
    ice flowers and flakes and ice covered lakes!
    This is our wintre wonderland!
    where we stand!!
    So mote it be!!!
    Bless you my icey friends!!

  194. pat carr

    “Pat pack you suit case and come down to tasmania, we me and jason think your heaps funny!!!”

    ha i need to! thanks you’re great too!

    you make me happy when skies are hot (varation of that horrible song)

    i can come down and irritate the bogans along with you and we’ll share a sun umbrella

    “apparently my friend in hell has vitamin D deficency hell gets alot of sun!! ”

    that’s another suspicion of mine. the whole “vitam D” bullshit. i hear we HAVE to get so much sun per day or we are low on V-d. i’m sure we get more in the food than in that hot evil bitch in the sky.

    I need iron too in my diet but i don’t sit and eat screws and nails

    “I’ll feel a little guilty when it’s nice and cold here, while you poor things have to deal with the scorching sun. “:

    me too i fell for you. i wil be sending cold thoughts your way during the Good Weather.

    look at this pile of shit i found today


    “The notoriously rainy, dreary winters in Seattle can be jarring, so if you’re going to the city between November and March, don’t forget your raincoat and galoshes. The heavy rain is generally expected between January and May and October and December.”

    JARRING!! rain can be jarring! only to pussy sun lizards

    even worse down here:

    “While the winter rains can get ominous, the result in the springtime is an almost impossibly bright green landscape dotted with flowers everywhere. On the sunny days in April and May you’ll see people filling up the outdoor cafes on the piers, picnic tables, and soaking up the sunshine on the houseboat decks on Lake Union and quickly forgetting it ever rained in the winter. At the first signs of sunshine you’ll see office workers dodging work to soak up the long awaited sun and making any excuse to stay outside. But the rain shouldn’t stop you from doing any of your planned activities, as long as you have rain gear on hand.”

    godamn i hate these writers. them and their fucking sun fetish. when it gets hot out i get inside and i DONT forget it ever rained.

    ” If you’re looking for warm, sunny weather, the summer months are your best bet. Check out our data below – it averages out the last 50 years!”

    blah blah blah drivel drivel drivel. i can’t wait for the fall to come and the horrible tan i got on my arms to wipe off and i go back to my natural color. let’s see how old these stupid lizards look in a few years.

  195. pat carr

    “One other thing have you noticed that sunlovers have no sense of humour!!!”

    no they don’t nor any sense of respect. they expect you to like the hot sun, they are the worst assholes made in the 15th rectum of hades. what i dont get is that the sun is so painful, try feeling the dashboard of a car and or the metal of the car and that’s the heat your skin is taking in. how can that be good?

    good for you M to do the umbrella thing. while those stupid sunbitches will look older and have age spots, cancer and horrible mottled croc skin, youll still look young and they’ll be nowhere to be found

  196. pat carr

    the plain and simple truth is that there are many sun lovers and the more there are the more they reinforce each other’s insane lifestyle. but surely we don’t have to put up with it in anyway.

    IT’s not normal to have all year sunshine or even to want for it. the natives had 4 seasons and dealt with it. They had a winter camp and they rested.

    the West is notorious for pushing it’s rediculous commercialized selling of sunshine/heat, consumerism and garbage we don’t need in general. i’m wondering if bodies of water drying up and there developing large droughts might begin to change these people’s minds…then again not

    here i begin to rewrites songs!

    You are my rainfall, my only rainfall!
    You make me happy when skies are hot
    You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
    Please don’t take my rainfall away

  197. marna

    Ha Ha Ha Pat um i have some bad news for you Pat that thred you had of Seattle the map in it looks alot like…..Adelaide in Hell(google adelaide map its the capital of south australia) it scared me alot i coughed a raindeer out my nose!

    Well yes the sunmbrella is working wonders!
    i got a sun lizogirl yesterday at a hair place.she talked like a retarded lizo dilect and i was like doing marg from little britan to her!!

    Have you notice that sunlubelovers(oops sun tancream lovers) have an air of stupidity about them and their brains are so fried that they are what we call them in hell mindas which in adelaide is a place where downs syndrome people live and its used to too say too weirdo stupid people…LIZARDS!!! and lizards backwards is Sdrazil
    Apple of my eye..if you can see thru all that crap!!
    Zoo animaldejects!
    Idolizing Sun freakoids!
    Loopyleaninglepper oxygen theives!

    my favourite song is Winter and
    Rain by madonna!
    Rain feel it on my finger tips!
    and let it rain byE17!
    and when we arent happy blame it on the weatherman!
    your welcome here anytime Pat!! any of you guys!!

    i want to fill an watergun pump action one and fill it with white diluted paint and get those tanofreakferals!

    well they spray them selves oratange so why not white???
    big hugs guys of the wintre clan!

  198. marna

    Pat one word= SHEARCOVER!! and the other one
    1,000s of tiny iredesent beads of a natural clay,
    covering all those blemishes and you can use it as a foundation,eye shadow,lip stick,rouge,on your arms,your whole body will glow with natural glow!

    I know you have these in USA!! those anoying adds that are like from 12 at night thru to 6am and they sell junk like Victorias Secret and that lovely miracle melon that claudia shiffer uses!

    Just beware of SHEARCOVER & NATURAL GLOW!!!

    its lies it doesnt look natural and they put mud on themselves and say its beautiful!

  199. Mariyam

    Hey, hey people!

    It was a lovely, cool, rainy day in London today! And it’s still raining now, at night!

    I was out doing some shopping, so it was tricky managing the bags and the umbrella, but it was still much better than shopping in the hideous heat!!

    Marna, you crack me up:-

    “i got stared at by a fat child so i told it havent you seen a man before!” and:-

    “i got a sun lizogirl yesterday at a hair place.she talked like a retarded lizo dilect and i was like doing marg from little britan to her!!” (Marna, was you telling her: “Say again?! Say Again?!”)

    Pat, you are so right:

    “the plain and simple truth is that there are many sun lovers and the more there are the more they reinforce each other’s insane lifestyle. but surely we don’t have to put up with it in anyway.”

    I reckon there is a Sun Lovers Mafia! They’re out to get us!

  200. pat carr

    there is a sun mafia! the media! today the SolarFascists wrote this

    “End of summer sunset

    Clear skies and a sunny day resulted in a stunning sunset Tuesday evening. Paul and Lori Copenhaver paused their walk with their dogs to enjoy the view of Lake Washington and the Olympic Mountains from a dock in Kirkland. Forecasters predict the nice weather to continue into the weekend. ”

    NICE WEATHER MY ASS. today i had to put together a computer table i bought and i thought i was putting it together inside an oven. the reason these assholes in the media can write this is they sit in an air conditioned office. it was so flucking hot outside in the sun today. “nice”. i wish they would stick the words ‘nice weather’ so far up their ass it would bounce off their skull. These solar fascists don’t care that quite a few people suffer in this slop, as long as they can spout their robotic hot weather hell drivel.

    “sun lizogirl ” lOL!!

    what will all the solar imbeciles feel when they have all the “vitamin D” the sun puts out along with CANCER ha ha!

    i know! let’s get them closer to their beloved sun. Perhaps there’s an asteroid that is closer to the sun. Wait better idea. Let’s help move them to Venus or Mercury. I hear the weather is so “nice” there, and there’s plenty of sunshine!

    has anyone seen the movie “sunshine” from 2007? it’s a worthless pile of sun worship, they have to “reignite” the sun so the planet doesn’t freeze ha ha.

  201. Hey this thread is hilarious. You guys really hate the sun LOL. I have to agree. I’ve lived in Hell for the past 14 years
    ( Adelaide SA ). While previously I never minded summers, although not heat waves, after living in Hell I now contemplate summer with a foreboding dread. The heat here is indescribably bad, you have to experience it. Just the thought of it is making me feel ill. Geographically Adelaide is in a dip and the prolonged heat collects and causes the air to feel stagnant, stale and oppressive. Not even a whisker of a breeze unles you class a 40 plus furnace of dry northerly wind. I happened to be walking to work at the precise time the mercury hit 45.7 earlier this year. I’m quite fit but that just about made me drop. I got to work and said Ishould have been carrying a pitchfork. And yet the people here like it. And yes the ones that do look like lizards and think having a tan equates to hotness. Don’t these people look in the mirror and see their leather faces staring back at them. Ha, ha theres a new insult ‘ leather face’ just like the psycho in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Perhaps he can be deployed to do a slasher job on Mike Rann and the fools that allowed extended daylight saving.His government went and extended daylight saving without even consulting the public. This crusty nasty heat is depressing and fuck knows why anyone would want to sit on the beach let alone go outside. I enjoy hiking but do you think I can do much of that during summer here.


  202. marna

    Hello again my happy bunch of vegemites, …..oops wintremites!!!
    Oh Miriyam yes i did say “say it again” and Wha?? no didnt get that! and my favourite ..No i dont understand your strange tounge!! and also i did shop women from little miss jocelyn…she gets used alot here and they cant handle it!!! he he he heeee heeee!!!!
    Its the best way to get lizofreaks!

    Um Pat i looked at the full map of seattle and no its not like adelaide only that sites map they had did!!!

    We went to heaven today up to the middle of tasmania which is the lake district it was so cool and the mountains had snow on them! and when we got home it was warm! 19C (66.2F).
    i have a new term for the lizos!!! its ta ta ta da da!!!
    Thrumples or thrumpolards!!
    have you notice the fat lizards that wear slut wear really short shorts or a cardigan with mubles!
    and there fat celolite large thighs slaping together walding down the street! and they look pissed off because they are getting humongous and blubbery!
    and worse more too pay for tan!!

    Another thing i worked out tanning salons are promoting high salt and urine…why??
    in tanning salt is a fixative as so is urine so that is whay lizards STINK!!!! and also why they use heaps of Impulse cheap perfume airasols!
    airosol…..air a soul or air a sol(ar)!!!
    well keep cold happy guys and gals of the wintrewonderland!!
    winterwonderland is a good song by a dutch punk band called heideroosjes!! its in english!!!
    see if if you can find it on Utube!

  203. B. Taylor

    I think folks who enjoy the cool grey days are on much different spiritual level.

    All of this sun-worshipping B.S. is part of a higher conspiracy put in place by the illuinati/Merovingians forcing us to worship their main astrological symbol. The vast majority worship this thing fervently and without question . . . blind faith is very idiotic and dangerous.

  204. Propoganda songs about the sun

    saturday sun

    black hole sun

    ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

    here comes the sun

    sun king

    you are the sunshine of my life

    set the controls for the heart of the sun

    tequila sunrise

    won’t let the sun go down on me

    sun arise

  205. pat carr

    “All of this sun-worshipping B.S. is part of a higher conspiracy put in place by the illuinati/Merovingians forcing us to worship their main astrological symbol. The vast majority worship this thing fervently and without question . . . blind faith is very idiotic and dangerous.”

    Agreed B Taylor. IT’s one thing to like warm weather another to be fanatical. I wouldn’t doubt this is the work of some dark secret organization ha. The media eggs this on with their maniacal ravings about hot days and their dreadful depression drivel when it’s cool. Thanks for your insight.

    I am a cloud worshipper!!

  206. pat carr

    Hi Ash welcome to the coolest group of cool people around!


    “Hey this thread is hilarious. You guys really hate the sun LOL. I have to agree. I’ve lived in Hell for the past 14 years
    ( Adelaide SA ). While previously I never minded summers, although not heat waves, after living in Hell I ”

    sorry to hear you are living in Hell. How anyone can like it i don’t know. The sun is ok if it’s cool outside but my issue with it is that it’s not nice in summer and the fanatical and maniacal obession with it is well driving us cool folks into madness.

    only leather faces like crusty nasty heat as you say. i can’t understand why because the body itself doesnt’ like overheating. heat makes everything dreary. they talk about winter being dreary or overcast but how does the sun blasting your eyeballs out with light or slow Wok cooking your skin seem so “nice”. it’s insanity maximus. I will be sending a pitchfork down to you so you can at least keep every one of those lizard faced demons down there in Hell in line ha ha.

    also per

    “ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

    here comes the sun

    sun king

    you are the sunshine of my life ”

    yeah i have been thinking about that myself lately. how many songs are about the rain. stupid irritating little diddeys that only retards would like

    speaking of here comes the sun i didn’t even know what a terrible song it was till i pulled the lyrics. what a shameful worship of the sun, i’ll have to make a spoof of it:

    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
    and I say it’s all right

    Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
    Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
    and I say it’s all right

    Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
    Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
    and I say it’s all right

    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…

    Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
    Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
    and I say it’s all right
    It’s all right

    or how about “Saving for a rainiy day”. or “great the weather is clearing up”. ok great yeah so cool nice weather is about to be replaced by the evil Eye in the SKy, wow how nice.

    “?Well yes the sunmbrella is working wonders!
    i got a sun lizogirl yesterday at a hair place.she talked like a retarded lizo dilect and i was like doing marg from little britan to her!!

    Have you notice that sunlubelovers(oops sun tancream lovers) have an air of stupidity about them and their brains are so fried that they are what we call them in hell mindas which in adelaide is a place where downs syndrome people live and its used to too say too weirdo stupid people…LIZARDS!!! and lizards backwards is Sdrazil

    good for you marna. i’d love to come down to Hell sometime and set those sdazils straight. but then again their brain is beyond hope and too well done. even the cook would ahve to throw out the meat LOL. keep

    “have you notice the fat lizards that wear slut wear really short shorts or a cardigan with mubles!
    and there fat celolite large thighs slaping together walding down the street! and they look pissed off because they are getting humongous and blubbery!
    and worse more too pay for tan!!”

    yes all while wobbling on dirty flipflops and feet that look they they are going to fall off soon or hopefully should. Why fat people like hot sun is beyond me, i like bacon too, but i don’t like it walking past me.

  207. marna

    OH PAT!!!!!
    hell no im not living in hell!!!!!!!!
    i lived there!!!
    I live in Tasmania,its green cool and its fresh air,water and food! not like hell!!
    i had to go back to hell for some personal reasons to fight my family there with lawyers!!!

    There is no way i will ever go back to hell to live!!

    Oh the poor denogrades!!!
    well im in a lot of personal growth Pat!
    The Sunmbrella was used the other day and i scared more people…went into a op shop and said the yucky death star was out and this lady said to this person in the shop that the sun and this lizards full on got narky at me!!!
    Those addicts are so funny to watch!!
    its like a science experiment…you know the one when you put a moth under a manify glass and see it turn orange then burn!!

    If you get the TV show eleventh hour there is a frozen lizard on a beach in it!!! HA HAS HAAAAAA HA!!! we have iot on tape!
    she was orange but no more!! shes black blue and has iceles!

    OH yeah Bacon burns!!!
    fat people in tights are liken to a hippo tranilizo
    performer in a freak show!!!

    Come on lets twirl the Blubber and baste it in tanning fluid and add a match!!
    Oh my God its the Hindenberg again!!!

  208. Thanks for the welcome Pat

    hi everyone

    The malevolence of daylight saving will soon darken our days down here in hell. Discriminating against the night and it’s magical qualities. The West Aussies have got the right idea in saying NO to nasty DLS. What’s wrong with the night I love it.

    Yuk, soon I’ll be able to spend half of summer sitting in a dark airless environment, being assaulted by a furnace when opening a window or door,air conditioning going, blurgh

    Toxic shit floating on the piddle that becomes the Torren’s lake, thirsty looking birds standing on stick thin legs because there is nothing to eat cos everythings dead. Not sun skanks. Real birds. The worms have all shrivelled up from dehydration. Although the sun skanks are discovering that other worms are rapidly detracting as a consequence of that freak, the sun.

    For six years I had a rather intense experience of the sun so I wrote some prose about it

    Oh stinging sun,

    let me be

    for must I wither in your penetrating stare

    I don’t have that experience anymore.. thank fuck as my physical surroundings have changed, but it made very aware of the effect that intense heat and light has on the psyche.

    I love the rain and the cold and can’t understand people who don’t enjoy the charms of winter and instead go around being morbid and miserable.

    They are evil sun trolls and come summer I’ll use that pitchfork to roast them alive in this hideous oven called Adelaide. Satay lizard. I thought it was just SA media that went loony tunes every time there’s hot weather ^ but it sounds like its a global looney tunes phenomenon. This affliction should be included in the psychiatric diagnostic manual.

    Melody Horrible, er, Horill, not really she’s lovely, reminds me of an excitable dog that pisses on your foot whenever I witness her reading the summer weather report. She rhapsodises about nothing and then just about has an orgasm when she gets to read the extended weather report which usually = furnace like days for the next two weeks.

    How strange !

    Meanwhile the sky looks like a nuclear dawn.

  209. Jason

    Hey everyone…& welcome Ash!
    I was fortunate enough to have escaped Hell (SA) 18months ago & now live in beautiful Tasmania.
    There is water & life here and beautifulm cold temp’ rainforsets! & the mountains are amazing! Unlike Adelaide where Mt Lofty is considerded to be ‘huge’ its a meazily hill in comparrisson to the likes of Mt Ossa, Mt Mawson, & many more here!
    You should move down here Ash! I was so amazed at the summer here last it was nothing compared to hell!
    The snow & rain here is great too! 7 the people here arent all anally retentative like in SA and people in general are really polite & helpful!

    There are still liizzards here but on a much lesser scale-he he!!

    It got to about 3dg today with beautiful rain, mists & fog! So I was happy!

    in Tasmania its very contrasting it was a warm yukky sunny day the other day & I went to a town down the way & there was an ugly old lizard laying on he lawn in the full sun with her tribe of about seven kids running around playing with the garden hose in their underwear which not only is dangerous puttin your kids in the sun fully exposed but on the front lawn on a busy road was just filthy & slobby but the Liz didnt care she then got them to wash her car!

    It really grates me how the lizards put their chilren & babies in the full sun. When I was in Hell they always put the babies in 45dg summer heat……its fucked!!!!
    So glad I left Hell!!

    Pat have you had anymore of those lizard weather reports from Seattle? Arent they bloodyb annoying. Like I do not watch the weather on tv anymore as the lizard weather reporters piss me off with there summer spill (Like Ms Horhill the Horrid in Hell!!) so I just look at it online but still you get that rubbish from the heatfried numskull writers!!!!!….I can only laugh although Id love to get them!!!! GRRR…

    Stay Cool Folks!!!!

  210. pat carr

    “Pat have you had anymore of those lizard weather reports from Seattle?”

    yes a few but i am trying to avoid them so i can keep my sanity lest i tear out my own eyeballs! it’s supposed to be 84 degrees here today which i am sure the FurnaceFascist, Solaretards will just fall over each other in adoration and worship LOL. I know 84 isn’t hot compared to Hell (SA) but it feels very hot here. now i’m dreading the coming “it’s SO MISERABLE” attack from these tanosauric lunatics, the same ones that want you to believe they are such sweet, touchy feely people in the summer but turn into blubbering fucked up whiny pussbags in the fall and winter.

  211. pat carr

    “OH PAT!!!!!
    hell no im not living in hell!!!!!!!!
    i lived there!!!
    I live in Tasmania,its green cool and its fresh air,water and food! not like hell!!
    i had to go back to hell for some personal reasons to fight my family there with lawyers!!!

    There is no way i will ever go back to hell to live!!”

    LOL you should have used the Sun instead to fight. it’s free, hot and “perfect” ha ha. Glad you made it out of Hell, i bet you didn’t own a pitchfork either.

  212. marna

    Hi Guys and Gals!!!
    Pat,Ash and Miriyam and wintre friends i saw the ultimate funny thing today..it got me and jason laughing alot!!!
    we were at a tip shop and it was raining and this letrolizard was caught in the rain being pelted by acid drops and bullets it was completely drenched with its soggy jiffy ballet shoes and skin tight whore wear dripping in water!!! she was trying to get something into her freak mobile!!(that looked like thatit wasnt going to fit)…HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAA a drenched lizoderm! and i bet she would be complaining how cold it was!!!

    Ash hi yes i think we have met!
    Oh man i feel for you in Aids de Laide! me and my friend made the move to Tasmania a year and half ago and its great!

    Pat you naughty man..you have pestering those hasbeen lizoderms again havent you!!!!!!!!
    well 84 would be quite hot in australia if it was celcius and not fahrenheit!! it gets to about 60C(140F)in some parts of the outback!

    The Sunbrella is going well! i think i will start a craze!!
    world domination of the Sunbrella!!!! ha ha ha ahaaaaahaaaaa!!!!!!!

    keep cool!!!

  213. Hi guys, cheers to you all

    Jason and Marna you must be loving it down in Tassie. Have thought about moving down there myself I certainly intend to check it out in the future. You guys living in such cool places, Tasmania, Pat in Seattle.

    Well at least its been raining in Hell today. However the heat is loooming. This reminds me of the time I saw a legless lizard a couple of years ago outside a block of units. I thought it was a snake cos the local rag was going on about all the backyard snake sightings and also cos it had no legs and slithered by me. Apparently they were looking for water due to the intense inferno that is the Adelaide summer. Anyway I had this lizard neighbour, an old duck who thinks Adelaide summers are a glorious hydrating experience. She insinuated that I was either lying or hallucinating as she had never seen, in the whole 100 years of living there,any snakes. Two weeks ago the ‘b advertiser’ had a story about some country blokes being rushed to hospital with snake bite. The staff then ascertained they had infact been bitten by a legless lizard. Alas, I was vindicated and proven right regardless of whether it be a legless lizard or a snake. Imagine if the lizard skanks had no legs. No more cellulite thighs covered in fake tan. Hmm.. anyone got leather face’s phone no.

    Marna your stories are so funny, going into op shops with a sunbrella freaking out old ladies talking about the death star,LOL. Fuck I wish I could see it.

    I was browsing through my cd’s last tonight and I found more songs citing the sun

    southern sun


    things behind the sun

    sun shinin

    sun rise

    holidays in the sun

  214. Jason

    Hey Everyone…

    Ash I love your comments on the Legless Lizard….
    You would see dozens of Legless Lizard species in Hell slithering & stumbling down Hindley St on a Satuday night, avoid their bite & venomous spray (impulse!!)!!!!!

    Went through Hobart today and there was a few soggy slipper footed lizaards runnun fir dear life although it was just a tiny drizzle there as the lizards rule Hobart and its like a big sundome down there always sunny & dry but as soon as you travel out of the city zone its cloudy & much wetter, which is very odd…I think the lizards of Hobart have made a pact to the great Queen of the Lizards (Satralia) for sunny hot weather & make the occasional oferrings to her!! Its always warm & yuk in Hobart which I noticed when I first travelled Tasmania!
    I much prefer the mountainious regions and coutryside which is bliss, lovely cool & green, & the air is so fresh you can taste it!!!
    I just love the chill of the cold fresh brisk fesh air it brings me too life….
    I hated it in HellSA as it got so hot as soon as the death star rises in the morning it hits you like a fist in the face!

    Until next time………….

  215. pat carr

    Hi ash! not cool here yet. in fact the Greedia (my new name for the media is gloating that fall is off to a hot start)


    i’m pat in seattle on there and you can see i am quite sick of the heat worship. we’re still in the process of moving and it’s miserable taking things out to the car in the evil heat.

    “Warm sunny days, sandals and cotton clothes, cool evenings, gorgeous Seattle views …it doesn’t get better than this”. i’m like yeah it does. Put away your stupid kiddy clothes and your shower shoes and let’s get on the real good weather.

    “Alas, I was vindicated and proven right regardless of whether it be a legless lizard or a snake. Imagine if the lizard skanks had no legs. No more cellulite thighs covered in fake tan. Hmm.. anyone got leather face’s phone no.”

    LOL! good for you. Perhaps we can get all those snakes to come eat the legions of SolarZards ha ha. Cool weather people are smarter and more with it because their brains aren’t turned to bacon yet.

    WAIT! i got a better idea. Let’s all get together on either side o the world, start jumping up and down and push the earth away from the sun a bit. I’ll call the event The Great Cooling.

    2 things burn me about these assholes

    1. they assume we ALL like this weather and we have nothing better to do than walk around in sandals or floating in pools.

    try sitting in traffic, moving equipment or doing anything except for laying around

    2. the whining about the cooler weather, well what more can said about that. you know i’d almost put up with their worship of the heat during the summer if it wasn’t for having to put up with their DREARY attitude.

    liking cool weather really is a tough thing to prefer in this world with these horrible insulting, condescending Zards. But we must keep our heads up, Cool weather is on the way!

    “great Queen of the Lizards (Satralia) for sunny hot weather & make the occasional oferrings to her!! Its always warm & yuk in Hobart which I noticed when I first travelled Tasmania!
    I much prefer the mountainious regions and coutryside which is bliss, lovely cool & green, & the air is so fresh you can taste it!!!
    I just love the chill of the cold fresh brisk fesh air it brings me too life….”

    ha ha! Jason that’s a good one. I know what you mean about coming to life. I can’t imagine what life would be like if it was year around heat

    i come alive each fall feeling like i just walked the Halls Of Hell itself and made it through the other side. The death star is the best description ever. I sit in the car and that Evil Eye just sits and cooks me. Oh and the “you have to wear light clothes” BS – it doesnt matter that much even white shirts are hot under the death star.

    what cracks me up is that places like in the middle east where the sun is so hot, they dress for it. only in the western nations do they act like they need to soak up every uv ray. Don;t these imbeciles realize they are getting soaked by radiiation from outer space? But act like rain is poision. it’s hard not to have the most utter contempt and disdain i can conjure up

  216. pat carr

    UG! it’s 351 pm and the air in here feels like old stale gravy. The Death Star hangs in the sky with it’s evil laser.
    Nice weather my mother fucking asscheeks.

    I’m so tired of this summer i want to go out and scream somewhere. While the sandal and slipper Tanosaurosolarfasticolizarosunsucking nutcases are probably foaming over each other to adulate how glorious and wonderful and perfect and nice it is out all while cowering in fear of the coming drops of rain like the big panzies that they are.

    Please SnowRainOvercast God deliver thy faithful from the clutches of the Death Star…Amen LOL!!

  217. marna

    Hi guys and gals!!!
    I think i have started something!!!!
    Oh Ash the legless lizards are a problem at Glenelg beach and maybe true in Port Lincoln!

    Oh Pat and Ash you crack me up..thanks to you guys i have kept my sanity!!!

    Visuals of foaming lizards is funny……..
    1) literally lizoderms foaming like rabey mad lins!

    2) lizards on the beach foaming as the beach has frozen solid,as a freak storm froze them on the beaitch!

    3)new car cleaning sponges foam ones in the shapes of lizotards!!!

    4) or worse a lizotardic rave foam dance party with a free spray tan shower where they cool off and renew the scaley tan!!!!

    Legless Lizards LOL Lizards On Leprasy!!!
    oops there goes there tail!

    I love a sundrenched country…….NO I DONT!!!!

    i love the greedia how everything that is happy and gay???????? is ALWAYS SUNNY AND BLUE SKIES!!!

    but terrible and sad and depression is ALWAYS RAINY<DARK CLOUDY!!!!!
    wha tha???

    and for our foriegn students here is some Satralianese or other well known as Hellian=
    Owz et gowiynn tudaey maeit,and shit,ya complaeniyn
    abowt tha sunn.puet upp wivz et maeit etz nart thad badt and shit, ya fukknn shyitt faest maeit.ya fool av shitt ya haev a probbz wiv thadt maeit!!
    Thar sheelar iz abyit in tha shit wiv yar maeit sheez nart happeye thadt ya dunt lyik tha sun and tharz beitch,whadts ya fukkin problyihim???
    Karn hav ar beeerrr wivs mi andz mi maeitz!
    letz hav aey barrbeeye and shuwe arf tha fliyiezz andz eetafewmaeit!
    Itz nardt fukkin hot maeit its fukkin freezzyinn itz fukkn 28C neeedz mi raeyncoat andz mi uggiees..gott a smoak maeit!! ya shiythed,justz shitz maeit!Sheeiytt!!!

    How are you going today and stuff, are you
    complaining about the Sun, put up with it and dont whinge about it its not that bad and stuff!!
    are you annoyed about it!! do you have something to say about it!!
    my girl isnt hapy with you that you dont like the Sun and the beach,whats your problem??
    Have a drink with me and my friends!
    Lets have a barbeque and shew off the bugs and maybe eat some!!
    Its not fucking hot its really freezing!!
    Its 28C and i will need to aquire a raincoat and some wool lined shoes!!!
    have you a cigerette! you bafoon ,that is just annoying! Great explosion of disfactisfaction!!”



  218. MaRnA :)

    Pat Ash Miriyam i have some sad news……….

    you can take tanning tablets!!!!!!
    i was talking with this cool lady at an op shop and she said her friend took tanning tablets and they worked

    she was in this ladies words a very wrong shade of brown and her face was especially brown, she said it looked terrible and it shamed the friend to stop taking them!!!!

    we should have a vacination against lizodermititis or
    skinktherma or orangatano syphiltetis Dermatanuis or the even terrible fatal disease…
    Sundeath its latin name is Luxofearar orangetanisii!
    and its cousin Morto frigkinsolararis!!

    the symptoms that you know if you have the dreaded
    sundeath is…a orange brown skin enemilies, a fixation of any bright illuminescent objects,a facination with hot [pink], [orange] or any fluro colors! and a squeeky voice that enables the infected to speak a weird solar talk that no one else can comprehend and a facination with salty water in any form!!
    and the last serious stages of the illness brings a sort of a gasses released in a form of methane gas! coming of there skiny boney bodies!

  219. pat car

    thanks marna the move is almost over. never again will we move in Bummer (summer). thankfully its cooler today yet the death star still shines and where it does it’s 20 degress hotter. Suck the Fun!

    “letz hav aey barrbeeye and shuwe arf tha fliyiezz andz eetafewmaeit!
    Itz nardt fukkin hot maeit its fukkin freezzyinn itz fukkn 28C neeedz mi raeyncoat andz mi uggiees..gott a smoak maeit!! ya shiythed,justz shitz maeit!Sheeiytt!!!”

    LOL!! i love it. thanks that was funny. and the legless lizards ha ha. IF only the sunosaurs were legless perhaps they could only slither past us instead of walking ha ha. it would take them a lot longer to slither around than walking in those cursed shower toy “shoes”, flip craps lol

  220. pat carr

    “letz hav aey barrbeeye and shuwe arf tha fliyiezz andz eetafewmaeit!
    Itz nardt fukkin hot maeit its fukkin freezzyinn itz fukkn 28C neeedz mi raeyncoat andz mi uggiees..gott a smoak maeit!! ya shiythed,justz shitz maeit!Sheeiytt!!!”

    love it!! thnaks for that. is it time for yet another barbeque?

    the move is almost over. no legless lizards at the new place either LOL

  221. Pat Carr

    Tanning tablets lOL. why not just have sun pills. where the UV radiation can work inside your stomach and tan you from the inside out.

    Tanning is stupid and ugly. i don’t know why people want to do it. Yeah Marna and folks lets go and cook our skin, i’m so bored and need something to do let’s go and darken our skin and age it. wow how intelligent. i’m sick of being the race and color i was born in, so it’s time to darken.

    so that brings up another thing.

    if the weather is so great because it’s so “bright” and sunny and grey is so horrible then why is light and pale skin so bad? what an incredible hypocrisy. Oh it’s ok if the skin is grey or brown but not the sky? stupid

  222. Jason

    Tanning pills…yes this mace me laugh!!!

    How about a Winter Pill to give lizards so they will turn normal! Just put it in there Maccas or drop it in thier drink!!!
    Thier tan would fade & the hair would get its color back!! & they would have a dislike for hot weather!!!!

    Id love to see these tan pills ill have to google it!!

    Pat i liked the link for your news board. Those lizards on there are horrid! I love their pathetic summer rants!!!

    The whole ‘Legless Lizard’ thing really gives me a good laugh…I get the best visuals of one! I think of it when I see the lizardz out on the street & get a giggle!!

  223. Jason

    Oh I just read the comments at the bottom of this ‘Pingback >Longrider i love the summer’

    OMG its revolting about ‘glorous sunshine’ a ballet dancing bloody dragonflies!!!!!
    That person needs theropy!

  224. Marna

    Back again my dear wintre friends!!!!

    Another thing that has striked me is nursery rhythmns
    and how anit social they are towards weather!

    Eg. Its raining its snoring the old man is boring he bumped his head and could not get up in the morning..

    Revised version= Its sunny its tanning the lizards are boring they got burnt real bad they look sad , so ugly in the morning!

    AND others like!!

    the lovely hellish one=

    tharz soundz av thee sun cominn dowen cominn dowen,
    tuernyn mi browyn,tuernyn mi browyn!
    Az thaz Raeyn is no morez and Sun i adorez!

    wait wait thats not right slight change!!!!!!!

    Rain rain come again, no later no futher,
    as children smile in the rain storm as the clouds come,
    winter dazle us with your delightful snow,
    as you fill us with cool days and suns no bright!
    round ,and round the yule tree winter solstice wyshes
    be our dreams of a grand wintre feast….
    that be the dream of jimmys best!
    Tisk tisk the autumn leaves fall and our wintre qween comes in all her fur lined gracious gowns of silver and blue!
    she knocks 3 times at thyne door,
    as she enters a breeze of ice follows her!
    The fire roars and we drink to thyne wintre grand!
    Horraah for thee cold!!!

    hows that for a revised nursery rhythmn?????
    take care guys and gals..we have the brains too know sun is snore!

  225. Oh I just read the comments at the bottom of this ‘Pingback >Longrider i love the summer’

    OMG its revolting about ‘glorous sunshine’ a ballet dancing bloody dragonflies!!!!!
    That person needs theropy!


  226. Hi guys, Jason Pat, Marna, et .ala, you know I reckon you’re on to something when you talk about sun worship and how absurd it is. People whine incessantly about the lack of water and then whine when it rains for longer than a day. A positive attitude towards the rain and winter might even effect change, power of the will ect….

    lol, Jason- ‘ the death star hits you like a fist in the face ‘ very good analogy there and so, so true. I’m glad I found this blog as not only do I enjoy reading everyone’s hilarious and insightful posts ,I can now lament the lack of a normal existence that I’ll be forced to lead due to the impending summer.

    Today I went shopping for some suitable summer attire such as a red catsuit and a pair of cloven toed boots. Its time to don my summery attitude so I’m going to change my name to Beelzebub and go around saying rude things about Jesus.( not really he’s lovely, Hell just has that effect on me)

    In the news a while back, some Satan loving dude in the UK had titanium horn implants surgically attached to his skull,his cannie teeth filed into fangs and was trying to get a pointy tail attached. He was also covered in demon tatoos and wore red contact lenses. Wot a tripper. Imagine seeing him wandering around the village.

    I have it on a good authority that he was an ex South Australian who had lived through the purgatory that is life in Adelaide. Post traumatic stress reaction.

    And don’t ya love capitalist ingenuity. Tanning pills, insecure fools and money eh.

    I’ll post again when I have some more ridiculous things to add.

  227. Yeah, when I said cool place Pat,I probably meant more, wow, Seattle music scene, grunge era ect.. arts orientated,it sure sounds a lot more exciting than Hell. Although it does get cold and snow,eh. Isn’t Seattle known for good coffee??

  228. Mariyam

    Hello everyone!

    Sorry I haven’t written in a while! Have been reading all your messages though!

    Marna – Tanning Pills?!?! What will they do next to look bright orange?!?!

    Well, it’s coming up to October now, and in London, it’s only getting slightly cooler than summer.

    Everyone seems to have turned their ghastly heaters on, even though it’s still hovering around 20 degrees!

    I think that some people are even appalled that the summer is coming to an end! It’s like they need therapy!

    Me? I’m going to start stocking up on winter clothes, and get ready for MY TIME!! They’ve had their fun. Now, I want to be in temperatures that I am comfortable in.

    There are still too many awful little bugs invading my flat! I can’t wait until we go into proper winter, and I can leave my windows ajar without expecting all kinds of creatures, intruding!

    Pat, I’m glad to read that your house move is almost done. I know I felt a big relief last year when my things were finally sorted. I would have preferred to move when the weather was cooler aswell! It really takes it out of you, doesn’t it?

    How is it down in Australia at the moment? I dread to think! I hope that all you guys are coping well, despite all the tanning maniacs, and crusty-skinned lizards roaming the plains!

    Anyway, at least they provide you with some crazy tales to tell us! Keep posting them!

  229. Jason

    I was just called a ‘Moron’ by Longrider, well those where your comments!
    This blog is for Winter/Cold weather lovers so go away and bake in your death star!!!!!!!!!!!….(who’s the moron?)

    Anyways it has been lovely rainy cool misty weather here in Tasmania latlely which is great! Many areas in need of rain have gotten heaps so thats always good to see….All the little steams and waterfalls around where I live are heavily flowing with lovely pure mountain waters…

    I saw a couple of lizards today in the supermarket with squashed black slippers on their feet & their feet all red! & they love to wear skin tight navy blue jeans & tuck them under their ankle to half way accross the foot into slipper, it looks so stupid! & no socks! & they are walking and squeltching through mud & puddles!!!!

  230. Jason

    Summer lovers are bullies!

    Yes Longrider this is what you are!

    Checkout post #2 from him & the other Pingback link for the extended version!

    I will not hide my feelings about the fukking summer?hot weather back any more for summer nazi’s!!!!!!!


  231. When you can string a sentence together using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, you might just be qualified to make a comment on what I wrote.

    When you can quote the piece accurately you might just be qualified to comment. As it was, you opted to misquote one phrase out of context in order to mislead.

    Suggesting that I am mentally ill because I wrote something with which you disagree makes you worthy of nothing but contempt and you fully deserve the epithet I threw at you. I make no apology as none is due. Indeed, your subsequent remarks merely confirm it.

    Summer lovers are bullies!

    Yes Longrider this is what you are!

    Oh, do grow the fuck up, you puerile little cretin. No one has bullied you. You made a stupid comment and got called on it.

  232. […] As for the sun being a death star – what a prick. I mean, really. Just try living without it you little moron. It goes on: […]

  233. MaRnA :)

    Well Well we have a summer lover in the midst!!!!

    Im sorry what your doing too Jason is bullying Longrijder…
    Are you a longhorn??? be ye from the thee olde fronteers ye bakking auld cowgirl! YEEEHAARRR!!!

    i think Jason was sad to see that lunes like you summer lovers…think the thought of salty swet dripping down ya brown orantanic boney bodies liken to something a bad gas day in Autwitz…
    well people here like the fact that summer isnt the all and end all!!!
    Oh sorry for thee gramar…like control freak!!!
    Go dol ya self up and act like a queen that ya are pussy!
    I heard Paris Hiltons dead!!!!!

    Oh an Ash yes cloven feet very special touch! how are the legoins going …Lucifer looks hot in tights!! he he!!
    shes a hot little devil hey!

    Pat i feel sad your in seattle it must be hard to know that people like longrider are the same race!!!

    The Isabommer is coming your way Pat to rid you of the lizodermoteratherms!

    Bless The great Wintre Goddess she will exterminate the Wintre terroists!!
    Bye Now!

    Ps= maybe some people have to learn that english is variable in alot of countries and is spoken as such!!
    or in my case je ken de pot op met stommers als langrijer!

  234. Im sorry what your doing too Jason is bullying Longrijder…

    Whereas accusing someone of being mentally ill is just dandy. Get a grip and grow up.

    Bullying, my arse, you don’t know the meaning of the word.

  235. Marna

    Well well well a lizard in the midst!!!

    i dont need to stoop to childish name calling and
    being politcally correct….
    Wow wee Jason didnt spell something properly or said it in its correct english juncture!!
    as i said English changes all around the world and
    its grammar does aswell…
    this isnt an english site its about winter and people like you that need justification to express your controlling childish ways on us wintre lovers!!!

    Maybe you should be a Nazi or a teacher or policeman they would suit you well!!

    sorry guys bringing this simpltant saddness to the site!

  236. There’s an old Chinese saying – better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and prove it beyond all doubt. You and Jason have just proved it beyond all doubt. If you cannot grasp the simple point I was making then you really are devoid of intelligence. And, trying to dress up illiterate drivel as regional variation – pull the other one.

    May I finally remind you, that Jason, despite being unable to spell “therapy” considered himself qualified to decide that I needed it, simply for disagreeing with him. And, might I remind you that he deliberately misquoted me in order to mislead – demonstrating a staggering level of ignorance in the process.

    Also, finally, if you insult someone as he did, you really shouldn’t be too surprised if you receive a response in kind.

    Dr Vee’s site usually has a high level of debate – unfortunately, this thread is the exception.

  237. Jason

    Well boo hoo LRider so i mispelled a word big fukkin deal!!!!!!!!
    Get a life you tool a puk off!!!!!!
    Like we said before Zards have no sense of humour & you have proven that!!!!!!!!!
    I dont see why you even come on to a site titled I Hate Summer, if you are a lizard, buggar of to your spray tanning salon! You are a freaky scarey very freakin scarey Zard! You are a bully!

  238. MaRnA

    So lets get it there isnt regional differances in english……mmmm obviously you think that American,English,Australian,Irish,Scottish,Jamaican,
    West indian,Welsh englishes are the same in being spoken and gramar…mmm very interesting point ..yeah i can see they are all the same!!!

    there is an old Russian saying that goes like this=сильная форма,грамматически неопределенный член старый женщина кто жизнь в высшая отметка за классную работу полуботинок вспомогательный глагол для образования сложных времен также многие ребенок какой оленья кожа она делать , оленья кожа она продаваться их в грамматический определенный член рынок или есть их для лэнч оленья кожа она продаваться их также грамматический определенный член Царь для труд в грамматический определенный член Сибирский соль принадлежащий мне! с высшая отметка за классную работу пластинка яние) от patatoes и высшая отметка за классную работу стекло яние) от водка воля доставать пить снова! dont беспокойство меня с ваш распустить слюни,сопли и сверлящий слово!!!……its true!!!

    im sorry Russians speak english!

    And please again Political Correctness isnt favoured on this site as it binds you in an air of gayness that really fags up the whole story of how pussy you are!!

    as again i feel your a Nazi!!!! or a Jew…and have the intellergence of a 5 yr old as you seem not too grasp the easiest transjections of the fraudian interpretations of your childhood insecurities of foriegn consepts!!
    Read Mein Kampf maybe you will find the true calling of your sinister lizodermic terms of Solar indeerment!!
    and hey big kiss too you for voicing such amazing string of words…thankyou its great to see that you can say something more humble than…we love you!!!
    Peace my sexually deprived cowboy or what you maybe inclined to take!!!
    I Love You Langrider!!!
    Real man material!

  239. pat carr

    “Well boo hoo LRider so i mispelled a word big fukkin deal!!!!!!!!
    Get a life you tool a puk off!!!!!!
    Like we said before Zards have no sense of humour & you have proven that!!!!!!!!!”

    that’s true – no sense of humor.

    this is a “i hate summer” place to sound off, not a place to express loving feelings for the Miserable Summer Months.

    Hi Ash,

    “People whine incessantly about the lack of water and then whine when it rains for longer than a day. A positive attitude towards the rain and winter might even effect change, power of the will ect….”

    agreed. what’s funny about these folks is they want to paint you as a depressing negative person if you don’t like baking in the hot sunshine and don’t FAWN over it, yet are the most miserable, unhappy people during cool weather (“detest winter and its dark dreary day”)

    And yet they don’t even know they are doing it! Maybe they don’t realize they are bullying us constantly by putting us down and forcing their opinion on us.

    and yes Seattle has great coffee but it’s music scene not as great as it used to be. we get snow a little here, but mostly moderate winter wearther 30-50 F or so.

    “Pat i feel sad your in seattle it must be hard to know that people like longrider are the same race!!!”

    LOL Marna, oh well we can’t have it all i guess ha ha. If you’ve noticed M, the Zards always have to have the last word. they always will have to end the conversation with ”
    WELL I LIKE WARM WEATHER”, even if they’ve stated it before. i’ve tested this out quite a few times and i’m never allowed the last word.

    “I was just called a ‘Moron’ by Longrider, well those where your comments!
    This blog is for Winter/Cold weather lovers so go away and bake in your death star!!!!!!!!!!!….(who’s the moron?)”

    Yep sorry. well i can feel for you, i’ve been called “nuts, weird, etc” for not worshipping at the Altar of Summer. So that’s why we come on here and vent here.

  240. pat carr

    “Dr Vee’s site usually has a high level of debate – unfortunately, this thread is the exception.”

    who said this was a debate thread? It’s bad enough to have to listen to the legion of ‘Zards and their pushy opinions about weather without having to come on here and put up with it too.

    So you like summer, woopee fucking doo. You must be miserable then 9 months of the year, poor guy, I’m sure there are plenty of places you can go and fawn over your hot, stupid grossey weather, but this isn’t one of them!

  241. pat carr

    “squashed black slippers on their feet & their feet all red! & they love to wear skin tight navy blue jeans & tuck them under their ankle to half way accross the foot into slipper, it looks so stupid! & no socks! & they are walking and squeltching through mud & puddles!!!!”

    LOL Jason i know what you mean, people wear sandals here much longer than they should be season-wise, i have seen them wearing them into winter. i want to tell them they must have forgotten they are no longer near the shower LOL. i’m like put on a pair of shoes already, a real pair!

  242. pat carr

    fall is here and again the Greedia has to make a big deal of it. i have to laugh when they say the sky is SOCKED with clouds.

    or this line

    “”We really did have a nice long summer,” Kam said.” – not nice to us you Bitch


    A chilly farewell to summer weather

    Seattle hasn’t seen weather this chilly since last May.

    By Nancy Bartley

    Seattle Times staff reporter

    PREV of NEXT

    A sliver of light from the rising sun illuminates part of Alki Ave. SW as downtown remains socked in with clouds. The weather is shifting to rain and temperatures in the 50’s.
    Enlarge this photo


    A sliver of light from the rising sun illuminates part of Alki Ave. SW as downtown remains socked in with clouds. The weather is shifting to rain and temperatures in the 50’s.

    As if you hadn’t noticed, the season for sweaters, boots and umbrellas finally is here.

    We haven’t had a high as low as the 57-degree high forecast for today since last May when we were thinking summer would never arrive, according to the Allen Kam, meterologist with the National Weather Service.

    When it did, the hot weather stretched into September, but now it’s apparently over.

    “We really did have a nice long summer,” Kam said.

    The forecast for today and into the weekend — as measured at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the official weather-reporting station — will be temperatures in the high 50s. The overnight low was 48.

    There may even be snow in the passes, Kam said. The snow level will drop to 4,000 feet today, which will affect Stevens Pass and even Snoqualmie Pass could get a few flakes.

    We’ll stay in a fall pattern into the early part of the weekend. and then there’s a chance we might dry out a bit — tentatively, Kam said.

    It’s not uncommon to have dry spells during Seattle falls, he added.

    And for the record, a year ago today the high was 78 and low 50″

  243. Hey Longrider

    You should go through a few summers in Adelaide without air conditioning in your car and home. And on top of that live in a third story flat with no external blinds to block out the sun. Two weeks straight of searing tempatures above 36 degrees half of those days hovering around 40 or above. Put up with two months straight where the daily tempature dosen’t drop below 30 degrees and it rarely cools off overnignt. Very little in the way of a breeze to stir the stagnant air. If you can do that without complaining then I concede you truly are a summer lover.

  244. Ash, Dr Vee lives in Scotland. At the time of this discussion – some eighteen months ago, I lived in England. Therefore, the discussion was about summer in the UK, which, for the most part involves warmer rain. In the south, where I lived at the time, the seasons have merged into pretty much the same mild, damp overcast with, if you are lucky, the occasional warm, dry spell.

    I now live in the south of France where summers are warm and winters crisp and cold with snow during January and February, which, frankly is a delight to see if you don’t have to travel.

    I have no problem with people liking different seasons if you are lucky enough to have such things. My recent objection here was the use of logical fallacy designed to mislead and the arrogant suggestion that I am mentally ill because I said something of which the poster concerned disapproved.

  245. Marna

    No one said you were mentally ill!!!!!
    wait do you understand english?????

    Oh longrider , moi réflexion moi would dites ça en français que Anglais troubler vous alot! Personne ont dit vous aviez une mental maladie , les unique truc thanksggiving était être ont dit était thanksggiving Anglais déménagements autour de les mondial où toujours son parlé et de trajet tellement fait gramme! Et l’hiver terrain c’est pour tout le monde autour de les mondial! Peut-être vous devoir faire apprendre à être diplomatique et s’arrêter être une sissy! et politique trognon! son pas seyante!

    i hope this clears this up!
    and people on tis site are not all from Uk ..we have a few from Australia,America and also UK , so its universal!

    Back to what thhis site is about ,iits abowt wintre!
    I saw a disgusting Tv news thingy about Brighton England and im sorry longrider the skies were Blue as!!!!!! and the lizards were lieing on the bietch no towels..
    OMG they are nuts!! it not even a real Bietch its a gravel pit!
    Oh save us from the sickofentical lizoterminoferalateores!
    No humour ..theres being a study that old farts that dont laugh get more wrinkles and take up drugs to feed there habit and alot of old farts are sun lovers!
    they alawys talk about the stupid war and how the japs and krauts ate their babies and the clouds were in the sky when charlie came…….and how they were blinded by the rain drops as a kraut came out and shot jimmy!


    You dont hear wintre lovers talking such drivel!

  246. Jason

    My recent objection here was the use of logical fallacy designed to mislead and the arrogant suggestion that I am mentally ill because I said something of which the poster concerned disapproved.
    No where on here does it say that you are mentally ill Longrider so that in itself in your own words is being posted to mislead…….

    I see that you have created a topic about me “The Stupid, the Cretins and the Plain Nasty’
    Im sorry but that is a basic description of your behaviour in these posts!
    And calling me a taxation problem or something…..That is very odd behaviour!
    I couldnt care less of your mental status it seems that you are making all this up to suit your own needs…
    If you wish to place posts on here at least read some of the previous ones. The people in this site have our own jokes & share & vent day to day life experiences.
    This is a light hearted non political site.
    As I see it you are a stirrer on here to push buttons. In your own and very descriptive words you are a summer lover so I do not see a need for you to come in here at all!, hence finding your post on summer hilarious, as this is an anti-summer site!
    I pay out stupid weather report writers all the time on their summer rant reports! so yours is handed to me on a platter to disect! If you don’t like that idea than go onto a summer loving board and post on their im sure you will be welcomed!
    As for the spelling grammer thing so I made a few typos etc this isnt a site for The Engllish language either & as their are worlwide people on here sayings & expressions are varied as well as the spelling of words like is it color or colour etc….who cares.
    But im sooooo flattered how you mare a special topic just for lil ol me!!!!!!!! You must not have had your UV fix this week Liz!!!!!!!!!!

  247. Marz!!

    I Love you guys!!!
    its so nice to see this commradship with us its a beautiful and hey if a snorebird comes along and goes no too winter i have one word!!!!!!!

    Stick that boney finger and goe tann your self to death you butt ugly Summersolistic freak!!!!!

    Well Well Well i saw this lovely show and it had a house out in the Arizona desert and it was called…………..THE SUN HOUSE!!!!!
    OMGOD!!!!!! it was hideous and it had so much light in it it looked like a freakhouse!!! in it was a scarey scarey scarey Braieyackk Lizodermoterafool!
    i watched about 10 mins of and it freaked me out so much i had a coffee!!!

    I want too have a WINTRE HOUSE!!!!!
    and im so sorry if i used foriegn languages here i was placing a point!!!

    Ash And Pat and Miriyam and our lovely friends of the wintre clan!!!
    dont give up when the Solaroids come to town too spoil the broth!!!
    Im thinking of breed snow tigers and foxes and snow owls to do our bidding!!! what do you think!!
    love you guys!

  248. pat carr

    “Update: It seems that doltish Jason isn’t the only one who is as thick as two short planks and willing to share it with the world. Take a bow, MaRnA :) . Blockheaded twat.”

    well marna looks like you were included in the honor of LR’s very long post. i’ll never give up against the Solar’s and their bullying ways. That post is a reason why, an entire post, just due to a statement that Jason posted. Goes on and on. His feelings must have been hurt badly LOL. Well it must be time for a trip to the tanning salon.

    but like i said sun bullies always have to have the last word. Their lives must be such misery living only for those hot sweaty 3 months of the year and hating the rest of it. Needing “lightboxes” and constantly roaring heaters just to remain happy. Blathering on about “gloom” and “misery” when those words apply to something more serious than weather.

    And putting down everyone else who doesn’t join in the Worship Of the Sun and the great eternal Barbeque LOL. Perhaps they don’t even realize how obnoxious their behavior is.

  249. pat carr

    “Im thinking of breed snow tigers and foxes and snow owls to do our bidding!!! what do you think!!”

    i love it. And meanwhile the SunTards can train the legion of bugs, bees and flies that come up during their “nice”,”perfect” weather to do their bidding

  250. MaRnA :)

    Oh how true my dear friend…oh how true!!!
    we experience these homotoads everywhere!!
    If its sunny they are gleaiming with big ugly smiles and walking head up!!!!!
    If it is rainy and snow they are like the lights gone out and nobodies home!!! and walk all ridged..there poor little veretbraes cant handle it and they gets thee athritis in the tail!

    Why do these homotoads have to be such bulleys????
    in comparison to a human brain a homotaods brain is quiet smaller and has a hard crust around it resembling something that of a mucus membrane of tanning fluid and BBQ juices! now of course we know that when fat gets cold it becomes hard and pale in colour.(so that is the reason they want tan in winter)
    and when its sunny the fat becomes warm and fluid,,,,,
    which explains the processes of these homotoads get smart and brainy and insulting as the reaction between fat and tanning fluids and BBQ fuids in their bodies gives them a feeling of euphoria and extacy!! and also explians why these summer homotoads need to do drugs and smoke!!
    and also proves a fundimental point that these are addicts by design!!!

    Summer lovers are walking fermauldihide corpses!!
    proof that zombies exist and that drugs causes a social disfunctional society…Sun Lovers!!

    and also is why they have that gross smell about them!!
    its all mixed with swet,bugs,smokes,drugs,fat,tanning fluid,and BBQ fluids and cheap impulse perfume for the female ones or brut for the male ones …some of them are multisexual……have you noticed that the female ones look like men!!! and the male ones look like women or andraginous types!!! in pink!!!

    That my insight into the scientific prrof homotoads exist in a nasty society…..

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..he h eh he he heeeeee he ha ha aha ah aha aahahahahaah haaaaahaaaahaaa!
    :0 :) ;) :0 :p :0

  251. The Beatles were in collusion with the lizards

    Gooday Sunshine

    I need to laugh and when the sun is out, I’ve got something I can laugh about – I feel good in a special way> I’m in love it’s a summer day

    Gooday Sunshine

    We take a walk, the sun is shinning down – Burns my feet as they touch the ground

    Gooday Sunshine

    Then we lie beneath a shady tree – I love her and she loves me>She feels good, she knows shes looking fine – I’m so proud to know that she is mine

    Gooday Sunshine

  252. pat carr

    “The Beatles were in collusion with the lizards”

    yeah Ash, they had several songs glorifying the Hot Spot.

    isn’t it funny tho:

    “Burns my feet as they touch the ground…..Then we lie beneath a shady tree”

    singing about something that “burns his feet” as though that is something good! and having to lie beneath a shady tree of course for shelter.

    it’s become a social expectation that one has to adore the sun and hate anything else. it’s not liking the sun that i have as much issue with but the idiotic fear and hatred of other weather. people “long” for the sun only then to seek shelter or wind up getting burned.

    a good comparison is, how many people have gotten cancer from rain? or snow?

    1. Wow guys i was out in the rain and i got such a bad RAINBURN LOL!

    2. i’ve got age spots from all the Rain. Rain ages the skin!

    3. I’m having to put Rain Screen on.

    4. I was out running the other day and i got Rain Exhaustion. It could have turned out to be Rain Stroke which is very dangerous.

    last week i saw some sissy boy complaining he didn’t want to walk around much “in the rain”. sadly we’ve raised a generation of wimps that are going to have a hard time out in the world, i’ve noticed the kids now are almost afraid of rain when it comes down. it’s sad and rediculous.

  253. Hey Pat, I wonder whether people’s pathological fear of the rain is partly to do with their hair obssession. People, particularly women, spend hundreds of dollars and many hours each day in order to achieve straight overprocessed hair. Dark clouds can mean potential disaster. I worked with this obese very unattractive girl who whinged about how the rain spoiled her birthday. She’d spent hours straightening it just for it to go limp and frizzy due to the rain. Perhaps if these cretins actually had a brain and could think for themselves, instead of being brainwashed by capitalist advertising,and the opinions of the fools around them, they wouldn’t spend so much time obssessing about something that A) only makes a marginal difference to the way they look anyway, and B) that ultimately, in the big scheme of things, dosen’t matter.

  254. Hey Pat, I wonder whether people’s pathological fear of the rain is partly a result of their hair obsession. Women in particular spend hundreds of dollars and many hours each day in order to acheive that straight overprocessed look. Dark clouds can mean potential disaster. I worked with a rather unattractive girl who complained that the rain had spoiled her birthday. She had spent hours straightening her hair but due to the rain it ended up limp and frizzy. Perhaps if these cretins actually developed a brain and started thinking for themselves they would realise that A) in most cases all that effort has a negligible effect on their appearence anyway, and B) ultimately, in the big scheme of things, it really dosen’t matter.

  255. pat carr

    “Hey Pat, I wonder whether people’s pathological fear of the rain is partly a result of their hair obsession.”

    Hi Ash that’s definitely one of the reasons. The media and advertising have brainwashed people that fake tans, plastic hair and ugly dresses are what makes a person.

    and this you said – “rain had spoiled her birthday.” – that brings up another thing, the pettiness of these folks. Any day where they can’t wear their flip flops or some stupid summer outfit is “miserable”. We have a generation of wimps.

    Perhaps a serious drought and lack of water would change their mind about rain. They like greenery yet also want the sun blaring down all the time. Also many of them aren’t satisfied with even sunny and cool, they have to have it WARM (really it’s hot but they call it “warm”). They’re spoiled brats that’s what they are. That’s why they go off constantly about how “gorgeous” it is and and alternately “miserable” during cool seasons.

    I’m ashamed and tired of these pathetic weather whiners. LOL Perhaps Western civilization has created a legion of soft-skinned, backbone-less imbeciles.

    The native americans used to set up winter camps, i wonder if they complained all winter long how “miserable” or “gloomy” it was.

  256. Marna :)

    Hey guys i couldnt agree more!!!

    have you notice that they arent very intellegent!!!!!!
    but profess that they are !!!!!

    Oh my God Pat its the same down here the youth are so stupid and ugly!!!
    they are so brain dead that its like OMG sad!!!!!
    and the sad thing is when we are old and they will have to look after us..AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!

    Ash yes the straightening iron…i worked with some girls of the night and they were so obsessed with that thing they would spend 4 hrs doing it to make it so straight..and if a hair was out they would get the spray water out and start again! it was really annoying hearing them whinge all the time and yeah if any rain they would sulk like sulky children!

    GOD HELP US!!!!
    nah he wont maybe the Lord and Lady of the wintre relm!!!!!!!

    What do you think aboiut my homotoads???
    oh yeah Ash if ya want to ring me….for info on tassie!
    won thaw free tu thaw thaw thaw tu won tu…its cool!!
    hear from ya buddy!
    you can have it tu Pat and freinds!

    OMG ITS DAYLIGHT SAVINGS HERE STARTED TODAY!!!! Damm that benjemin franklin!!! does anyong know why day lights savings was bought in??? like the sun grows more in summer its fact so why more of it?????
    i was thinking its because the homotoads need more of it to punish us wintre lovers!

    as the saying goes Hell will freeze over!!!
    it has once in 1912 in Mt lofty..but not since!!! sad to say!

    Ash did you have snow on Mt Lofty????? they say this every year!!!! the closest i saw snow in Mt Lofty area was in 2007 when i was at stirling and there was a freek hail storm and it was so thick like about 20cms on my car..it was like sleet!!!
    OMG the only snow i saw in SA was a picture a friend had in the 80s in a place called Melrose near the flinders….i think it was fake!!!
    well buy guys and girls of the wintre clan!
    Hail WINTRE!!!

  257. Jason

    Hey Guys.
    Well the horrid DLS- daylight savings (Diseased Lizard Syndrome) started here yesterday. Gods I hate that stupid thing it stays lght for soooo bloody long! And in the bummer it just stretches out the horrid heat of the death star!
    Its so selfish of the zards to just have DLS and you get no say in the matter!
    It has been extended for 6 months in the last year which makes me even more cross!!
    Back in precious Hell (SA) they want it permantly so they can be the first place to do so and the Zards can bask in the pukken sun at 9pm at night!!!!

    Ive been on Yahoo message boards just now where a Zard is going me on how wonderful bummer is!
    He was going on the usualo crap beautiful beaches, lovely flowers, sexy women blah blah!! And he is SA where we know what the lovely lizard ladies look like!!!!

    Oh Ash you said bout the lizard ladies with the hair straightening, Id love to walk past one and blow itching powder in its hair then look at her go!!!!

    Oh the stupid ‘Lose weight for summer’ promos have started with billboards & a miriad of scarey tv commercials!!!!
    Like Ive always said what about the other seasons is it the assumption that all of the human race are living in an armchair being spoonfed tubs of fat, just living for the Summer to come so they can stand up and go outside and eat some healthy food!
    I dont see the deal i eat healthy food in cool weather…..Its a fukkin joke by the greedia!!!!

    Stay Cool!!

  258. Marna

    hey guys back!
    where has everyone gone …..
    Oh No the Sundome NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    i feel its time to say some words about another thing on my mind!
    1= Romans ,Greeks and other tribes used to where clothes to the conditions they lived in eg.togas,skirts,loinclothes,capes,shouds etc!!!!

    2=Christian Roman: sewn togas,dresses,furs etc silks.

    3=Medievil times: wafty dresses head dresses,silks,linnens furs etc! amour!knights!

    4=Baroquoc: Alot of clothes,big pants,boots,furs again and alot of poofy outfits!

    5=1700-1800s: alot of pants,jackets coats.waistcoats,hats,umbrellas ..long trousers!!

    6=1900s: alot of flowing dresses to the ground,umbrellas,gigantic hats.alot of material! Black was fashionable!!

    7=1920-30s: Nuevou! this is when dresses got abit higher and the look was chapper(slut)..it went down hill from here!

    8=1940-50s: bathers got smaller,sun was revealed,clothes got smaller and in the fifties the dresses were full but short!

    9=1960-70s: mini skirts,freak hair,druggy clothes and revolting prints,big boots ,stilletos,t shirts,skivies and surf ware.

    10=1980s: You know what happened there!!!
    the lizo was getting ther and was born..remember tragic trannies ruling the ruist!

    11=1990s: people actually started to dress to the conditions,and hats were very popular…..

    12=2000s: we have reverted back to the endless 1980s fashion and worse..the Sun rules supreme and fashion is about showing as much skin as possible no matter how fat and ugly you are slut is in!!!
    umbrellas are shunned,hats are shunned and sensible ware is shunned…the sluttier it is wear it cause in the neo lizo wear is a paris hilton reject and you have all the sex you can want!!!!!

    ~~~my conclusion to Fashion~~~~~

    Hell with fashion its just wear what feels nice and look ya best so hey the sunmbrella is going to be the next trend and im wearing my hats!
    thats my blur guys!
    next i might talk about why women of the homotoads variety need to wear make up of a dead hooker????

    i laugh they already do!!!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  259. pat carr

    marna and jason i’ll reply back in the next post but i had to share this horrible adulation of this past summer from yelp.com, it came in an email this morning. this was the worst one ever, with the heat and these fucking fools are reminiscing. here we go, it’s awful from the beginning tagline. i can barely stand to cut and paste it here:

    Who loves the sun?

    Ohhh, Sunshine. You heartbreaker, you. Endless thanks for arriving in May and blanketing us with beautiful stretches of idyllic weather to enjoy open-air movies, cold beers with close friends al fresco, and a resurgence of quality street food. But before you pack up and vanish, we ask that this week you accompany us for one more perfect day to hold us over as we patiently wait for your return.

    First stop? Laura T suggests a breakfast crepe and a cup of Stumptown coffee on the cozy patio at Hangar Café, whose name comes from the “great view of Boeing Field runway.” Then kill some time (and that food coma) at Discovery Park’s canopy, which Sarah B insists is “such and incredible place to get lost” outdoors. Likewise, Kerry Park offers a panoramic five-star view just waiting to be soaked up by locals and visitors alike. Mandy C’s advice: “Show off our beautiful city. Make ‘em jealousssss.”

    Ready to get wet, yelpers? As Jeremy C attests, “Honestly, you haven’t experienced what Seattle really has to offer until you get on a kayak and explore the city’s waterways,” so go rent a canoe at Agua Verde before it’s too late! Or “paddle like nuts” with canoe rental at the UW Waterfront Activities Center. Jennifer L assures, “You’ll have a good time (unless you encounter a very naked man), I promise!” Y’all can ask her about that one yourselves. And while we certainly don’t endorse drinking and boating, beer lover’s Utopia, Bottleworks, is stocked with the best… for drinking and boating. Cheers!

    As the fall sun sets, sneak those sunkissed mugs down to South Park to squeeze in some QPT (quality patio time) and beer guzzling at quirky neighborhood treasure Loretta’s, complete with Airstream trailer out back! Rachel H fondly yelps, “I can’t imagine a better consolation prize for one who found herself unexpectedly moving to South Park due to brokeness and changes of plans.” Lastly, top off the night with dinner under the stars at Parisian dream Bastille ’cause as Diana S points out, there is no better “way to while away a few hours” than “channeling our inner Parisians. Magnifique!”

    *And now some sunshine from the Editors: Starting with this issue, the Weekly Yelp is comin’ atcha on Wednesdays! Happy Humpday!

  260. Hi everyone

    I posted 2x with last comment cos it didn’t post initially.

    DLS is here, urghh, ghastly. Endless sun untill midnight for the next six months. Jason, I like your acronym for it. Thought it was you guys re:yahoo boards look out for my post, will have an 11 in it.

    Got the drift there Marnos made a note, may well follow up. Your timeline is rather informative.

    Hey Pat, what a scam exploiting the sun to sell their products. We know the sun is an incredibly loud and overbearing whore but thats just too much.

    Thought of you guys when I watched this show about these 50 + female lizards from the UK. They were travelling as an organised tour to the Dominion Republic to pick up young local guys. Shag = money. These lizards, and they were like the hard core variety, were making a frightful spectacle of themselves, jiggling scales in mega abundance, wearing bikini’s and lounging around on the sunbed, frocllicking in the pool, doing aqua aerobics, dancing. Then they lamented the fact that these young buff dudes didn’t love them and only want their cash. Now I’m all for the notion of live and let live……..

  261. MarNa!!!!

    Hey guys Pat im so sorrry for the tanosidics comments they were disgusting…..quality patio time QPT OMG !!
    are they for real>??????
    I have come to the conclusion that these scarey lizotypes are full on trying too brianwash us into thinking its the norm!!

    Hey ash yeah man ya welcome to ring me anytime!! yeah that show you saw sounded very Seaford!!!!!!
    that is where we had to shop when we lived in adelaide! its bad man bad…lizoderms sunbaking under the tan dome in seaford shopping centre!

    i really dont like daylight savings it has fucked up my body clock..i just dont understand why we have it?????
    i feels like 2 or 3 hours behind than 1 hour….. i hate it its annoying and sucks!
    and yeah in adelaide its really fucked subjected to more light and heat!
    i feel for ya man!
    well guys take care!!!
    from snow filled tasmania!!!!

  262. Jason

    Hey guys!

    Ash I saw your comments on yahoo was great! I responded to you! That southernX is a real loser he changes his user id like several times a week as he gets barred all the time. He has tried impersonating my id on there alot & posting freaky threads!

    Pat that article was vomit material! We had something similar in the local newsletter here today which went something like this…….
    ‘Mother Nature Shows Her Disapproval’
    While the savage storm raged through very early on Sunday morning, most of us were tucked up comfortably in bed with blankets pulled up and over our heads to shut out the noise of the buffering wind & rain……….blah, blah…
    Oh the ‘noise’ of rain, oh please I love hearing rain it is relaxing and helps me get to sleep!
    Oh the so called ‘storm’ some rain and wind…WOW WEE!
    Poor lizards where afraid the acid bullets might penetrate their roofs!

    It has been lovely rainy, misty ,snowing latley so Im in heaven atm! It really puts me in a good frame of mind, but is shattered when I step out into a shop to be greeted by- ‘Bloody miserable weather aint it mate’
    Which is an off putting comment by its self hence the weather put down!, as usual when i say I love it they go all bully & get grumpy at me….After getting tis several times through the course of the day my good frame of mind goes awfully sour!

    This DLS is really annoying being light till all hours!
    Is another one I came up with!!

    I hope your going well too Mariyam havnt seen you on in a while.

    Until Next Time……

  263. Jason

    Oh yes the stupid ads for sun lotions are on all the time on TV latley! Going on about being in the harsh sun is harmful, DUH!

    So spend a fortune on useless creams that are useless to be tanned! but as they will not protect you will still get burnt and have to buy yet another cream for after tanning and sunburn! Then because the sun ages your skin another cream for sun damage and premature wrinkles!

    I have a free & eay solution…..don’t expose your self to the sun!!! Wear proper clothing..its not that hard!!!

    Oh so if you cover yourself in these creams and go out in the sun basically naked you will be protected,,ppffftt…yea right!!
    I saw a lizard baking on a bright hot sunny beach on a health tv show the other night. They asked her what protection she was using and of couse she replied ‘eewwll! none of course’..then the guy told her to use 30+protection lotion, in which she responded ’30+ are you for real’
    He got her to try it……..

    Oh Beauty & The Geek Australia premiered tonight Lizard haven omg you should see those skanks!!!!!

  264. Marna :)

    Ash can i ask you what your veiws are on pink and also is it a mans color or girls??? as some girls especially lizodrols like to force there men into pink…
    and pink in my eyes is a lizards favourite colour!

    Summer is getting closer and closer and the threat of the disease that it brings comes to us !!!!!
    its a sick sight seeing lizodrols in there regalia of bikini tops and undies out in public???
    help us ahhhh!!!
    hey ash do you still have that facial hair???
    and pat i hope your fine that sped was very fearful!
    has your move ended??

    Miriyam hope your fine…hope the sun hasnt burnt you!
    well next time my friends@ wintre domain!!!
    i throw a snow ball your way!

  265. pat carr

    hi marna sorry to Bummer is coming your way and the homotoad invasion is out and about.

    “Hey guys Pat im so sorrry for the tanosidics comments they were disgusting”…no problem i’m used to them!!! the addicts lead a sad pathetic life, only seemingly happy when their sun is out. how incredibly shallow!!

    I agree Ash on the scam of selling sun products and i think that’s why they keep pushing the most unpleasant season to us. how much can they sell during rain? umbrellas and raincaots. but they know with summer and sun they can sell sex, tans, oils, lotions and other shit.

    the sad thing is that people are going to pay the price one day and dont even realize it. just so they can “fit in”. it’s horrible!

    “‘Mother Nature Shows Her Disapproval’
    While the savage storm raged through very early on Sunday morning, most of us were tucked up comfortably in bed with blankets pulled up and over our heads to shut out the noise of the buffering wind & rain……….blah, blah…”

    how stupid. the “noise”?? it’s become rediculous how these people are getting about rain. it wasn’t always that way, now even the sound of rain is somehow scarey?

    i’ve noticed out here how obsessed peoiple have gotten. one candidate i met at a chamber even a couple days ago said “well light rail is great except when it rains” and she said “Well you have to walk in the rain” to which i replied, SO WHAT? she was of course perplexed that i liked rain.

    WHAT THE FUCK HAS HAPPENED TO THE HUMAN RACE? not enough droughts? jesus christ enough with the SUN WORSHIP. next thing maybe we’ll have Sun Sex Fetish videos or something. Christ people grow up and stop watching the idiot box tell you that 85+(f) degree weather is “heaven”.

  266. Pat Carr

    hey where is the yahoo thread? also i’d love to chat with you guys off here because it’s getting so long the page is. if anyone is interested i will post an email address. Go SNOW!

  267. Jason

    This is the link for the yahoo message boards


    Youll find some of my comments in the Tamania & South Australia sections.

    Yes this page is getting long!
    Id like to email.
    Roll On Snow!!!!!!

  268. marna

    yeah pat i think your right maybe start another thred but here is my email adress= marnahelfvus@yahoo.com.au
    feel free to write!! same for all you wintre lovers you can email me if ya want and keep in touch!

    i just went to a dutch festival near where i live and omg the homotoads were out in force!
    Why do kids get sluttier and sluttier???
    its a sick society we live in!
    well keep strong guys and gals of the wintre clan!

  269. pat carr

    i will write u Marna! also will check out the board. this page is getting so long and i don’t want to neglect anyone’s comments to me

  270. Sammie

    I wasn’t sure what was happening today, my skin felt really bizarre, it wasn’t being singed off my body, the sky had these grey and white puffy things in it, and water was trickling out of them instead of down my back, my lungs also were very strange they were doing something….I think it’s called breathing, in place of suffocating like they usually do, my sinuses, well, there was AIR going through them! Really really strange, I don’t know what’s happening, there is cloth on my body and these things they call boots on my feet!!!!! Gosh I feel this thing I’ve heard about called energy, I can do all these things like walk about and breathe and I feel happy! It’s COOLED OFF. Even though I know it won’t last I have to revel in this most incredible feeling, of NOT BEING HOT!

  271. marna

    oh sammie another thing called the death star it surprized me that a fluffy thing got me the other day..and my jiffies were sqwelching in fluid!
    mmm maybe my straighting iron needs to come out…heheheheheheheheeeee!!

  272. Hey Guys

    Its been raining here, gasp, yeah that wet stuff has actually been sighted in Hell. Jason I too love the sound of the rain and the smell, that fresh smell, washing away the sulphur, ahh divine.

    But as per usual, the weather in Hell will go from coolish clammy rainy conditions to 30 dry,crusty nasty degrees literally overnight. And that’s called spring. Followed by millions of 35+ days. I hate this desert type heat. I got chatting to an African guy from the middle of Africa and even he said the heat is unfuckingbareble in Hell compared to where he’s from. And a Westerner from South Africa said the same thing.

    Marnos, in regards to your ? pink really dosen’t do it for me. Pink is ok on small girls and cute little piglets. Absolutely nowhere else. You may have me mixed up with someone else though, I don’t have facial hair, nor am I capable of sprouting it. I recall a few years back when all the guys were getting around in pink polo shirts with the collar jacked up and white thongs. Yuk, thongs just make your feet dirty unless you are at the beach. They aren’t really city attire. Blame that sun loving lizard Warnie cos I reckon he started that sophisticated fashion trend.

    LOL, Pat, sun sex fetish videos – cum shots using sun tan oil, extreme sunburn senarios, lizards flicking their tounges in and out of orifices. Urghh perverse

    I found a gecko hiding behind my bean bag last summer. It had gone there to escape from the hideous heat. And it was very cute, much more attractive than those gaudy orange lizards who bake in the sun and shriek ewww ,and whose entire conversation consists of like like like like like like like and, er, like.

    Anyway keep me posted re: new thread

    will email u guys

  273. pat carr

    “Gosh I feel this thing I’ve heard about called energy, I can do all these things like walk about and breathe and I feel happy! It’s COOLED OFF. Even though I know it won’t last I have to revel in this most incredible feeling, of NOT BEING HOT!”

    Welcome Sammie to the Real Good Weather. Where you can actually live and breathe rather than being slowly deep fried. IT’s cool here and raining and already the Summer Pussies are complaining. fuck i hate em!

    “LOL, Pat, sun sex fetish videos – cum shots using sun tan oil, extreme sunburn senarios, lizards flicking their tounges in and out of orifices. Urghh perverse”

    hi ash! yeah let’s not give em any more ideas ha ha. Maybe i better leave it as it is, these folks already get an orgasm when the sun is out.

    hey marna nice to talk to you via email. Let’s show these sun wusses what real men are all about!

    i’ve decided to completely lambast anyone who dares to insult my weather preference. i’m a live and let live kind of guy and sick of being treated this way

  274. pat carr

    “I found a gecko hiding behind my bean bag last summer. It had gone there to escape from the hideous heat. And it was very cute, much more attractive than those gaudy orange lizards who bake in the sun and shriek ewww ,and whose entire conversation consists of like like like like like like like and, er, like.”

    and the gecko had more sense than the supposedly intelligent and sentient human beings around it, knowing when to scurry away from the heat!

  275. marna

    Hi guys yes pat was good chatting with you and also you ash…
    its been nice down here coolish..
    tuesday is going to a lovely lizard 25C so yuk to that as i have a garden job that day yike!
    well summer is creaping up and those sick lizoderms have given me the flu with their bad eville lizobreathe.

    Sun+ Swet+ Suntanning Salons=Sickness of the brain!

    why do we have to listen to them all the time whinging, im sorry they make poms look lame…. they are so sissy

    well talk soon

  276. pat carr

    “why do we have to listen to them all the time whinging, im sorry they make poms look lame…. they are so sissy”

    yeah marna g8 to talk with you. i think the reason we have to put up with them all the time is that not enough people who like cool weather stand up to them and just try to be discreet. not me. i tell them i like cool weather and that’s just that. if they like warm weather, fine, but i won’t put up with their insults. if they like their stupid warm flip flop and burnt skin weather ok but they have to respect other preferences. and that’s why we are all here venting because we’re tired of the Zardian aggressive sun attitude. NO MO!!

  277. marz

    Aye thinx so! thee wee lill punks are such sooks aye!
    he he i agree pat..i dont put up with it either….
    it just bothers me that they rant on there snoring stories of when they were young and now they just love Sunburn tales.ya little takkerthats a example!

    Its so like being stuck in an old nursing home hearing those old men ranting about how many japs or gerries they killed and hows bo ..and bobs been dead since the war!
    Been Bored stiff about how they rashened all their food and how a bomb nearly killed them snore!!!!
    here its worse we have anzac day and its always sunny and its suntalk and war talk overload..and the sad thing the original anzacs are dead..anzac is ww1.

    help us Pat…..well email me if ya want cool! i hope miriryam is okay!

  278. pat car

    hey marna got your email and i will email you back soon as i can!

    sorry to hear of that same old tired ranting. peopel have it way too easy now. this comment was sent to my sister from a friend on facebook

    Pamisue Pach Hey chickie, how’s life today. I was glad the sun was shining, it has been so miserable the last few days with rain, I was going crazy.

    LOL “so miserable”. a few days of rain drives her crazy? how pathetic. i mean people really have tied the sun to their life, it’s incredible insane

  279. pat carr

    we’ve had cool rainy weather for days and i am in heaven! the death star is on vacation – i say stay way for an extended amount of time

    maybe it will flush some of the sun nuts out to one of their hot “paradises” so we won’t have to listen to their feeble whining

  280. marna

    Oh yes pat that lovely ranting on how great the day is yay!!!!
    i did some gardening the other day and it was so hot i nearly past out from the heat and its not even summer yet..PS+ hell is 33C i think thats 90F now!!!its sad!!!
    why does that horrible death star have to be so hot??? its effleunt in the sky that horrid death star!!
    and the products of effluent are lizzards!

  281. Hell is living up to it’s name. No spring – straight into evil summer. Even the lizards who usually like summer are whinging about it being so sudden. Friday 9 am in the morning it’s already 33 dgs. Even a simple task like hanging out the washing is a hideous draining experience. Go to hell sun… oh that’s right you’re already there.

  282. Jason

    Oh yes Ash I see the lovely heatwave in SA, I feel for you it must be revolting. I hate to think what it will be like there in January….You need to escape hell!!
    I remember that in Hell how the lizards want it hot all the time but when it gets hot some of them do the ‘its too hot’ thing! I always said they got their wish!!
    Then they are all in airconditioned places….which I never understand because AC’s make them cold??

    Im very happy for you guys in the Northern hemisphere that you are getting closer to winter!!
    Its been ok in Tasmania at home today was about 12dg so was nice, lots of fog and thick mist!!!

    Stay cool!!!

  283. marZ

    i cant understand how that place survives theres no water, its hot and dusty …you wait there will be a bad horendous dust storm come there again!!!! there are no heatwaves here at all its going to be 26C on monday here but it cools down in the night!
    i hope you can come here!!!!
    take care my nice girl friend of wintre clan!
    Wintre Gods bless you with a freezing ice breeze!

  284. Tony

    Good to see some other summer haters here. I absolutely love winter and hate summer. Trying to tell your South Australian parents this and you’ll get the same response as if you were telling two strictly homophobic parents you’re gay.

    I’m looking at immigrating to Canada when I graduate uni. If my family wants to celebrate Christmas with me they can come visit! No way I’m suffering another summer.

  285. Jason

    Welcome Tony, you poor thing being stuck in Hell (SA)
    I too was unfortunate enough to have been born & lived in that heat infested filthy dump, but now have relocated to Tasmania. I too would love to immigrate to Europe or Canada and someday I will.

    Yes isnt it a lovely act when telling you witerphobic family that there way of thinking about the heat differ from that of your own. Mine think I’m a freak because I hate the heat, but thats there loss if they want to be that petty!
    Tasmania is so much more pleasent than Hell, and has greenery in abundance, unlike the brown dead landscape of hell. SAians must be color blind as they think brown is green…..
    That heatwave there looks revolting! No heatwaves down here in Tas!

    I hope everyone else is going fine and enjoying your cool weather up north!!

  286. Hi guys,

    you must be laughing with relief at the suckers in hell, just as I will too someday. And perhaps Tony as well. But glad you both are feeling cool and human down in Tas. I saw five people with sunbrellas fending off the death star around the city today. And I wondered is this a revolution waiting to happen, aimed at ending the lizard dogma, or just some strange people who couldn’t wait to try out their new brolleys.

  287. Jason

    I just saw this revolting article on weatherzone about Hell (SA) adelaide…..

    A warning system for extreme hot weather, created in the wake of heatwaves last January and February, has been activated this week in South Australia.

    The Heat Watch plan incorporates various agencies including SA Ambulance, the State Emergency Service (SES) and SA Health.

    A three-stage system aims to warn the public to prepare for warmer weather in advance.

    SES chief officer Stuart Macleod says the warning system is currently at stage two – heat watch.

    “The third stage then is heat health warnings and at that stage we are getting into fairly serious conditions,” he said.

    “Those are very much built on giving people three days’ warning so we might issue a watch or a warning when it is still relatively cool.”

    It is more than a century since Adelaide had an official heatwave in November.

    The State Opposition again has called for an easing of watering restrictions.

    The Liberals want an increase watering hours from three to six per week and watering days from two to three.

    MP Mitch Williams says SA Water could monitor changes for a month to determine any difference to water use.

    “The reality is that winter is finished, it looks like spring’s almost over and summer’s here. It would be absolutely pointless in our opinion easing water restrictions in the middle of summer when home gardeners have already seen their gardens die,” he said.

    “If we’re going to make a move it’s imperative we do it now so home gardeners can save their gardens.”

    Premier Mike Rann says restrictions will stay as they are until expert advice shows the need for a change.

    “We will make a decision based on expert advice so water restrictions still apply this month,” he said.

    “What we’re doing is basically looking at the mix and the flow and we’ll make sure we make announcements on a month-by-month basis.”

    Mr Rann says there will be no announcement of changes this week.

    South Australian irrigators will be able to carry over all their unused 2009-10 allocations into the 2010-11 water year.

    “When applying for carryover, irrigators will again have to nominate the expected volume of water that will be unused at June 30, 2010,” said River Murray Minister Karlene Maywald.


    ‘Heat Watch’ OMG that sounds like the follow up sequal for Bay Watch!! But with Paris Hilton as the new Pamela Anderson! To appeal to a youger audience of Lizards!!!!! Milly Ray Cirus/Hannah Montana is also in it!

    SA is seriously fucked! Im so glad I escaped!!!!!!!

  288. Jason

    If anyone wants to contact me my email is

    Stay cool!!!!!

  289. Marna!

    Hey Tony that is what me and Jason did last year..we are climate refugees in Tasmania!!! its being the best thing we have done to get away from hell…they are going to run out of water and then what???? the murray is drying up….the resoviors are drying up too!! the de salination thing at port satnvac????? that going to kill the gulf!!!
    Why bother i would move the capital too Mt gambier at least there is a lake full of water there!!!
    I really think adelaide will die out in the next 50years!
    I think they need to bring extra load of refridgerated trucks for the ammount of corpses that will die this summer in Hell!!
    I hope you get out of there you and Ash!
    Keep cool my poor wintre clan friends stuck in Hell!

  290. Jason

    Hey folks, if any one wants to email me could you please put ‘I Hate Summer’ in the heading. I get alot of junk mail that gets deleted & I think i may have unintentially deleted an email from here….sorry to who ever it was, if you send it again ill get it!

  291. pat carr

    i haven’t gone off and died in some summer hell! sorry been very busy. i will be replying back very soon and also Marna to your groovy email. Welcome Tony. well it’s fall down here and much cooler now. i’m laughing at all the idiots scampering in the rain. some insane kind of phobia. “keep dry keep dry” is what people keep saying here. it’s so insane.

  292. pat carr

    “Trying to tell your South Australian parents this and you’ll get the same response as if you were telling two strictly homophobic parents you’re gay.”

    try telling it to a fair amount of people and you’ll be sibjected to unbelievable ridicule. well as for me, i’ve had enough. the next person that does that will get lambasted by me and they will wish they didn’t even meet me! there’s one thing about liking warm weather another about REPSECT. i’ve had it with these fucking creepbag death star loving bullies. it’s time for payback!

  293. pat carr

    despicable blog here


    my comments

    “”I love the way the news has come to characterize the weather with adjectives like “gloomy”, “ugly”, “nasty”, etc. As Winter approaches, one anchor will lament to the weather person “when will we see the sun again?””

    “I’m so glad I don’t base my happiness and life on whether or not the sun comes out. “…wow how well said!

    you know what’s really dreary? the constant whining from the sun addicts who whine and moan about how the sun isn’t out. why can’t you get a life? if it’s so horrible here, then move away. you folks really depress me. I happen to love fall and winter and i DON’t like summer. All fall and winter long i have to listen to how “gloomy”, “dismal”, “Dreary” it is. Then all summer long when it’s hot, it’s “gorgeous”, “perfect”, “lovely”.

    Why does the sun have to be out for you to be happy? Then some of you taunt us that like cooler weather with “you’re nuts”, “You’re weird”. shame on you, you should be happy to be alive and enjoy the benefits we have in this country instead of complaining every time your silly light isn’t blaring in the sky.”

    man i’m all over them. it’s time for the cool weather army (CWA) to fight back LOL! my partner at the fremont chamber also loves the cool weather and she’s freaking 46 years old and looks like 25. an asian lady who does wine room tasting. i swear all the brains went to the asian people and what was left was crammed into our caucasian neanderthal sun sucking brains

  294. pat carr

    and from that site this “poem”

    No No November

    What is this place where morning’s light
    Now differs not from dark of night
    Whose chilling breeze and rains erase
    The glowing warmth of autumn’s face

    Where leaves plug drains and pile upon
    In soggy stacks, my roof and lawn
    That I must rake, before across
    To neighbor’s yards the wind can toss

    Whose skies are dull and mostly gray
    And chase all hope of cheer away
    Where little more than stick and thorn
    Grows in my garden all forlorn

    But not until I glumly sit
    In traffic moving bit by bit
    Do I recall this dreary battle
    Is called November in Seattle

    “And chase all hope of cheer away”

    christ what a dreadful woman. she chases all hope from me. whine whine bitch bitch. “dreary battle”

    a woman malaia joya came to seattle from afghanistan 2 weeks ago to speak about the horrors going on in her country. she had 4 assassination attempts. tossed out of parliement there by the warlords. and i thought to myself here she sits among the world’s grossest and wussiest pussies, who call a bit of rain and overcast a “dreary battle”. i’m ashamed of these spoiled wimpy brats here.

  295. Jason

    OMG those stories are the most sulky crap ever!
    So bloody typical of the pro summer brigade to be makong people feel depressed about cool/cold weather, rain, clouds, darker skies etc!!!
    I associate all thoses words like gloomy, depressing, etc with summer!!

    ‘And chase all hope of cheer away’
    that is so absurd!!! It sounds like the rantings of a pathetic Emo!!!!!
    Boo hoo…… so its cold/rainy does that mean tthat the whole human race has to get all depressed and suicdle!
    These summer freaks obviously like to whinge, sulk, seek attention, and are into self torture……that descibes an Emo!!!!
    ‘Sun Emos’………….. now theres a good description!!

  296. marna

    Hi guys yes that poem is really kooky?????
    like wha tha????

    here is my version another one to the one i gave Pat!!!

    OH!!!! Dismember you sunny month you brighten my dull days with heat and missery,
    Oh swetty palms and feet,
    thee smell of old tinea and tanning oil,
    Oh Reef Oil ye bring me a great tan,
    Oh how brown i am as a jaundice victum breathing its last breathe!!!!
    Oh Orange skin ye be a wonderful sight,
    ye glow in the dark and ye hair of grey!!!
    Boney is your body humped over like a crippled old 80 yr old!!!!!
    She be that of 16th years of our Lord..
    but she looketh like a old crone,
    its not now 1696 her look of age ,
    she is now 9999 that be her real age,
    Oh grand Lizard your skiney dead body on the midday Sun,
    Oh ye torture us with your whining and cries of dispair when thee bullets fall from the sky!!!!!
    Oww ouch Owww ouch they sting my skin!!!!
    Yes thee bietch has helped my athritis..
    Oh granny i want your clothes, you are so fashionable,
    with your britches and cardigans!
    those ols mini skirts look good on me!!!
    Oh granddaughter your make up makes me so young..
    they think i am your child!!!!
    Oh Dismember the time when Santa comes to ring his bells!!!
    Oh hark the angel screams!!!!
    glory to the suns going!!!!
    lizards burning in there skinnnn!!
    oh my god they are a sin!!
    Jingle balls jingle balls, jingle all the way!!
    Oh what fun it is too hide the spray tan away!!!
    Silent fright,,,,, mouldy night…….
    Yes its Xmas in hell..
    Oh grand sun may ye sink into an abyss!!!
    Oh december..wait dismember!!!
    Happy Bummer!!!
    Sum Errrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh!gggkkk!!!!!

    oh yeah we saw a man lizardo in a green poncho raincoat in the middle of no where standing like a frozen lizard…it was like a corpse on a stick…it was completey covered and i have proven that lizards dont cope with cold…they literally freeze up…due to the fat in there heads!!
    Happy rainday!

  297. Marna, I’m speechless, all I can say is LOL

  298. Hey Pat,

    The first couple of lines of that poem showed promise and then I realised it was just a surburbanite whinging about winter. What’s wrong with these people ! They behave like wet blankets and then blame the weather for their surly life denying attitudes.

    I noticed that peculiar prediliction when I first came to hell. It’s the first time I heard the term SAD. My neighbour had it and told me so, as people in hell are prone to do so. And she was cranky. But could her state of mind be attributed to the fact that she was an inactive, middle aged, single, private school teacher who was obsessed with Abysinnian cats and wrote female erotica as a hobby. Or are people in hell so overloaded by light and heat in summer that they sincerely feel a molecular deficiancy when these conditions cease. Their brains no longer register light and heat in normal quantities.

  299. marnas

    Ash in Iceland they have a thing called skamdegisthulyndi that is short day sickness..in SA it would be yzturljosdegistunlyndi..extreme light day sickness!!!!
    or sous estraelynese=
    Gahfukkinlitestabritefahmee syndrome
    or Gahshitsafukkinnbad day!
    or my best one ever
    DUHHH! im a minda!!!

  300. SBS have a horrible promo at the moment, it goes ‘ where, where is the sunshine… yet currently there is drought conditions with water restrictions in half of Australia.

  301. marna

    Oh Ash im on message board as welshboi666.. i love the fat lizard on the bottom of the page here!
    Its a bietched lizardporpose!!!
    Summer freaks always say they are right as you know in Hell!
    your a doll i love your comments and hey i could like a girl like you!!!
    funny tip for summer is=
    an old south australian folktale to cope with the heat=
    ” get a bucket of water(if possible???),
    an electric fan, a wet tea towel and a glass of Ice??water. do the following=
    sit on a chair, put the damp cloth over the fan and turn on, and stick your feet in the water in the bucket and drink the glass of Ice??? water…..
    this is a old method used to cure heat and too help??”

    I saw this in an trollade news actical of an old widdow!!

  302. Jason

    OMG I just saw this revolting picture of an inflatable Zard at the bottom of this page…..YuK! you click on the blue arrow and it deflates! Looks like one of the hideous bits of trash that are washed up on beaches all accross SA Hell!

  303. Jason

    I just saw it on the top of the page standing up changing shape!!!!!!
    Love the orange skin Liz!

  304. I see you guys have a lizard in your midst, selling spray tan under the guise of charity.

  305. Jason

    Well the summer crazed loonies are well out in abundance of late!! The orange sprayed skin is now a darker shade and looks like old smoked ham legs-Vomit!!

  306. Jason

    At last its less than 3 weeks left of sunmer revoltment!!!!!!!

    Poor old lizards, your precious death star is waning away as sunmer slips away!!!!!!!

    Dirty old beached bithchez!!!!! I’m so over seeing your ugly smoked ham looking sweaty bodies time to cover up & get dressed ladies of the lizard!!!!!!!!

    Poor lizards you will be all ‘freeeeezing shortly!!!!!!!!

    Roll On Winter…….I can’t wait!!!!

  307. Except in Hell aka as SA where summer continues way into autumn. The sun should be arrested for it’s crimes against humanity such as lizard idiocy, flabbos in tight and skimpy clothing, burning the skin, invoking apathy and fatigue, shinning in you’re face day and night and for generally being a nuisance.

  308. pat carr

    heh Ash i agree. I’ve petitioned for a warrant against the sun…and it’s legions of slobbering worshippers.

  309. Jason

    ummer/hot weather is bad enough on its own…..It is made worse 1000 fold by the freaky legions that it brings out!!!!
    It would be somewhat a tad more bearable if it wasn’t for the pro summer brigade bullies!! and having to see those vile things like old saddle bags stuffed into their nickers, with flies and bugs sticking on their reef oiled skin!!!!

    Reef Oil is a revolting product made out of cheap oils scented with a horrible fake coconut smell, it comes in 2 shades of orange!! I saw it in the supermarket the other day and I picked it up to see what it was made of, when it was opened and spilled all over my hands and shirt!! Man I stunk like a foul rotted coconut!! Had to hurry home to hit the shower!!!…..I think I had a train of lizards sniffing me out as it is like pheromones for Zards!!!

    Good to see this site is going again….

  310. Jason


    ok It cut of the S……

    I will write it now as Sunmer!!

  311. Jason

    Sunmer……Everything starts with an S…………..

    Sunmer, sun, sizzling, sleazy, slimy, senseless, slobs, sl u tty, sloths, seedy, stupid, silly, soaring, sloppy, slags, soggy, sand, slippers, slippery, Shazza, saggy, shameless, sooks, sulky, searing, sores, sandles, sanitariums, solariums, solar, stringy, sl u t-shorts……..

    It would be good if muslim full hijabs would become fashionable so the Zards would wear them and we wouldn’t have to see their hideous saggy old bodies!!!!!!!!

    Cover Up Liz, we don’t wanna see!!!!!!!!!!!

  312. Jason

    The Lizards Of Summer

    No Lizards on the road
    No Lizards on the beach
    I smell it in the air
    The salons’ out of bleach
    Empty streets
    Empty beach
    The lizards have all gone
    I’m driving past Liz Aard’s
    But I know
    She’s not at home

    And I can’t see them
    With their orange skin shinin’ in the sun
    Their white hair pulled back and
    micro mini shorts on, lady

    But I can tell you
    my love for Winter will be strong
    after the
    Lizards of Summer
    have gone

    The lizards are such scarey frights
    I wonder if it was a dream
    Remember how they make you crazy
    Remember how they make you scream
    Their rolling in the sand
    What happened to Winter
    But hey, I’m gonna get Winter back
    I’m gonna show you what cold is made of

    And I can’t see them
    With their orange skin shinin’ in the sun
    I see them walkin’ real slow they’re
    sl u ttin’ on to everyone

    And I can tell you
    my love for Winter will still be strong
    after the
    Lizards of Summer
    have gone

    Out on the road today
    I saw a boney Lizard sizzlin’ her hiney & rack
    A little voice inside my head said
    “don’t look back, the lizards will attack.”
    I thought I knew what lizards were
    what did I know?
    Those lizards are gone forever
    You should just let them go…

    And I can’t see them
    With their orange skin shinin’ in the sun
    They got their top pulled down
    and sl ut tin’ on to everyone

    And I can tell you
    my love for winter will still be strong
    after the
    Lizards of Summer
    have gone

    I can’t see them
    With their orange skin shinin’ in the sun
    They got that white hair pulled back
    and those
    s lu t shorts on lady

    And I can tell you
    my love Winter will still be strong
    after the
    Lizards of Summer
    have gone………

    My rendition of ‘The Boys Of Summer’
    This is more appropriate!!

  313. marna

    Hi guys your back!!!!
    OMG stupid lizards they are the most freakest freaks around,
    its been good here with weather thanks pat for the cold snap!

    Test for you Pat can you understand the following=
    ik het en landgriepen gezien op de strand,
    met nichts aan. dat maakt me zo bang dat ik moet naar de
    ziekehuis gaan en droegen innehmen!
    kunnen je helpen mij! met en zon apparatus voor
    explosicies voor de stome zon!

    I saw a lizard on the beach naked it scared me so bad that i had to go to hospital and take drugs! can you help me with a machine with explosives to get rid of the stupid sun!

    Ash have you been getting the demonic lizoferaloids??
    your funy on message board!
    talk soon!

  314. Check out the melanin lovers on post # 86

    Hi guys , guess what ? SA is heading for a whole week of 35+ dgs days.

    I didn’t believe it either until I checked the long term weather forecast. I’ll tune into melody awful’s weather report tonight as she is the expert. She will verify it and then blather on like it is an exciting event.

    Yesterday was actually a mild 23 after weeks of sickening heat, and I felt like I was living in a cloud rather than an oven.

    Today, two people complained to me about the heat and I complained back. They are scared of turning into lizards and many people here are just looking and feeling tired through heat and light fatigue.

    Whenever the topic turns to the weather now, I say how much I loathe the summer, just to be polemic and that, but lately people have been agreeing with me.

    Ha, ha, and sunbrellas… a friend has started using her umbrella when she goes walking, so as to keep out the evil light, but said that sometimes she gets strange looks . We had a discussion about the merits of being sensible whilst also being a possible target for ridicule, and concluded eccentricity is preferable to stupidity.

    People have strange reactions to hats as well.

    Sarte was onto something when he claimed ‘ hell is other people ‘

  315. Jason

    Great link Ash!! I love it…..sums them up hey!!!

    i am Soooooo over this bloodt sunmer I wish it would come to a grinding halt & END!!!!!
    I’m so over the glare of that death star and extended days worsened by fukkin daylite savings!!!!!!
    I’m over the orange freak patrol & the gloomy weather reports of hot days in the coming days!!
    Those tanosaurs are really pissing mre off the way how they do sympathetic magik to get the death star out in full fury! I hope they get burnt!!!! They are so god damn ugly bogans!!

    I was very happy for a few days when that thing (death star) was hidden by cloud but now its back & all the tannos are out in force in their hideous costume!

  316. Jason

    Poor old lizosuntards your precious sunmer is nearl over. 9 days to go……………..
    “Like Aumtumn leaves, The lizards will fall!!!!!!

  317. Jason

    Yay!!!!! Bummer is over!!!! Happy Autumn!!!! & Happy Spring!!!!

    It was ironic as the last day of bummer here in Tasmania! It was rainy, foggy, frosts & snowing!!! it didnt really go above 10dg where I am!!!!

    Poor old frumpy suntard lizards will have to hang up the shorts and go into hibernation!!!!!!!!!

    The orange skin will fade and the legs will get hairy & according to http://www.welovesummer.com.au you only have friends in sunmer so the lizards must get lonely!!!

  318. Autunm yaaa, some days its still 30+ degrees with the sun shining obscenely in your face, but at least some coolness is coming. And the darkness. People who deny the darkness are scared off their own. Its the fault of the gods through out history. Christians, New Age and the archetype Apollo. How it has always been is how it should always be without examining why. BOO

    Funny site, Jason, I noticed under a sub category entitled summer food they had ‘ crayfish tarts ‘…

    which exclaimed

    … a different take from James on the ‘ classic tails ‘ cooked on the beach

    Or how a bout a ‘ crusty cray fish sandwhich ‘.

    Because its summer …summer means ugly buble cars, cheesecake, and looking stupid with ice cream on your face.

  319. marna

    Hi guys Im Back!!
    Its autum(fall) and hey its still in high 20s
    it got up to 32C here in hobart last sunday!!!!
    That fire ball in the sky is making its claim,,,,,
    I am sick again with asthma and this stupid heat is f**kd
    Im driving taxis now and if I see a lizofreakoid i yell out obsentities at it and it feels so good!! they have no idea where its coming from!!! he he he!
    I talked to a client i had in the taxi and she said kindness and honnor are worth nothing these days…she said bullies and bullying is the way!!
    ITS SO TRUE!!!!
    i think they should be drowned at birth!!!
    I am so sick of that orb of doom and gloom terrifying me every day i wake up and when i have to drive taxis in it sucks!
    That glary old star of stench and swet makes me turn into a grotesque creature…OMG im tanning up so bad i look like a niger!!!!
    I wish we would get autum weather now!!!
    Im thinking on starting a protest vidulanti group with aplan to destroy the sun!!!
    The sun needs to go on trial for its harm against the humans ,animals and plants!!!!!!
    Its good to hear some people are winter lovers like us and even those who like heat say this is riidiculous and its too long….
    I am praying that winter will go equally as long!!!! then i might be happy!
    Pat I have seattles eather on my phone now!!!
    can you send some that this way!!
    North Pole sounds like a nice cold place!! i saw it was -24 there the other day!
    That stupid chile earthquake has alot to answer for with our freaky weather patterns ..the said we would get shorter days i dont see that yet!
    it aparantly shifted the earths balance!!
    im hoping we will get an ice age!
    glad to be back hope miriam is okay!

  320. Liz Aard

    what you mean bullies…I love the sun ewwlll,
    it gives you enough vitamin D and tan makes me look thin and sexy like!
    OMG how can you like the cold its disgusting and cold,
    I love going with the girls to Venus beach and roller skating in my bikinis and my tight shorts i made out of old jeans that i paid $900 for ewwlll!!!!!
    we like chatting up guys doing wieghts and i just love spending the day sun baking and using reef oil on my skin it makes me so smooth and shiney!!!!
    i drive a convertable corvette a pink on of course and me and my friends go too the mall and hang out near starbucks cafe and sip our starbuck lattes and have our delicious subway seafood delight!
    I just think people who complain about the heat dont like it cause they are white eewwwlllllll!!!!!
    like i broke my nail and it cost me so much to fix it that is ,more to complain about than this sad site!!!
    and when i have been to the beach i go too the tanning salon and stay there for a few hours and my hair is so white ewwllllll!!!!
    you would like my hair it goes to my arse!!! and i like wearing my stilletoes to drive in!!!
    I work for a big spray tan company Sunglow!
    well that all about me ewwwlllll!!!
    i met Nikki Webster and shes a great ambassador for our company!

  321. All you summer haters – THANK YOU!! I AGREE with you totally. I am a native Chicagoan and the weather is hateful. I don’t even mind the winters here! It was March 31 yesterday and 70 F. already! It’s awful. I hate the thought of it. I try to survive to get to Autumn and Winter. At last I can read what other normal summer-haters think and not feel so alone… shiver (that feels good). Keep those cold thoughts coming.

  322. bobby

    ….I dread and hate the summer. I dont know if any fair people have this problem, but Im fair, and I hate looking like crap in the summer…greasy skin, greasy hair, sweat dripping down your neck and shirt, ugh…And then,being fair, I get a bug bite, and the scar lasts for weeks…..charming…..I dont even like summer style….you cant layer, and make a nice outfit…anything over 70 is too hot. I want it 30, and snow all year…

  323. chris

    i hate summer too im in ottawa canada its supposed to hit 38 degrees celcius next week to fuckin hot for me. Nice to know that others feel the same way.

    Fuckin humidity sucks always screws with my breathing i hate feeling like im walking around in a dam oven i hate sweating everywhere you go i hate that its hard to cool yourself down. I cant fucking sleep when its too hot. I hate the weatherman that say “its beautiful out” cause there full of shit. People that say they like it are nuts!

    Bring on the cooler weather!

    @liz a you sound like a retarded teenager what with the eeewwwlll shit!

  324. brookes

    Only like summer if I am on my boat, then i come home, pull the blinds down . I hate summer. Fat people in supermarkets buying BBQ stuff, stupid people with Union jacks fly from their cars, boom boom…rain is on the way….hooray…and that bloody chirping blackbird outside is giving me a headache!!!!

  325. Jacqui

    Hi All!

    I agree with most of what you say – especially Marna and Jason – its so good to read your words and feel affirmed. Here in Australia it really is akin to saying something practically TABOO when you openly state that you can’t stand the heat. And Summer Lovers really do try to bully you when they know of your distaste for the heat – its always been that way in this country. Summer is just something to endure and can offer little more than a lot of hideous suffering – you just have to get through it to arrive to the other side – to glorious Autumn – and better still, Winter. Now if I had my way, it would be Winter all year round but Autumn on a cool day can be nice as well. The amount of head space you get back in the crisp Autumn/Winter air is really worth going on about. To me its invigorating and I feel so alive!! Last Summer I saw a baby in his pram on a hot summer’s day – his face was swollen with redness and he was writhing about in helpless distress, and probably also in rage, he was really having a hard time enduring the 42 degree heat that Melbourne experienced that day. His kindly mother picked him up and told me she was from England and wanted to rush through her shopping so that she could get back into her airconditioned home. She couldn’t believe the intensity of heat Australia forces upon you! Thankfully Winter has finally arrived here in Melbourne and brought with it some very welcome relief…Phew!

  326. Jay

    I can’t tolerate summer full stop. I want snow and rain all year round, end of story!!

  327. The SA summer is just one of many things that makes our state great and the envy of all the other states. Personally ,I love wearing my giant sunflower one piece down to the beach. What better way to spend one’s time than shaving the body and applying tanning products. Long live the sun.

  328. Jason

    I’m disappointed….Winter has got off to a very lame start…a bit of cloud here and there but the fukkin death star is still blaring!!! the sun-tards are winging and complaining how ‘cold’ it is- (how predictable!)…they are such wussy tossers!!
    There are some of them all rugged up in plastic hooded raincoats with the hood wrapped around their head & face resembling something out of a Mawson expedition of Antarctica!! Ye Gods, I wish I wer living in Europe or Canada somewhere!!…..

    FFS Promote Winter!!!!! The ferry to Tasmania shut down its day services back in April because of ‘Winter’…please explain!! firstly how is April Winter!! & Tasmania is lovely in Winter. I am sick of this pathetic attitude that Winter is like some bad turd that has to be passed to get through to sunmer,,,,,,, Sorry that don’t sit with me!!!!

    The crappy weather reports are all still bagging winter, like this rubbish courtesy of weatherzone…….

    Cooler temperatures for the southeast
    Douglas Fenton, Saturday June 5, 2010 – 17:12 EST

    A cold front moving through the southeast today will bring a cool day for Adelaide and Melbourne, before cool southerlies drop the mercury in NSW and QLD over the weekend and into the new week.

    Adelaide residents may need their scarves because chilly southeasterlies will drop daytime temperatures 2 degrees below average on Sunday and Monday.

    Melbournians would have noticed the chill today, which was caused by cloudy skies and cool southerlies. The cold air looks likely to stick around, with temperatures only set to rise slightly on Monday.

    Sydneysiders can expect a cool change on Sunday and Monday with a high directing cool southwesterlies up the coast. Temperatures are set to dip close to or below average.

    QLD won’t miss out on the winter chill with temperatures likely to fall one degree below average on Monday and Tuesday.

    Another cold front on Wednesday will bring snow to the Alps and cooler temps to Adelaide, Melbourne and Tasmania. The cold change will reach Sydney and Brisbane on Thursday and Friday.

    Despite this, coastal NSW and QLD should be generally warmer than average over June thanks to warmer than average sea surface temperatures providing a source of heat.

    – Weatherzone

    © Weatherzone 2010 …………………

    Oh so much ‘Thanks’ to that heat source from the sea!!

    Oh the scarves out in Adelaide…..Poor little South Australian Zardz, did it fall below 35dg!!!!!! with those 2dg!! Make sure you wrap your noose….whoops I meant scarf VERY tight!!!!!!
    Oh to the lizards….. Announcement- You can buy pants that actually cover your entire leg & skirts come in different lengths other than 1 inch!!

  329. Liz Aard De Sun

    Ewwww this is disgusting
    how cant you like the sun its great how as I am a beauty technician and I love tanning salons,
    I think you need more sun to give a better complection and its slimming!
    I also love pink sunflower dresses that are as high as my arse so i can show my bulge better and it always pay to advertise,
    how else are you meant to get a man,
    men love my sexy looks with my pale face with flicked mascara and pink lipstick and green eye shadow ewwwwwwlllllll!
    men love me on the dance floor as i reflect off the lasers and the scales show
    I heard if i eat enough carrots i will have trhe ultimate tanned skin and drink heaps of alcohol,
    i sometimes get my tan by rolling in about 30 bags of deritos corn chips especially the nacho cheese ones!!!
    Me and my gril feinds like to go to the mall and pick up old men and get there bank cards and spend up on self tan sprays ewwl!
    I just have to go now i am texting my grils for a good night at home watching our favourite show ” V “

  330. marna

    Hi guys
    Im back
    Its so cooolllddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yeah right, if believed everyone down here we would think its an iceage!!!
    i drive taxis now and everyone complains how cold it is!!!!
    we have sun every day and its just started to rain a little!
    its sad when will these sun bum tanno weirdos get that they are FREAKS not us!

    My response to this qweerness is hey have you lived in europe??????
    it gets to 20C below even more in some places!!!!
    19C is freeezing!!!!!!!!!!
    32C is freezing in adelaide(HELL)

    OMG what the??????

    I sat near a lizard the other day and I caught myself a tan!!
    its very hard too get over!!!!

    ASH RING US !!!!!!!
    oh free zickx tu free nynn won ate free nynn

    we want too hear from you again
    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!
    Pat is still around!!!

  331. Jay

    Hi Marna!

    great to see you are back! We exchanged emails a fairly recently when the Summer was really intense and I wrote to you again tonight but the email bounced! Is your email address the same as the one you mentioned earlier on in this forum?? That is, is it still:


    Because that is the address I sent my reply email to but it bounced!


  332. Hey winter lovers

    tis winter in Adelaide and life is better. The river is flowing and its greened up. The sun’s still around but at least its much more benign this time of year. Icy fresh mornings are fab, as is the rain.

    I haven’t forgotten you guys just been a bit distracted with life of late. Will definitely give you a buzz. Noticed it’s been cold lately down in Tas and bet you two are loving it. Saw the recent comments from irmavonkleinscmidt, lol. Might get a new id come summer just to annoy those lizard sunfreaks.

    Wonder how Pat’s coping with the Seattle summer.

  333. Rhonda

    I do so hate summer, I feel ill all of the time. I can’t seem to think straight and am so fk’n tired all of the time. I live in the United States and here in the midwest the humidity is high and the sun beats down like a beast. The 2 ladies I worked with are lizards and hate winter and all cooler weather. One of the ladies runs 2 space heaters @ work, they are on year round! Fk’ing nuts, I have a fan which they have the nerve to turn off!

    I’m so glad to have found this site!

  334. Jason

    Welcome Rhonda to the site!! And good to see you again Ash!!
    Oh yes the lovely heaters in shops, public transport, businesses etc! I hate them they make me get a major headaches & feel very dizzy tired etc!! Some supermarkets are unbearable to shop in due to those bloody heaters, so i have to find somewhere to shop that isnt so heater infested (hard job!) and get what I need quickly and run outside to the cool fresh air!!! I still do not understand what normal person could hate winter!! Its been beautiful lately with low clouds, mists, fog, rain, & it snowed at mt house the other day and the house & gardens where covered in it!!!! It felt great walking in the falling snow as it fell on my face and tickled my nose!!!

    Winter is so scenic but is constantly bagged and demonized by sun worshiping drones!

    IrmaVonKlienSchmidt had some fun with those gits on the message boards hey Ash!!!!

    Keep Kool Folks……

  335. Rhonda

    Thank you for the warm welcome, it’s nice to be amongst like minded people! Here in Missouri, USA it is 1:00 pm and 96 degrees!!!! I will not venture out until it cools off or until time to leave for work tomorrow
    morning ~ whichever comes 1st. I read about people “swapping” homes for vacations, haha ~ wonder if there is a group that swaps homes for the seasons? To those that are in the winter months ~ enjoy! Breath in that fresh air and enjoy the snow for me too!

  336. marna )o(

    Hi guys it surprises me when these geekoidal sun freaks say
    everything starts with the letter ” C”………
    cold, cranky,climate,colds,and my favourite……
    ITS COLD!!!!!!! when it isn’t!!!
    apparantly where i live its freezing…um how can it be cold when that death orb is shining brightly????????
    and blue skies…..
    i have come to the conclusion these weirdos are associating cold with actual seasons like for us down here June- August must be freezing its winter?????
    it has only properly snowed once and rained about 4 days so far otherwise dry and sunny!!!!!

    I got a T-shirt which says “i hate the sun”””””
    OMG when I wore it the lizards hated me so and i got threatened…how so bulley!!!
    we have too put up with there sulky attitude and whinging all years long but if dont agree with there one brain cell idialism we must be nuts????????????????????????

    I just think they need to grow up and stop being wanks!!
    grown men cowering in fear when its coolish…
    people have become whimps!!! where did these diseased feral freaks come from. I think planet SUN
    Stupid Ugly Nautious (SUN)

    The only thing good about the sun is when is night!

  337. marna ))_)** **)_((*

    Hi guys have you heard some thing????????

    We are over ruled by walking melanomas a cross bread that have arms and legs and a head……………………………………

    Why is this so=

    1) Orange skin= melanomas
    2) Sun fettish= cause of melanomas
    3) white hair= alot of melanomas are bad moles which have hairs.
    4)Melanomas are cancerous grows= Lizards are that hey?
    5)found at beitches around sumber= melanomas acumilate there!!
    6)they spred and can get dangerous=melanomas can too!
    7)with melanomas you can cut them out=hey wish you could do that too lizards!!
    8)has anyone asked a lizard a simple question like do you like bugs?????? melanomas dont have a brain!!!!!! MMM
    9) If you keep out of the sun melanomas cant happen..tell that too a lizard……SUN beamers!!!!!!
    DNA matches that of a melanoma, cancerous,destructive,
    mindless and dangerous, & should be avoided at all times!


  338. Navneet

    SUMMER GIVES me MAJOR HEADACHES AND MAKES me itch all over. I ABOMINATE AND HATE SUMMER TO THE FULLEST. I hate it so much I have nothing to say…….

  339. Jay

    Admin notice: Comment removed at the request of the author.

  340. winter lover

    winter is the time for drawing the curtains early in the late afternoon and shutting out the rest of the world,kids off the streets due to the cold.Its about getting snug under the covers and watching tv or using the internet….its about going to sleep and wishing that when you wake up
    that snow has covered the streets and is continuing to fall at a heavy rate.just love winter so much more than the summer which brings out the worst in some people who insist on being loud and having stinking barbeques and getting pissed for no good reason other than the fact that its hot.how boring can they be?117 days till the beginning of winter…wish it would hurry.

  341. Oh en ik haat de winter!!!

    Come on Marna!
    Face the music, man…

  342. Jay i think that Marna’s email got hacked i got the same email from him and that doesnt even seem to be his writing style, i think it was a scam from someone else. i talk to him often by email and he never mentions that alleged incident

    hope that helps


  343. marna

    Hi guys just read this stupid thing about me..
    Jay I think you need to get your facts right……
    1) I am not scamming people for money!!!
    2) my email got hacked into and were sending this message to all my email contacts and freinds!!!!!
    3) iI had to change my email because this and lost contact with friends in Holland because of this hacker!

    This hacker was originating from france and was using my identity , it was blantant identity theft!

    I think it is disgusting you accusing me of scamming money from people as a fact is I am not a rich man and also my beliefs would forbid me from doing an act like that and I have been scammed by alot of people in the past.
    I am sorry I am a man of integritary, honnor & respect!
    And Jay if your the one who wrote that dutch comment above” en ik haat winter” comment=
    this is for you!
    Ben je heele maal gek dat je eifer gedacht dat ik wil geld af mensen steelen,dat is absoluut vresselijk is!!!
    Ik wil niet dit soort van stomerij!!!
    En nie ik hou van winter niet haat het winter weer,
    wij hebben geen winter hier in Tasmanie!
    Als je kennen Nederlandse taal dan je kunnen dat bedoeldt dat dat soort van aktcie is idioties!
    en als ik horen nocht en keer dingen op mijn naam,
    van dit kwatche je ben de kloets niet mij!

    Jay i want an appology from you please!!!!!
    we dislike the same thing Injustice and the sun!!!!

  344. JAY!


    I’m terribly sorry if I was mistaken – but if you look at it from my point of view, it did look a bit suspicious. I refer you to post number 326, where I said:
    Hi Marna!

    great to see you are back! We exchanged emails a fairly recently when the Summer was really intense and I wrote to you again tonight but the email bounced! Is your email address the same as the one you mentioned earlier on in this forum?? That is, is it still:


    Because that is the address I sent my reply email to but it bounced!

    So you see that my first thought was not that I had been spammed by you! And you and your offsider Jason made comments beneath that post without acknowledging that I was requesting an explanation so I began to think that maybe you had attempted to spam me ! Besides, in post no 334 I was only expressing my disappointment in receiving that email and was asking you to explain what it meant. I wasn’t actually accusing you of spamming, I was just wanting an explanation.

    Its true that I loathe and detest INJUSTICE (as well as the heat) – I work in that area and am very fecking passionate about it: social injustice! I like reading your and Jason’s posts as I indicated in my comment no 326. You guys strike me as being a pretty cool pair who hate the heat as much as I do, which is partly why I visit this page time and time again – to read your passionate unapologetic, un-politically correct comments! Nice to read what others have to say too.

    What is your current email address, then? I would like to elaborate in an email.

    zal je handen schudden?

    Jay,:) :)

    (P.S – thank you Pat for your comment,:) )

  345. JAY again :)


    another message for you:

    I think that you truly are a integrer Mensch :)

    I too understand the meaning of Integrität!!!

    Es tut mir furchtbar Leid!

    Look forward to reading your next post on that nasty fiend called Summer…


  346. Marna

    As i discovered à new strain of pariosnhiltonititis
    has spred across THE globe!!!!!!!!!

    Symptoms are found in young girls and women
    à horrible discolouration of skin almost similar to jaundice.
    À effects of lengthened hair and discoloured too à deathly hue of white sometimes grey.
    An animal fettish of which small canines are placed in leather bags!!!
    There starts to get à facial deformation such as à reptilian creature of which i have never seen previous to the 1990s, before that no such illness was found!!!!
    An adversion to cold and also there blood becomes that of à lizidermic beast!!
    Men can also get afflicted and there gesties shrink and they get attracted to skateboards and sci fi games!!!
    They literally become womyn!

    Pleae stop this world wide spred of this fatal illness!
    THE sun has become public enemy no 1 !!!!
    À cough of one of these lizoterditiods
    may cause Same effects like THE common cold!
    Winter rulez. Hael THE snow queen!!!!


    Well my friend Tim from Victoria moved to (shreik!) Cairns and sent a bunch of “ITS DIVINE, HOW I WISH YOU WERE HERE” postcards to me, always with the same attractive highly colourful postcard scenery. Impressed by the images and words, I decided to take up his offer of a visit…

    So there I was, on the airplane, whizzing across the most part of Australia to its warm northern regions, thinking that soon I would be rejoicing in this new land. I sat contentedly in my seat, thinking happily of beach walks and smiling happy people giving good cheer all around me – you know, the usual stuff that the media feeds you about Summer. I was almost breathless with anticipation when the plane touched the ground! And now this is the point at which things changed from sweet to morbidly sour…

    I disembarked, and it felt like I had walked into a wall.

    I had never encountered heat like this before – it was unimaginable. It robbed me of skin comfort – head space – I almost threw up from the nasty shock of it all. There was nowhere to go to get relief from the heat, and yet – bizarrely – the people all around me looked like they were having the time of their lives!

    WTF?? Was this some kind of SICK JOKE??

    I had not in my life imagined that heat like this existed.

    I looked on in astonishment – at the bogan Aussies, the strange upbeat locals, and the inevitable group of Asian tourists – in between attempting to inhale gasps of life-giving air.

    I tried to clear my head, to shed a bit of light on this strange situation…I was reduced to clawing for air while trying desperately to understand what the hell was going on!

    Clearly this place was unfit for human habitation -and yet – the general poplulation seemed to be in the seventh heaven of delight…how to account for this madness??!!

    After trying desperately to find relief in this part of Cairns – and then that part of Cairns – I finally had to admit defeat. For there was no relief from that mad hot town with all its psychedelic occupants – save for the airconditioned motel – and who ever spends their holidays banged up in a motel room just for the sake of being close to the airconditioner??

    I lasted three days (it was supposed to be a two week holiday) before making my way to a taxi, sweating profusely, and heading back to the airport. My friend Tim was mighty disappointed to see me go while all I could think of was the sheer relief I would feel when my airplane touched down in cool Victoria…


    Home = Comfort and the Sweet Delights of the Cold;

    Heat = Hell!!

    NB – I really feel for you people out there who are suffering in the heat right now!

    (P.S – Well hello Marna – you’re back!)

  348. JAY

    Hi Pat,

    reading through Dr Vee’s page, I see that you have made a number of amusing and interesting contributions and also that you are from – Seattle! This is interesting to me as I have a great curiosity about other countries and other cultures. I have some questions I would like to ask you – could I forward them to you?


    (and I hope you’re breezing through a relatively cool day over there in Seattle),


  349. pat carr

    hello Jay, aka ICH HASSE SOMMER

    it’s rainy and cool today here, a real treat from the cool weather gods LOL. the Zards will no doubt complain that their vitamin D ball of hate has gone away for a day

    i’d be more than happy to chat with you and your questions.
    I can be reached at pqhosting@gmail.com (hope it doesn’t get spammed from here!)

    talk to you soon mate Pat

  350. pat carr

    i know what you mean about some people thinking that super hot is some kind of “heaven”.

    it’s just insane.

    i can imagine only lasting 3 days instead of 2 weeks in that Hell. Friday it was very hot here and yet i saw fools sitting out at the u-dub on the lawn.

    keep in mind they are the same dorks who have the heat turned up at home all the time. what a terrible existence to have to live in heat. i think their blood is so thin, that it must evaporate through their skin.

    it’s like it’s “Sexy” to be in very hot weather, even if your sweating to death and gasping for air. look at all the vacation packages sending you to the 14th echelon of hot sweaty hell “Sandals Vacation” and calling it “paradise”.

    But these are the same people that will ridicule you in a second if you a – don’t hate cool weather and complain and b – don’t absolutely ADORE the sun and hot weather. they are hypocrites and assholes of the highest order! they have no respect for other people’s body types.

  351. marna

    Hi guys,
    another day of boring blue skies,
    supposed to have mountain rain today, it rained in the night for an hour…WOW WEEE!!!!!
    Me and Jason are so sick of this winter its so not right!!
    we havent had a proper day of rain yet!!
    I left hell to get away from this sort of crap and now here its doing the same!
    They are now trying to tell us this is the coldest winter..

    I think its sick everyday and the mainland gets rain!!!!
    Wha The Fukkkkkk!!!!!


    Hey jay I dont want to give my email adress on this site because i think last time used it off here to hack me!
    if you can understand that!!!!

  352. Jay

    Hey Marna,

    Yes, I understand that. I also understand that:

    1. I made a mistake and thought that you had attempted to spam me ( because I have been spammed and scammed more than once online and so have developed a bit of a defensive attitude );

    2. But then when I realised my mistake I apologised straightaway and also sent you an email through your friend – not sure if it was received – because I wanted to have a personal email exchange with you to explain more fully what led to me making such a mistake. I hope you got that email,



  353. pat carr

    Hey Jay and Marna, i can connect you both if you want, i communicate with both of you and so you don’t have to post your emails here.

    Marna i will send a large floating spaceship to go into the sky there so you can have a proper winter. of course the zArds may complain but tough toenails!!

  354. Jay!

    Hi Pat! I think its a good idea to communicate with Marna privately through email. What do you think, Marna?

  355. marna

    yeah thats cool…just bit warey putting my email adress up for people to see!

    A very big spaceship would be great PAT..
    call it the star ship solarcide!!!

    its abit cloudy today 6 clouds WOW!!!!
    The compliants go on and on…they bore me!!
    I have been inspired by Cordeelea from buffy the vampire slayer=
    Her quote to use on lizards is===
    You know that thing, that thing on her face , that thing,
    hasnt anyone told her about that thing, she should get that removed,that horrible thing!!!

    You know why its because lizards have the intellegence of a dementia patient or i susspect worst
    a damp mouldy sponge!!

    OMG HOBART IS= the glorious sun dome of the state
    me and jarod are looking too move from HOBART…
    a little fact for Pat:::::: Hobart has a lovely missing ozone hole over it and the lizards still complian ….can you tell me how much closer to that dam thing can you get?>??????????

    I know we whinge about the sun and they whinge about the winter, but hey we dont impose our love for winter on them!
    Wouldnt it be nice to be in ski shoes even if it was just for one day, wouldnt it be nice to scare the lizards away…..
    wouldnt it be nice to watch them go away….
    Grass that is green would really lovely..not a brown desert land..
    and i would love to see a women not look like a man!

    Hey skinky your so foul you make whine !! hey skanky hey skany!
    Hey skinky your so foul you make me whine!! hey skanky hey skanky!!

    hee hee hheeeeeeee anti lizards songs!!

  356. R.A. Stewart

    Another Chicagoan here who hates summer and is glad to find others feeling the same. Well, I don’t hate everything about summer, but the heat and humidity make this season a seemingly endless hell in the midwestern U.S.

    Here in Chicago we have a long, usually very cold and snowy winter. So sure, January can be miserable, and at some point during February people start going insane and wailing that winter will never end. But I’ll take January and February over July and August any time.

    Because of the long dark winter, I guess, we have this weird mythology here about summer. It’s glorious! It’s fun! It’s so short! Baloney. (Baloney that has gone bad from the heat in the 20 minutes it took to get it home from the store, I might add.) We typically get our first 90-degree day (that’s 32-33 C) well before the end of May, and the temperature is very often still in the upper 80s, sometimes into the low 90s (30-32) in the first week of September. And bear in mind, that’s with humidity resembling a steam bath. Three and a half months of boiling hell is neither fun nor short.

    Apropos of the original post, I visited Aberdeen in January and loved it — three-hour days and all. :-) It did occur to me that summer would be glorious there, with days in July as long as the January nights. Imagine enjoying summer!

  357. oh R.A. Stewart, i can surely relate. i lived in chicago from birth to age 26. didn’t get away soon enough! gawd, i remember those horrible summers there. I called it Hell-inois. One simply could NOT live unless there was A/C. does CTA now all have a/c on it or not?

  358. marna

    OMG Richard stewart come live in australia it is even hotter getting to 49-50C where my brother worked in the outback(desert) 60C where i live it only gets to 40C in summer..wow pat we had one day crap light rain, its so sunny and blue im going nutz!
    in iceland they say = skamdenisthunlyndi short day sickness..here im having= blardagursolsjukdomur(bluesky sun sickness)……it is driving us both crazy everyday you wake up and the stupid suns shining and blue sky…its been like this for 6 months and more!
    Winter has deserted us and we have gone into autospring fall spring……..they finally admit that this is odd…hey they always have stastistics for this crap.it tortured people back in the 80s….
    I think i am going to explode that stupid solaruima fightuis!!!
    I call an ice pick and snow to freeze these freaks!!!
    I am praying for The ice queen to come and get these Gia murderers!!!!
    I hope mother earth will swallow these vermin and she eats them up!!!!
    Its so sad…I am a pagan and hey this blatant disrespect for nature and man has to stop..Gia isnt just our home shes our life, not some resource to rape.
    lizards dont care and they kill her with stupid heaters and poroxcide and solar tan shops…..
    hobart the capital of tasmania is the bigest dome of gloom worshipers here…they have done it here…hobart is surrounded by mountains and has a large estary going thru it…the clouds literally go around and incircle it and the sun shining in the middle its a freakfest here…PAT SAVE US FROM THE LIZARDS…..they seriously scare me and they are uglyee ewwwwwwlll….the song U.G L .Y 90s song really relates to lizards!!!!

  359. LOL Marna, it sounds like you’ve been caught in Hell. this might cheer you up


    “”When I complain about the heat and humidity, my wife reminds me that I was begging for this type of weather when I was shoveling all that snow this past winter,” he said. “Now I’m looking forward to the snow again.””

    that’s the problem with these sun lovers. once they have their “Blessed” sun many of them can’t stand it. that’s because it’s Dangerous to abuse. what total numbnuts. complain all year about how horrible the weather is, until the sun comes out and it’s hotter than death itself. right now seattle is hot and people have come out of the woodwork. i honestly don’t know what is so wonderful about something that feels so painful. maybe it’s Solar Sadomasocism marna is on a point when he talks about the earth. people hate the rain yes that is such an essential part also of our ecosphere

  360. Martin Worthing

    What the blessed winter means for a seaside dweller;

    Privacy, controllable temperatures, peace and quiet, and


    • Summer School Holidays – 6 weeks of torture
    • Stupid TV Weather announcer’s crying if it looks like rain

    Being bitten and badly by;
    • Mosquitoes
    • Sandflies
    • Wasps
    • Imported Hornets via Harwich
    • Other winged tormentors from God’s hate locker

    Restraining and the unpleasantness and expense of:
    • Flys
    • Thrips, getting into every crevice and dying within them causing hours of work (i.e picture frames)

    • Heat
    • Humidity
    • Overt perspiration
    • 5 Hour nights

    • Open the windows you act as a ‘Tow on’ target for every crawling. flying creepy crawly, shag-bag insect
    • Close them, and you die from asphyxiation in 90 degrees of breeze bereft humidity filled fug.

    ‘Chavs on Holiday';

    • The nauseating site of them
    • Traffic jams caused by their arrivals and departures
    • The DHS ‘week’ in September when they ‘Rent while U Wreck’ shithole caravans and anything else their puny benefit filled pockets allow them to pestulate.
    •Elevated heat levels setting off the chinese alarms in their crappy cars (who’d want to steal a shitbin anyway?)
    • Stink of the lousy ‘Bonfire Food’ they stick down their Gullets
    • Drinking & viz:
    • Puking
    • Arguing
    • Shouting
    • Fighting
    • Murdering each other, (corollary benefit) and yes, we had one last year
    • Pissing in the streets
    • Shitting on the beaches
    • Intimidating everyone out on their own after dark, whose outnumbered by at least 10 to 1
    • The mindless destruction of benches, notices and any other private and public furniture and fittings their gnat brained processes gain satisfaction from deracinating

    Feral brats:
    • See above, plus
    • Dawn to Dusk noise associated with them having expected a beach with sandcastles upon their delayed arrival then spend 4 hours nailed to the concrete because their stupid parents live in a world where such things as tides don’t exist. Eventually culminating in screamed demands to return home and their beloved Wii’s, X boxes, Super Mario Bros and bucket’s of sugar

    • Usesless ‘lifeguards’, pimply, nose-picking, adolescents, who do f… all except emit deafening sounds from their ‘Ghetto Blaster’ boredom breakers and crank flags up poles that on-one understands, or bothers ‘abaat’ anyway
    • Crap street processions with morons twirling and clapping like choreographed retards
    • Raw Red Purulent flesh, prevailing medium rare. soaked in and Asda cooking oil glistening like wet leather

    • Teenage Chavs on chicken chaser mopeds making more noise than the pit lane at ‘Le Mans’
    • Macho leathered, tattooed scumbags on monstrous motorbikes. with noise levels akin to helicopters, driving round and round like demented bumblebees
    • Stupid Beach Huts called ‘Jabba’ full up with smucks for July and August
    • 200 Decibel car stereo’s with base speakers the size of Dracula’s coffin
    • Old Chavs with shaven heads, tattoo’s, earings (possibly aerials), trying to look 20 something
    • Catalogue Chinese Trousers ending at calf-length, with burberry baseball caps worn backwoods
    • Fast Food trays blowing in the wind like dandruff

    Why don’t we spread a few dozen starved great white sharks (sponsored by Al- Qaeda) liberally around the UK coastline. I’d volunteer to pour buckets of blood onto the beach nightly, to retain their interest. Cheaper than benefits – that’s for sure!

  361. OMG, Martin Worthing, what a glourious post!!!

    you nailed down every disgusting aspect of summer ever! especially the weathermen and 5 hour nights of sleep. the weathermen act like they gonna break out in an orgy if the sun is out more than 3 days in a row. they are enemies of humanity and all that is “cool” LMAO!!

    this one nearly tossed me out of my window laughing:

    “• Crap street processions with morons twirling and clapping like choreographed retards”

    LMAO!!!!! if i hear about one more phucking “Summer Parade”, i will barf out my visceral organs. and they always schedule these on “nice days” which means your skin is roasted black and the sun burns a hole through you, it’s 90+(f) and the Insect Army makes plans for the final assault on your sweaty hot skin

    i also add: the horrible slapping of chinese made $2 ‘shoes” against filthy unkept feet.

    also don’t forget The Stupid Words:

    “Geourgous day!!”
    “Lovely day!!!”
    “Perfect Weather”

    sorry but i just have to say, enduring this terrible season now, SUMMER can slurp my pale white buttcheeks, heheh!

  362. another miserable article glorifying “oven island”!!!


    maybe with any luck it will eventually fall into the river

  363. marna mmmmmmmm

    OMG WHA THA???????

    I dont like summer but hey when you start stereotypicic
    people thats wrong…..MMMMMM martin worthing!!!!!!!!

    I have tatoos ….i dress in chav clothes….am i disgusting?????? WHAT THE ??????OMG BIGOTRY!

    I am sorry these are real men …I would rather see a chav(here we call them homeys) and bikers any day!
    Instead of some make up wearing tight jean punse!!!
    I am sorry men have lost what it is to be a man now
    media want guys too look so femo its sick!!!!!

    and OMG women look like aged care non responsos!

    Pat i saw something absolutely full on..i went to mac donalds and there were 2 lizards they looked like ninety year old women GREY HAIRED PATROL!!!!
    I just laughed at them OMG its qweer!

    PS= Bikers are the most nicest normal people i have met and they are very kind people not thugs!!!!!

  364. Jason

    “Macho leathered, tattooed scumbags’…Old Chavs with shaven heads, tattoo’s, earings (possibly aerials), trying to look 20 something’………………….

    Sorry Martin Worthing I don’t like your attitude to tattood people. I have heaps of ink & I have put lots of time & money into it. I never would expose my ink to the death star..I AM NOT a Scumbag!
    I also have shaved head, some piecings & ear tunnels……..Aeriels???? isnt that a Mermaid from Disney??!!

    ‘200 Decibel car stereo’s with base speakers the size of Dracula’s coffin’

    I like a good car audio system I don’t see the revalence to hot weather here…

    I live inland & I do not like beach cultures of any kind & I never have!!
    You raised some funny points but alot of your post I found very offensive!

  365. Pat Carr

    “like ninety year old women GREY HAIRED PATROL!!!!”

    LMAO!! i have to tell you soon about the woman i ran into on saturday, a californian who was one of the most wretched people i have ever had the misfortune to run into!

    what is a “Chav” exactly?

    heh i also have partly shaven head and 7 earrings. no tattoos, only a light digusting tan from this summer’s death star showing!

  366. SLB

    Ahh, fabulous to see this kind of outpouring. I am in a mixed relationship… I’m a freckled native Floridian and he is from Wisconsin. Needless to say he loves it down here.

    I get moody during the summer because I feel cooped up. Can’t leave the AC long enough to have a good time down here. I would love a Halloween where I could really dress up without feeling like I might get heat stroke.


  367. pat carr

    yet another dreadful pile of drivel

    check out this line

    “”It’s just brutal,” said Johnstone, who visited the Bay Area last weekend.”

    BRUTAL!! LOL. and “Fleece”?

    “From Manhattan to Moscow, summer has been a sweltering affair for much of the globe.

    But from Seattle to San Diego, the West Coast has been trapped in a twilight zone of drizzle, fog and temperatures more conducive to fleece than bikinis.

    The blame belongs to an unusually strong high-pressure system sprawled across more than 1,000 square miles of the Pacific. The blob has been shoving cool marine air and clouds toward the coast, University of Washington meteorologist Cliff Mass said.

    Add a conveyor belt of storm systems funneled from Alaska, and you have August days when you might be tempted to turn on the furnace.

    Meteorologists say the pattern will begin to break up midweek, leading to a toasty weekend. But there’s no guarantee the gloom won’t return.

    “It’s been pretty persistent,” said Art Gaebel, of the National Weather Service’s Seattle office.

    It’s also been record breaking in terms of one measure of cloudiness.

    UW postdoctoral researcher Jim Johnstone has been gathering current and historical data on the height of the cloud deck, estimated or measured with lasers several times a day at airports across the region. So far this summer, the amount of time the Seattle area has been blanketed in low clouds and fog is nearly triple the historic average.

    Since July 10, the data paint an even glummer picture: nine hours a day of low cloud cover, compared to the seasonal average of 1.6 hours.

    And pity the folks who live on the coast.

    The town of La Push in Clallam County has been under a near-constant pall for the past 10 days.

    This summer appears to be the most cloud-shrouded in Seattle since measurements were started in 1951, Johnstone said.

    “Things are really quite unusual.”

    Johnstone also has studied Northern California’s famous fog. He found a marked decrease in fogginess there since the early 1900s, a trend that could be harming coastal redwood forests dependent on the moisture.

    This year notwithstanding, fogginess along the Oregon and Washington coasts also appears to be declining, although Johnstone’s analysis isn’t complete and historic records don’t go as far back as in California.

    If the trend proves true, it would be at odds with some climate models, which predict more low clouds and fog west of the Cascade Mountains as the planet warms due to greenhouse-gas emissions.

    In those models, the cloudiness is driven in part by higher pressure over the Pacific, but it’s impossible to draw a link to this summer’s pattern, Mass said.

    “The whole West Coast has been anomalous,” he said.

    San Diego experienced its coolest July in nearly 80 years. At Half Moon Bay near San Francisco, only eight hours out of the past 11 days have been cloud free.

    “It’s just brutal,” said Johnstone, who visited the Bay Area last weekend.

    Some days in Seattle, the layer of low-lying marine clouds has been thin enough to burn off by early afternoon. But other days the mass has been so thick it refuses to dissipate.

    Expect more of the same Tuesday, with a few sprinkles thrown in.

    There should be a glimmer of sun by Wednesday, which will expand as the high-pressure system over the ocean migrates northward and the storm-system pipeline breaks down.

    The result will be sunshine and highs in the 80s or 90s by the weekend, Gaebel said.

    “Hopefully, the good weather will stick around awhile this time.””

  368. Jason

    Where have all the posts gone????????
    Please explain!!!

  369. Jay

    Dr Vee is in the process of paginating the comments!

  370. pat carr

    don’t despair, the comments are coming back hopefully, or if they aren’t i will become a sun loving tan grabbing solar lizard (just kidding!)

  371. judy

    My horrible summer consists of,
    sweating , swollen feet, dry hair, red eyes,,constantly changing clothes,feeling itchy and dry, feeling like an outcast because im pasty white, staying awake all night,no appetite,feeling like a misery because i dont want to spend 2 hours getting ready to go to an overcrowded beach to expose cellulite,buying fly spray every week ,a constant upkeep of mosquitoe reppelants all around the house, having to repair to mosquitoe nets on the windows due to my cats coming in and out,watching all my plants slowly wilting,staying in all the time,nothing on tv,spending hours on computer,argueing with husband ,eating tomatoes everyday due to glut,scanning weather forcasts for signs of wind or drops in temperatures.
    compared to my winter,
    ice skating,scarfs,roast dinners,open fire,snow,wearing my boots,flawless skin, silky styled hair,being able to wear make up,going to cinema,less people,my persian cats get their winter coats and are out more,daughter back at school, walks out in countryside wearing nice jackets and leather gloves,clean oxygen to breath,having energy,sleeping with thick duvets while it rains and thunder outside,fims on tv,picking mushrooms,ect ect,
    all in all i really really DESPISE the summer,im in greece wich is such a horrible contrast as you have a constant flow of sunseekers here in their sexy outfits IT MAKES ME SICK,next year i will make sure im in scotland for july and august camping on a mountain.

  372. Jay

    Hear, hear,Judy! I couldn’t agree more.

    Alas, your horrible Summer will soon be MY horrible Summer – all too soon too…here in Australia its soon going to be HOT-HOT-HOT. The Lizards are waiting with bated breath for the sun to come out to administer its annual torture of heat and misery to all while over in Europe you guys will be luxuriating in the Winter – SOME of you guys, that is – must never forget that Winter Lovers are a minority group – or so it would seem!

  373. natalie

    Hello………..what happened to all the posts? I posted here a couple of times, no need to repeat my rant. Just had to come back and gush about the summer we had here in San Diego………..the coolest summer in 33 years, YIPPPPEEEE…..it’s been spring like for months, my utility bill has not been 150$ a month because I’ve only turned on the A/C a couple of times.

    If ONLY it could be like this all the time I would be so happy. I’m so afraid now it’ll flip and we’ll have an unseasonably hot winter, that would so bum me out. But now………fall is on the horizon and dare I say, it’s been almost an entire year of nice weather and no sweltering, sizzling, suffocating, heat. LOVE IT!!!!!

  374. marna

    i saw the most weirds thing the other day..
    pat lizards are wearing muble attached too flats
    Mumbles are a type of trackie pants!!!
    Oh why do these gerls want to look like old women please can someone explain it to me!!!!
    its getting close to the Sumurgkkkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
    we are slowly getting some winterlike weather but still far from nice weather!!!!
    well the sunbitches have won hey!!!
    global warming has done its thing!!
    europe burnt to a crisp…..
    here we had the warmest winter ever!!!!

    i just dont get how these bitches are so selfish!

    My belief that they only have one brain cell really is true here!!
    its just geared to heat heat heat!!!

    If studies were done on these lizards we wouild find out that they are a subrace of allien beings to this planet!!
    they only seem to like heat..when its cold they wear there summer gear and get sick and piosion us with there viruses and liziarditits!
    i have had a flu for 5 monthes now and even the doctor said that it wasw due to us having a hot winter!!!!!!

    Why does this freakoids weirdoos always get there way?????????????

    IT IS KAWLD!!!!!!!!!
    these geaks wear skimpy cl;othes in the rain and complain they are cold????????

    they are so stupid!!!
    watch them and you realize they have to communicate with friends with iphones texxing!!!!

    what happen to loving nature?????
    they are crazy!!!!!!

  375. heh heh marna i know what you mean. it’s the conspiracy of the SEDADs (sun every day all day) dork Army .

    get this guy


    i am really thinking of emailing to complain about his weather reports. I’ve basically had it with SHIT like that. really i wish he’d move out of the area. the weatherman are the enemy of cool weather lovers! it didn’t even rain here that much. idiots liek him are making the area unbearable to live in

    “It’s not even officially fall yet, and we’re already sick of the rain.

    Sorry, but expect more on Monday. The National Weather Service has forecast a 50 percent chance of rain Monday and a 30 percent Monday night.

    The high temperature ought to be 63 degrees.

    Tuesday and Wednesday, however, ought to be partly sunny with temperatures in the lower 60s.

    Rain may return on Thursday, to the relief of moss and mold everywhere.”

  376. Jay

    I’m also tired of weather reporters and their glorification of
    the heat. Its sickening, they never shut up about it! i
    actually thought only Australian weather reporters had a
    tendency to go on like your Seattle weather reporters
    -(because in Australia its compulsory to love the hot weather ha ha) but – alas – it seems as though its a global phenomenon! TO BE A WEATHER REPORTER, YOU’VE GOT TO LOVE HOT WEATHER!! IF YOU HATE HEAT YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT BECOMING A WEATHER REPORTER!

    Before long it will be Summer here and whether I like it or not I am going to hear ecstatic voices babbling about the heat everywhere, all around me, 24/7! Got to really make the most of the tolerable weather that remains before the inevitable Summer unfolds.

    I checked out the link you posted above Pat and added my own comments to the blog. Cool weather lovers need to spread the word to save from being smothered beneath the dominant voices of those who can’t help sounding off about their senselesss love of the heat!

  377. “I checked out the link you posted above Pat and added my own comments to the blog. Cool weather lovers need to spread the word to save from being smothered beneath the dominant voices of those who can’t help sounding off about their senselesss love of the heat!”

    thank you!!

    i know what you mean. the PI reporter is obnoxious beyond ability to describe. i could live with the love of sun, but the hatred of rain is too much for me to bear. to be a weatherman you have to be some kind of insane sun worshipper. but then it’s not a REAL JOB! how often are they wrong? like almost every day heh heh

    it’s so despressing i want to relocate to maybe neptune or pluto. i’m so tired of the sun bullies like you say


  378. Jason

    Was the first day here today of that dreaded lizard affliction onto me & fellow winter lovers- Daylight fukin Savings!!! Gods I hate this crap! I cannot see why it is needed…Just for those mother F…n tossers wanting more stupid death sun to bask & bake in!!!
    God those lizard feral freaks are the most butt ugly things I have ever seen!!! They were all crazed today in there dirty old hore wear!!! with their saggy old corpse of a body stuffed in singlets and those evil 1cm long shorts!!! and foot toys!!! hair all long and stringy dyed grey they look like old corpse that have been dug up and have a very slow flat battery inserted!!!
    Some have really really fat legs stuffed into those shorts that are so orange they look like a tanned hide and smoked ham rind!!!
    They are so dumb they sit in that stupid sun they will get cancer & die within 10years they are just nuts!!!!
    Where have this species come from that are invading Earth!!!!
    I hear NASA has a great deal on at the moment, its a one way ticket to the center of the sun, U suggest they take it!!!!!!

  379. marna

    Gods save our souls!!!

    Im with jason and everyone here on this site!!!
    Where have these sunfreaks come from???

  380. How can you have a day without the night ? I think the christians had a hand in daylight savings.

  381. marna

    OMG SO TRUE!!!! hi ash your back!!!! missed you!! ring me!!!

    Its getting worse down here, orange skin has got darker!!
    Tutu’s are fashionable and OMG what the i think i am going to be sick!
    What is the obsession with ballet??????
    the women here are ugly…new thing to look out for the knees and lack of ankles!
    the women here have crankles and they look like some cartoon character from the 1920s!

    The sun doom has arrived again!!
    i call them summer freaks or sun freaks now!!!
    and my favourite sabrina teenager witch comment at the moment=

    they are multiplying!!!!

    I swear that this sun fetish is so against the world!!!
    here in our local paper they were saying that daylight savings saves power and is good for the carbon footprint???????
    and on the other hand saying that daylight savings causes heart attacks and sleep deprivation and is bad for the body clock!
    WHY???????? DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!!!
    he was the one who invented it!! so the tabaco workers(slaves) would work longer!!!!!!
    WHY have it the sun and day is longer in summer and spring naturally why prolong the hell!!!
    i am starting to have trouble seeing in that damm sun globe in the sky when its lovely glorious light shines on us! and wait there is more!!!!!
    why do sun freaks always think it gloroius when its SUNNY?????????
    i respond and say yes its a gorrious day and they are so dumb they agree!!!
    we had some sprinkle of snow today the death star melted it!

    I am so not looking forward to Sum errrrrrgrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    to my winter clan snow be to thee!!
    let the icles and rain be our friend!

    wait a word from Lizz!=

    put up withy it the suns so great ewwwllllll…
    wait i have to text my friend shaz……——.–.–….–…
    i luv tha sun im going to jay jays and buy myself a tutu and hot pants ewwllllll…..wait i have to text my friend katee——……–.-.-..——…..-…-..-.—–…-..-.,-.-.–.–.
    she wants me to a bi act when we go ouyt to the club
    on friday ewlllll!!! those hot pink short shorts look good on you jess!!!! I just luv lady gaga she is so hot ewwlllll
    so when are you going to the tanning saloon oh wow that shade looks good on you kerree,
    wait i cant see wear im putting my make up is that enough eye make up wait i will use my eye stamp and the pink lip stick ewwllll im so hot i look so much like lady gagag!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh paris shes so hot …im going to show off my hot thrumpy legs im my tight legins and tuck them in my jiffies (flats), Oh my god there is a sale of flats at Kmart!
    I think I will get 5 boxes of them mandee!
    Ewwl that guys hot i think i will get him driunk and have his baby!!! you know you will get that $120,000 baby bonus!!!!! i have like 18 babies from 30 different men!
    ewwll the suns gone its so depressing Cough!!!!!!
    I think I have to put my bodysock on!
    talk later shaz!!!
    thanks Liz!!!

    Yes thay do talk like that!!!
    HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  382. TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hoo is this Marna alwayz reddy to make phun of us Sun Luvas,

    i see he calls himself a WIZARD in a previous post.Well

    Wizzard, cast a spell to make the sunn stop being HOT and shinY all the

    OKKK….here goes…









    LONG REIGN THE SUN OVER USS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  383. marna

    Tracey I love you sound hot…literally!!!!
    Um I am not a wizard!!
    Im not harry potter, where did you get that idea????
    Im a god fearinganti sun worshiper…..

    MMMM!!!! using flicker to get a spell sounds like your the book witche not me!!!
    I just love gurls like you!!!
    i bet your thrumpy ,fat,and have alot of blubber…tucked into those mumbles and wearing hotpants over it with foot toys!!! with a cardigan and a camosel!
    I would even think you have grey hair and a bad make up application, bordering trailer trash!!!!

    Its amazing how fat blubber can be held together with cheap chinese lycrafiber panties!!!
    maybe you need magick too hide that flab to fab?????

    I bet you swet alot and use cheap perfume like impulse!
    probably black magic!

    hot gurls like you should go on lad to ladette or even X factor!!!
    Tracey its such a beautiful name…like traceying paper!!
    find the dots from your beautiful melanomas..mmmmmmm
    i see a lizard wow!!!! just love hot gurls like you!!!
    Jesusus loves you,,,,maybe not!!!!!
    !!!!!uoy sselb suseJ
    enoemos dnif uoy ebyam,ro nam thgir eht dnif uoy eybaM

  384. marna

    Long reugn the Sun!!!!!
    I think california is calling!!!!!
    Whale alert!!!!!!!
    Whale Alert!!!!!!!

    LONG RAIN ON TH SUN!!!!!!!

    Hey if i wanted i could prey for a lovely like you!!!!
    Oh!!! my pretties!!!!

    Sum freakness..
    Summer the season to be boilly!!!!
    fa la la la lah lah lah lah!!!!!

  385. Jason

    oh Tracey, what rock did you crawl out from under missy?? you got sun stoke??!! your legs must look like really hot stuffed into those short things!! like old ham rind!!! Oh swwet cheeks, it must be a very hard effort having to wash all those lizard clothes as they are the size of a postage stamp i guess you adorable creatures of the orange guild would save on laundry powder!!!
    are you 18 going on 80?? grey hair…
    Wizards?????? this is an anti-summer site the lasr time I checked, noy dungeons & dragons!!!!!

    ROLL ON WINTER!!!!!!!:)

  386. TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Wow, u r, like, so wrong,O wizard – i mean O Pagan!!

    i had another look at your other post and it says u are NOT a wizzard but a…Pagan!

    Well Pagan, hate to dispoint u but your comments are, like, so inaccurate, he he. Maybeee your Pagan’s Powers are not wot u thought?????

    BecoZ Im the hottest Chick at my work and all the other Chicks there come to me for makeup and diet advice cos of my HOT figure and impeccable make-up YAY!!!

    If ye could see me ye would eat ye own rotten words and fall like every other guy does – at my feet!!! Knowing this, I forgive ye thy rotten words! Into the witch’s pot they go along with all the stinky frogs and toads!!

    All your guesses about me were WRONG except for the one where you say I sound HOT – O How True – I AM!!!!!!!!

    But I got 2 wonder now about YOUR figure! BE ye a FAT PAGAN or be ye SLIM?? I’m guessing ye be a fattie!!

    Now ye see the truth ye can take off thy PAGAN hat to me in a gesture of APOLOGY, he he he!!!!

    Ok, its back to the tanning salon for me…

    Toodle Pip, Pagan!! I will say a Pagan’s Prayer for Thee!!!!

  387. pat carr

    “But I got 2 wonder now about YOUR figure! BE ye a FAT PAGAN or be ye SLIM?? I’m guessing ye be a fattie!! ”

    well you’d be guessing wrong. he’s my friend and i’ve seen pics of him. he’s quite a slender Pagan and a young looking one at that.

    he doesn’t broil his skin in the sun like a stupid brainwashed sun zombie.

    “Ok, its back to the tanning salon for me…”

    let’s see your skin in 20 years, hell 10. i’m 42 and people think i am 29 and that’s because i don’t offer my one and only skin to radiation. The whole obession with the sun is beyond retarded. people run from the rain like it’s acid but will sit and cook it in the sun. i don’t have much faith in humanity for doing such an obviously dangerous thing when dermatologists repeatedly warn not too

    plus jason and marna sent me a care package all the way from australia to seattle …. which makes them the greatest humans that ever lived in my book – sorry ghandi and alexander the great LOL.

  388. shaz

    Ewwwl i think its disgusting that poor marna is hot i saw a picture, hes been trying to get on and hes banned or something!!! hes tried 5 times my cute hottie i love him !

    I dont like these sun lovers they are so anoying.
    I cant believe you think hes fat hes not

  389. Jay

    “I dont like these sun lovers they are so anoying.”

    Hear hear Shaz, I couldn’t agree more!

    There was a bunch of Lizards on my next door neighbour’s front lawn recently,all clamouring for the best position they could get under the scorching sun.
    It was a woeful sight to behold! All that exposed flesh everywhere in abundance and very scantily clad too.Fearing that this Lizard infestation would spill over to my side of the fence, causing the street to become over-run with vermin, I shut my front door to close them out. Its not exactly easy to loose yourself in your research when there’s such a hullabaloo coming from outdoors, never mind the sight of them..

    We have a cool place here in Melbourne called the Chill On Ice Lounge:


    and my, what joy it would be to pack a bunch of Lizards inside its four walls! The deal is that you get 30 minutes inside an ice-house where its minus 10 degrees!!
    This place promises its lucky patron a good time! To quote:

    “Nothing works up a thirst quite
    like an Antarctic winter deep in the heart of Melbourne. Enjoy a drink surrounded by more than 30 tonnes of carved ice. Everything within the Ice Lounge is made of ice – from the bar to lean against, the couch to lounge on, even the glass you drink from!”

    (I can’t quite see your typical complacent Lizard sprawled across the ice-made couch, but anyway, it goes on):

    “All the while you are wrapped snug as a bug in a rug in ski jackets, gloves and woolen boots we provide. The Ice Lounge is a stunning experience that truly turns a function from memorable into unforgettable.”

    Imagine if I could force an evacuation of the Lizards in my street and get them inside the Chill On Ice Lounge! Minus 10 degrees, eh? Those lizards might not make it through 30 minutes of such an ‘ordeal’! While Winter Lovers would be right in their element, all rugged up and cosy,lolling about on the couches,they could lazily shout slogans across the room to those shivering , quivering ‘Zards; you know, the kinds of slogans they’ve been mouthing to heat-haters each Summer when the heat is at its hottest:

    “what a beautiful day,mmmm, lovely weather!”
    “glorious weather today!”

    That would be a memory that would stick in their minds until the next rays of Summer melted it away.It seems to me that those Lizards can’t be happy unless the sun is on them: the more intense the heat, the more ecstatic the Lizard is!

  390. Marna is not fat at all, in fact he’s quite good looking (and es i am secure enough in my manhood to say it LOL). And he’s a cool dude, in more than just weather.

    as for:

    “Imagine if I could force an evacuation of the Lizards in my street and get them inside the Chill On Ice Lounge! Minus 10 degrees, eh? Those lizards might not make it through 30 minutes of such an ‘ordeal’! While Winter Lovers would be right in their element, all rugged up and cosy,lolling about on the couches,they could lazily shout slogans across the room to those shivering , quivering ‘Zards; you know, the kinds of slogans they’ve been mouthing to heat-haters each Summer when the heat is at its hottest:”

    What delightful revenge on the Lizard Sun Army! i’d be in 7th heaven just to see it. sounds like a wonderful place. i’d love to visit it., i go into the Costco cold section where they keep the veggies and other things and you should see the poor frail shivering ghosts that shop inside it.!!!!

    Yeah we have the same thing in seattle. the sun is out for a short time and right away comes the flip flops, the “sunning” and other such obnoxious idiocy. meanwhile my 42 year old skin (looks 28) sits there in the shade pondering such peer pressure, brainwashed, caveman like retardedness.

    And yes the Stupid Words come from them: GORGEOUS DAY!, “NICE” Day. if i hear the word “nice” again ever for anything i may go howling mad. these pathetic creatures state of happiness depends on whether or not the “sun comes out”. then they have the NERVE to tell me “i’m nuts”. well winter’s coming and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.

    too bad though this lunacy is fed by morons like this


    this guy i swear moved from arizona or perhaps Hell. to him rain is “Sad”. He’s SAD! (sun addicted Dork)

  391. wow


    could actually be Heaven after i read the site. when i die i want to go there. If the sun lovers go to Hell they have nothing to complain about since they like the heat so much. one thing that has always annoyed me is they tell me i can “acclimatize” to the heat. I’d rather drink a cocktail of thumbtacks and be eaten slowly by red ants than “acclimatize” to stuffy, gross, disgusting heat.

    It’s bad enough i sit on the buses here in the Fall and winter (and sometimes they do it in the spring and summer) the bus driver turns up the heat till i believe i am in Death Valley not Seattle. And it has the wonderful and Glourious Effect to make the homeless and other odors AMPLIFY while sitting on that rotten and miserable StenchCoach. To top it off, people get on and comment how nice it is the “heat” is on.

  392. Jason

    Finally something positive to happen in the Ice Palace!!!
    Make cold fashionable again!! Its long over due..

    Those vile lizard feral freaks are sick in the head…man I am sooooooo over them with their brainwashed mentatlity…sun, sun, f..kin sun!!!!! What loser would want to bake in that revolting glary thing its so torturous and uncomfortable! they obviously like afflicting pain on themselves- YUK! I would rather comfort anyday!! I will be 40 in December but I look in my 20s as I do not go in that death orb!! I think thats why they dress like old grannies as they have the complection & skin of an old granny!! ….And they have the intellegence of a pea brain sized chicken!!! They are the color of roast chicken!!! They love wearing stockings/skin tight jeans/ or leggings atm here that they tuck the bottoms under their ankles into their little flat ballet slippers!!! They always have knobbly knees and weirdly shaped flabby legs!! These stupid ballet flats shoes look so ridiculous like old women wear that have swallen feet!! They always have their arms tightly crossed like rigamotous has set in and the have no neck with stooped over shoulders–Yuk!!!
    They like having their hair in this stupid bun thing that is so thin at the end it looks like a wick!! and all the thin hair that is left from over peroxiding and dying just dangles from the bun..many are balding from all that crap… they are so foul!!

  393. Hi to everyone….having a mild spring up here in hell so weather wise its been ok, but that extra hour of daily radiation, aka as DLS, should be reclassified as a lizard crime against the person and outlawed. Christian lizards are the worst. They worship Guy Sebastian and watch the X Factor and Australian Idiot er, Idol. They let perverts preach to them and take their money.

    Will call Marna, been working long hours in recent months and often don’t get home until late. Did you guys notice the boards are closed. LoL, I wonder why

  394. TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me and the Chicks at work read some more of your comments and now i know 4 sure that ur all FREAKSSS!!


    Totally weirded out freaks all of u!!! n we sun luvas are
    RULE over u

    “Sun Luvaas are here to stay

    we will never go away”

    So instead of wasting your time looking for a way to escape from the SUN
    why not do something else
    slip into something more COMFortABLE…………..
    a COMA!

    Your a bunch of boring,old,fat WHINGERS!! like, 40 yearOLDS!!!!
    The sun is here to stay YAY!! so get ovER it!!!!!!!!!

    SucK on Eggs, Wizzards!

  395. shaz

    Oh ash hi its shaz marnas friend hes thinking about you
    yeah he said to ring him if you got time!
    he hoped you got the message okay!
    hes such a babe!
    summer freaks are suck!

  396. hi all, just an update here in seattle. i call it Augtober! well it’s cool enough at night but we’re getting lots of suin and the days are warm….in october! can’t wait for No-vember

  397. jason

    To the Tracy Freak…
    You quote..“Sun Luvaas are here to stay

    we will never go away”

    …..Beg to differ while I will be here in 10years time looking still in my twenties you ‘sun lovers will be worm food 6 foot under having died from cancer due to your own stupidity!!

    End Of Story:)

  398. shaz

    WOW!!! sounds like the sun got you tracey!!!

    Me and my girl friends like going to the beach in our black attire and having our black umbrellas up paying out ugly sun geeks like you………..

    Hey dont get me wrong I love the sun!!!!!
    When its sunset!!!

    Hey Im not 40!
    I look after my skin and men just drool !!!!
    I dont have to paint my skin with inks!
    I dont have to dye my hair white!!
    I dont have wear cheap nasty cardboard shoes,

    Ink stinks only not when its tatoos!
    White hair is for sick or elderly!
    Cheap shoes are for bogans!!

    I have a figure dear sweet cheeks!!

    Sun really sums up one thing, its there! its glare!!
    its that lovely death orb of sunny goodness!!!
    hey if you like skin cancer!!

    PS= There is a girl promoting breast cancer awareness here and she smokes and has fake tan!!!!
    Go figure?????????????????????????????????????

    Tracey maybe you need to tan esor uss!!!
    my cute sunbeem!

  399. TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Jaundice,
    I mean Jason,

    i think your post was SOO DOPEY and my friend Natalie from work said to tell u to stick it where the sun don’t shine!!!!! ha ha ha

    Also, Natalie’s mom has got a cd by a band that should be in your TOP 10 – its called JC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND
    he he he

    Its like, ridiculous, like your silly post!!!!!!!!!!
    You sound like someone who needs an IQ boost but i don’t think your IQ can be raised so you’ll be dumbo Jason for eva!!!!!!!!!

  400. shaz

    i like a girl like you tracey
    brighter than a globe……….
    we hey sun retardation is catching!!! hey liz!!!!
    jc and the sunshine band died from skin cancer you know!

    well its okay a pixie lost in the woods is better than a strawberry kiss from my friend nikkie webster!!!
    who be wishing now hey?????

  401. Jason

    To Trakky…it seems like the senality and cancer has set into your brain my poison flower!!!
    Must be really hard only having one brain cell hey my little brainwashed sun zombie…whoops one of your limbs just fell off!!!

    Hey Trakky there is a psych ward out there waiting for you with your name on the door!!

    Its good your on here to show the rest of the Summer haters how venomous a Sun bully really is!!!!
    The jokes on you you old bat!

    Must be very frustrating for you that yahoo message boards have shut down….All you and your freaky losers have to find other sites to infest with your polluting dribble!!!!!…Good on Ya!

    Ps I would rather lick a dead seal than be ever seen with you or the likes of!

    Gods Bless+

  402. TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Jaundice
    I mean Jason!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me and the girls from work want some fun with you!!!!!!

    We are all lesbian hookers but we do bi acts in the sun!!!!!

    Whats your email??????

    I love the beach I get drunk very easily so I am Easy!!!!!

    I love wizz!!!!

    I am so hot with my spray on orange tan, white plastic hair extensions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love skanky teaspoon whore short shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want all the men on heere!!!!!!!!!


  403. “You quote..“Sun Luvaas are here to stay

    we will never go away””

    sure you will. Melanoma has a wonderful long vacation for you, it’s called Death. it happens when you expose one of the most organs in your body (“skin”) constantly to a blazing ball of radiation. let’s see how you look in 10 years. Probably age spots the size of Jason’s head. What is it with you sun worshippers? crying at a drop of rain? burning yourself outside with something so dangerous and stupid?

    Speaking of Jason. If he had a stroke, a lobotomy and was hit repeatedly in the head with a sledgehammer, he’d still be 4x more intelligent than you. But please go outside so the sun can boil away the rest of what’s left of your lizard sized brain.

    btw that’s “KC and the sunshine band”. and they suck and can go blow my butthairs

  404. We will always be smarter than the sun worshipers, because we aren’t addicted to a dangerous and aging thing “tanning”.

    i sat on the bus yesterday and an old couple was talking about some place that “had an advantage over seattle”. why? because it was “sunny every day” and 60’s. i was like…what about the seasons?

    SOSAD’s (Sun out sun all day ) and SUN’s (sun addicted dorks) lead a very sad and pathetic life. they tell us we are “weird” but what kind of life is it when you have to have the sun out every day? pathetic, spoiled and sad. It is YOU that is weird. sorry but on planet earth, there are things called seasons. maybe go live on the moon where you can sit in the sun all day.

    i’d rather just have a planet with Jason Marna and others on here than be subjected to the daily insanity of the sun lunatics!

  405. DAVIDD

    Hi I just think Summer is so hot,
    i can just go to the bietch and solar myself..
    i just love the sensation of burnt flesh ,
    I even cook my meat that way, The blacker the better.
    I work unfortunately in a high rise office next to a glass window and i have a dead plant on my desk.
    What is this craziness of global warming???
    I just love heat and me and my boyfriend love going to the tennis court playing tennis and sitting on the ashfeldt.
    I am so hot!
    hey Tracey want to meet up so we can go that cool tanning clinic MEGASUN at Christies beach Road!
    I dont know why they hate the sun its really HOT!!
    Im sorry Tracey i have a boyfriend so i can give you some make up tips,
    yeah my boyfriends name is Sol,
    he is swedish i think or german i think!
    well i think i might have a cold shower all this talk makes me horney! and hot!!!

  406. “I want all the men on heere!!!!!!!!!”

    no thanks! I like sexy women not lizards. women who do’t deep fry their skin

  407. excellent comment

    Great White North

    October 23, 2010 at 9:39 AMRating: (1) (0)
    Report abuse
    News Flash. Winter weather expected in Western Washington in Winter. The only people who dont like the weather here are the ones that moved here from somewhere else to take advantage of the low real estate prices 20 years ago. Dont like snow, wind and rain. Go back to California to droughts, earthquakes and overwhelming heat.


    finally some sense!

  408. TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean Tracy!!!

    ignore my other post where i said mean things – i was in a baad MOOD!!
    your the only chick 4 me – i don’t wanna meet your friends!

    i’ve waited aLL my life 4 a chick like u to come along and give my boring life meaning – & now HERE u ARE!

    u perked me up babe – Lets get MARRIED!!!!

    i don’t need to ask marna to check our compatability by looking in2 his crystal ball- i all readdy know we’re made 4 each other!!!!!!!!!!

    i want u to be the mother of all my kids!!!!!!!!! i’ll live with u wherever u wanna live hunny bunny – even if its near the beach!!!

    marna who got banned from this site is H A P P I E cos he won’t be
    banned from coming to our wedding cos he’S gonna be our best man!!!!!! and the rest of my friends on this website will be our wedding guests!!!!!!!!!! its gonna be a day 2 remember for the rest of our lives sugarr!!!!

    evry time i hear Summer Love by Justin Timberlake i think of u!!!!! here’s my favourite verse:

    “But let me buy you drinks better yet rings
    Do it how you want it done girl
    And who woulda thought that you could be the one cuz I
    I can’t wait to fall in love with you
    You can’t wait to fall in love with me
    This just can’t be summer love you’ll see
    This just can’t be summer love , L.O.V.E.”

    i wanna sing this Justin T song to u on our wedding day!

    i lUV you baby and because of you i lUV summer too!!!!!!!!!!!

    write me soon!
    Love Jason

    (Tracy + Jason = Love)

    T R A C E + J A S E…TRUE LUV NEVVA DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  409. My Proposal to Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean Tracy!!!

    ignore my other post where i said mean things – i was in a baad MOOD!!
    your the only chick 4 me – i don’t wanna meet your friends!

    i’ve waited aLL my life 4 a chick like u to come along and give my boring life meaning – & now HERE u ARE!

    u perked me up babe – Lets get MARRIED!!!!

    i don’t need to ask marna to check our compatability by looking in2 his crystal ball- i all readdy know we’re made 4 each other!!!!!!!!!!

    i want u to be the mother of all my kids!!!!!!!!! i’ll live with u wherever u wanna live hunny bunny – even if its near the beach!!!

    marna who got banned from this site is H A P P I E cos he won’t be
    banned from coming to our wedding cos he’S gonna be our best man!!!!!! and the rest of my friends on this website will be our wedding guests!!!!!!!!!! its gonna be a day 2 remember for the rest of our lives sugarr!!!!

    evry time i hear Summer Love by Justin Timberlake i think of u!!!!! here’s my favourite verse:

    “But let me buy you drinks better yet rings
    Do it how you want it done girl
    And who woulda thought that you could be the one cuz I
    I can’t wait to fall in love with you
    You can’t wait to fall in love with me
    This just can’t be summer love you’ll see
    This just can’t be summer love , L.O.V.E.”

    i wanna sing this Justin T song to u on our wedding day!

    i lUV you baby and because of you i lUV summer too!!!!!!!!!!!

    write me soon!
    Love Jason

    (Tracy + Jason = Love)

    T R A C E + J A S E…TRUE LUV NEVVA DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (this message is so IMPORTant baby i had 2post it twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  410. Marna

    Hi I’m Back!!! after i licked a dead seal, hey i like that one!

    Well after a rude so and so got me baned!
    A certain sundomedfreakazoidalweirdo!
    did a lovely on me!!
    Not mentioning names!!!!

    I just love sunlovers they are so intelligent for what they are……DELUDED!!!!!

    I dont have to result to insults of how stupid they are!

    Im sorry to say that the world is run by Sunloons
    there is a new world all around the world to say!!!

    They arent lunatics………
    They are solartics…
    or just ticks…hey you know what happens to them they get put on drugs or removed by tweezers and squished!

    Hey what is so threatening about people who are intouch with nature and love the cold??????

    Why do these dweebosz need too threaten and be so angry and rude!!!

    I THINKZ ZE BE SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!
    >ICE just a small little bit of weather..

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Im scared of the raindrops
    they freak me out OMG EWWWWWWLLL my hair!!!!!

    I feel they are dementia patients that have taken over
    young girls and guys!

    Bless the great winter queen!!!
    Snow kissess!!!!

  411. “Im sorry to say that the world is run by Sunloons
    there is a new world all around the world to say!!!

    They arent lunatics………
    They are solartics…
    or just ticks…hey you know what happens to them they get put on drugs or removed by tweezers and squished!

    Hey what is so threatening about people who are intouch with nature and love the cold??????

    Why do these dweebosz need too threaten and be so angry and rude!!!”

    LOL Marna

    You’re right. The “perfect weather/sun” thing has in my opinion become pretty much a religion/cult. Rain which is an essential part of our ecosystem is looked upon as some kind of dangerous villain.

    Meanwhile the sun which we do need in nature, but also actually is dangerous to us in massive amounts is lauded as a God. it really is. I remember last week seeing something about someone who stayed up on Mt Rainier. it was misty in the morning but then by noon “it was spectacular”. the ending of the statement was “friends, view, but best of all, the Sun”.

    Why is the sun better than friends? is is better than common sense? Oh i hear it’s the economy and people don;’t get out as much or other excuses, but really we are returning to a bizarre form of sun worship

    what about the seasons? the fall? the winter? natural cycles of earth. None of it matters to the 80 degrees F/Sunny crowd. they have to stick their opinons every where you go. They are the New Bullies but i have no problem telling them where they can stick it. I have almost no lines on my face at 42. I am commonly mistaken for 30 or less.

    I see no reason to go out and put my skin in the heat. But you know lots of people do like cool weather you just got to talk to them about it. I won’t let these Heat-tites and Sunazis take over public discussion.

  412. reply to DAVIDD from Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi DAVIDD!!
    yer i would luv
    to meet u at MEGASUN but better still would be the beach, is your bathing suit HOT pink, mine is, we can race each other while Sol takes the picturez!!!!!!

    hey i have solved the puzzle of your boyfriend’s ethnicity. i think he could be a

    I had once a rroom mate called Sol and he was Jewish such a sensitive Soul always so sad and fragile with a little skull cap on his sooty head. what a cutie!! so maybe Your sol is a swedish jew or a german jew or maybe he is just plain Jewish??

    so u rest on the ashffelt too after a game of tennis?? its so rejuvenating but i won’t kiss the ashffelt like the religious peeple do!!


    if you brake up with your boyfriend i can be a shoulder for you to cry on DAVIDD & Jason can offer his manly shoulder to u 2 I dont need a crystal ball to know that you and Jase would be really good buddies!!

    i would not ask u to convert to being a straight guy not even 4me that is like asking 2 much i think!!!!!!!!! i can accept u gayz so that is a sign that i am very grown up &mature i think!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i like the way u cook your meat Davy, the blacker the better


    gays are good cooks i know+ good makeup artists too…

    Please will u apply my makeup DAVIDD i am a petite blonde, Very Beautiful, with dainty hands and feet& there is glossy nailpolish i am sure u will notice that i painted on my toenails.

    well my hunk jason is callimg me,i am rubbing cold cream into his manly shoulders .We went 2the beach today u see & now he is from head to feets all sunburnt!!!!!!OUCH!!!!! but he will be ok by 2morro when we go 2the solarium!!!!!!!!!!!

    so nice talking to a sweet&sensitve guy like u DAVIDD!



  413. Irma Vonkleischmidt

    I have been looking at these recent post6 here ja & it seeming that you Tracy are loopy loopy womin!! I tinking you having sun sickness ja!! This site is better wisout du Tracy so go avay!! Here in Germany woman like du are considered freaky freak and spat on!!!!

    I loove cold weather you stupid girl!! so enough wit all the sun & beach crap!! You would not last 5 mins in Deutschland or anywhere in Europe girl I would loving to see you spend a winter here girl! I having a lovely pale complexion & black hair, you are an old wizards sleeve and orange as a carrot!!
    Come on you stupid girl & face the Irma!
    I must go now and get some of my work done!

  414. Irma Vonkleinschmidt

    Ach noch eins Mädchen du bist hässlich und sehen aus wie alte Frau!………

  415. Marna

    OMG !!!!!
    angry people!!!!!
    ! !
    ! /
    ! /
    ——— (O) ———
    / !
    / !

    No its not the Sun!!
    Lets target melanomas!

    Hey!! Slip slop slap,and SHADE!!!!!!!

    I love the anti cancer message!
    if sun is so great why does exposed to it causes so many problems???????
    It ages,Gives us cancer,Dehydrates,Burns(100%),
    Sun stroke,Killls old people, sickens people,and my favourite it takes you closer to the grave!

    WOW TAN!!!!!!!
    sounds chinese to me!
    it is an actual chinese dish served in shuang provence
    made of dried noodles, pickles and old dried chicken
    and sometimes it has old ham legs in it!
    served with a local drink called Sun Wong Lah
    a drink made of old srivled grapes and a rare spice found there that grows in arid conditions!
    Its pretty pokey!
    if your lucky they serve it with dried vegetables such as yams,Poh lah lei, and Sun Dom Yuk! and my favourite one a rice that is sticky similar to sushi and they serve ity also with a garnish of a dead looking rhodoendron! and green tea!


  416. reply to Irma fromTracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WoW, irma of germany wher r your mannerZ loopy old ladY???

    i was talking to DAVIDD not u so mind your own buziness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u r RUDE!!!!

    PLease go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is a site for anyone &if i want to make comments on here than i will OKKKK cross-eyed, mean IRMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when the yahoo message boardz open again i mite go back there – i havent decided yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    & if u dont like that then TOO BADD!!!!!!!!!!

    & btw u dont have2 hate Summer2 comment HERRE!!!

  417. Irma Vonkleinschmidt

    Mein Tracy..Do not liking confrentation ay girl!!!

    You say I’m od..huh!! I am in mine 30s and look younger than yu you sun burned ORANGE old saddlebag He He HE!!!!!

    du are filtsy old sweaty thing like a pig in sty ja!! You need soap!!!!!

    All you sun freak all the same ja ugly, old looking and rude bully!! You take some of it back girl, Da Irma putting you in your place here maybe girl, so deal with it sweaty cheeks!!!!

    “& btw u dont have2 hate Summer2 comment HERRE!!!”…..
    This is a anti summer board you stupid girl!!!!

    Maybe you need your teeth extracted girl!!!!!!!

    IRMA has spoken!

    Deutschland uber alas!!!!!

    Duh girl

  418. Irma Vonkleinschmidt

    There is no DAVIDD on here girl!! You veryy loopy lopy in da haed ja!!!!!!! You talking to yourself!!

  419. Braggi Vintursson

    Funny girls here!!
    I love winter,
    goes for 6 monthes here, in Iceland!
    I do not think people from hot lands get it, english strange maybe!
    Ég held að sumar elskendur eru skrýtin, bjó ég í Ástralíu,
    Ég þurfti að fara þangað fyrir fjölskyldu koma saman, eins og frænka mín veiktist þarna og ég þurfti að taka hana aftur til Íslands!
    Ég þurfti að fara líka þetta hræðilega stað sem kallast South Australia!
    ég dey næstum úr hita!
    Dont taka mig þar ég aftur frekar búa á Íslandi
    Sorry hard for me to say but i lived in South Australia, to get my sick aunt back to Iceland
    so hot i nearly die from the heat!
    Give me Iceland much nicer!

    Tracey you funny lady..you not last in Iceland
    No its not always Ice!!!
    we have the best weather, in Iceland they have a saying=

    Á Íslandi þegar veðrið breytist, á falla á hatt.
    það hjartarskinn fá betri það gerist hrúga verra!
    =In Iceland the weather changes, at a drop of a hat.
    It doesnt get better it gets worse!

  420. irmavonkleinschmidt@yahoo.com

    Hallo, ich habe nicht meine kleine Liebe Tracy hier für einige Zeit gesehen? Wo bist du, Mädchen?
    Wussten Sie Schwung mit Sun Krankheit und umkippen! Oh meine kleine Sonne Mädchen musst du zu einem knackigen Sie hässliche alte Großmutter verbrannt werden!
    Wie ist South Australia? Sie alte Satteltasche!
    Die Irma haben, zu kommen und sortieren Sie heraus Mädchen!
    Achtung, mein Lieber!
    Irma is watching!

  421. Irma Vonkleinschmidt

    Hallo, ich habe nicht meine kleine Liebe Tracy hier für einige Zeit gesehen? Wo bist du, Mädchen?
    Wussten Sie Schwung mit Sun Krankheit und umkippen! Oh meine kleine Sonne Mädchen musst du zu einem knackigen Sie hässliche alte Großmutter verbrannt werden!
    Wie ist South Australia? Sie alte Satteltasche!
    Die Irma haben, zu kommen und sortieren Sie heraus Mädchen!
    Achtung, mein Lieber!
    Irma is watching!

  422. Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Irma, my german is no good,i had 2 ask my friend Hans to tranlate wot u said. i have been so busy i was today with my hottie Jason at our favorite nudist beach in South Australia we were sunbaking working on our tans (jase is now… mmmm so tanned mmmm…my sexy bronzed hunk) & at one point i decided to get up off my beach towel & have a dip YAY!! & oh this is the part that I find hard to tell- i hardly like to go on!…but anyways i was strolling sexily towards the bloo water when everyone – all the other swimmers&tanners began to notice me – and some of them collapsed! yer i unfortunately always have this effect on people, it is my beauty i suppose,it is too much for them ,so they FAINT!!! i started 2 panik, i started 2 screem!!! then i looked around for life savers but THERE WERE NONE – yikes!! i paniked some more but then my eyes rested on my hottie still sleeping ,he was shifting around sensuously on his beech towel&so i ran back2him… one look at his face & i knew he was dreaming – about me!! but anyways…back to my story… when he finally woke and saw so many beach patrons out like lights – dropped like flies – he sprang to attention & aftar wiping the sand off his hot shoulders&wet lips he reached4 his mobile to ring all his frenz but 1 by 1 they said no they couldn’t come to help with the resusitations cos they HATE HOT WEATHER !!!!!!!!! selfish, i call them!! so me n jase had 2 to do it ourselves…so yer, point is, those summer haters are rude&selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeewl!!!!!!!!!! i don’t like them nor does Jason!!!!!!!!!!

    TO Braggi Vintursson : u said your lazy auntie nearly died from heat in South of Australai ja? but guess wot, me and Jase beg to differ, we luv the hot south Aussie weather & we’re gonna stay here 4 eva YAY!!!!

  423. Irma Vonkleinschmidt

    Tracy you stupid girl when you go to beach greenpeace come to roll you back in water ja!!!! If you have translated my message girl you might stop and tink maybe yes on how you so loopy loopy in da head ja!!! Poor little madcher!! You look like old pork crackle!!!!!

  424. braggi vintursson

    Komdu saell Tracey,
    my auntie was not lazy, she nearly got hurt by mad people like you ….you not nice ladey hey tracey.. my cousin say how ignorant and rude you people are!
    Still thinks you not maybe do good in Iceland.
    Sous australiu is very odd place, very hot and stinking much!
    your jase sounds like sissy boy!
    i kanje nett ekki ygtur?
    i from upper regons of northern Iceland..i rather deal with Icelands desert not yourss strange girll!
    girls here are much prettie here to your funny place! maybe a bietched whale might enjoy you alot tracey!
    komdu fra Islands! meirra i eru denstureninn yn!

  425. Jason

    I see mainland Australia is heating up like an old oven….phew!, thank the gods I’m in Tasmania!!!!!
    OMG how can you live in temps that cook food????
    Psychoville Freaks!!!!

  426. marna

    I just love summer, i do, it is the best time of the year to see
    Supe Sun freaks!!!
    I know its wrong to call these people freaks,
    I think deluded, diseased, delirious, and when you look at their hamlegs maybe delicious!!

    I really get excited at looking at thrumps, bounding down the road in tight .teaspoon whore shorts and pink boobtubes,
    MMMMM!!! how sexy is that???
    The other look of the deluded weirdos is the thin boney and diseased, gaunt grannie, orange, white hair and i must say the hump really gives it that special touch!
    Yes the hump!!!!
    look closely Pat they have humps.
    they are quazimosso’s offspring!!
    they belong on top of a famous church.
    ringing there bells and poring oil on there fellow lizards!!

    There should be a DNA studdy on these hypoweirdos..
    yes again hypowierdo is a sceintific term for these strange phenominums…they always complain how sick they are..
    and weird hey how can they seriously think they look hot like looking like that???really suprizes me that a game shooter from afrika hasnt shot one yet in the mistake that they look like rhinos!

    Thatnks to the lizards again i have caught there sickness
    Lizofreaks…wait hypoweirdos!!
    Winter is so nice!!

  427. Jason

    I too have the lovely flu or ‘lizarditis’ as I like to call it!!!
    I only get these stupid flu’s in warm weather usually spring and summer when the bugs breed in the heat!! in the cold the bugs and germs die so it is crap that winter brings the flu!!! most horrid flu’s etc are from tropical countries not cold climate countries…DUH! Thanks to these disease ridden old orange corpses spreading their germs i now have it….
    Well done you pukkin lizard biatchez!!!!!!!!!

  428. Jason

    I swear those lizard freaks are gettig uglier & uglier every year!!!!
    Dirty old bags like sitting on hot ashfelt in the street in their teaspoon hore shorts and no shoes!! yea no shoes are popular now with black painted claws!!!

  429. marna

    i agrreee!!!!

    Please explain the granny fetish,
    its old, its cripple,its a super freak……..

    there are two species maybe three species of lizards…….

    1)THE OMA=grey hair, hump, cardigans, mubles tights,pants up to the bra line, big handbag, hair tied up in a top knot and either pale or orange. grannie make up and complaining how cold they are.

    2) BIETCH BIMBO=the orange skin, skiny body, orange hair or pure white hair,
    no chest, boney arms and long fingers,slagey make up,
    tight short shorts, bra or bikini top and flats

    3)THE GHOST= white skin, white hair, black eye make up,
    white lips, white crushed organza crepe material cardgin,
    white mumbles and white flats, sometimes a head band!

    Some examples of Sunfreaks……
    why do they sit on ashfelt with no underwear on???
    they are the most rudest weirdos around…….
    help me i have died and my purjatory is 80s re run ……
    join me in banning 80s!!!!!!!!!
    i hate the 80s.com
    why has the 80s just go on and on…….the 80s sucked bigtime!

  430. Jason

    Melanoma ridden

  431. Jason

    Sunmer is evil, revolting, filthy, depressing, gloomy….
    As far as I care sun lovers can go fry themselves sensless and get cancer & die!!!! they are fukkin wierdos!!!!!

  432. marna

    OMG i think i will have to get my eyes checked,
    i had the most hideous thing come to my shop today,
    it was the qween of the lizards..

    it was really tall, with 12inch stilettos on,
    brown orange fake tan skin,
    leopard print see thru top low cut,
    hacked at white bob hair cut,
    black mini skirt,
    black stillees,
    and a silver bag.
    botoxed lips and face,
    turkey neck.
    wrinkley hands
    boney extremities,
    big brown eyes.
    and this posh voice…
    It was literally posh spice!!!

    i cant get the foul image out of my head…..
    its daughter was a orange tanned scarey creation,
    multicolored hair,
    granny ware.
    HELP ME!!!!!!!
    I heard down here we are getting LE Nina
    its something that happens here..
    so looks like more rain!

  433. Jason

    pppttt..I spit on sun/sunmer lovers & curse the ground they walk (slither) on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  434. it’s a glourious winter here. Rain and snow. We took 2 trips to the Ocean Shores of Wa and Oregon. Pure heaven.

    funny thing i have to tell you all, that in the summer the hotels go up to 200 – 300 a night. because of the skin cancer sandal army. they drive the prices up with their stupid infestation of the beaches

    recently i watched a movie abot shark attack. it was the first time i rooted for the sharks eating the people in the water. it was fantastic!

  435. “Hallo, ich habe nicht meine kleine Liebe Tracy hier für einige Zeit gesehen? Wo bist du, Mädchen?”

    Guten Tag! ich spreche Deutsch aber ich bin sehr “rusty” LOL.

  436. marna

    hi pat,
    its weird….where is my summer gone????
    I have heard this so many times from the lizos,
    we having a wet summer here and the hot days are hot..
    i dont understand why these weirdos think its there personal summer that in danger????
    PE?=please explain?

    You dont hear winter lovers going who stole my winter hey?
    I hate summer…
    i think also this comment about summer is like that its a person a girl called summar…
    why do we have to be in this weirdo world?
    pat i hope your fine email me soon okay!

  437. Hi Jason sorry to hear you had the flu. i know what you mean i get sick in Bummer (summer). Bummer brings heat flies and general misery

    “Sunmer is evil, revolting, filthy, depressing, gloomy….
    As far as I care sun lovers can go fry themselves sensless and get cancer & die!!!! they are fukkin wierdos!!!!!”

    it really is. i tried to “enjoy” it last year and just coudln’t figure out why it was so “wonderful”. it’s painful.

    on top of it all, summer is very boring. heat and sun every day. you get in the car and it’s like an oven

    Marna your summer was stolen by the lizard sandal army lol. they are weather insurgents who try to strike fear in every cool man’s heart (but doesn’t work)

    i had to laugh because i watch these documentaries about yosemite and the appalachian trail on national geo and they always go in summer. 2 girls had nicknames, sunkist and sunbeam. stupid sun nicknames

    it’s sad that people can only enjoy like 3 months of the year. i’ve never figured out why the sun has to be more of a god then their regular deity.

    i think really it’s a mental illness when you have to have the sun out to be happy. what if there was a disaster and we had to take shelter? can you imagine sharing that with people obsessed with the sun?

  438. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    There is not a word that can possibly describe how much I despise & hate summer..Just the word its self sounds stupid..
    summer what? summer freaks.. summer freakier!! some are brain dead sun zombies!

  439. JAUNDICE-LOVER!!!!!!!!!!


    Where is MARNA –

    The MAN
    With no


  440. JASON'S GIRL!!!!!!!!!!



    i don’t think you could be as hot as my Jason (aka JAUNDICE). Jason’s got the ho0ttest shoulders I’ve eVerr seen on a guy…mmmm….I’m so proud of my hot + cute Jason

  441. MARNA'S MOM !!!!!!!!!!

    I nearly forgot to make this PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT!!

    JASON & I are expecting our first CHILD!!! Yepp, that’s right folks, there’s a baby on the way…

    Already we know its a BOY & guess wot name Jason wants 2 give him??

    MARNA Jnr!!

    So for many years to come I’ll be hollering “Marna! Where are you, Marna? Mommy is looking for you!!”


    Talk about having MARNA in my face!!! The THINGS I DO 4 U, JASON…

  442. ~mArNa~

    Hi guys,
    sorry its been so long,
    I hate summer, I thank the Gods Im not in Hell….
    they are having a heat wave above 42 degrees..
    here its being damp. and then hot, then rain!!! YAY!!!
    Im so sick of these disgusting bogan(trailertrash) whores,
    Sunburdening freaklandscrapers cancersunbums.
    I have had enough of these sicko doorbanging door mat weirdo psychotic sunbeamdeludofemme de man!

    there is a lovely fashion show here in melbourne by gauteirre
    with this young boy dressed up in womens attire,
    its called androginshybrid!
    Basically condoning child drag shows.
    Gives lizards hope that they might become models too!!
    Hey face it lizards look like men! and ugly men at that..
    everytime I look at a lizard all I see is some transexualfreak!

    They are starting young down here…11yrs old!!!

    Gods help me I feel sick everyday looking at these
    humbumdawklunar fem de tart de skunkle pew!
    I will say one thing about this population of the great
    lizard plague…….ITS ALL CLOANIC!!!!!
    The bunnies have arrived…not fury animals with long ears and over sexed….
    Girl lizards with there hair tied up in a small bun right on top of there heads..
    OMG they look like balloon heads!
    I think society has finally *uckt up!!!!
    I feel sick… i rather lick a dead seal than to say these femme de retardation of lick my boots ho its not your turn to play
    hiltons plaything ya sicko dementae patient gleeming ya fat lard legs bounding down the mall in tight slag ware…that they look nice!!!! BLLLLLLEEEKKKKKKKKKKKCCCCCCCCCCCCHE

  443. ~mArNa~

    And more thing..
    HELP ME!!!!!

    like really seriously???????

    how can these weirdos get away with such disgustingness
    look i have ever seen??????

    I have never experienced anything like this in my whole 43 yrs of life…
    even the 80s was tame compaired to these
    phlemdosidal maniacs!

    the read out like an illness

    Lymphosolaris detrimentalis
    Sola cancerousar
    Lepar facialscaris de sickomania
    Bunnie bites
    Hottshorto thunderphyisis
    Horrorhohoz scareyamapeukspillupp
    Sunnescapier deluzionalis
    Lizo fetchingajiffeefightes
    zlutafemmo manvisualfrightenalia

    yes illness are terrible…..
    one glance of a lizard can cause alot of mental, physical and
    just say orbital affects on ones health……

    Mental= it effects the pituary gland and can decrease seratonin levels, and may cause some form of suicidal thoughts and depression.

    Physical= the act of being near such a foul creature and in the same air space can cause vomitation and nausea.

    Orbital= Is the biggest one having too look at abonimasions
    of The Gods, seeing these sickly foulnessnesses…..
    Im sorry hot shorts belong on Britney Spears and no one else!
    It was made for nasty film clips not everyday ware!

  444. ~mArNa~


    Well how low you phuckn are you two face bytch!!!!
    your going down you slag!!!

    me having a babe is impossible dunkface,
    Im a man?????????????

    and another my MOM IS DEAD>>>>DOGGG!!!!!!

    I curse you try hard bytch!!!
    hey I think Im cute…what is wrong thinking your beautiful freak……hey im safe in myself…
    i dont have to prove my self too any one espaecially you DOGG!!!!! WOOF!!!
    i know its you tracey.you two face mut!
    You phukin going down!!
    If you ever bring my mother into this chat site again defamming her i will hunt you down you MUT!!!

    My mother was a beatiful women and you will not make fun of her…not only will i get you so will my mum…


  445. dreamKeeper

    This post expresses exactly what I think/feel about summer! I even used exactly the same example many many times, before reading your post, to show people the difference between what they say it’s nice and what I hate (hot/summer): “But the thing about that is that at least you can wrap up warm. Putting on four layers of clothes doesn’t require much effort but it can keep you comfortable all day. But if it is boiling hot then you are properly snookered. If you strip right off people will be all offended by your flesh, and you’ll still be too hot!”.

    I can’t sleep, I can’t have fun outside for too long, i can’t even breathe in summer days :)) and I don’t even live in those hot areas you have in US, but in Romania :))

  446. dreamKeeper

    I’m sorry, I see now that you’re not from US. Sorry! ;)

  447. pat carr

    hello and welcome dreamkeeper. Marna is from Australia and i’m from Seatte, wa, US. i hate the heat and the hot areas here. here in the US warm weather is like a religion, like a cult. if you don’t like it people will tell you you’re crazy and all other kinds of insults. it’s horrible!

    anyway thanks for posting and welcome to our forum!

    – Pat

  448. Marna

    Hi dreamkeeper,
    I am from Tasmania its below Australia.
    I was born in South Australia the hottest place in the world!
    the average temperature in SAustralia is 45C-50C that is daytime temperature and night can be 39C-48C..yes yuck!
    Tasmanias summer average temperaure to compare is
    26C-30C day and night is 12C – 15C..big differance hey. that is why I immegrated here to Tasmania.

    Summer is no good for nothing another the dam season does
    it affects your health,
    with me I get bad asthma, aches, skin complaints, and creeking bones. generally annoying feeling like death.
    And heat makes people more angerier,nasty,mean, pigheaded,annoying and rude!
    My prime exmple the lovely Marnas mum(aka Tracey).
    Dreamkeeper make our dreams true..I think you have where I live summer is like winter yay, we having rain, cool few hot days, and last night it tried to snow….Hey Hell freeze over?
    I hope miriam comes back!

  449. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    Hey dreamKeeper good to see you here welcome:)

    I too live in Tasmania where summer is bareable as compared to mainland Australia. I hate feeling hot and warm by that horrid sun!

    I can’t stand all the hype and commercialism for tans aka sun damaged skin, its just wrong!

    Tans are ugly and look wrong..
    The skin on my body is managing just fine without tan so they can save their precious tans for an old cow hide!!!!

    Oh Tracey or Marnas Mum or WTF you are you can tan your fkkn tounge for all I care you one brain celled dead sun zombie GAL you old freak!..


  450. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    BAN THE TAN!!!!!

  451. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    I publicly declare summer & ALL its worshippers to be CURSED !!!!!!


  452. marna

    OMG GUYS NEW SITE=pale is the new tan .com

    spray tan disasters!!
    the one of why you shouldnt go to the beach is a laugh a million…. I couldnt stop laughing so much…..
    these sun freaks are so deluded thinking spray on tans look good..check this site out and hey its won me over the no tan thing!!!! BIGTIME!!!!!
    the one of the corpse on a beach was my favourite and the blow up doll look and the BBQ barbie reject OMG HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAA HAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOD HELP ME!!!
    serious looking like a burnt summer offering is so annoying
    isnt my thought of grandness…I rather look nice and lite skinned and normal tan thats natural not like a experiement
    on self noo king!
    tell me what you think !

  453. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    Loving the sun and weather is a mental illness and needs treatment!!!

    I’m currently working on a device that will fade off a sprayed on tan in one zap!!!

    Whats with the stripping of hair color?? and then it all falls out from over bleaching and hair extension glues and they twist what left of it up in a tiny little bun right on top of their fkkn head!!!

    They look like disintergrating old barbie dolls, that you would see in a thrift store!!

  454. Barbie Q...Lil Miss Summer

    EEWWWLL Hi my name is Barbie Q and I love being hot!!

    I want my skin to look like orange rind and my hair to look like cobwebs!!
    I love the beach I love the beach I love the beach beach beach…hang on my pre-programmed summer button got stuck…..
    I love being sweaty and getting bugs fly in my mouth and up my nose. I love shopping in the mall in my grannys underwear, & I love my flesh burning in the sun !!!!

    Im only 17 but I look mature (old) for my age!! like about 71!

    My hair all fell out on the top in patches doesnt matter I sweep it all up on the top of my head in a tiny bun that covers the bald spots!! Must have been that glue from the extensions and the hair color stripper!!

    I look so hottt!!! I like to look at my feet as I walk as my little jiffy shoes (flats) are so cool so I have a hump back and I never eat so all my bones are prominate which is sooo hot!!

    I like text on my phone to all the girls so my thumbs are really sore and stiff I think that is kool!! RSI??…whats that eewwwllll..

    I will post again soon to tell you more about me coz Im soooo kool and hot!!!

  455. Andrew, Friend Of Tracey's

    Anyone with half a brain would know that Tracy was not misrepresenting Marna…read what she wrote PROPERLY Marna and it will be immediately obvious that what you accused her of is not what she she was doing.If anything, you misrepresent/defame Tracey by pretending to be her when you said I WANT ALL THE MEN ON HERE and put her name in the name line…

    Marna, if u want to maintain your reputation as Marna Funny Man than you’d better grow up and stop behaving so theatrically all the time…you can start by not doing an all-out venemous attack on Tracey (and other young girls for that matter)

    Take a bow Blockhead…LONGRIDER was right when he said YOU ARE THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!!!

  456. Barbie Q...Lil Miss Summer

    Hi its me again lol!! I got some orange dye today and put it in the bath and now Im orange all over!!

    I cant understand how you can hate the sun eeewwwll..I wish we had at least 5 suns in the sky !!!

    Some one gave me like a compliment today and said I had the IQ of a golf ball..he he!! I always thought I was smart!!
    Im texting my friend Liz atm about my new jiffies I got today eewwll they are silver and when I wear them my feet look like baked potatoes!!

    mmwwaaahh!! xxx

  457. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    My oh my Andrew, friend of Traceys, this is an anti summer forum -DUH!!! not a place for you sun dead cancer ridden sun bullies to come and bully us winter lovers! and if you put your name and the word ‘friend & Tracey in one sentance it shows your mentality!!!

    I totally support Marna and all his posts and If you supporting the likes of Tracey and that LowRider loser than you are a total jerk so GAL dork breath and fk off!!

    We HATE summer and its cult on here ..You get the picture?? or do I need to Dumb it down some what for ya!!

    Summer lovers are shallow and abnoxious creatures and have the IQ of a ping pong ball…..We cop there crap all the time and this forum is the one place that we can retaliate and speak our thoughts

    We winter folk are on a much deeper and higher spiritual level than a sun zombie could ever even conceive..We are intellegant and care for ourselves and the enviroment we live in..we have much more to life than worrying if the stupid sun is not dominate in the sky when we get up in the morning …



    There’s an old Chinese saying – better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and prove it beyond all doubt. You (Marna) and Jason have just proved it beyond all doubt. If you cannot grasp the simple point I was making then you really are devoid of intelligence. And, trying to dress up illiterate drivel as regional variation – pull the other one.

    May I finally remind you, that Jason, despite being unable to spell “therapy” considered himself qualified to decide that I needed it, simply for disagreeing with him. And, might I remind you that he deliberately misquoted me in order to mislead – demonstrating a staggering level of ignorance in the process.

    Also, finally, if you insult someone as he did, you really shouldn’t be too surprised if you receive a response in kind.

    Dr Vee’s site usually has a high level of debate – unfortunately, this thread is the exception.

    Update: It seems that doltish Jason isn’t the only one who is as thick as two short planks and willing to share it with the world. Take a bow, MaRnA :) . Blockheaded twat.

    I really ought to have become used to the realisation that the interweb is full of stupid, ignorant and downright cretinous little morons. But, funnily enough, they still have the capacity to surprise with their illiterate, vacuous little rants. It would be funny if it wasn’t such a sad reflection on our society.


    Update: My, oh my, these two cretins (JASON &MARNA) really are the gift that keeps on giving. Clearly English comprehension is beyond their tiny grasp. Still, I think the amusement has pretty much run its course now. Winding them up is just too easy and the illiterate drivel is like a waterfall – I can only take so much as it is tiring after a while. It’s a tactic I saw Dumb Jon use last year – don’t ever engage with what someone has actually said. Instead, grossly misrepresent it or better still, invent something and claim that that was said instead. Then pour liquid bullshit liberally over it and present it as some sort of argument. A tactic used mostly by the less intelligent who are incapable of logical debate – although not always. A lad I went to college with tended to use it, but that was pure spite on his part.

    Anyway, it’s the usual childish nonsense I used to see on forums – anyone who disagrees is a Nazi (roll over, Godwin) or a bully or, the one not seen on this occasion, but given time would probably have cropped up; restricting their freedom of speech. That’s always a good one to throw at people who dare to contradict one’s favoured argument. Now, apparently, I’m politically correct – don’t, please, you’re killing me. Clearly in calling Jason a moron I was grossly overestimating his intellectual powers.

    Still, enough already. Really. Ahem, now where was I?


  459. marna

    Well well well well what a load of insufferable anus mouth crap!!!

    Andrew well I do think you need to grow up and stop being a control freak!
    I know your types!!
    Well yes Tracey pretended to be my mother….mmmmm!!
    and you suport such unintellegent acts do you?????
    And also this long ranger is an incommentent fool!

    Me being a continous gift giver is abit sick!
    I am sorry my mother is dead so Tracey using her as an alias is sick and inexcusable!!!
    If you support such acts your as sick as she is!!!!
    I will not stand and have my mother insulted and freinds either!!
    This site is for people who dont appreciate summer and all it stands for to talk too like minded people!! not a forum on which to push your unintellegent veiws and disasterous vemon as you claim!!!
    I am not going to stand here and let you defame me, you demented weirdo! go find a man you sissyboy and get a fuk!
    and leave me alone!
    I live for positive people not dik heds like you duffous!
    Oh one more thing get a fu k n life!

  460. DREW B

    Your a fckkn Dckhead MARNA

  461. Drew

    & u too Jason

  462. TRACEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wot i said was that I’m having a baby & that baby’s name is MARNA JUNIOR therefore that makes me MARNA’S MOM. Read it again,BLOCKHEADS, && maybe it will fall into place 4 u!! Wot’s wrong wit U?? Why r u bullieS &CONTROL FREAKKKKs??

    My BFF Andy & me& all my frenz at work had a look at PAGE 12 on this websitE, where LONGRIDER responds 2 your FALSE claims.

  463. Joe Jackson

    The Stupid, the Cretins and the Plain Nasty

  464. marna

    Ar bye tha wae,
    Ya lun drongo,gunna giv mi aye hedake mate,
    ya soundz lyke ya havinz trubliz,
    ya lost tha kangaroo in da tup paduk mate,
    waz yaz probz mate,
    mustar bee abitz upsetz havin yazelf wankin ya zelvz,
    justa sae thatz ya needz ya braynz chekd matey.
    gunna havta letz itz gow!

    Summirz abitz a bummr mate,
    andz ya knowz thatz tha sunz anoiyn andz kanz bernz ya up
    andz stuf ya kants helpz thatz won onya struiff itz a rottynn
    Ya noz whatz i meenz hey!

  465. TRACEY!!!!!!!


    in my other post i said that i had a baby & that baby’s name was MARNA JUNIOR so OBVIOUSLY that means i have a right to call myself Marna’s Mom. Can u wrap your brain around that???


    LRider was SO RIGHT about u 2!!!
    page 12 of this I HATE SUMMER thread is the most interesting for obvious reasons!!!!

  466. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    For Drew, Tracee & all the sunmer nazi losers here, You are unintelligent dorks with the IQ of a pinhead, so like your opinion has no baring what so ever to me as I am an intellegant person with a mind of my own…
    As a failure, you are a great success. Tracee you’re one tit short of an udder..
    Whose brain will be donated to science and rejected?
    You should request a refund from your university.
    You’re a few fries short of a Happy Meal……

    Go fry & dry up in your precious sun you freak!
    The Winter is calling and your kind will fall like Autumn leaves!!!!
    Time to walk freakz!!
    So Drew you jumped on the band wagon ay!! Well I’m sorry to break it to ya but tracees band wagon is one or two wheels
    short of a ride..Good Bye SuperFreakness!!

  467. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    Oh BTW LongRider has ridden away to the nut house which I am sure you are not far lagging, you shytes..
    Go tell your bollocks to someone that gives a fk!!

  468. marna

    Well tracey if your child is called Marna then its okay.
    As I wrote you impiled to be acting as my mother.
    My mother is dead!

    And Andrew you really need to grow up!
    OMG poisonous tounges WOW!!!! it really shows the true
    sun lovings menatlity.
    Accuse bitch and kicking and Insults!!!

    I dont care if you love the sun it doesnt bother me,
    I look great for my age, and I am comphortable in myself
    Of what I like…

    As for standing up for longrider well he was a grumpy fool!
    who came on this site to bullie his veiws on us!
    I seriously dont care if you people burn in the sun and get cancer, and skin complaints, hair falling out, wrinkles,
    itchy scalp, go blind from catarachs…..You did to yourself,
    not me!
    Tracey if you really had a baby, well done!
    I seriously dont care what you say about me.
    as you` know that many are` so angry these days with the`
    knowledge they possess and how the can be determined on how weakest` you get with link` to sun damage.
    I love all people especially the slow to understand people,
    and mentally ill ones too as that is the job I do looking after
    very ill people and the down trodden ones aswell,
    As very ill people can get upset easiely by conditions and
    the climate as this effects brain wave intermology of psycho
    somatical effects on the freudian onset of ludiasie and
    centrodemtentology readings of the neuro phortexs that
    interwine the synopisis in the cerabinum and the
    lunatica pseudiolepraminotes that cause these effects!
    I hope you can understand what I mean and sorry to be
    misunderstand your intents.
    as they say….You can only give a pixie a forest when she
    knows she has one and give her a map! so she doesnt get lost.

  469. The Destoyer of Summer!!

    Summer is Dead!!!
    There is not any word in any language that can decribe my mere hatrid for this ugly, angry time!!!!

    Down With Sunmer & its cult of braindead losers!!!!!

    I welcome EXTREME COLD to return!!!

  470. The Destoyer of Summer!!

    “I take the lizard creature by its last strand of white cobweb hair and throw it into a black hole of endless Winter!!!!

  471. The Destoyer of Summer!!

    Fo I am The Destroyer Of Summa!

  472. From Those In The Know...

    LONGRIDER deals admirably – once again – with those twits MARNA AND JASON. Its worth copying and pasting aforementioned dealings from Longrider’s recent blog:

    Some while back – over a year now – I commented on the trolls that infest Dr Vee’s place. I’d forgotten about it until I noticed a series of visits from that thread in my stats this past couple of days. It seems that some four and a half years after the original post these trolls are still festering. What is amusing is that they demonstrate everything that is dreadful about “teh interwebs” all in one place. Illiteracy, ignorance, incoherence, idiocy, intolerance and, above all, a remarkable lack of self awareness. So, for your delectation, some examples:

    This, from the toe-curlingly cretinous Jason:

    My oh my Andrew, friend of Traceys, this is an anti summer forum -DUH!!! not a place for you sun dead cancer ridden sun bullies to come and bully us winter lovers! and if you put your name and the word ‘friend & Tracey in one sentance it shows your mentality!!!

    I totally support Marna and all his posts and If you supporting the likes of Tracey and that LowRider loser than you are a total jerk so GAL dork breath and fk off!!

    We HATE summer and its cult on here ..You get the picture?? or do I need to Dumb it down some what for ya!!

    Summer lovers are shallow and abnoxious creatures and have the IQ of a ping pong ball…..We cop there crap all the time and this forum is the one place that we can retaliate and speak our thoughts

    We winter folk are on a much deeper and higher spiritual level than a sun zombie could ever even conceive..We are intellegant and care for ourselves and the enviroment we live in..we have much more to life than worrying if the stupid sun is not dominate in the sky when we get up in the morning …

    See what I mean about lack of self awareness, there? He likes to complain that others – who do no more than disagree with him – are bullies, yet indulges in vitriolic insults. The word here is “projection” – and I’m sure a shrink would have a field day. And I note that he still can’t spell, still can’t string a sentence (note the correct spelling) together, still uses the screamer like they are going out of fashion and still has the IQ of a ping pong ball – and if this is the quality of their thoughts, perhaps they are better left unvoiced. If anyone is a “TARD!!!” who needs to “grow up”, it is our intermong friend, Jason. Still, he does provide some mild amusement. And as for “or do I need to Dumb it down some what for ya!!” – no, I think you are quite dumb enough, thanks all the same. I needed a little cheering up and you have managed it nicely.

    His equally idiotic friend Marna completes the feast:

    Well well well well what a load of insufferable anus mouth crap!!!

    Andrew well I do think you need to grow up and stop being a control freak!
    I know your types!!
    Well yes Tracey pretended to be my mother….mmmmm!!
    and you suport such unintellegent acts do you?????
    And also this long ranger is an incommentent fool!

    Me being a continous gift giver is abit sick!
    I am sorry my mother is dead so Tracey using her as an alias is sick and inexcusable!!!
    If you support such acts your as sick as she is!!!!
    I will not stand and have my mother insulted and freinds either!!
    This site is for people who dont appreciate summer and all it stands for to talk too like minded people!! not a forum on which to push your unintellegent veiws and disasterous vemon as you claim!!!
    I am not going to stand here and let you defame me, you demented weirdo! go find a man you sissyboy and get a fuk!
    and leave me alone!
    I live for positive people not dik heds like you duffous!
    Oh one more thing get a fu k n life!

    Again, the inability to use the English language. Apparently, I’m “incommentent” – I presume that he means “incompetent”. However, we are not given any insight into what area I am incompetent in. I could tell you as, being competent in my field, I am aware of my limitations, but that’s another matter. Again, note the use of text speak and the pure vitriol.`Also, people who no more than voice disagreement are “control freaks”. Wonderful. I once said that this poltroon was the gift that keeps on giving and here he is, generous to a fault over a year on.

    As with the previous time I crossed swords with these cretins, they claim again that “this is an anti summer forum -DUH!!!” No, it isn’t. It is a personal blog that these people have infested. Duncan (Dr Vee) once told me that he doesn’t close comments on his blog as, from time to time, someone will make a comment long after the discussion has ceased and it adds value. I can see his point, but as this tends to be a target for spammers, I prefer to have a cut-off. And, frankly, I can’t be bothered to get into a discussion that has long run its course. Indeed, the only time it tends to happen here is when the conspiracy theorists see my post on Peter Power and try to regale me with their pet theories as to why I am wrong. Seriously, I don’t want to know, which is why the comments are closed. I’m not sure what value a bunch of semi-literate arseholes spilling their bile at anyone they disagree with adds to Dr Vee’s blog. Indeed, I think it does it a disservice and may well discourage valid comment. Here, I agree with something Sunny Hundal once said along the lines of free speech sometimes flourishing better when you get rid of the noise – or words to that effect. Jason, Marna et al are merely noise. If it was me, I’d have kicked them off long ago. Oh, yeah, I already did…


    Update: Poor little Marna is just misunderstood – he’s a nice chap really who loves fluffy kittehs and I’m a grumpy bully. No, Marna, you and Jason are perfectly happy to dish out vitriolic insults to anyone who disagrees with you but can’t handle it when someone points out that you are intolerant, nasty bigots and dishes it back. Still, nice bit of pseudo-psycho-claptrap there. You might convince retarded intermongs like Jason, but the rest of us recognise arse-dribble when we see it.


    TO READ MORE OF LONGRIDER’S BLOGS, just google LONGRIDER. His blog is the first entry that shows up.

    That’s all for now…

  473. marna

    Well well well its back!!!
    I was wyshing the day would come when you would come out of your guises…….
    Well Longrider if you read futher on about tracey’s baby being born I retracted the comments I made to her!
    And for spelling mistakes mmmm!!! do you not understand that english can be written in many ways eg. Australian english is differently written to American this is a fact!

    I seriously dont care what you write about me…I DON’T CARE

    I am just writting my opions on why I summer disgusts me,
    and the drones who love excess heat so much…I don’t care
    if you grew horns and danced on my grave….and for andrew
    he has opion I have mine….
    I am so bored with you longrider a term where I come from means someone with low intelligence but hey I dont have to throw insults you do that perfectly well for me and Jason and all the other cold lovers on this site!

    I hope Traceys baby is healthy and strong and I wish her all the best with her new child.
    And also the comment of my english well I am from a non english speaking family so yes maybe I do have some spelling mistakes…does it really matter I seriously don’t think so…

    What are you going to go on other sites and correct them to?
    just like the control freak you are and Oh yes confrontation really scares you alot..
    Bring it on baby….You dont scare me!!!
    I live in the best place in the world and I dont have to see your
    face so hey….You really are a funny person aren’t you!!
    I can see it from your shoes longrider a person with anger problems and you love drama..I get it!
    Well I hope can find someone else to bother, I think its cute
    you giving me all this attention…..Big,Strong,and Sexy!!!
    maybe we should have a date I know a great Italian place.
    Come on baby wine and dine me!!!
    and then we can have a night cap and maybe more!!!
    Well your a summerlover you must be hot!

  474. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    A message for “From Those In The Know”

    Like this is an anti summer forum site.. so you have absoluley no right to come on here ranting about rubbish like spelling mistakes etc!
    If you are not to discuss what this forum is for piss off!
    and you have no right to come on here mocking our lingo either!!
    You are obviously a racist as you are paying out other lingo from other parts of the world!!
    So you justify ‘Tracey’ ranting on about marrying me and being Marna’s mother…I’m sorry but you are just as disturbed as ‘Tracey’..

    Your obvious intention is to not only piss me off but to intimedate new people that are on here (as they googled anti summer sites) so they are scared off..
    There is a cliff somewhere with your name on it with a sign saying jump Freak, So GO Find It…

  475. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    To all new people to this site please just ignore that person they occaisionally stumble in here.

    There are a few genuine folk still here with a sense of humour and will discuss and appreciate your imput to the site:)

  476. marna

    Oh no!! samantha your a freak, are you serious
    so sound like a fake haired,bad make up, contact lense wearing, boney,tragic trailer trash wearing skanky weirdo
    How can you like that summer your nuts,
    you botox your tits hey your a freak lady…
    God help me you summer freaks are crazy??????
    like what is betwen that brain samantha or has all that parocide gone to yar hed??

    I think Im going to be sick

  477. Flaming and personal attacks stop now, or this thread will be closed. Any comments for this thread that are held in moderation will not be published from now on.

  478. Jason

    Thankyou for that Duncan.
    The topic has been thrown out of proportian somewhat latley.
    This is a great thread and I hope that you will keep it going as I myself have met a few nice folk through this that I keep in touch with now & I hope that other genuine people can get out of it what I have:)

  479. marna

    hi duncan,
    its been so terrible dodging the bullets,
    I have been hurt so badly by these nasty people.
    I love this site and have met some great friends from here,
    its so sad to see bullies come on this site and scare me dol!
    FCOL its SDRS you know what i mean!

  480. pat carr

    good point jason. i think from now on, us winter lovers should ignore any hateful posts coming from trolls. i would hate to see the thread closed

  481. Jason

    Yaaaaayy!! Today here in Tasmania is the last day of summer!!! I feel a celebration in order!!

    Fortunatley it has been a cooler & wetter summer here in Tasmania! and as I live in the mountains which can get very scarey as threat of bushfires are always there in bummer, its just been dedlightful, with many over cast and magickal grey skies..

    All the stupid weather reports are plastering the sun bulliying weather sites and reports now complaining how summer was ‘too cool’
    & ‘long stretches of hot days, were not here’…..

    Well duh thats a good thing hey!

    Snow is coming tomorrow which the weather report summer nazis refer to as ‘threat of snow’ pppfftt what big girls..
    I would love to know what threat that snow would cause here in march?? I do hope it settles …

    The only threat here is the sun and the lack of ozone layer , do we ever see reports stating ‘Stay out of the sun’ or ‘its a sunny miserable day’……Oh no always about bagging the cooler weather and making their fellow sun bullies feel good about themselves!!

    I’m so glad this summer is over now !!!!!!

    Roll On Winter!!

  482. marna

    My toast to the demise of Sinmer.

    ” Alas thee globe of sickly glow,
    It was fun knowing you and now you must go,
    Goodbye dear lizards as your Sun doesth sink,
    and see ye cover up and put away your hot pants that stink,
    Oh! spray tan clinics using your last drop,
    And smell of impulse perfume that stenches like slop,
    Oh! burning Cancer ball its time too leave,
    as winter is getting closer I believe,
    The grand Old Dame of Cold is near,
    what the heck lady lets have a beer,
    as Autum leaves goe orange not skin,
    and yellow not there hair,
    Let the leaves fall,
    Cold is my dream and I gleam………
    Bless our Winter Souls!”””

  483. Jason

    Its over, Sunmer is dead!!!!!

  484. pat carr

    I’m drinking a toast to the end of your summer Marna and Jason! Unfortunately spring here is coming soon and you know how that will be.

  485. pat carr

    “My toast to the demise of Sinmer.

    ” Alas thee globe of sickly glow,
    It was fun knowing you and now you must go,
    Goodbye dear lizards as your Sun doesth sink,
    and see ye cover up and put away your hot pants that stink,”

    i love it! You guys are my SANITY in the world of hateful sun-zards

  486. marna

    Alas I have a few more words to say.

    ” Oh grand Dame of Winter ye hath a splinter,
    That be ye sister of sickly gayety and gleaming drone,
    Oh! ye foul Sun ye be a pixie that is blinded by your glow,
    Sitting there on your throne,
    You must go!

    Oh Grand Queen of Ice and Snow give us aye partry,
    and dancing to welcome ye great seasonal cheer,
    As the Icey planes come in and Thee Sicko Sun wanes away,
    and thee rain clouds cometh to give life to a partched land,
    and thee fluffy girls in the sky,
    Wander by and join hands to hide thy death globe from
    our sight,
    We can breathe a relief of a big sigh that Sinmer is now
    Oh! great trees as ye welcome the Great Dame,
    and ye showeth ye colours of Orange,yellow and reds…..
    and flowery beds and thee wind dances her tune and picks ye
    up and bares thee naked…..
    In ye nakedness trees ye feel thee cool air,
    and then its time to hibernate and rejoice in the gladness
    of Winter……..
    Blessed snow ye white loving icey joy how can we forsake thee with those whingers…..
    Oh! take me too the ice cave with my love one,
    and Lets toast Thee Snow Queen of Winter!!
    I hael Thee!!”

  487. marna

    Oh this is a nice fresh face for the site.

    Winter is a tyme of grandness,
    in the icey kiss,
    Warm me up near a log fire, craking and sindering,
    nice fur rug beside your undaunted lover,
    sipping brenivin and eating toasted mashmallows,
    and outside the snow falls and blesses us with delightful snow flowers and snow flakes,
    and the dawn breaks and the soil and trees lay bare,
    a sound of a peaceful bird sings its winter tune,
    the clouds are dark and forbidding,
    and inside I delight in a beautiful glow,
    MMMMMM!!!! give me a cold crisp day anyday!

    Summer can only offer me a burning headache,
    and orange devilines running around in slag ware,
    Stench of fat burning in the ozone free sun.
    I know what I rather.
    Pat A thought for the day……
    ” if you put a lizard in a freezer room ,
    do you hear it scream???”
    or is it like do you hear tree fall when there is no one there????”
    Let us pray that the spraytan industry blows up!

    Hael thee winter

  488. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    Summer is a cancerous growth that needs cutting off the calender!!!!!

  489. Summer makes me sick

    Horrible horrible weather in Oz right now…30 degrees of disgusting heat and humidity, 30 DEGREES is a lot too much for me!

    I would so love to be in the snow, all rugged-up and cosy, having a wow of a time in the glorious majestic snow!

    Officially its Autumn here…so you would expect cool weather,some crispness in the air ,and the delight of leaves crunching while walking…but naaa,not the case here in Oz, it may officially be Autumn here but by the look and feel of things, we’re still in Summer. Summer must have its last gasp, and blow me away with all its sickening heat. I feel sick!


    And in a bad mood because of all this nasty heat…

    I want falling leaves and to see the foggy mist in the air…I want Autumn!

    Do any Aussies out there know how much more of this torturous weather there is left to endure??

  490. marna

    WOW!!! for us down here its getting closer to winter.
    too many fat people in short shorts………………
    orange skinned kakilling lizmongos……………….
    kissing their globe of terrible heat……………..

  491. No summer for us SAsans, we were fukin robbed of our rite to the sun this year!!!!!!! Most days 20 – 30 deg, fresh with no stale air. I aske you!!!! how can a man be a man in that weather!!!! Usually its hot with stale air dry and so I wear my giant sunflower costume at the beach. BUT not this year!!! IT WAS FREEZING. Me and LIz instead went to Maslin Beach so as to to soak up the maximum death orb rays. We layed out our Playboy towels on the sand and displayed the giant sunflowers tatooed on our asses and then a fuken swarm of bees flew over and disappeared without a trace. Me and Liz havent had a root since and it ruined our summer. We gonna sue the fuken council and text that idiot Mike Rann.

  492. Hi guys, haven’t dropped in for a while, but good to see the threads still going along. Adelaide’s had a livable and mildish summer this year with a fair bit of rain, yaaaaa, although I’ll be glad when the strong sunshine goes away.

    Paleisthenewtan.com, LOOOOOOL, I can’t believe these people go out in public and have their picture taken, and that velcropter thingy, eewwwwww. I like how he contrasts Natalie Portman, looking all natural and gorgeous, alongside those horror faces. The effect is really jarring. I think those images should feature in a public service advertisment warning against tanning, plastic surgery and being a fame strumpet.

    Ha, Pat, keep cheering for the sharks, maybe they will extend their enviromental purpose to devouring these hideosities.

  493. Jason

    Summer what?

  494. Jason

    Summmer orange..

  495. Jason

    Summer braindead zombies!!!

  496. marna

    Hi guys,
    Ash he he that is just so funny….

    Its so pradictable with the sun bimbos,

    Sun shines=
    short shorts come out with tied up shirt and jiffies.

    Rain comes out=
    Same clothes with a mans hoodie.

    maybe one day the earth will open up and eat these monsters………….

    I saw little miss jocelyn sketch on Utube and it is the stand up one…
    she did a skit with a cowasauris….
    a very great lizard call. must see you will laugh!
    Pat thanks for the seattle comic OMG weird.

  497. Jason

    Its way over due for those sad sorry old corpses to cover up their hideously ugly bodies and put some bloody clothing on so we don’t have to see their ugliness in public in their pukkin knickers! They are sicko weirdos!! They can get sun damaged skin aka tan and burnt and get cancer and die for all I care…Hopefully the next generation will be over the sun crap then by seeing how harmfull it relly is. Then when I’m old in a nursing home I can have normal people to look after me not those stinkin sun bitten bitches!!!!!

    …………….. (_)
    .______°_¤ —- ¤_°_/____/
    …………. __°__ /

  498. marna

    RED ALERT!!!!!!!!


    Why do Summerlovers have to have heaters one when its warm??????
    I was in this building the other day it was 23 degrees outside and 34 degrees in side………

    Today was a rainy day and it wasnt really cold and went into this building and this lizard brown as was in this room and it felt like a sauna I nearly fated,
    and she was a typical sunbunny hoish looks and she was a bulley…..she said it was 25 degrees it was foul…
    These sun bulleys are so obsessed with heat….
    you could put them on the stupid sun and they still would say they are cold…..
    Please Explain this??????

    They are absolutely bizaros????
    Who in their right mind wants to be in a sauna all day.
    Her reckoning was that if she turned off the heaters no one would like it>>>>>??????????????<<<<<<<<

  499. “Why do Summerlovers have to have heaters one when its warm??????
    I was in this building the other day it was 23 degrees outside and 34 degrees in side……”

    marna i can explain it. their blood is so thin they are always cold. i went to a chamber board meeting. some very slender asian chick complained that dont they have enough money to turn on the heat. it was like 70 degrees in there. she also whined how our aprils were rainy.

    They keep the heat on all the time and their blood thins out so they can never feel warm enough. they make the rest of us suffer with disgusting heat

  500. great site Ash. i love it.

    “Ha, Pat, keep cheering for the sharks, maybe they will extend their enviromental purpose to devouring these hideosities.”

    yes i do. when i watch shark movies now i root for them to have enough lunch of the beach bums LOL. that’s how sick i am of taking shit for liking cool weather.

    These fuckers act like you’ve commited some blasphemy if you don’t HATE the rain and love the sun. specifically hating the rain. if you don’t hate it “You’re crazy”

    let’s see how crazy we are when at age 60, 70, 80 no age spots, leather skin or crocodile face.

    another things that bugs me is the stupid Vitamin D argument. that you have to go out to the sun to get V-D. maybe we get a little of it, but we don’t need much to get that vitamin. i think it’s a bunch of BS

  501. Jason

    I really find it hard to comprehend this hatred for rain & cool/cold weather..
    I have most of my fond childhood memories as a kid playing in puddles and the rain with my friends both at school and other times.
    At primary school my teacher always told us to bring our rubber boots and parkers (water proof jackets) and we would love it!
    When the rains came the whole town would rejoice and celebrate! I loved jumping in puddles sometimes you would jump in a deeper one and your boots would be full of water, it was way cool!! These were very happy times for me and also the cloud game when you lay on the ground and see what you think the cloud looks like an animal or something, that was fun!!
    And the wicked thunder/lightening storms we all loved, playing in the autumn leaves…

    But now days its all boo fukkin hoo.. Its raining, when will it stop…”Stay out of the rain its nasty” (says a parent to its child) …”Clouds are bad blue sky is best”…”Only freaks like cold weather” “You must love the heat and sun bake”
    “Put on your hot shorts and look fashionable”…….

    Seriously, what has society become!

  502. Jason

    This made me a tough person & respectful to the need of rain. Without it our crops would die…duh!
    We did not go out in the rain wearing stupid little carpet slippers (the fashion now) for male and females..and hot shorts!! If I ever went outside barefoot I was always told I would get sick and put your boots on..

    So call me Old Skool! I’m proud to be not a slave to some dictated pathetic gimmick like The sun loving religion!

  503. marna


    * Pure orange brown grey skin…..

    * A “0” size body….. actually “.0″ body better…

    * Grey hair or no hair at all with a top knot on the side of your head….

    * A strip of aweful orange colored ribon ove one leg..

    * A disused telephone glued to the top of your head..

    * A bag made out of meat product….

    * A silver film (alfoil) bra with pasta beading…..

    * and especially a old garbage bag that is found in a
    disused carpark in down town LA….with a sprinkle of crack on it for that special smell…………….

    NOW you get these items and put them on and must have a small animal of some kind in a leather purse….
    it doesnt matter if its alive or not its FASHION hey and everyone knows you have to suffer for FASHION….

    Who would of realized that FASHION WAS SO EASY TO DESIGN….Ya gotta give it to the lizards they are

    I just think if everyone dressed like lizards they would stop and then we would win!!!!

    ITS SO SAD…..that lizards as a race of freaks must really believe that they are fashionable and hot…


  504. marna

    OMG HELP ME !!!!!!!


    i got hit on by 12 yrs old lizards….

    these lizards are foul….I called it a whore!!

    How can these mutts get away with such s luitt ness???

    I think I am going to go celebate its safer there are not many real women anymore or go gay might be safer!

    Im going to have to gouge out my eyes!
    Hot shorts on slags is so sad!!!

    What is with the dads????? how can they let there girls dress so provokatively???? its soft porn and suporting pedophylles?????

    I cant stand these sun beasts>

  505. marna

    OMG its getting into autumn (fall) and it still hasn’t
    stopped these angry sun bulleys….

    I can’t believe that we are doing a re run of the 1980’s femmonists dykes….
    They have the slag look and now they have the angry attitude…

    Was at this place I went to and asked for a toilet key and this full on lizard beast yelled at me and said its shut I wont give you the key and she was a real slag, so i said well i was going to give you business now i wont.

    I now alot on this site we sound like we are whinging but the trueth is these people are flappers and freaks, and we are generally nice people stuck with these agro sun afied loosers and its just why the world is ucking up because of there lack of kindness and thinking of others attitude!

  506. Jason


    I was in the supermarket today where I saw this filthy lizard ho in its nickers (micro mini-shorts) up its crack, its legs were covered in boils and big pussie sores-YUK! Any person with a brain would not walk around loke this its foul. Whats this bloody obsession with having naked legs FFS we do not want to see them!!!! Cover up you freaks I say!!
    A lizards way of thinking is that if wakes in the morning to a sunny sky that = hot shorts and slut gear, if the sun is not out it = I must be depressed and nasty to everyone!!!

    OMG these monsters are just totally fkkd up!!

  507. “I really find it hard to comprehend this hatred for rain & cool/cold weather..
    I have most of my fond childhood memories as a kid playing in puddles and the rain with my friends both at school and other times.
    At primary school my teacher always told us to bring our rubber boots and parkers (water proof jackets) and we would love it!”

    same here! how about the song “here comes the rain again”? or people who love rain because there was a long drought.

    Now all i hear is the weather is “crappy” “crappy” “Crappy”. how can water from the sky be “crappy”. People have become sick stupid and obsessed with the sun. i used to like the sun actually. now it’s become the national cult here. there doesn’t go a day now without hearing about the sun in one way or another.

    Folks you aren’t going to DIE if the sun isn’t out. but anyway it’s not a rational thing anymore. I’m so tired of hearing about the sun that i want to live on Mars.

    There’s so much effort wasted on something you can’t even control. then if you don’t dare hate anything but cloudless hot sky, you are somehow insane. Society has gone insane

  508. “Any person with a brain would not walk around loke this its foul. Whats this bloody obsession with having naked legs FFS we do not want to see them!!!! Cover up you freaks I say!!”

    the same here and of course people wearing sandals who should not ever show their feet in public. i’ve seen some of the grossest feet ever – i’m traumatized still LOL.

  509. “This made me a tough person & respectful to the need of rain. Without it our crops would die…duh!
    We did not go out in the rain wearing stupid little carpet slippers (the fashion now) for male and females..and hot shorts!! If I ever went outside barefoot I was always told I would get sick and put your boots on..”

    well you know that brings up a good point. all these rain haters really hate the Earth. Rain is an essential part of the eco system for animals, for crops for humans. We need sun yes but not only sun. The sun is a national religion and obsession for so many. then these fukkers act as if you are an alien if you don’t feel this way. I think that as a whole society has become sick and mentally twisted.

    Whatever happened to sun safety? like marna and Jarod indicate, these people allow themselves to be cooked to a crisp. it’s ugly and i don’t even know how they don’t feel pain or some kind of injury.

    In the future a LOT of people are going to become VERY ill and not know why. well we do.

    My new strategy is to wave these fools away as fast as i can. when they utter something about the sun, i quickly mutter something under my breath and walk away.i won’t be spoiled by their psychotic and pathetic obsession with our star anymore

  510. Jason

    I had do do afew things around town today and it was a rather yukky warm sunny day and of course the foul bare naked leg patrol were out in droves showing off their ugly bits we don’t want to see!! I love their nobbly old saggy knees!! and the filthy feet in flip flops with ingrown toe nails!!

    If I was 20 years younger & in college I would study to become a doctor specialising in skin cancer as I know I would make millions!!!!!
    Seriously thats the way to go for a career now!!

  511. marna

    Hi pigs and mushrooms are the new fashion……

    Oh wait heffers too!!

    Sun + slob = PIG.

    Fat + Slag= Mushroom top.

    Fat + sun + slob = heffer

    All lovely animals in there own right.
    A pig lives in swill, likes mud(spray on tan),has crap hair, loves being in stench and oinking alot!!

    A mushroom a fungus that grows in damp areas and if left goes slimy, black and foul and if put in hot shorts look a sight………

    Heffers well it does explain the fat slobs obsession to show off flab and fat and hey if they went to a take away joint they would love to be on the deep frier and it is so much like there sun hey???
    And heffers are so much like lizards they graze, they are stupid,they just wander around aimlessly and they shit alot and in the case of lizards they talk shit!!!

    Pat its true there are too many of thise demonic slags.
    I just laugh at them they are the joke….HEY!!!!

    Seriously how can they know they are hot when I am!
    I hope we dont catch the lizards bug that would be horrible.


  512. marna

    hvis jeg looed som en gris jeg ville få en spray på tan og har hair extensions som dette ville gjøre meg ser mer ut som en øgle.
    Hvis jeg fant ut fett var fasjonable det ville være stor, og da jeg ville gå i Miss America og bor i California med anold schwarzeneger.
    hot shorts er så søt med min fett ræva henger ut og min solbrent hud på en australsk strand baking som en gammel patatoe i en sølvfarget folie hud.
    Jeg elsker sola sin så godt jeg kommer til å bli pepret med hudkreft.
    EWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!
    english translation=

    if i looed like a pig i would get a spray on tan and have hair extensions as this would make me look more like a lizard.
    If I found out fat was fashionable it would be great and then i would go in miss america and live in california with anold schwarzeneger.
    hot shorts are so cute with my fat arse hanging out and my sunburnt skin on a australian beach baking like an old patatoe in a silver foil skin.
    I just love the sun its so good I am going to get riddled with skin cancer.

  513. marna

    Lizards only think about them selves those freaked out hoz…….
    Lets make everyones life a missary with there agro testy attitude…They sicken me can’t stand them,
    Our landlords one stupid sun bitch!
    I hate it , its such a sun bulley…
    skitzee freak!
    If the suns out Oh I love you so much…
    Suns gone…EEWWWWWWWLLL i’m a bitch and don’t care!
    Sun bulleys are such freaks.

  514. Lizards only think about them selves those freaked out hoz…

    yes they do Marna. The weather here is cool again and the same sad set is complaining. What kills me isn’t that they like the sun but they want you to join in their miserable whining.

    But i don’t fall for it. I tell them their misery isn’t any fault of mine, go take it somewhere else. They actually have gotten angry at me. I tell them “go get help”. They’re taking out their life problems on us. Like we can control the sky

  515. One thing i’ve noticed about the older folks who grew up “sun worshipping”. they know it is bad and they know about the cancer, and yet dismiss it at the same time. It’s an addiction and one they’ve paid the price with their skin. The best thing we cool weather people can do is to avoid the peer pressure around us trying to get us to destroy the largest organ in our body for what is essentially “fashion”. I now tell people that i burn easily and if they try to push me into hurting my skin, i perceive it as an attack

  516. hey all, there is something else i noticed about american shows. most of the people have an orange face from tanning and sunning. When i was watching dr who the english tv show , they didn’t have that stupid orange skin.

  517. Jason

    I just finished watching this weeks episode of Doctor Who and yes you are very correct Pat alot of english shows are promoting pale comlpexions and dark or red hair on attractive characters which is great!!
    ‘Merlin’ is another UK show that does this.. its really good to see that both male and female characters have pale skin!!

    It was funny in Doctor Who tonight in the behind the scene show that follows, actress Karen Gillan who plays the doctors companion Amy Pond, said in a topic on doubles in the show that she recently had this woman do her double and she said that she looked nothing like her as she was ‘well tanned’ and they put her in a long ginger wig!!
    Karen Gillan has a really nice pale comlexion and she is a very attractive young woman and thats great!
    And Doctor Who has always been renown for having attractive companions! (Not sure how the 80’s fared lol!!)

    I just think this is great to see finally no hideous orange skin and white hair!! just in on these show that are not all about vampires like Twilight etc …..just being natural! and these actors look like this in real life too..

    I find the whole Twilight thing very snore!!

  518. marna

    Yeah Dr Who Cool show.
    Twilight hey it promotes white skin.
    Like dont get me wrong a little tan is nice but not shoe polish and hey people who have that ” ENGLISH ROSE” complexion are hot..
    I love women who have that pale complexion and nice make up and nice clothes THAT IS HOT..
    Orange skin, grey hair bent over and no clothes OMG WHAT A TURN OFF.
    And those stupid guys that have bulging muscles and are shoe polish colored with pure white teath and eyes.GAG!!!
    Shoe polish is for shoes not leatherbags
    Gagging on

    OMG who thought of shoe polish as a skin color must of been working for a NAZI Nuclear Program.
    One gammerray kills bugs not lizards.

  519. LOL Marna! good acronym!

    OMG i love Doctor who and Amy Pond. One of the few shows that don’t feature TOP – The Orange People. Especially the female companions. they don’t look like they’ve been flame broiled for 375 – 35 minutes.

    i love that pale complexion too. I never understood why people think that orange skin or leather body looks “good”. like saying wow look at that Meth Mouth and all those missing teeth. how sexy.

    I got hooked on Dr Who right away and we watched like all 5 seasons in a couple weeks. it’s amazing show

  520. marna

    i seriously cant stand these idiots that say its cold when its not.
    Winters a joke here!
    15 degrees cold????
    winter solstice is tomorrow and it looks like it will be crap.
    I so cant stand these sun bulleys they are so retarded.

  521. I hear ya Marna. All i hear here is “i hope the weather clears”, or the “hope the weather gets better” or “blue skies”. What is the big fukking deal about a blue sky? or any of it? I’m so tired and bored of hearing about it, i’m going to build a spaceship and take Marna Jason and other cool people here off this insane sun-addicted sphere!

  522. Jason

    yes it is a joke they are pre-programmed to say how cold it is here just because the calender says its Winter..FACT its far from cold! Australia is not a cold weather country, there is no sea level snow, no frozen bodies of water, its a joke Winter does not exist here..bulbs and spring flowers are up and flowering already there’s the proof not a stupid calender!! All I hear Its Cowld, Its Cowld, Its Cowld, Its bloody Cowld,
    FFS they need get a life and realise they are fools!

    I was at a garage sale last weekend and there was this young girl about 5 years old wining how cowld it is and how she wanted to sit on the heater upstairs and she hates the downstairs ‘coz its cowld!’ … parental pre-programming strikes again for another generation of sooky, whining losers to come!

    I dearly hope to immegrate to the northern hemisphere one day where I can have normal weather!

    P.S.- I use the word ‘Cowld’ as thats how they say it with an annoying accent!

  523. Jason

    Oh another thing I am noticing lately that the sun freaks use fog light and high beam lights on their cars in the day if its cooler weather here- why I ask? did they see a cloud polluting their precious blue bloody skies!! This is the ultimate dillusional behaviour to date…

    Oh those fukkin heaters in shops, banks, etc when its not even cool let alone cold! OMG should you dare say how hot it is in the building and they fully cut sick at ya!!
    This is just a massive waste of resources caused by these nut jobs, oh I no how much they want to fuck up the planet so its hotter!!
    Its seriously starting to feel like the alien invasion has commenced and I am living in the tv series V

  524. “I dearly hope to immegrate to the northern hemisphere one day where I can have normal weather!

    P.S.- I use the word ‘Cowld’ as thats how they say it with an annoying accent!”

    You’d be welcome up here in Seattle, except i have to warn you that there are a lot of Sun nuts with their Cowld Attitude. yesterday a guy complained to me he was tired of 50 degress and rain he cant wait for August

    Well fuck august and his attitude. Like you, my friend i’m tired of hearing how “Cowld” it is.

    you’re 300% right. turning on the heater all the time puts strain on the energy network. whatever happened to wearing a sweater if you’re “cowld”? It’s also just plain not healthy. but one look around and our world isn’t healthy anymore. The manager here is 35 and she has those gross brown spots all over her body. she says she burns but she just LOVES the sun. well lady love it to death. I’m done with thelikes of you.

    At least the Visitors fake skin looked good. no orange people. Notice how many orange people there are lately on tv?

    a country without a proper winter sounds like it is centrally located in Hell

  525. marna

    OMG Pat that is so true……

    i wish i had your cell phone number i want to send you a MMS on this foul lizard qween…..
    its fugly…..
    grey white balding hair.
    pale orange skin
    bad make up
    and piercing evil eyes


    why do people like us have to suffer looking at extreme sunbursts of doom and whinging self slimy headowls that soke in the sunny love beams of hell and touch us in there missionary ways of flus and colds and diseases and there magickal whining sqweeker
    voices screeching there texting noises comin out there tight lips and smelling of an old paris hilton rehashed house of wax movie…..Its like living a horror movie over and over again being in contact with such
    Bright happy solar bagabonds scuffing in the jiffies and tight teaspoon hot shorts and there posture of that of an old goose necked lamp…hoveling around texting there equally fugly monsters about what colour there flats are………
    and there boyfriend on a leash???
    poor home boys walking around with what they first though were hot chicks but find out there mothers are trailer trash rejects with a needle in the arm and fat as a blue whale with tradgic make up from elizabeth taylors hand book on how to look like a troll.
    There thin girls become preggo(pregnant) teenfreaks!
    Sun who needs rain when sun brings out the happy orange people.smiling and when a cloud comes out the
    6 headed pig creatures of solar doom come out and say
    IM CAWLDD HOWZ CANZ YA STANDZ ITZ SO CAWLD…you hear from ther sour faces…
    SPACE SHIP WINTER….take me away……

  526. marna

    I ask this question…….

    Why the SUN ??????

    why is it bright light loving?

    And Why is it if the levels of Sun light are low
    it instigates nasty, hatred, and killer instincts?

    All the above are facts about SUN lovers.
    I really think it is due to how much light there is,
    if its cloudy, nighttime, rainy and any darkening aspects eg. caves, tunnels a dark room…In SUN lover words ITS CAWLD!! AND MISSERABLE!

    as soon as the SUN is out what smiley faces you see
    if they are literally on SERAPAX..drugs!!
    and if you dare say anything against it….
    eg. being to hot, or glarey…its is literally going against there fix and they result to killer instincts and hateful words or even actions.
    In literally cold places where the winters are 6 months of the year like in Scandinavia and North Pole and higher parts of Europe and USA..like Canada.. there has been research that less light causes depression….BUT HEY!!! not everyone lives in such extremes..
    I live in Tasmania.Australia and they are such anti cawld that its sickening..they have given a term called” tasmanian winter” where shops will shut down and buisinesses shut down for a period of March to October…Let me tell you Tasmanian winter is blue skies, not much rain or snow and the average temperature is 15C – lowwest being 9C…and the sun is warming.

    And hey Europe gets colder!!

  527. marna

    Hope I m not just talking to myself here!

    Latest craze to hit lizards fashion is the puffer jacket…which is filled with goose feathers and these ones are skin tight and they look like black michelon blimps…..

    If they only knew the contents come from Iceland they would faint with fear!

    Why is it that we have to put up with there weird looks and strange odours that come from them???

  528. “Why the SUN ??????

    why is it bright light loving?

    And Why is it if the levels of Sun light are low
    it instigates nasty, hatred, and killer instincts?

    All the above are facts about SUN lovers.
    I really think it is due to how much light there is,
    if its cloudy, nighttime, rainy and any darkening aspects eg. caves, tunnels a dark room…In SUN lover


    MArna, you’re not just talking to yourself. It’s the same here in seattle, out comes the sun and out comes the lizards in droves like cockroaches. today it’s very hot and sunny and i’m very tired of it. So tired of it. the sun is really an addiction for these people. it’s not good for them but there’s no telling them off. i don’t care about that now, but i won’t have their incessant stupid comments or worse yet insults.

    the puffer coat you spoke of there. here if it is 50 degrees for a bit, you hear about “wearing fleece”. it’s so rediculous i can’t stand it. Fleece is for arctic. they overheated their body now they can’t take any CAWLD at all

  529. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    These creatures of the sun are an abomination!

    Saw a programme on sun loving teenagers in the UK and OMG they are in a fukkin fantasy land!, they claim that their pale skin is ugly and must be “tanned” at any cost! they think sun burn is funny and they just wanna bake!! I was outraged at this like what has society become?? They just dont care , they lay on a beach all day and literally cook! and when told how dangerous it is all they can come up with is ” I would rather die young & good looking” pppffftt they are butt ugly orange skinned tossers!!
    Why is orange the new “cool” any way??

    As far as I care they can die at an early age and make way for a generation of sane people!
    Al ya hear is sun sun sun, sunmerr sunmer sumer fukkin summer!!!! Get over it, we are in age where the sun is at its most dangerous and you need to stay out of it not in it ..DUH!

    It is so hard to enjoy winter here atm with the constant whinging and crying about how Cowld it is ….Boy oh boy am I gonna have fun in the stupid summer when I keep on whining to these loser sunno bullies how their sun suks BIG time!!!!!!!

  530. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    BTW going for a so called holiday and laying & frying on a beach all day is the most laziest thing ever!! Holidays are a time to explore and discover new adventures for me like mountain climbing, snow fun etc….Sunno lizard freaks are just lazy azzholes that want to bludge and be nannied at the best of times! They lack the intelligence and balls of us winter clan!!!!!

  531. Jason's War On Sunmer!!


  532. Jason's War On Sunmer!!


  533. Jason's War On Sunmer!!



  534. marna

    Yeah so with that!!!

    Please every time I hear how great that sun is I feel like shooting them up with ice sikkles to their stupid brain.
    Sun this Sun that OMG eeeewwwwwwwwlllllll YIKES!!!!
    Im sorry the sun is like watching repeats of Bold and the Beautiful, Dallas and Young and the restless and abit of Days of our Lives……like these shows……
    thats what i think of the sun….An endless sitcom of absolute drivel that has the same story line that every normal person knows is aload of crap…but some believe that its real??????
    Real as a dodo walking down the street in a tootoo and a rave fluro bra singing the ancient songs of atlantis. in 12 inch stilletos…leading an army of pink goats skipping down the road!!!!
    Hey it could happen if your a sunlover….that is how stupid they are believing in such craziness that the sun cures everything and that its the only thing that is aloud to make you happy……

    cant have friends snow rain or anything that doesnt involve that stupid sun of YUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!

    OH! they see UFOs


    What has happened to normal people???
    where are they??

  535. marna

    I forgot to say also that the lovely sun…..

    is lovely like having an ennama up ya but krak….

    So next time your at the doctor ask him how much sun you should have and a dose of the beitch….

  536. “I would rather die young & good looking” pppffftt they are butt ugly orange skinned tossers!!
    Why is orange the new “cool” any way??

    As far as I care they can die at an early age and make way for a generation of sane people!
    Al ya hear is sun sun sun, sunmerr sunmer sumer fukkin summer!!!! Get over it, we are in age where the sun is at its most dangerous and you need to stay out of it not in it ..DUH! ”

    well they are going to get their wish. like you i shake my head at this lunacy almost every time i see it. it is the world’s biggest dumb cult. the sun is so harmful yet these people are willing to destroy their skin and for what?

    i call it the New Smoking. note these people always say you’re “crazy” if you don’t follow suit. they do this for one reason. they are CRAZY. I’m so tired of the sun by the time summer is over that i sometimes wished i was dead so i don’thave to put up with it one more year LOL

    btw great acronyms Jason

  537. “I forgot to say also that the lovely sun…..

    is lovely like having an ennama up ya but krak….

    So next time your at the doctor ask him how much sun you should have and a dose of the beitch….”

    marna, they’ll tell you you need some and you’llk have some definiency if you don’t. my wife’s doctor actually said suntan lotion cuts out vitamin D. such nonsense. they don’t know how much you need because they have no idea.

  538. “BTW going for a so called holiday and laying & frying on a beach all day is the most laziest thing ever!! Holidays are a time to explore and discover new adventures for me like mountain climbing, snow fun etc….Sunno lizard freaks are just lazy azzholes that want to bludge and be nannied at the best of times! They lack the intelligence and balls of us winter clan!!!!!”

    Not to mention FUKKKKKIN’ boring as HELL. BOOOOORING. every time i go past a travel agency i see all the Hell Destinations (sun places) and people sitting around on a chair. So I am supposed to go travel 8000 miles somewhere to sit and roast slowly to death my wonderful white skin? No Way Jose. And one other thing: those places are SO expensive

  539. finally a cool day here in seattle. you guys would love it. i’m avoiding people so that i don’t have to hear about why the FUKNSUN isn’t out today

  540. “is lovely like having an ennama up ya but krak…”

    marna that may feel better than the effect the sun has. at least only the “krak” would be affected. with the sun EVERYTHING is kaput!

  541. marna



    What tha??????? PLEASE EXPLAIN how the SUN is COOL???
    the suns HOT not cool please I think Im at my wits end

    these sun freaks are so retarded
    I had someone say today that springs coming and there will be more sun EWWWWWWWWWWLLLLL YIKES YUCCCCKKKKK!!!

    I said I hate the sun…
    they said OH i forgot your the dark lord????

    in reply I said Im not eville……
    I just love the cold

    They just laughed at me with like sure you do laugh…

    Im going to greive these sun bleeting nut foolz this coming Sum Nahr or Sum aahr

    I cant stand these sunbloomers of sickly orange hew of radioactive smelly hell.
    Sun makes people into lunatics, craziees, fictionous
    characteritics of that Orb like ..where is it hidding
    like please do they think the sun is playing hide and seek with them…WHAT THE???????

  542. “Sun makes people into lunatics, craziees, fictionous
    characteritics of that Orb like ..where is it hidding
    like please do they think the sun is playing hide and seek with them…WHAT THE???????”

    Marna, it also turns them into Bullies who won’t let you dare like anything but their weather. I hate them and i am tired to death of the comments. One look at their horrible ruined skin tells me all i need to know that their lifestyle is stupid, evil and destructive

  543. Marna you’re right in joking

    the sun can be COOL. when it’s not baking one half to death. yes it’s pleasant, but it isn’t the end all do all of everything. if it’s not out life isn’t going to end. The people addicted to it are just plain obnoxious. I like sex too a lot but i don’t whine and scream if i dont get it every single day of my life. It’s become a really stupid part of the culture

  544. marna

    OH PAT
    sun bulleys have gone too far now they are making me homeless!!!!!!!!

    I F*****N hate sun bulleys
    our landlord is sun bulley bit**,
    SUN IS A CANCER!!!!!!
    i just dont care anymore i tell them that they are slags and ugly to there ugly faces now and I dont give a dam what they say…

    they are diseases!

  545. marna

    OMG SUMMER!!!!!!!!
    sick ugly mungrals mongaloidial entirely retarded!!!!

    Stupid sun freaks scaring me….
    i can not believe slag is fashionable….
    I can just go out in public wearing a g string and flip flops and get away with it…..

    I am sorry fat fast food junkies walking in tight shorts and thin black stockings..with gut hanging out..mmmmmmmm Nice??????

    Why White hair?????? like if you wait long enough you will get natural grey hair why dye it grey???


  546. marna


    Intellectually retarded
    Appauling gross
    Balding blonde tips
    Lesbionic tendencies
    Extremely Fowl Mongs Illoidial Spack headed Sun Fools!

    In Nederland vrouwen zijn leuk niet oranje…
    In Deutschland sie frauen sind eines gutes Sonnen lieben.
    Nae! Sol! in i Islands!
    In holland ladies are nice not orange,
    In germany the ladies like the love the good sun
    No! Sun! in Iceland!

  547. JUDY

    Im back to vent my rage,I am sitting at my laptop sticking to every surface wrapped in a towel about to have ANOTHER shother and wash my hair AGAIN,and style it again and dress again only to repeat this routine at least 100 times a week,Its not rained for 4 months weve been told it will rain so I dragged all my dusty plants out for a good shower,but no,oh nononono no rain for us and weather forcast for another f***** week of 33-35temps never ending blazing sun sucking the life out of me and my cats,all they do is lie with their mouths open panting,air condition?? lovely x5 fans going 24/7 lovely if you can put up with cramps,summer colds and sore throats cos the fan was in your face all night,
    oh I tried this “summer thing” all of 3 days I lay on a sunbed in order to “fit in “with the rest of society but it was sheer agony I only managed 1 hour then I was in again,I went swimming at night convincing myself I was making an effort,I could cope if it wasnt for all these scantily clad hoe’s walking around in summer “playsuits” F*** off please now.
    My daily routine includes chacking weather websites scanning for ,rain,drop in temperature,wind,ranting and foaming at the mouth to anyone who will listen (my husband) how much I detest the heat,I rant and rave on my own as I water the plants effing and bllinding,sweating constantly on my face -back-genital area yuk,shoes rubbin ,red feet,itchy eyes,dry hair,hoe’s everywhere exposing themselves,people asking me why I am so white,the list goes on and on and on,
    I want everyone to get inside ,cover up and shut up.

  548. JUDY

    The sun is EXTREMELY dangerous,these fools staring at the sun roasting and baking themselves into shriveldom will curse that same sun when it decides to wipe out society in a solar flare,will these retards be so happy as they wither in the sun with malignant skin cancer,having to have parts of their bodies and faces cut away,when there is no water to drink?
    the sun is actually quite evil,Im on one of the greek islands Zakynthos,and its really f*kin hot ,burning hot,sweltering,suffocating,miserable death star eclipse yourself,how wonderful it would be if the earth stopped spinning with me stuck at the lovely “just after sunset” time,
    but oh no every night I wonder around breathing in cool air and staring into the beautiful black sky only to have the demented sun come up again for another round of torment.

  549. marna

    OMG Judy!!!
    it would get hot there,,,,,,
    Its the same in South Australia but hotter…51C….of great lustly heat….YIKES!
    Tasmania doesnt get as hot but Sun freaks OMG Yikes!!!

    I am not looking forward to a fuk heat bath again….
    eewwwwwwwwwlllllll yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant stand these freaks ranting on how they love the sun OMG what contageous geeks ranting the same droning words like=
    I love the Sun!
    Your nuts its so cold!
    How can you hate it(sun) its nice!
    I love swet!
    The hotter the better??????
    I love the heat!

    OMG sick!!!!!
    love what you said sums it up so much!!

    When I think of Summer I think of one thing……

    its not how im going to the bietch or the spray tan clinic…..

    What the fuk i did wrong to deserve this hard to breathe heat sufficating me and draining my energy away…… and the sight of sicko boney or fatties in tigh short shorts up to their cruch and bikini tops showing of there mushroom stomaches and their cheap butterfly tattoo on there stupid foot or ankle and that horrid noise that sounds like a demonic birds coming out of the sea!!!!!
    and tapping of texing on there stupid phones and there ugly hair that looks like paris hiltons rejected wig factory rejects or white brillo pads!
    with cheap nasty jewellery……
    OMG!!!!!! THE SUN IS SIN!!!!!!!!!!!GOD FUK YOUR SUN!!!
    its a waste of shiney space…….
    I could just scream out loud and admit that sun sucks!
    those grose pigs in tight bikinis on beitchs baking like the fat off them like roast pigs! SSSUUUWEEEEEEE!
    Beitches(beaches) full of OMG tanned taught and terrible tragidies tanning in a tan sink of oil,towels,old umbrellas and glowing bodies like something from a crematorium same thing they are insinerating themselves on that stupid beitch and then they go into the water and foul it with their taning oil….no wonder the dolphins are getting sick.
    you dont see a tanned dolphin hey???
    Poor flipper….flapper
    Lard arse
    Aweful tan
    Predicable prostitutes
    Preying on sun
    Explosive tempers
    Radiation , rank, really ugly flabs!

    Happy winter!

  550. marna

    Hi guys just got reminded of another Sun Tip=

    Have you noticed on current affair shows that after people have gone through a terrible part in there lives ……they show footage of them walking down a beach usually alone with the waves hitting the shore.

    So beaches cure depression and grief!!!!

    I had too laugh like seriously The beach would be a burn hole and hell!
    It grieves me!!

  551. “I had too laugh like seriously The beach would be a burn hole and hell!
    It grieves me!!”

    THAT brings up a good point. there’s too much made about beaches. Somtimes i like to take a walk on them, but really their sandy and dirty and not that much fun. Even more appalling to me is entire vacations based on going to the beach and the sun. SO BORING.

  552. “My daily routine includes chacking weather websites scanning for ,rain,drop in temperature,wind,ranting and foaming at the mouth to anyone who will listen (my husband) how much I detest the heat,I rant and rave on my own as I water the plants effing and bllinding,sweating constantly ”

    Judy i feel your pain. Every summer here in seattle, well i just bear my way through. I know it’s not as hot as where you are at but i sympathize and rant with you. for 3 months i have to hear about how “beautiful” the weather is. if it’s overcast one day these mother fuckers start complaining. the sun is one of the most dangerous things we deal with when it comes to our skin. i don’t understand how stupid people can be to run out and deliberately offer their skin to this danger.

    then tell you you’re “Crazy” and try to belitle you. Well fuck them if they get skin cancer, i feel like celebrating. that isn’t really who i am but they’ve worn me to pieces with their obsession and sun religion.

  553. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    Yeah as soon as that horrid cancer lamp is blazing brightly in the sky the leigons of brain-dead sun zombies are out in their tiniest underwear sittin in the full sun on the side of the streets on hot ashphelt and concrete burning to a crisp! Its just grose!!
    I do not want to see there bits!!! ffs get dressed!!
    Its the ultimate in dirty & unhygenic!

    Lizards are the most lowest of all lows that society has ever been afflicted with!!!

    They all have pre-programmed phrases like pulling a string on an old talking dolly…
    ‘I love the sun’
    ‘I love the beach’
    ‘Its cowld’
    then it just loops!!!!!

  554. marna

    Hi guys back again…..

    I want to admit I love the sun and the bitch its really nice..and hotter the better….I am getting plugs put in my head and getting botox and a full body spray on tan Im thinking maybe I will go Brazillian tropical tan, and Im getting my whole body lazer treated and pec implants and a penus enlargement, and having a full american zoom treatment on my teeth and ab implants and some slight plastic surgery….I think I can look younger than Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise put together….and for recovery of this I am going for a long walk down a beach kicking my feet in the water and smelling the industrial effluent floating on the sea sufface and dodging old druggie needles thrown and burried in the sand…maybe if I am lucky i might step on some broken glass and get typhoid….get back to my red convertable and pick up my 16 yr old twink and go to a nightclub and dance till I hear a creeking noise coming from my implants…..OH NO I CANT LET THEM KNOW I AM OLD AND ACTUALLY HAVE NICE COMPLEXION….OH NO!!!!!!!!

    Like to say that would be funny but its true alot of what people look up to Are That Plastic!!!!

    I though plastic melts in the sun???
    Praise the sun………………………………………………………………………………………………….and pray it gets eaten by clouds and snowed in!
    OMG Nightmares happens that are what lizodermotermitedemonsickoweirdofreakoidloonidiotsgeeks!
    who said supercalafradgalisticimialadoshis was a long word?

  555. marna

    Well well well its coming the dreded evile summer and how sickening the thought of seening teengrans again they work in a granteen,,teengrans are a new phenomina that have invaided our lives down here…..

    waterfall jacket.
    jiffies, or dfs or low heeled shoes.
    a slip.
    white or grey hair pulled back into a bun.
    simple makeup usually very pale face with orange body.
    all hooped over with a hump.
    contorted folded arms in a crossed arms like corpselike.
    shuffling…cant walk very well.
    and very forgetful……

    ………this is a TEEN GRAN….

    its real age can be 12-20yrs old
    they look around 88-133yrs old.
    Fameldahyde what a lovely gift that lizards have given us…..Orange is a fruit not a skin colour!!!

    OH! i forgot they are really sour and mean!!!
    Nursing home rejects!!!

    Why do we have endure these stupid sun fuks….
    i just want a bullet in the head to put me out of my missery!!!!!
    I pray teen grans die off,
    as the world is fukkd by bad sun demons!
    Bloody Mayans!!!!!! its them the sun heart pulling out freaks no wonder they died out!!! anybody who worships the sun will get what is going to happen to them……..Bring Us Hope That the winter will be worshipped not stupid sun!!!!
    Gods bless the winter rains and snow!

  556. “I want to admit I love the sun and the bitch its really nice..and hotter the better….I am getting plugs put in my head and getting botox and a full body spray on tan Im thinking maybe I will go Brazillian tropical tan, and Im getting my whole body lazer treated and pec implants and a penus enlargement, and having a full american zoom treatment on my teeth and ab implants and some slight plastic surgery…”

    you’d do that except for the fact that you actually have a working brain in your head LOL. I hear ya. The summer freaks wore me out this summer. Nice weather, Beauitful weather, gorgeous weather. i don’t think any of those stupid sun addicts even know the meaning of those words anymore. No wonder our country going down the tubes. well fall is coming despite them and noone can stop it!!! Sorry to hear that summer is coming down the pike for you ozzies. I will bottle up some cool and send it down your way

  557. “Yeah as soon as that horrid cancer lamp is blazing brightly in the sky the leigons of brain-dead sun zombies are out in their tiniest underwear sittin in the full sun on the side of the streets on hot ashphelt and concrete burning to a crisp! Its just grose!!
    I do not want to see there bits!!! ffs get dressed!!
    Its the ultimate in dirty & unhygenic!

    Lizards are the most lowest of all lows that society has ever been afflicted with!!!”

    same here. they are lying all over the place at green lake park like a bunch of rotting cadavars. People who fear the lightest drop of rain but will expose their largest organ in their body to the sun. Fuck them, fuck the sun and fuck their stupid phrases like you say Jason! Every time i hear i hope the weather will be nice i want to stick 10,000 thumbtacks on my face. pathetic feeble shallow fukkers

  558. there is one bright hope (and bright as in winter snow not summer hell), that i got to meet and make friends of people like jacqui, jason, marna, etc. I’d rather have these few people then the 10 zillion sun army legions of infestations!

  559. marna

    yuck the thought of the looming ausie summer is making me sick.

    Why are there so many angry nasty people around that are orange???

    please save my soul from these geeks!

  560. “OMG SUN
    yuck the thought of the looming ausie summer is making me sick.

    Why are there so many angry nasty people around that are orange???

    please save my soul from these geeks!”

    because they are brainwashed cult members of the evil hot army LOL> it’s heading into fall here but i feel your pain Marna as i recall the fanaticism invoklving summer here.

  561. MARZ

    ewwwllllll yuck slags eewwwwllllll.
    Sun down i smile and not frown
    sun up i throw up!
    Oh solar orb of yuck
    your heat glow is so bright
    oh! what a fright to see your
    gloomy shiney smile on us
    and burn our skin with rays of sickly deciet.
    your a feak if you think the sun
    is fun
    and only the winter lovers reign will come again!
    mmmm!! I never!!!
    feverish sicko heavy sunno heavy metal weirdos
    orange tannorexic ferals mmmmmm! I never will love the sun!!!

  562. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    Well the evil bummer season has begun here. I have quit my business, spent alot of money stocking up the shelves and I’m a ready to hibernate in my remot mountain retreat!!! The fukkin disease ridden lizzardz can go fry in the orb of doom in their bloody nickers, the bloody abnormals!!!

    Behold the summer lover, flabby, burnt blubber tucked into old grannies underwear!!!!

  563. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    Orange is a fruit…

    NOT a skin colour!

  564. sorry to hear that bummer has returned Jason and Marna. It is nearly winter here and of course people think it’s “freezing” (even though seattle has mild winterS). I will package some of this cool up and be sending it your way to combat the evil lizard sun army!

  565. It is so nice and cool here nad even if others don’t like it, well they can go away to some stupid summer place. I love it and that’s all that matters! how you all are doing well

  566. marz

    Well well well
    do you know nursery rhymes are a way of protecting children from monsters.

    well this is a new one!

    Sun sun sun go away
    as time flies by your here each day.
    lizards are around and smell of tan
    what you thought was a girl ,
    looks like a man,
    The big rock lobster comes out of the sea,
    preys on little children and adults you see,
    with its orange skin like that of crock,
    it stays in the sun tick tock tick tock,
    Until one day the snow queen came,
    and froze the land,
    and scarey old rock lobster burnt and orange and tanned,
    died by Mel A. Nomars hand,
    its white hair fell out,
    and its body shunk and had gout,
    its lovely make up tips,
    and yes no tits,
    So children beware,
    its better to say no to the rock lobster,
    and hug a polar bear!

    The moral of the story is tan is bad winters glad!

  567. marz

    Hicory dicory dock
    the lizard didnt watch the clock,
    the clock struck one,
    she had to much fun in the sun,
    now shes under rock……….

    scarey scaery lizard scaery,
    how did her spray tan went,
    she was in to long,
    listen to gagas newest song,
    she looks like a cripple and bent…….

    liz and kaz went up the hill to get a tan she wanted,
    liz fell down as she burnt her crown,
    and kaz shrivled in the tan salon ever after……..

    How much is that lizard in the window. bark bark!
    the old with a lovely huge bun bark bark!
    How much is that lizards in the window,
    Its looks like its just been too long in the sun!!!!!!!!!

  568. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    ‘Behold the summer lover,
    Palid incompedence burning on a beach’!

    More of those diseease ridden crettins will perish in the stupid heat!!! thats the only good thing it does!!!

  569. Jason's War On Sunmer!!

    Burn Liz, Burn you summer freak!!