MySpace UK seems to have launched

MySpace UK seems to have launched, and the only difference appears to be the addition of a little Union Flag in the logo.

In January, a it was announced that:

A UK version of the social networking site is to be launched “within the next 30 days”.

Now, after 88 days, it is here. And it turns out to be a load of fuss about nothing.


  1. And ignoring, of course, the small point that most users that are likely to sign up have already done so on the main site. Jo Whiley plugs everyones profiles all bloody day on her Radio 1 show.

    Me? I can’t look at most profiles, the excessive image usage, ads, etc cause my dial-up to crash. I don’t think I’m missing much really.

  2. It’s true. I don’t understand why so many people on MySpace seem to want to make their profiles as annoying as possible, with stupid things falling down the screen and all the rest of it. Maybe a dozen movies and a few audio files as well. About 90% of the world’s worst web pages must be on MySpace.

    I don’t understand how such an awful website (and I’m not just talking about profiles here) became supposedly the most-visited in the world.

  3. is only annoying to people who still have dial-up, which is pathetically slow to do anything. It’s not so bad if you can actually view all of the files in one day.

  4. The “stupid falling” things that go down the screen aren’t stupid. the falling things are pretty. and make to page look more fantastic, pretty, amazing, and entertaining. and i think myspace has the best web pages, u can found out what a person’s personallity is like , and who they really are on the inside, just by looking at their page.

  5. i think myspace is an easy way for people to express themselves online and get in touch with people who are on the same wavelength that you dont find in your local area… if they want sparkly falling things n little pink flashing names, then thats their personality and choice….dont go moaning about it, just dont look at their pages n let them get on with their own creativity! 🙂

  6. i think the “stupid falling” are stupid.I dont use them, but its ur choice if u do.Your myspace page is suppose to be about you, and you decorate it the way you like.And another thing, myspace isn’t dangerous! I’m more than sure there are so called, predorters, on there,So just dont give out enough information to be stalked, and you’ll be fine. PLus tom has a good securty system on there, you can choose your privacy setting. If random people want to add you, you can put your profile on private, and if they add you, you can require last name or email adress. So really, its your choice.