Oaten blogging roundup

Sorry for another post on this, but Tim Ireland has some more thoughts on what happened on certain blogs over the weekend.

The timeline seems to go something like this:

  1. Wednesday evening: Guido and the Monkey release a drunken podcast which contains childish jokes, including ones about Mark Oaten being a paedophile
  2. Friday: Comments are posted on Guido & the Monkey along the lines of “make sure you don’t get sued by Oaten!!”
  3. Saturday: Oaten resigns after News of the World allegations
  4. Sunday morning: Guido claims the scalp, even though the allegations made on the podcast were completely different to the ones made by NOTW
  5. Sunday afternoon: Bloggers note, it’s not a lot to be proud of
  6. Sunday evening: Guido says, “Neh neh, I have a six-figure-per-month readership, and you’re just jealous because you didn’t have the scoop — now fuck off and read the Indy
  7. Monday morning: Bloggers point out that it wasn’t Guido’s scoop. Unless you think having homosexual sex makes you a paedophile. Which might be a bit off
  8. Monday afternoon: Feeling the heat, Guido diverts attention to Recess Monkey. Guido fucks off forever, after accusing anybody who thinks that linking homosexual relationships with paedophilia is a bit iffy of being politically correct
  9. Monday evening: After a quiet weekend, Recess springs into action: “Nobody said Oaten was gay on the podcast.”
  10. Bloggers reply: Oh really? So it wasn’t a scoop then?
  11. Monkey: “It’s only satire lads! Besides, nobody complained on Thursday, so why are you complaining now?”
  12. See point #2
  13. Guido: “It’s only gossip! Get off your high-horse!”

So it wasn’t a scoop then?

I’d rather be on the high horse.


  1. I’m with Tim,doctorvee, Clive, and Jarndyce to name but a few. It’s partly the misplaced self-congratulatory glee, partly the apparent ignorance of something called bisexuality, partly an apparent obssesion with homosexual

  2. Guido, the Monkey, and the elephant’s trunk…

    Blood & Treasure and Never Trust a Hippy have also expressed their distaste at the inaugural/beta ‘Guido & The Monkey’ podcast. The latter link is especially interesting, as the comments contain the oft-repeated sleep-enhancing defence from Recess Mo…

  3. […] I deleted Guido Fawkes from my blogroll a year ago following the Mark Oaten affair, and I stopped reading his blog for good a few months ago. Although I removed him from my blogroll out of disgust, the reason I never added him back on and stopped reading was because I thought that his blog had become dull. Tim Ireland offers rather more substantial reasons why you should ‘boycott’ Guido. […]

  4. A tricky question for Praguetory…

    In January of last year, Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes’) repeatedly equated homosexuality with paedophilia: Bloggerheads January 23, 2006: “Our legal advice is that Mark Oaten is not a paedophile.” Bloggerheads January 25, 2006: Guido, the Monkey…