January 2005

Rear-view mirror

Will Howells has a good post on Tim Collins’ bizarre idea to make school pupils look in the rear-view mirror until they’re 16 because apparently some kids don’t know a few dates. There’s no need for all that. The whole of history can be simply condensed: In the past, technology wasn’t so good; people had […]


So because it was unfair to bang up foreigners without putting them on trial, the government has decided to balance it out by allowing Brits to be locked away without this basic right aswell. Because that’s so much fairer!!! Oh, it was so predictable though. While our soldiers are still in Iraq supposedly bringing freedom […]

An utterly banal post about the weather

Live and direct from the University library. I’ve been given an extra hour off “due to illness”. I was kind of struggling to fill up the time anyway. What better way to fill the time than to write an utterly banal post about the weather? It’s like spring! Not too hot, not too cold. Lovely […]

Look Around You

Look around you. Just look around you. It’s back at last! Thants. This time, instead of being a spoof ITV Schools-style progamme, it’s going to be more like Tomorrow’s World. And instead of being just ten minutes long, it’s going to be half an hour long. The first episode sounds great already. “The team find […]

Keep your heads low

I’ve been making more changes this time. Permalinks have changed. Old ones will still work but new ones are groovier. The last time I tried this, the whole thing collapsed, but I think I’ve done it correctly this time. But this is just a warning just in case – if anything has gone wrong please […]

An emotional response

I was going to write about Michael Howard’s new policy on immigration. But it’s a few days old now. And then I read this. The real argument is not about numbers, legality or administrative efficiency. The Tory stance and the popular prejudice on which it feeds are essentially emotional rather than rational. You cannot fight […]

Burns Day

Interesting doctorvee-fact. I’ve never had haggis. But vegetarian haggis is very yummy! I’m not a vegetarian though. It’s a consequence of my parents’ beef ban. Even though BSE seems to have disappeared of the face of… well, this island at least, my parents have banned me from eating any cows since 1989. No recipes for […]


Blogging awards, eh? Personally, I hate them all. Except for the ones which this blog is nominated for. So I hate them all. Actually, I simply think there are too many. The Guardian had a good one last year, but I think it’s over a year since the last one so it was perhaps just […]

The most depressing January the 24th ever

For the first hour of today I thought that it was coming true – that January the 24th really is the most depressing January the 24th ever. If platform 1 had eyes it would have rolled them. I heard the groan before I saw the train, so I knew it was bad news. Not only […]