The big resignation of the day

That’s right – Recess Monkey has quit!

I won’t say anything on that other resignation, because it’s all pretty predictable. So here are some quotes from other blogs which I agree with.

Shot by both sides


That is all.

Crooked Timber

I felt pretty sympathetic to him concerning his private life, but let us all hope that his policy agenda departs with him.


Now personally I couldn’t care less whether any of this having an affair, trying to break up a family, using the Metropolitan Police as bodyguards for his mistress, abusing his expenses to buy her train tickets, or getting a nanny a visa business.

What I care about is the fact that he has been one of the most viciously, unpleasantly intrusive Home Secretaries we’ve had for a fair while…

Now, as long as Labour can scrap his pet ID card project, the future’s looking a little less bleak in this country.

Harry’s Place

[I]t is to be hoped that this silly law [on incitement to religious hatred] – which has been closely associated with him – will also quietly be dropped, as well it should be.

No geek is an island

I feel like cracking open a bottle.

Freedom and Whisky

I wonder if Michael Howard is now cursing himself for supporting ID cards. Will Blair now trump the Tories by appointing an anti-ID card Home Secretary?

Meanwhile, Big Blunkett has closed.

Big Blunkett is gone but his authoritarian legacy remains.

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