Cheating Ferrari strike again

Michael Schumacher — not brave enough to let anybody else get a lap in.

And of course, because it’s Ferrari, the authorities will turn a blind eye.

Update:Schumacher takes ignominious pole.”

Schumacher Takes Controversial Monaco Pole:

Schumacher has been guilty of these sort of tactics in the past, and his demeanour in the press conference was a little shakey. Michael didn’t appear to be as confident as normal and made a couple of slip-ups as he gave his account of the qualifying session.

Steve Rider and Mark Blundell on ITV’s coverage described Schumacher’s press conference performance as “sheepish”.

Update:’s qualifying report:

There is a restaurant in old Monaco called Pinocchio’s and one can only wonder if Michael Schumacher will be dining there on Saturday evening as there were more than a few people in the Formula 1 paddock who think that Michael’s pole was growing on his face.

Haha! Also, there is this news report:

Within minutes of the end of qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix, there were rumblings in the paddock that a number of the F1 drivers are so unahppy about what happened to Michael Schumacher that the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association is going to demand Schumacher’s resignation from the board of directors of the organisation because they consider his manoeuvre at Rascasse to have been unsporting and detrimental to the image of the sport.

Update again: Short-sighted Sid compares Michael Schumacher to a true Ferrari great, Gilles Villeneuve, with video evidence to prove it.

Update: News of penalties are coming in now. Fisichella’s been moved back three places. He was deemed to have held up David Coulthard. Now what about Schumacher?…

Update 21:13: None of the other drivers are happy at all.

Meanwhile, the stewards have yet to make a decision. In a sense you can understand this. Whichever way they decide to judge it, the decision will have big repercussions. We probably won’t be hearing the end of this for a while.

Update: Radio Five Live is reporting that Schumacher has been sent to the back of the grid.

So it’s an all-Ferrari back row! Alonso’s on pole, Webber will start in second, and Räikkönen third. What a fantastic position for Webber to be in.

And if any of you haven’t seen the incident yet, here is a video of it on YouTube (via F1Fanatic).

Update: Confusingly, have a story headlined, Schumacher dumped to the back of the grid, but report that he will actually start 8th.


  1. But, faced with a split-second decision on whether to guarantee pole position via dubious means, did he pull a ‘dirty move’? There will be plenty of people saying he did the same at Adelaide in ‘94, and Jerez in ‘97. In other blogs…Doctorvee – Cheating Ferrari strike again (external) F1-Blog – Michael causes controversy (external) Tags: f1 / formula one / grand prix / motor sport / monaco / ferrari / michael schumacher News & Pics from F1Fanatic