Binmen banned from wearing shorts

According to The Times, some busy-body from Fife Council has banned binmen from wearing shorts — in case they get skin cancer because of it.

BINMEN in Fife struggling to cope with soaring temperatures have been threatened with dismissal if they wear shorts to work…

The council said that, as a responsible employer, it had to guard against staff suffering sunburn, scratches, cuts and insect bites while at work.

A spokesman for the Dunfermline Refuse Workers’ Union said: “We have worn shorts in the summer for 15 years without a problem but now the council will not budge because of new health and safety laws. So we have voted to take action and begin a work-to-rule policy from Tuesday.

“This means we will be lifting just one bin at a time, not filling the lorries to the brim, and not working overtime. We will only empty bins with handles turned out onto the street, so hundreds will be left full.”

Safety rules are all fine and well, but I think binmen are smart enough to know when they can and can’t safely wear shorts themselves.

Via Make My Vote Count.

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