1. The doctorvee blog has picked up my posting from earlier today about the apparent threat to use an Asbo to curb free speech. Someone has posted this comment there: As I said, these things are open to abuse – but until you’ve had your house broken

  2. You need to stop reading The Guardian!

    As I said, these things are open to abuse – but until you’ve had your house broken into 8 times within a year (and I have!) by the same smackheads – it’s easy to take a flippant approach.

  3. What’s wrong with just arresting somebody for breaking into your house then, instead of this making it up as you go along?

  4. All smackheads should be taken away and killed horribly.
    Smackheads are ruining the lives of everybody in my town.
    I know countless people who have been attacked by them , and had their houses broken into and / or been mugged by them.
    The two main smackheads where I come from are well know. One of them stabbed my friend because he wouldnt give him a ciggarette and later tried to steal the same guys phone.
    The other has stabbed people at my work with needles and still tries to some in and steal every day. He also broke into my flatmates mums house and stole my mums phone from her work 2 days ago. Although he has been caught on camera I know nothing will be done by the police as their social workers say” oh he has a heroin problem” and it all gets forgotten about.
    I say fucking kill them all, and watch how crime falls.

  5. Excellent! Another non-Guardian reader has entered doctorvee’s blog.

    About time I’d say.

    It’s the supplers and producers of smack who need to be shot dead. Scum of the earth. Just pistol whip the users a few times.